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This website is the creation of the mentally sick n weak people . These guys are just creating division among the people in the world who are the followers of different religion. Just because of these kind of acts from some wrong people terrorism increases. Infact these acts increases Terrorism.
They are just putting the wrong and fake articles, facts, obsence languagge, pictures, cartoon about Islam.
Even all are aware of the facts that only muslims respect The Prohet Jesus except Christians.

They are trying to compare Jesus(peace be upon Him) to Prophet Mohammed(Salallah O Alaihe Wassalam).

All the world is aware of the facts that these hypocrite people are involved in crime, sex, domination of the rest of the countries ; specially Islamic Countries.
They use to enjoy sex in their childhood with multiple partners, relatives, childs, animals.They got the biggest porn Industry which is much larger than Hollywood.

They are pretending that they are more religious than the others, even we all know their Priest in the Church and the Nuns are invole in sex, lust and they are hungry for money.

They seduce poor people with money and women to embrace christianity. Later they promote sex without marriage. And their marriages last for 4 to 5 yrs maximum.They love to be naked.
Their woman flashes their body for making money.

In fact these people are responsible for 9/11 tragedy. Just because of the some wrong people, the whole humanity had paid.

So i just want to place a request to all my brothers and sisters whether they are Muslims, Christians or Jews; we should come unite to protest these kind of acts which leads nothing but the conflict and war.

So just abuse this site.

May there be light and Peace. Inshallah


  • Mo
    Mohammad (PBUH) Oct 08, 2008

    So remarkably bozo-esque is the way that thou presenteth thine case you silly. Stop speaking, for thou maketh us all looketh bad, lest the divine wrath of Allah the almighty lord of heaven and earth may inflicteth the much feared unholy crotchrot upon thine wretched undersides. And remembereth my son that for the sake of all that is holy thou shall not, not now, not EVER maketh ### up as you goeth, so sayeth the Lord of Abraham. Amen.

    PS: Durka, durka, motherlover.

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  • Zx
    zx Oct 09, 2008

    All religions seem to have stupid people in them.

    Look at honor killings...

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  • Fa
    facto May 07, 2009

    Hi, Baadal. Can you show me which are fake facts? I am looking for the truth. I can't say it is right or wrong without facts.

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  • Le
    Les Lohman Jun 06, 2009

    Your complaint regarding the sexual mores and the horrible behavior of many of the citizens of the USA, I whole-heartedly agree with you and your assessment.
    Now let me see your comments regarding your false prophet, Mohammed. In our society it is regarded as "sick" to marry a six year old girl and then take her to bed when she is nine years old. There are so many points that we disagree on concerning Jesus and Mohammed. I would love to dialogue with you, or anyone who would like to defend the position that Mohammed is exalted above Jesus. Compare point by point the differences between Mohammed and my God, my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ!

    [email protected]
    I pray that this doesn't offend one of you "peaceful, full of love" people so much that you would kill me rather than defend, intellectually, your beliefs.


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  • Ad
    adamkavlakk Feb 25, 2010

    i think that just because the people who wrote stuff in this website are mostly 'anti-muslim' they tend to critisize islam in a blasphamous and misleading manor as most muslims (not terrorsist) would know that whats in this website is a whole load of rubbish and that mohammad did not rape women, men or animals. people are just quick to judge in my opinion and imply things that is incorrect. how would christians feel if i said that jesus did terrible things and how would jews feel if i said something that insults them like hitler was an intelligent jew.

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  • Ka
    Kadijat Sep 03, 2011

    I want to sincerely believe that one thing man generally hates is what exposes his evil deeds to light John3:20. If anything which has not been qu'ranically prove or gone by hadith is said i think muslims would be more than right to disapprove it. I personaly want to sincerely affirm that Allah is peaceful when he commands in qu'ran 4:34 that a man is free to beat is wife. Infact Allah is loving, and his love is evident through the following portions of the qu'ran 61:10-12. 4:74, 95. 5:51, 54. 9:5, 19. 29, 36, 123. 47:4. 2:190 etc. Where he asks my lovely peaceful muslims who take after their lovely god (Allah) to shed blood peaceful and lovely. A Hadith narated by Abdullah bin Abi Aufa states in a definit manner thus : ''Allah Apostle said, ''know that Paradise is under the shades of swords''. Let no one abuse the peaceful Muslims because as we can see, Islam means peace. [email protected] Love you my peaceful brethren.

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  • Da
    DamonTuffGong Dec 30, 2011

    All religious extremism is destructive. Live by the golden rule. God is not on anyone's side if God exists at all. Stop all the senseless persecution. There are plenty of morally objective verses in the Old Testament so let's not blast the Quran for its shortcomings. I'm sure most Muslims are good decent people, as are Christians- and equally as hypocritical!

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  • Go
    Going to Heaven Jan 24, 2012

    In Hosea 4:6 the bible says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" It is a wise man that will take the time to search out the matter. Most Muslims are very sweet, kind people; however, many don't even understand their own religion. You can get a great education by reading the book Jesus and Muhammad by Mark Gabriel. After reading this book, which was written by a man who grew up Muslim, Jesus is the one I choose to follow. I love this site called bibleprobe, in fact I am going to be one of it's biggest fans because I haven't found not one thing to be incorrect on this site! I believe we are the generation that will see the rapture of the church so get ready because we are living in one of the most exciting times ever in history! Yes, I do know people say every generation has said he is coming in their life time. Jesus wants us looking for him, and he is coming in someone's life time. There is a 3-letter word that people are overlooking and it is when ALL this things are happening and they are happening now. Read Matthew 24. for yourself! There has never been a generation when ALL these things have been happening! Eternity is a long time to end up in the wrong place. Think about it 70 years or so is like a dot in a huge circle! The most important decision you make on this earth is the choice you make concerning your eternity. in John 14:6 Jesus said...I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the father but through me. Jesus fulfilled over 300+ prophecies. Muhammad has fulfilled 0! If Jesus had fulfilled just 8 he was most likely who he said he was. Personally, I haven't fulfilled any either! Another great book that unveils history and truth is Unlocking God's Secrets by Bob Morley!

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