Blinds, Etcthe company does not show up on your "maps / local" listing??!

D Jul 16, 2019

I own a local window covering company called Blinds, Etc. I see you use Yelp for your "Map / Local business listings." I am rated #1 in Yelp my category, yet I do not sho0w up at all in your "maps / Local" listing. I rank well in your organic search. All of my competition appears in your listing yet I am nowhere to be found. How can I correct this oversight? Please contact me at [protected]@blindsetcbend if there is anything I can do, or to at least let me know this email has been received.
I have been using Duck Duck Go for a few years now and have recommended it numerous times- With this kind of blatant oversight, comp-etely leaving me out of your listings, it is unbelievably frustrating!
FYI- On google I appear at the top of the ranking in both their "Locqal Buiness" section and organically
Thank you!
Dennis Plant, Owner, Blinds, Etc. [protected]

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