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Ripped off by these guys. Paid $5,000 for a horse racing data program that did not work. I do not think any of these programs work now. It is horse racing and gambling. It is called gambling for a reason. Just seemed like a good way to make money without having to really earn it.

Was shown a demonstration that I later found out was rigged. Stay away from this scam or any other similar ones. Really nice until they have your money and then they don't care. And you never see your money again!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 10, 2012 4:13 am

Bettortrader and the like are SCAMS and should be avoided at all costs... If it was that easy to make money... The whole world would be doing it.. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Please check on line at the hundreds of people that have been ripped of by this scam and read the reviews on Bettortrader Scam. They will be shut down at some point, it's just these things take time and the legal system is slow to act. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Jul 25, 2010 8:16 pm

i agree with all you bettortrader clients.
i dont use bettortrader but have a similar software that is earning me $700 TO $900 a week.
there are so many loosers posting blogs just to [censor] stir.
if some of them had the program and listened to positive feed back they would do well but most of them are loosers.
maybe we ignore them.

Dec 09, 2008 12:13 am

Also, again as with all of your other posts over the last 12mths, many people have tried to contact you and it would seem as with your other rubbish usernames that you do not exist, do not reply or have been barred by the forums. Funny that.


Kevin Riddell
Toll free: 1300BETTOR

Dec 08, 2008 11:22 pm

It would seem that this abuse is persistent. Strange how you are not even a user on Yahoo... If what you are referring to is true, I encourage you to call NSW Department of Fair Trading right away and they will sort it out for you. There is no record of any disputes with them. This also seems a bit strange. Otherwise leave us alone...

Note that I also just cut and pasted off a previous post as you have done here and with numerous other sites and other companies. This is beyond the joke really but we still manage to laugh about it. Why? Because the only reason you are doing this is to try and hurt our image in the market place and see our demise. Why is that funny? Because we have grown tenfold in the last year despite your wasted efforts.

Your negative marketing campaign is an obvious farce. Those that can't see that, we doubt would be cut out for this business anyway so you help us to deal with those smart enough to do their due diligence and thus likely smart enough to make above average money instead of plodding along with a $1000 bank expecting to make $500 a day.

The latter we can do without and are the types who lap up all the get rich quick rubbish you sell them on with absolutely no back up or support and flimsy training regimes. Yes we are tough to compete with but surely you can think of better ways of beating us than to stoop this low.

Oct 15, 2008 11:45 pm


Jun 02, 2008 6:52 pm

The thing with all of this is that, we can all talk to each other in the group chats and on the forums. The majority of people are really good traders and some are not. A minority make stupid mistakes and we know because they are still in the group chats at 5pm chasing mug money and throwing their profit out the window.
The one common thread amongst the Bettortrader members, is that everyone is seemingly happy and no one is ever let down by Bettortraders staff or their software. The few who do not do well let themselves down.
I have bought enough systems over the years to wallpaper my house and I have now bought in one package what others only ever dreamed of delivering. I have even used BS and Racemate that professes to be cheaper and over 2years I spent more on Bet Selector in losses and upgrades than I spent on Bettortrader in one payment.
Not only that, but the only things that come close in terms of features and results are priced way out of anyones reach and mostly use only one TAB for data. I am sure some of these would be quite threatened by this wonderful little system.
It also makes me very suspicious that after being told about this site and the comments on it, I then come to make my own and not one single shred of evidence as to the truth of the comments or even the identity of the person making the posts is confirmed. In my eyes, the credibility of this site and the content on it has just blown right out the window.

Jun 02, 2008 3:17 am

You people just don't give up do ya? What will it take for you to all bugger off and leave us in peace. I am also a member of Betortrader and I have had it with the crap these people are on about. No I haven't made a million bucks. Yes I think I could be doing better and in saying that, many damn well are. Some make me quite jealous when I see I've made $150 for the day and $600 for the week and then some one like this bloke above me makes a couple a grand in a weekend. The point is, these blokes will do anything for their customers and if one or two fall over well thats life I guess. I reckon I could think of a few halfwits that couldnt cash a dole check let alone make money trading the nags. I agree with Nugyen, I doubt very much this is a real member but just another little pinch of envy from the mugs trying to keep up... the competition that seem to love BT so much.

Jun 02, 2008 3:01 am

You must not have tried hard. I make just over $900 alone last Saturday. I know at least 10 others in group chatting made over a one grand. I also know there are plenty of silly people who are just gambling with anything. The software program tells them they have hit their target and keep going. Not stop for the rules. Are you one of them? I also doubt that you are actual Bettortrader. I think rubbish just like the rest of this emails here and there on the internet.
What is the difference between you and me? I made easy $60, 000 last year and only I use it on the weekend. Many people put too small money on so never make money just spending on too many races. $2 is not enough. No one would ever say the program faults. Your fault. Not Bettortraders. If is not working when using real money but when you not using money everything is good, then it is you, not the program. I will buy your software. I will buy it for my son. Send me your phone number. I will see if your true or con. I am thinking con. prove me wrong.

May 29, 2008 2:41 am

we really think that it has its good points but does not work when using real money we have tried and failed we will sell it for a $1000 and learn from it


Hi all. My name is Bill and I am 68yo. I live in HK though my business is run both here in HK, in Australia and NZ. I bought the Bettortrader software 2years ago. I have never had a bad word to say about them. They work extremely hard to make sure everyone is happy.

Much like Paul above, I did my dues before I bought. That meant I saw the over priced scammers with their black box rubbish, I asked many questions, I called the Dept Of Fair Trading and eventually flew to see 2 companies in person. I was put in a motel for the night by Bettortrader, given dinner and had a most pleasurable experience. I am still having a joyous time.

So whoever it is ( and I must say, I have never seen a bad word being spoken about Bettortrader in the group chats etc), obviously you have felt incredibly threatened by their latest growth. That is blatantly obvious and it isn't the first time.

We all received our upgrade to the new system the week you started cutting and pasting your vented spleen everywhere which was also when the new website was released. How convenient.

With most of you selling a product which has no chance of competing in terms of the product itself while selling for enough money to put a deposit on a new house, you really must be hurting. Is there any other reason you would be so malicious? You certainly are not a client. I have tried to contact you!

If anyone would like to speak to me personally, please do so. My name and email address are both real and on record.

Please do not let this debacle interfere with the opportunity to be a part of what Bettortrader offers. The reason for most of this I imagine be would be so that they can point you in the direction of the defaming posts. Keep in mind that all of this is happening on overseas websites that have a rule not to investigate the truth and also to never remove the posts even if the remarks are false.

To Kevin and his team, thank you so much for all your help and support over the years. Don't let this get you down although it must be hard I know.

Take care,

Bill Mitchell
Hong Kong

Mar 03, 2008 5:19 am

Would appear I forgot to take out my name and also forgot to leave my feedback score. Oops. Sorry folks! My internet skills are limited to selling stamps on Ebay and checking emails. Even then I have to ring my Grandson.


Paul S

Mar 03, 2008 5:15 am

My heart goes out to Kevin and his team to have to endure this farce. As a client of many years now I know how much he does for people even for free and well into the late hours of the night.

I do not know too many of his other clients but I know he would rather curl up and die than to do anyone any harm and I know there has never been this type of feeling amongst other users in the live chat groups. Now that's saying something!

One of my staff tells me about viral marketing as a tool to spread good word about your business. I wonder if this is the reverse in action?

As if click-fraud, credit card fraud, and identity theft weren’t enough for us to worry about, there is a new threat to businesses and individuals today, and it is known as ‘Internet Hostage Taking’ and ‘Cyberspace Attacks’ and its perpetrators are nearly impossible to bring to justice.

These attacks consist of false complaints made against an individual or company on a complaint-related website. (Here is a partial list: , [redacted].com, and many more.

These are much different from the authorized complaint boards approved by The Ministry for Family and Consumer Affairs in America and are blatant breeches of our Australian Dept Of Fair Trading, ACCC etc if posted by competition and if posted by an individual they could face conviction.

The person(s) who have made these cruel defamatory remarks have taken advantage of the fact that these sites being in America, are governed by different laws than here so the owners of the sites can not be held liable. At the same time, the person posting is not required to give any foolproof identification meaning anyone can make posts without fear of retribution in the legal system.

These complaints often result in an inaccurate skewing of search results by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Then, when a company name is searched, the complaint web page often comes up above or just below the victims’ website on the first search result page. This can cause customers and prospective customers to be less inclined to do business with the victim company because they might believe the false information.

There are really two problems. First, the so-called complaint boards have no policy about who files complaints. Anyone can post anything against anyone and it is never checked out or verified. So, the person being complained about may not even know they have a complaint against them and therefore, have no chance to defend their reputation.

The second challenge is that websites like and [redacted].com often have policies to not remove the complaints posted on their websites whether they are valid or not. [redacted].com even states the following on their website “As is our policy, we never remove reports even when they are claimed to contain defamatory statements, and even if the original author requests it.” To compound the problem, some complaint websites do not require registration by the person posting the complaint, so there is no way to track fraudulent criticism. The perpetrator can destroy another’s internet reputation with little concern for legal recourse against them. Scary, huh?

Wikipedia defines “spamdexing” as “any of various methods to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine, usually in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of the indexing system.” Google and other search engines are aware of the problem and are apparently working to fix it.

Here is just one of the many many people who apparently specialise in removing such threads or posts...

Here is a blog about the use of social media practices and the lack of caring abut the truth. I thought thats what these sites were about but again I must say my heart is broken yet again to see its all just about money! A double edged sword... the opportunity for disgruntled competitors and their employees etc to defame others for their own gain or some sick satisfaction...[redacted]-lawsuit/[redacted]-lawsuit
Wiki in [redacted]...[redacted]

I hope this helps Kevin and his plight. I know thi would be hurting personally and I wanted everyone to know who is reading this that as a customer, I find it extremely difficult to believe any of this.

I encourage all of you to do as I did when I first looked into buying Bettortrader, ring Dept Of Fair Trading. Thats what all good Australians do before they go to lengths that this person has on more than one site. It is what we do when a company rips us off.

A Current Affair would have picked this up if it had any merit long before it was posted on an overseas site I know that much. ACA aren't ones to mess with. Leave this hoax alone people and go look at a damn fine product and service. Look at their website. They don't profess to be a get rich quick company thats for sure but they do profess to having the best tool of its kind anywhere. I would swear to the fact that I for one believe it is in the court of law.

I'm a solicitor, however this is all well out of my league. I specialise in property law. I know that it is wrong though and I do hope something can be done to help Kevin and family through this debacle.

Good Luck
Paul S. Sydney NSW Australia

Feb 17, 2008 10:10 pm

Blatant Mis-Information And Slander
It is unfortunate that again somebody has found it necessary to to try and drag us down to the slime pit in which in they live by attempting to insinuate we have ever or will ever tell ANYBODY about the riches or other fortunes or glamour they may attract through the use of our software. As stated even on or own site MANY times, not all have an equal chance of making money with ANY 'tool' of this kind in ANY speculative market. We also have ONE client in QLD and I have never heard of any 'raceman' in Surfers Paradise but of course, that's where most mongrel rip off companies are and their owners.

We don't have to lie or make claims about how good our product is... it sells itself by way of so many factors... the group chats that ALL clients are a part of, the new open chat forums on our website where the community is growing and it sells itself because when people see it who are genuinely interested in it and know what they are looking for, they know it is the very best out there. Lastly, THE SUPPORT FROM OUR CLIENTS IS OVERWHELMING BECAUSE THEY ARE HAPPY WITH WHAT WE DO FOR THEM AND WE DIDN'T HAVE TO HUNT PEOPLE DOWN THAT ARE TOO BROKE TO AFFORD IT OR NOT THE RIGHT KIND OF PERSON IN ANY WAY, BUT THEN TOLD THIS WILL BE THEIR SAVIOUR!

I do find it most strange that this post has been made after the release of our new product which will have a huge affect on the competition and also our new website which was launched late last week. I assume you ARE a competitor who has found this a last ditch effort to do us harm as with so many of these posts and has been seen too many times on various forums. It won't happen and I guarantee that.

To be most frank, I doubt anyone reading this won't see that it has absolutely no substance and if there is any doubt then please by all means check with The Dept Of Fair Trading and speak to everyone of our clients if you have to. We do not have any clients n Tweed Heads. We have however had recent enquiries from Tweed Heads who we know to be a competitor and with that added information I thank you both for being so dumb. Those reading this, I encourage you to get in touch and try to speak to the people who have made these posts and then call us for our lawyers details who will inform you of every recorded client we have and see just how much substance this really has. He will also of course like to know who they are and i due course we will find out.

Our member base is small, select and incredibly strong and loyal. That you can never touch and never will. Whirlpool, Cyberhorse and NOW the infamous [redacted]. When will it end? When will you grow up?

The bottom line is this. The business is run in a such a way that we shine above an otherwise tarnished industry. We work ten times harder than anyone out there to please our clients. If anyone is perusing our product of thinking of doing so, talk to our clients, look at how we do things and how transparent we are. GEEEEEEEzzz! To the two posts, you have been forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

The other post I refer to is a reply to the one about Dept' Fair Trading. It was replied to within minutes of this original post and they both just joined at the same time! WOW! They must be psychic!

Go Figure!

Kevin Riddell
you all have my numbers LOL

PS: How do you contact this site? How do you pursue these people? Anyone with ability to track these defamatory remarks, we would love to speak with you.

Also for anyone reading, please ring the Department Of Fair Trading Limore who are very familiar with all of this and are currently carrying out investigations of their own as there has been mention on other such blog sites (where you never have to inform them of your true identity to defame all the people you want such as this) that Fair Trading have taken action or that we have been reported to have misled our clients.

None of this is has an ounce of truth and we strongly encourage you to fully research our company for yourselves and you will see we have no complaints and ALL of our clients have received everything AND MORE, that they were promissed.

Upon contact with us, please ask us for the recent letter from the Dept calarifying that we are SQUEAKY clean. To the lowlife ### who is making these posts all over the internet, we are coming for you. Please do not stop. I really want to see you in court and if you had any guts, you would just own up!