Big O Tiresgeneral manager yahya memarzadeh worst customer service

General Manager Yahya Memarzadeh has the worst customer service I've seen. I bought four new tires and two of them started leaking right away. I Went in to get them fixed. The third one started leaking I had to come back again and I was told my rims are causing corrosion and the valve stem is leaking. This was very disturbing because I had to make multiple trips when Big O should be the expert and should have at least taken care of the problem on the second trip. Due to time restraints I had to come back for the fourth time and general manager Yahya Memarzadeh checked me in. I told him His workers confirmed on the last visit that the valve stem was leaking. He asked me if my tire light is blinking and I said yes. He insisted I was wrong and it's can't be the value stem. What he did not realize and was confused about is my type of car, Acura TL, flashes the tire light when the pressure is low and shows a maintenance light for other tire issues. I felt that he did not leave my explanation of the problem as an option because I am a female even though his workers even confirmed it. He should have inspected the car before he made a conclusion. The only service guy I received excellent customer service was Frank Rice service advisor at the same location. Please at least talk to the general manager because I'm afraid that location is going to lose a lot of business. Sincerely Julie Ramirez [protected]

Oct 08, 2019

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