Black Hill Energygas meter swap out without notice

D Nov 21, 2019

Black Hill energy changed out my Gas meter without noticed and while I was out of town. They did it on 10/31/19 which was one of the coldest days of the year thus far this Fall. Black Hill Energy brought in outside work force to change out as many gas meters as possible in a short period of time. This crew did not care about personal property damage they would cause. Long story short, they left house without re-lighting gas hot water heaters or furnace. I returned 11/03 late evening to a 53 degree house. After calling hot line @ 7am on Monday 11/04, the local crew relit water heater around 3pm. They attempted to relit the furnace but it didn't stay on. The reason being that the furnace has auto light which tried starting the furnace from 10/31 to 11/04 and basically wore out which caused the start valve to go out. I spent $ 822 repairing damages caused by Black Hill subcontractor crew. In addition to the repairs, the local crew had to return because the gas meter was leaking gas. The local gas guys stated, these outside subcontractors left town and now the local crew has to follow them because of shoddy workmanship. I would like Black Hills deduct the money I spent from their invoice. The crew willfully did not follow proper procedures and did not care about personal property damage caused by their actions.

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