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Big Lots Stores / fraud/lies

Warning!!! This place sells used, broken, returned furniture as "new"!!!

There is a skinny black guy that works in the furniture department who seems nice and honest... And boy, does he play that part well!!!

I wanted to get a specific color chair, because I couldn't find that color anywhere else, and I asked this guy a bunch of questions regarding the chair, price, and other stuff.
He lied about all of it, including holding the chair for me until I got paid the next day!

I came back in the next day to get the chair that I picked out for him to hold, which he said they did, as long as you came to get it the next day. When I went to go pick up the chair, the same guy looked right at me and said "we don't do that here, it's first come first served"!!!

I should have walked out right then, but I really wanted that color chair since it was so hard to find.

Once I got the chair home, I noticed it was worn in a couple places and pieces missing.

I was sold a used, returned, broken chair!!!

They need to rename this place big frauds or big lies!!!

Beware of what you get there, it is more than likely someone elses broken junk they returned!

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