Big Fish Gamesgame club

E Sep 15, 2017

I found a charge on my account for a reoccurring monthly charge. I haven't used big fish games for several years. I felt so stupid for not reading a contract or missing some detail and agreeing to this membership by mistake. I just wanted to cancel it and stop future charges. I wasn't even complaining that they continued to charge an obviously inactive account for years or asking for the money back. Unfortunately I didn't remember my login information. When I called customer service for help I found that they don't have phone service only email. Now I'm getting pretty frustrated, but I send them an email (and several more). Each email is replied with a stock letter asking for a bunch of personal information and account information that I don't have or want to provide. I'm getting no where with big fish's paltry customer service. After many attempts and searching the deep recesses of my memory, I'm finally able to log in to my account. AND I FIND THAT THE MEMBERSHIP WAS CANCELLED IN 2013 BUT I'M STILL BEING CHARGED.

Don't use this company. They are shady crooks.

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