Black Sea InternationalScam and cheating


The title of my article lies, false promises and unethical business practice describes exactly what Black Sea International does. As a college graduate in search of a job to get started black sea international seemed too good to be true. Micheal 'Mavro' Mavrothalasitis is a true con-man. He promised paided training, help companies cut costs with their busness, working with fortune 500 companies etc. [censored]...this job is door to door sales.

When you ask for a job description you get a vague answer such as outside sales or being a consultant. I worked there for a few days and realized exactly how the business is ran and the bad business ethics they do. They push business to buy on impulse and have a rebuttle for every no answer in the book. As door to door sales person you are required to a. use your own telephone so black sea international doesn't show up on any caller i.d. b. use your own car and spend your own gas money..which they will tell you it's okay because it's a tax write off. c. buy your own professional outfits d. do illegal acts such as solicitation e. work 10 hour days f. sell a bad service to good people the list goes on and on.

Don't make the same mistake I did and give this fraudulant company the time. This has happened to hundreds of people accross the U.S. go to google and type cydcor, ds-max those are only a few of hundres of these so called 'marketing firms' If you are a college graduate you can do way better than this unethical business.

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