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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
BJ BulldogsPuppies are mixed breed


Bart & Beth Jessen--BJ Mini Bulldogs advertised mini bulldog puppies online. We paid $1, 900 plus $275 shipping through a Paypal account.

Puppy was examined by Bulldog Club of America recommended vet who confirmed that our puppy was not a bulldog.

Tail was docked. She doesn't have a bulldog head/face. Long legs and narrow body. Not broad and stocky at all.

Very cute but not the mini bulldog that we paid over $2, 000 for! Requested refund from the breeder as detailed in the Minnesota Pet Lemon Law. She has yet to refund our money.

Search Beth Jessen + AKC. AKC breeder status suspended several times. Currently suspended for false certification of litters.

Buyer beware!!!

Puppies are mixed breed


  • Ba
    Bart Jessen Oct 30, 2009

    This person has no legitamite complain.This puppy is a registered ACA puppy which she has the puppy registration paper. We could DNA proving parents that are registered bulldogs threw ACA.I have given her 3 options for returning her puppy if she is disatified with her but she has turned them all down she just want a puppy for nothing she will not give number of the vet whom looked at the puppy or anyone else .This is not a AKC puppy this is a ACA which I am in good standing with both registrys.As far as Beth the litters have been corrected she broke her leg and could do her puppies the help mixed 2 fathers up they have been corrected with AKC but she wont pay a big fine for something that was not her fault that is why she is not reinstated .This lady wants a registered puppy for nothing that is all we have nothing to hide .
    Bart Jessen [protected] a very good breeder.

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  • An
    Anonie Nov 02, 2009

    What bad luck! The breeder claims she broke her leg and that is why she was suspended--her hired help mixed 2 fathers up. So she broke her leg 3 years in a row? She was suspended from the AKC in 2004, in 2005 and again for 4 1/2 years in 2006.

    And if she is currently suspended, why does her website say that her puppies are AKC registered or registerable?

    Nothing to hide?...

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  • An
    Anonie Nov 03, 2009

    We took our puppy to a Bulldog Club meeting. See the photo above where she is shown with other bulldogs. She is the white dog with black markings. The other two dogs are bulldogs. Note how broad their shoulders are--and how short their legs are in comparison to their bodies. Our sweetie has very narrow shoulders and is long-legged.

    Also see the photo of her alone on the beach. Breeder told us to wait 1 to 1 1/2 years for her to "broaden out". Sophie is not an English bulldog as breeder represented!

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  • An
    Anonie Nov 09, 2009

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. See photos and compare for yourself!

    BJ Bulldogs aka Bart & Beth Jesson sold us the white dog with black markings in the photo above. We thought our Sophie would look like the brown/white dog--which was posted on the breeder website. As vet and Gov. of Bulldog Club of America confirmed, our cute Sophie is not a bulldog--head conformation is not that of a bulldog, she is lean--and her legs are long. Lean body and long legs are not characteristic of English bulldogs.

    Breeder clearly misrepresented breed & charged over $2, 000 including shipping for a mixed breed!

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  • Wo
    wooly bully Dec 03, 2009

    Mr Jessen you ought to be ashamed trying to justify this sale! The pic does say 1000 words, and the pic of the puppy you sold clearly shows a bulldog mix, and NOT a purebred minature bulldog. Any reputable breedcer would refund 100% of the money AND allow the customer to keep the pet. As a breeder you should want whats best for the dog, which is to stay in its current home where it has gotten attached to owners and not uproot it! Shame, shame, shame! Karma is a [email protected]#$%

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  • Bj
    bjdogs Dec 08, 2009

    This lady Kimberley Hamilton goes under annon and other names and states, bought a puppy from me and 6 to 7 months later wanted her money back. I gave her a lot of pictures of the puppies and she picked her puppy out. She decided on that puppy. She has the pictures of the puppy’s parents in which the puppy looks like. She has posted a picture on the internet that isn’t the mother of her puppy. I have breed dogs for 30 years and never came across a person like this ever, I try to please my customers but you can’t please her.She said she didnt like her puppy so I gave her three options: one is send the puppy back and I would refund her money, two I would replace the puppy for a different puppy and three I would refund her half the price of the puppy. She refused all 3 options and still wants to keep the puppy and have all her money back. So she really wants a puppy for FREE. I guess all the time and money I put into the puppy doesn’t matter and I should really start raising puppies for FREE. Any place she has posted her allegation they have denied them, when they have all the information.  The Better Business Bureau said that we can’t satisfy all customers but we have responded respectfully and they are satisfied that we have done everything we could; won’t put her review up because it is not true. I am a good breeder she received a healthy puppy and the one that she chose, I sent her pictures of the parents but she still wants a puppy for nothing, she probably doesn’t even have the puppy any more for all I know...I have never scammed anyone in my life and never will, I am very honest person. A scammer tries to get your money and gives you nothing in return. I have been scammed, I sent money for a puppy and never got a puppy in return waited at the airport and nothing arrived. They are ACA registered mini bulldogs and all our mini bulldogs DNA prove the proving the parents. They are not AKC they dont reconize the breed yet, but are looking to add the breed soon . They are ACA in which I am in good standing with all registries ACA, AKC, APRI call them don’t Google. She obviously has enough money to put whatever she wants on the internet and has slandered my business on the internet .She told me that she makes 125.00 dollars an hour so she must have the time and money to wreck someone else’s business. I have worked hard to make my business a good one and it takes a person one minute over the internet to ruin it . I have worked with my vet for over 30 years their number is 507-442-VETS, you can talk to anyone we are a little town everyone know me. Please call me, Bart at [protected] and ask me, I can give you lots of people that bought puppies from me for years. She won’t give me numbers of the vet that looked at the dog or any other numbers what is she hiding. She also won’t put her name up so you know who she is. She can sure slander my wife and my name on the internet. This lady is a scammer and is trying to scam me for a FREE dog .And I am the owner of the Bulldogs not my wife she does bookwork, sells the puppys and raises a few APRI Yorkies and Maltese .Bart and Beth

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  • An
    Anonie Dec 08, 2009

    I called the AKC today (Dec. 8, 2009) as the breeders suggested. They confirmed that they were suspended in 2006. The suspension is until March of 2011. They are suspended for "submission of false application to register or transfer" litters.

    These breeders were suspended in 2004. Suspended again in 2005. Suspended in 2006 for 4 1/2 years. These people obviously have a history of misrepresentation.

    These breeders use a registry service called ACA for their dogs. This is not to be compared to the prestigious AKC (American Kennel Club) registration. The AKC does breeder inspections, they do DNA testing, etc etc to make sure that breeders are accurately registering their dogs.

    The ACA is not recognized by veterinarians, nor by high quality breeders. It is a "mail-order" registration with no credibility.

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  • Mk
    mk buusses Dec 15, 2009

    WOW WOW WOW WOW I cant believe some people they think they can get something for nothing. I agree with you Beth & Bart that this lady sounds like she wants something for free. Our Friends bought a puppy from them 3 years ago and we just bought a puppy from them this summer. We went to go pickup our puppy and they have a wonderful business and is very honest. There place is very clean and neat. They have beautiful dogs and they helped us any way they could .You couldn't buy from a more honest breeder. I hope people don't listen to this kind of trash on the internet because THIS LADY WANTS TO RUIN THE GOOD HONEST BREEDERS THAT WE HAVE LEFT ON THE INTERNET. Our puppy was AKC registered and I got the papers just fine from them and sent them in to AKC and everything was fine. HEY ANNON YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING FOR FREE NOW A DAYS.

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  • Hp
    hppy-customer Dec 22, 2009

    I purchased a puppy from Bart and Beth and he is the best mini bulldog ever! I have had so many compliments on him!! Most of which included on how nicely he represented the breed! He is everything I was promised and more! I am curious to see if this woman got a dna test to correctly identify the breed. If she was really serious she most definitely would have. How about you show some cold hard proof Anonie...

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  • Km
    kmbk Dec 22, 2009

    I have read this and some of the posts that you put up on other sites and have done some research of my own. You purchased the dog from Bart Jessen who is an AKC registered breeder of English and French Bulldogs. Your dog is not registered with AKC because they do not register MINI Bulldogs. There is no AKC standard for mini bulldogs. However, if you have ever owned any dog before you would know that they will go thru an "ugly" stage. Your dog is not a cute fat puppy anymore, but it is also not a fully muscled dog yet, give it some time to fill out. It is my understanding that you were given a chance to return the dog but you wanted to keep it so you must like the dog, why try to ruin this breeders business and reputation just because you were not educated on your purchase. Mr. Jessen has not misled you and he tried to satisfy your complaint by offering a refund or a different puppy. I have to agree that it sounds like you want something for nothing.
    You stated ”The AKC does breeder inspections, they do DNA testing, etc etc to make sure that breeders are accurately registering their dogs.” Bart Jessen is an AKC registered breeder so you just proved that he is a reputable breeder, he can not help it that AKC does not register mini bulldogs, but in an effort to show that he is a responsible breeder he found an organization that will register his mini bulldogs. Mr. Jessen should not be penalized for his efforts, he should be complemented. I also do not feel you should be putting down the ACA, unless you are qualified in some way to do so and I have read nothing that would give you such qualification. My hope is that others take the time to do their own research on Mr. Jessen or any other breeder and not just trust the comments of one individual.

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  • An
    Anonie Jan 13, 2010

    Update on Bart & Beth Jessen. They claim that they only breed purebred English bulldogs. Mine has been examined by numerous experts and all concur that she does not meet the breed standards and is not a purebred English bulldog. She is mixed breed.

    I requested DNA testing. Their response was that I could bring my dog to Minnesota and have it done by their vet. Hmmmm--they sold me a mixed breed puppy costing me over $2, 000 and I'm supposed to drive 750 miles--or 12 hours according to Mapquest. Their request is unreasonable and they know it. Of course, they are counting on me not taking them up on that offer.

    I countered that I would take my dog in, have her cheek swabbed for the DNA test, have the vet sign a notarized letter verifying this was the same dog and also photograph the DNA testing. They could do the same. That was several weeks ago--no response. One can only presume that they are refusing...not a surprise to me.

    They said in the above post that they offered to refund part of my money. I accepted the offer but they now refuse to pay "because I've cost them more than that" by putting my posts on the internet. Just an empty excuse not to stand by their offer.

    Beth Jessen has been suspended from the AKC 3 times for false certification of litters. She is currently suspended as her last suspension was for 4 1/2 years. Now they are selling puppies under her husband Bart's name.

    Here is a photo of my sweet Sophie. She is the one on the beach. I had also posted a photo of an English bulldog. To view the full photo of Sophie click on the image. Note how Sophie is narrow-bodied and has long legs. She is not thick and muscular with short legs as is characteristic of bulldogs. Nor does she have the bone structure of a bulldog. According to the numerous experts who have seen Sophie she will not "fill out" nor look like the dog in the photo on the right. For a better view of the pictures go to /link removed/

    If you are considering buying a bulldog from Bart or Beth Jessen, I strongly recommend you get the name, registration paperwork and photos of the sire and dam. You may need it down the road.

    My Sophie's parents are supposedly Jessen's Annabelle and Jessen's White Rock. If these are the parents of the puppy you are thinking of buying, be careful!

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  • St
    starlight 631 Jan 15, 2010

    I have read all of the complaints that this buyer "Anonie" aka Kimberly Hamilton has posted and I have decied that I have to comment.

    I have bought two puppies from Beth Jessen and am in the process of buying another in a few weeks. I have had no problems what so ever. Both Beth and Bart have been extremly helpful, answering any questions I may have had before and after the purchase of my puppies. I personally would recommend this breeder to anyone looking to purchase a puppy. They have been in buisness for 30 years with no complaints until this person happened along. I traveled many miles to personally pick up my first puppy and was thrilled to see the clean, healthy and happy enviroment that Bart and Beth have to raise their puppies. I knew from the moment I drove up to their home that this was a quality kennel and one that cared about the animals. They were more than happy to show me the parents of my puppy, as well as the siblings. These people are not crooks, they are honest and hard working and trying to please their customers. I think all persons reading these reviews by Anonie should realize that there is always SOMEONE out there that you just can not please, no matter how hard you try. This lady sounds like she is trying to get something for nothing and trying to slander a reputable breeder...and that is just wrong. If the Jessen's would not have given her any other options, then I can see that maybe her complaints are warranted. But they have obviously given her many options to return this puppy and SHE has refused them. Shame on her!!!

    Oh, I also need to comment on something else Anonie commented about. This person talks about the "prestigious AKC". I want to warn all buyers, just because someone is selling an AKC puppy doesn't mean your dog will be an exact match to the breed standard or that the kennel is a caring and clean place! I did all my homework before buying a puppy and visited many "prestigious" AKC kennels in my area...most would make you sick! Dogs being raised in tiny cages, filthy conditions, no human contact. These were "prestigious" AKC kennels that Anonie talks about. She has no clue! And as far as breed standards...I have a friend in Texas that bought an AKC registered Maltese puppy a year ago from an AKC breeder in Oklahoma. The breeder told her that the puppy would be about 5 pounds when he was full grown. The AKC size standard for a Maltese is 4-7 pounds, her puppy now weighs in at 14 pounds. Is my friend on the internet, making all kinds of trouble for this breeder? No, she LOVES her dog, even though he is almost double the size he should be! These are living creatures that do grow, no one but God could guarentee what a puppy will eventually look like.

    Anonie, if you love this dog as much as you claim, then stop and be happy that you found such a wonderful and loving pet. That IS what it is all about anyway, isn't it???

    To all buyers looking to buy a puppy...Bart and Beth Jessen have a wonderful, clean and caring facility. I have been there personally and have seen it first hand! YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THIS BREEDER.

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  • Ro
    roger987 Jan 16, 2010

    Why don't Bart or Beth address the suspension and what happened to their website? If you have nothing to hide why would you delete your website. If you are a good breeder one person will not ruin it for you. After selling puppies for 30yrs I would think you would have nothing but referral's and happy customers to continue on.

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  • Ro
    roger987 Jan 16, 2010

    also...that does not look like a mini bulldog.

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  • St
    starlight 631 Jan 17, 2010

    I believe the breeder did address the suspension in a previous comment. If Mr. Jessen is doing something wrong, then how could he be a registered breeder in good standing with the AKC? Anonie herself states that the AKC does kennel inspections and DNA testing for all their registered breeders. Mr. Jessen is an AKC registered breeder for English and French Bulldogs so he must be doing everything right if he is allowed to register puppies with AKC.

    Also, I want to address a comment made earlier by kmbk, this person made a great point. He/she stated that there is no AKC breed standard for the miniture bulldogs because the AKC doesn't even recognize this breed! AKC DOES NOT register miniture bulldogs!!! So how can this buyer complain about her puppy not being AKC registered? Ridiculous! Anonie didn't purchase an AKC puppy, she knew from the beginning that she was buying an ACA puppy, so why is she complaining now???? She also knew from the begining that she was not buying an English Bulldog, she was buying a miniture bulldog. So how can this buyer complain about her puppy not meeting the ENGLISH BULLDOG standards when it isn't even an english bulldog to begin with? Another point, if there is no AKC breed standard for the miniture bulldog, then how can Anonie or Roger 987 comment that this dog doesn't look like a miniture bulldog? What are they basing their comments on?

    Like I said before, I have a friend who bought an AKC registered maltese from a breeder in Oklahoma. The AKC breed standard for a maltese is 4-7 pounds and white straight hair. Well, my friends dog now weighs 14 pounds and has white, wavy hair. Certainly not the AKC standard for the breed. But how can this be? It is an AKC registered maltese! Could this be a mix breed? Should my friend go to the internet and start slandering the breeder for selling mix breed puppies? Of course not, she wouldn't even think of doing such a thing. She is smart enough to realize that not every dog will meet the "AKC standard", even if it is AKC registered. Dogs are living creatures, just like humans they all come in different shapes and sizes. I'm sure we would all like to live in a perfect world where everything grows up exactly the way we want it.

    Like I stated in my previous comment, there are a lot of uncaring and filthy kennels out in this world. I know, I have seen my fair share of them. That is why I think it is wrong what Anonie is doing to the Jessen's. I have found them to be good and honest people who run a clean and caring facility. Bart and Beth gave Anonie several opportunities to return this puppy if she was dissatisifed with it. She has chose to keep it and now wants her money back to. That is something I just can't justify her doing. I do believe she is trying to get something for nothing and because she isn't getting her way she is going to slander a good and reputable breeder any way she can, and that just isn't right. Like I said before, if she loves this dog as much as she says she does then she should be happy that she has found such a wonderful, loving and healthy pet.

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  • An
    Anonie Jan 19, 2010

    Thank you Roger 987--really appreciate you commenting.

    Beth Jessen has been suspended from the AKC so they are now selling puppies under her husband Bart's name. I have the same question you do.

    And they have shut down their websites.

    You make a very good point, if you have been in business over 30 years & have a great reputation you shouldn't have to to shut down websites.

    FYI--startlight 631----Beth told me that my mini English bulldog would look just like an English bulldog, just smaller. But a number of experts have given me their opinion that she is a mixed breed dog. Over $2, 000 for a mixed breed dog is unacceptable. I do give them a lot of credit if they have good, clean breeding facilities. But that doesn't mean they can sell mixed breed puppies for show dog prices.

    I did NOT accept Beth's offers to RETURN the dog because we had had her 6 months & she was a part of our family. I have 2 small children. There is no way that I would intentionally break their hearts and send their sweet Sophie back! It would be cruel for these breeders to expect us to do that. You ask why ask for money back after 6 months? I was actually doing what Beth suggested--waiting to see if she would fill out & look more bulldoggie. However the longer I waited the leaner she was--and the longer her legs grew! So I sought experts on bulldogs. The verdict--she is mixed breed.

    I did accept Beth's offer to refund $950--she now refuses to live up to her offer. Her reason is that I have cost her too much money. Just an empty excuse not to live up to her word.

    Lastly, Beth did not make any offers whatsoever until I put my story on the internet!! She just kept emailing me to wait 1 1/2 to 2 years for her to "widen out". Once I posted my story on the internet I received a call from the breeders yelling and screaming at me that they were going to sue me for slander. Only at that point did they offer me any options. Two involved returning the dog--after having her 6 months. We love our dog and she loves us. The 3rd option involved a $950 refund (of the over $2, 000 we paid, including shipping).

    The partial refund HAD STRINGS ATTACHED--we had to delete our story from the internet. Why didn't they offer me any options BEFORE I posted on the internet? Then they would only give me a partial refund if I take my postings off the internet. Then I accepted their offer and they take it back?

    Excuses, excuses and more excuses!

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  • An
    Anonie Jan 19, 2010

    Also, forgot to add, I did not know that I was not buying an AKC puppy. Their websites said the puppies were registered/registerable AKC/ACA, etc.

    Their website said they were miniature English Bulldogs.

    Numerous emails from Beth & Bart state that they only raise purebred English bulldogs.

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  • St
    starlight 631 Jan 19, 2010

    Well Anonie, you should have researched things a little more before you bought your puppy. If you would have done that you would have known that there is no such thing as an AKC Miniture English Bulldog. This breed doesn't even exisit! Therefore it is your own ingorance that has you in this postion today. If you have all this proof that the dog isn't what was represented to you, then provide the phone numbers of these "professionals" that you claim you have talked to, the breeder has requested that you do this several times in the above comments. The Jessen's have provided you with the number to their vet. Also, if you are so sure that DNA will prove that this dog is not what the breeder represented, then drive to Minnesota and do it! You claim the breeder doesn't think you will take him up on this offer, well go ahead and do it and prove to all of us that you are right then. I know that if I was as sure as you seem to think you are, I wouldn't care how far away it is, I would do it.

    I have Googled Bart and Beth Jessen several times and the ONLY complaint I could find was yours Anonie, so what does that tell you? Oh you have been busy on several sites, but it is the same complaint. I have not found one other complaint on this breeder...that speaks VOLUMES for me, especially after being in buisness for over 30 years.

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  • An
    Anonie Jan 21, 2010

    starlight 631-----What speaks volumes to me is the photos of the dog and the experts who have examined my sweet Sophie.

    Those familiar with the bulldog breed can see from the photo above that this dog does NOT even CLOSELY resemble an English bulldog as the breeder had represented on her website and in the many emails which she sent to me.

    It speaks volumes to me that Beth Jessen has been suspended from the AKC for false certification of litters--3 times! It's pretty clear that I am not the only one with complaints if a national association has disciplined her muliple times regarding multiple litters. Read on...

    According to the AKC, August 2004 Secretary's Page, Beth Jessen was suspended & fined "for having submitted or caused to be submitted, two litter registration applications that she knew, should have known, or had a duty to know, contained false certifications. (Multiple Breeds.)"

    May 2005, Secretary's Page, the Disciplinary Committee extended the suspension & fined again "for having submitted or caused to be submitted a third litter registration application within five years that she knew, should have known, or had a duty to know, contained false certification. (Multiple Breeds)"

    AKC Board of Directors, October 9-10, 2006, suspended for 4 1/2 years and fined again "for having submitted or caused to be submitted six litter registration applications that she knew, should have known, or had a duty to know contained false certifications as to the sire and/or dam of the litter (a DNA exclusion). (Multiple Breeds)"

    So I'm not the only one complaining or having issues with the Jessens. Multiple suspensions for multiple litters. In my opinion this shows a "pattern of behavior".

    In their websites (which they recently shut down) they advertised that "my husband joined me in raising dogs." "Now we raise several varieties ...". All of their advertising refers to them breeding dogs together. So selling dogs under her husband's name is simply a "bait and switch" tactic, in my opinion.

    And it looks terribly suspicious that they have closed down their websites.

    Multiple suspensions for multiple litters & multiple breeds. I paid $2, 000 for a mixed breed dog. Confirmed by experts she is not a purebred English bulldog. Shutting down websites. Threatening call saying they will sue me for slander because I put my story on the web. No offers of refund or anything--until they discovered I posted on the website--offers only good if I took my story off the internet.

    "Nuff said"...

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  • St
    starlight 631 Jan 21, 2010

    Why don't you list the names of these experts you have talked to??? You have been asked several time for this information and won't give it. If they are EXPERTS and gave you a professional opinion then you should be giving that information when asked for it, especially when you are using that in your complaints. That is very suspicious to me. If you have all of this information and proof, then why don't you just take the breeder to court? That would immediately solve your problems, wouldn't it? If you have the hard evidence from all the "experts" then you would have no problem winning a court case. Instead of doing things the right way, you decide to do it the dirty making accusations on the internet. That isn't right.

    You were sold a miniture bulldog and have a registration paper stating it is a miniture bulldog, with miniture bulldog parents. And don't try to tell me the story that you thought you were getting an AKC dog because in your original complaint on this board and all the others you have written on, you don't say anything about that. If in fact you were expecting an AKC dog then as soon as you received this puppy with ACA papers you should have IMMEDIATELY sent this puppy back, BEFORE you and your family got attached to it. You KEPT the dog several months, so therefore you accepted the ACA would have no case in a court of law.

    As far as the breeder telling you it was a Miniture English Bulldog, I don't believe that either. I have a buisness card from this breeder and it doesn't say anything about Miniture English Bulldogs on it. It clearly states that they raise English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Miniture Bulldogs. If you are not smart enough to research things before you buy then it is your fault. This breeder has always been honest with me, and I am in the process of buying my third puppy from them.

    Mr. Jessen is an AKC registered breeder and therefore is doing everything according to their rules. If he was doing something wrong, he wouldn't have registration rights either. So "nuff said" about that too. I can tell you are just a vengeful and vinditive person, who has no legal case. Sad, very sad.

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  • Ab
    A breeder Jan 22, 2010

    I am a AKC breeder and have read all of these letters .I know for a fact that if you have one litter that is mixed up with a male it can reflect for several years.When the buyer of the puppy DNAs their puppy that is when you will know if it is correct, so if you have 5 puppies it can be relected for several years.I have looked it up this lady has corrected them and is on suspension that is all.It is to bad that she has to be on suspension but that is the AKC rules I dont think it is a good rule at all.If they can correct them than it should be enough.She is by no means a criminal as this lady wants you to believe.I guess she has never made a mistake in her life.As far as that picture I am a breeder of bulldogs and the head looks exactly like a bulldog the leg I have seen longer and shorter .The females dont broaden always out like the males.You have a picture of a puppy up I would like to see it in a few year.Shame on you lady this breeder has been more than fair to you and you just rake them over the coals I would pull my webpage to and I hope I never get a customer like you.Sorry for the breeders.

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  • Av
    avationpro4168 Jan 23, 2010

    Good point starlight. This lady doesnt say a word about the akc registration in her original complaint. Another thing I noticed is that she refers to the pup as a mini bulldog in the original complaint, not a mini english bulldog. She only mentions these things later. She is definitly changing her story as she goes along. Like you said, if she has legal proof she would be suing. I dont know how she can claim the pup is a mixed breed when she has registration papers.

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  • El
    ello Jan 28, 2010

    That picture looks like a mini english bulldog to me. You say the tail was docked but I bet it was just born with a straight nub rather than the typical curly pig like tail. My english bulldog has the straight nub versus the other tail and I can see how you would get that mixed up with being docked but it is definitely not. You are a horrible human being annonie

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  • An
    Anonie Feb 01, 2010

    Thanks for posting Ello, but the breeders themselves told me that they had indeed docked the tail...

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  • An
    Anonie Feb 03, 2010

    For other owners who have had similar experiences to mine see /link removed/ Postings titled "Sophie is NOT an isolated incident" and "I'm in the same boat!!"

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  • An
    Anonie Mar 02, 2010

    Rock River Same breeders--new name. Breeder has made a few revisions to their previous website where they went under BJ Puppies. Similar website and same photos of bulldog and mini bulldog sires and dams.

    Interesting, breeders have left off their names on this website...this is not typical behavior for reputable breeders.

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  • Wh
    wht Mar 02, 2010

    I am just curious if anyone has visited the breeders location? If so, how was it?

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  • Bu
    bulluver Mar 04, 2010

    I bought my miniature bulldog from BJ puppies in September of 2008. I have no doubt that my dog is an english bulldog. He looks like one and has every characteristic a bully dog should have. He is smaller, more proportioned, and has minimal health problems - all of the qualities I was looking for. I wanted an English Bulldog without the health problems, and that is exactly what I received.

    He is extremely intelligent, kid and family friendly, a chewing machine, and extremely stubborn. He does not have issues with cherry eye, a soft palette, nor issues with exercising. He runs 3 miles with me a couple of times a week, and even swims (although with a life jacket because he is characteristically heavy-chested and tends to sink when he's tired). He has a broad head and only black on his face. His only health concern is a seasonal allergy. Sensitive skin/allergies are also common to english bulldogs, so I was not surprised when we discovered this.

    As a responsible dog owner, I refused to purchase a dog over the internet without seeing the breeding facilities and meeting my dogs parents and investigating the breeders. You openly admit that you didn't do that - that was your first mistake, Anoni. I was extremely pleased with BJ Puppies facilities and operations. They work hard to keep a clean and orderly facility - their dogs are extremely healthy and well taken care of. I saw my dog's parents and had no doubt that they were english bulldogs and that he came from them.

    Anoni, if you were planning on breeding your dog or if your dog was only worth $2000 to you if they were absolutely pure bred and AKC registered, then you should have demanded DNA and papers before paying a penny for the dog. That was YOUR MISTAKE from the beginning. You can't trust everything you read on the internet - EVERYBODY knows this. If there truly was a mistake in your dog's litter and the Jessen's didn't tell you that, then that's unfortunate, but I refuse to accept that this has been the case with all of their litters, including the litter my dog came from. Hopefully they have realized their shortfalls and corrected them. I just think it is important that you REALIZE YOUR FAULTS as well.

    I paid $2000 for my dog because I was looking for certain qualities, and the Jessens delivered on that. THANK YOU. Had I had other intentions for my dog other than just being my best friend, then I would have demanded more. I got exactly what I wanted and have no regrets on the money I paid for him. I have proudly referred interested buyers to the Jessens, and will continue to do so.

    I don't blame them for not putting their name on their website. You have tried demolishing their business by posting things on the internet that don't represent the majority. I am posting on here because I know the amount of people pleased with the Jessen's and the dogs they purchased from them FAR OUTWEIGH you and the others who have been disappointed.

    Enjoy the picture and eat your hearts out. He is AMAZING. His name is Oscar. Anoni, I know your jealous. :)

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  • An
    Anonie Mar 05, 2010

    Bullover--thanks for posting. However just because a buyer of a puppy does not ask for the DNA does not mean that it is okay for a breeder to sell mixed breed dogs as purebreds. The Jessen's charged over $2, 000 for a mixed breed dog--pure, plain and simple. There are no justifications for that.

    Given Beth Jessen's history of false certification of litters (according to the AKC)--and several claims that Barton Jessen sold mixed breed dogs as purebreds--I think you had a GREAT idea for prospective buyers to require DNA certification before giving these people a penny.

    Thanks for the suggestion Bullover! To any buyers, I would seriously take their suggestion.

    To anyone buying on the internet I recommend:

    --do not purchase a puppy unless you have personally seen their facilities & the puppy/parents
    --ask for registration certificates of sire and dam
    --get photos of sire and dam

    If dealing with the Jessen's I recommend:

    --clarify up front who will pay the Paypal fee (most sellers online pay the fee)
    --make them put in writing that they will fully comply with the Minnesota Puppy Lemon Law & have them provide you a full copy of that law
    --make them put in writing that if the puppy is determined to NOT be the breed they represent, that they will give you a full refund within 7 days.

    A good breeder will have no problem guaranteeing their puppies. :)

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  • An
    Anonie Mar 22, 2010

    DNA results are in---DNA Breed Analysis further confirms with experts that Sophie is not a purebred bulldog!! Testing was done by MMI Genomics.

    Results are:

    --Primary Breed: <none>
    --Secondary Breeds: Bulldog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    --In the Mix: French Bulldog

    Lack of a primary breed is important for 2 reasons. First it proves that she does not contain a majority of any breed--and it shows she certainly isn't purebred bulldog as Jessen's represented to me. She is MIXED BREED! Secondly it shows that NEITHER of the PARENTS were purebreds either! If either of the parents was a purebred it would show up in the Primary Breed category.

    The Jessen's sold me a mixed breed puppy with parents that are not purebreds! FYI, Jessen's claim the parents are:

    --Jessen's White Rock
    --Jessen's Annabelle

    Jessen's charged me and others purebred prices for MIXED BREED dogs. And yet they refuse to even attempt to make things right with me. If you have a similar story or would like to contact me I can be reached at [protected].

    Breeders names are Barton Jessen & Beth Jessen They have also gone by BJ Puppies, Rock River Puppies, BPuppys, Puppys. Located in Edgerton MN.

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  • Vr
    vryhapycust May 05, 2010

    I got a puppy from them. He is absolutely fantastic. I have gotten so many compliments on how well he represents the breed. His father is Rocky too...I guess Rocky's pups came out only English bulldogs that breeding. Instead of whatever it is you are claiming that he is a mix of. I am a very satisfied customer and when I decide I want another mini bulldgog Bart and Beth are my first and only choice as far as I'm concerned.

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  • No
    nonnocere May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Anonie, great work on settling this. I was annoyed at the arguments about not doing your homework or getting something for nothing. It doesn't take a genius to know that your dog based on the pic is not a pure Bullie. Please! You were sold a false bill of goods. Great that you love your dog, but still, you were a victim of false advertising. So I congratulate you on shutting up your critics. And that's not to say that your breeder didn't sell high quality purebreds in the past.

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  • Fa
    fanfare56 May 19, 2010

    First of all Anonie, your DNA test doesn't prove squat. It does NOT prove that this breeder did anything wrong. I have contacted the company you used for DNA and they told me that their test is not proof of a dog's direct lineage (for those of you who don't understand this term, it means that the test can't prove if the father or mother was english bulldog, french bulldog or whatever, it only shows what breeds are in the whole genetic makeup of the dog). So, there could have been a french bulldog or bull terrier SEVERAL generations back. YOU CAN NOT PROVE THIS BREEDER DID ANYTHING WRONG. That is why you are not persuing this the right way, in a court of law, YOU HAVE NO CASE. I also checked the reviews on the Better Buisness Bureau site and the Jessen's sent all the paperwork stating that they have only bred miniture bulldog to miniture bulldog. The BBB closed this case saying that the breeder did everything right, so you have failed there too. I also call AKC and after spending over an hour waiting for an operator to answer, they informed me that breeder was stating the truth...that one litter (which consisted of three puppies) was wrong. The breeder was suspended for that litter (not three times, just three puppies from the same litter). I was told that the registration was corrected and that all the breeder had to do was to pay a fine to be reinstated. According to the previous letter on this board, the breeder doesn't feel the amount of the fine is fair and that is why she hasn't paid it...I believe her. So Anonie, I think you are the one telling half truths on this board. I also think you are a horrible parent for involving your eight year old son in any of this. A dog is a dog to a kid, she could be a three legged mutt from the pound and your son would love her unconditionally. Children have no concept of money or what things are worth unless the parents coach them into saying those things. So if he has anything to say about this situation it is because you are involving your children in things that they shouldn't be involved in. ANYONE with any common sense should see right through you! I will be purchasing my puppy from the Jessens!!!

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  • An
    Anonie May 19, 2010

    Thanks for your words of support nonnocere!!


    As far as I know you haven't seen my dog nor have you had her examined by experts.

    Interesting analysis of the DNA issue. Are you sure you called the right division of the company? My dog was represented as a purebred. Her DNA markers show the bulldog breed makes up less than a majority of her DNA. Her breed composition is not that of a purebred. She is a mixed breed.

    Not sure what BBB website you looked at. It lists BJ Puppies with a C+ rating. I did not see anything regarding submission of paperwork proving anything. Maybe you could tell us where that is online.

    AKC has 3 separate suspensions listed in their Secretary's page all in different years. May 2005 they extended the suspension for submitting a 3rd litter registration within 5 years relating to false certifications. It says Multiple Breeds. Suspended in 2006 for 6 litter registrations related to false certifications--multiple breeds. I'm confused. Why would the AKC publish this info if it was only 3 puppies from one litter?

    Fanfare56--your writing style and spelling is suspiciously similar to Beth Jessen from BJ Puppies aka Rock River Puppies...

    "miniture bulldog to miniture bulldog" is terminology that Beth Jessen now uses instead of "purebred". (Yes-- I know miniature is spelled with an "a".)

    Beth--is that you?!

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  • Fa
    fanfare56 May 20, 2010

    You got some nerve lady...are you for real???? I don't appreciate the accusations you are throwing out. I want everyone reading this to know that I am a potential buyer and have been researching this matter for at least 5 months now. I am not a person who goes out on a whim to buy something without researching it first. I found the Jessen's site online and thought their bulldogs were beautiful but when I saw the bad reviews from this "person" (I won't call her a lady because I don't think she is one in the technical term) I thought I should investigate further. She states that you shouldn't believe everything you read online and I TOTALLY AGREE! She is telling half truths and when she gets caught in her lies she lashes out, typical of this type of person. All I have said in my previous comments are true, I did make those calls and if anyone looking to buy a puppy has concerns I encourage them to do the same. All the phone numbers for these organizations are published online and can be found easily. I have read all the comments on this board and other sites that this crack pot has posted on and frankly I don't understand how anyone could consider her ramblings as valid. When asked specific questions about her "experts" like names and numbers she refuses to give them, that tells me she is not valid. NAME YOUR EXPERTS ANONIE! I would love to contact them myself. I have talked to the breeder, Beth Jessen, and after many lengthy phone calls I feel confident that she is truthful and genuine. If anyone is looking for a puppy I encourage you to call and talk with her and not believe everything that Anonie has posted. In my opinion, if this breeder is scamming buyers then how could they have stayed in business for over 25 years in the same location? And why are there not LOADS of complaints filed against them?? I have only seen the complaints from this person and one other (who by the way, resolved her issue with the Jessen's and has posted a comment on another site stating that fact and she couldn't be happier with how it all worked out). Anonie if you have all this evidence against this breeder then why don't you pursue a lawsuit??? It is because you can not prove any wrong doing by this breeder! Other people on this board have stated that you are trying to get something for nothing, and I agree fully. YOU are the works both ways!

    For anyone looking for a puppy and see these comments, PLEASE research your purchase before buying. Don't believe anything this person has to say until you talk to the breeder she is bad mouthing yourself. Do your homework and make your own conclusions before you judge someone simply by the stupid comments made by this person. I want everyone to know that I WILL BE PURCHASING MY PUPPY FROM THE JESSENS AND HAVE NO FEARS IN DOING SO!

    Anonie, as far as my writing "style" is concerned, I take offense to your comment and think you are the most rude person I have ever come across. I have never claimed to be perfect in anything I have ever done, I do make spelling errors, but I am not a liar. I wrote these comments because I don't feel it is right what you are doing to this breeder and I want the world to know just what kind of person you are.

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  • Fa
    fairconsumer Dec 07, 2011

    Anonie, you should have just settled this with the breeder in a calm discreet way. You had 3 fair options for resolution. A business' lifeblood is based on their reputation. It feels as though Bart & Beth understand this since they have been in business for so long. Any business makes mistakes and works to resolving those mistakes in a fair way. As consumers, we have a responsibility to businesses to stay calm, prove our point, and communicate that in a fair way. Likewise, the business has a responsibility to respond to your need, concerns, and requests fairly. Ask you think you are being fair to the Jessen's? Did you approach this matter fairly, honest, and open to a resolution, or are you just whining and lashing out? The Jessen's have a business. Shame on you for doing all your "dirty work" on the internet, hiding behind your insecurities, and disgust. If you would have put a small percentage of effort as you have done with all these posts on multiple sites, but rather work with Mr. and Mrs. Jessen, you would have had this matter far behind you. When you go on the internet and accuse and attack you aren't doing any favors to anyone, and especially yourself. You're not trying to warn anyone. You're participating in defamation and libel. Here is some information on what you're doing. Libel is worse then Slander because there is documentation that proves it.

    Libel - written, broadcast, or otherwise published words. It is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published. It is usually a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (that's anyone else who reads this)
    In common law jurisdictions, slander refers to a malicious, false, and defamatory spoken statement or report, while libel refers to any other form of communication such as written words or images. Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism. Related to defamation is public disclosure of private facts, which arises where one person reveals information that is not of public concern, and the release of which would offend a reasonable person. "Unlike [with] libel, truth is not a defense for invasion of privacy." Are you sure you're standing on solid ground as to Mr. and Mrs. Jessen's privacy in running their business? Do you feel strong enough that every word you've put on all these sites can stand this measure? In most civil law jurisdictions, defamation is dealt with as a crime rather than a tort. Are you prepared to defend yourself financially and legally against the Jessen's should they choose to go that route? Because they should and I recommend they do.

    Who am I, you ask? I'm just a husband and father of two who want to buy a dog, and I might buy it from Mr. and Mrs. Jessen. I haven't decided yet, but I'll do my research and investigate and deal with the consequences of whatever decision I make, but I will never engage in this kind of libel defamation. It makes you look silly and dishonest, and quite frankly, you are putting you and your family at risk by such behavior. What is it that you want? A total refund after all this? That's not going to happen. If the Jessen's cave to your demands after all of this, it would be detrimental to their business, because who knows what you would post next. Who knows what that could lead to. You should go on every site you posted and delete all of this to protect your family. If the Jesson's can prove that you're libel with your words and have affected their out. They may be researching, planing and evaluating how they can protect themselves, and unfortunately that may include a lawsuit you and your family can't handle right now. I could re-type your real name here because I've seen it in prior post, but I won't engage in that...but the Jessen's have it...Think about it.

    A potential dog owner within a month, or so.

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  • Sh
    shanghaigirl May 13, 2014

    Hi so I was actually researching a different breeder BJ but stopped when I came across this and had to comment. Here are my thoughts as an impartial bystander
    1. the bulldog in the above photo looks NOTHING like a mini bulldog so please stop giving people ### about it going through an "awkward" stage, noone is buying it so you should stop selling it. I've lived in Philadelphia for several years and I know a pit bull mix when I see one and that looks like some type of straffordshire terrier mixed with other bulldog. I've also seen my fair share of bulldogs and a couple minis, and that doesnt look like a "mini" anything, let alone a bulldog
    2. all the other people that are jumping in and defending the breeder like "bulluver" "fanfare56" "vryhapycust" "A breeder" "starlight" "woolbully" "mk" are the different accounts bart and beth jensen are using to defend their breed. if you click on each user, they all became members the DATE of their comment and/or in their post summaries, all other comments they have posted are a defense of the Jensens. This is a complaint board, so the people on here are saavier than that, who do you think you are fooling.
    3. I would NEVER buy a puppy from them after everything anonie has posted, HOWEVER, I would probably never have bought from them to begin with. Anonie you should definitely have known better to buy a miniature english bulldog for $1800. I have never seen a reputuable normal english bully for that price let alone a mini bully. All the mini bullys ive seen from reputable breeders have been upwards of $4000. so let this be a lesson for future buyers, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. always go with AKC registered!

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