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BestCanvas Complaints & Reviews

Bestcanvas / dark, out of focus acrylic photo

Jul 13, 2019

Bestcanvasour order USA99901192025 Jun 24, 2019 16:53:29 PDT Transaction ID: 37641001NP564133S You sent a payment of $46.97 USD to Bestcanvas Inc. Our picture arrived today. perhaps it would be better suited to a smaller size, The original picture is not nearly as dark either. I wouls like an...

Bestcanvas / terrible blanket! terrible customer service! awful company! do not use!

May 16, 2019

BestcanvasI have purchased many blankets from these people. They always seem to do something wrong. I'm a pretty easy-going person, so if it was halfway decent I accept it. This last time though, it was for my mother in laws 80th birthday and she can't see very well. They made her blanket very very...

Bestcanvas / picture on canvas

May 09, 2019

BestcanvasI ordered a picture on Canvas of my son and his new born daughter. It's horrible the baby is have on picture along with my son's name I payed for my picture hoping to have a wonderful mother's day gift and got this mess. I have twenty eight Grandchildren and I will not be using you again...

Bestcanvas / canvas wraps come back too bright.

Jan 17, 2019

I received my order#US2A60000065116 from you yesterday. They are one 24x30in and a 20x30in canvas wrap prints. They were too bright. At least one stop brighter than it should look. I called the customer service number, it keeps on ringing forever and no one answer the call. I want to have...

Bestcanvas / canvas print

Dec 13, 2018

New Order Nr. CAA120000111284 I ordered a canvas print of a picture taken by a professional photographer from .ca usually represents a Canadian company. I ended up dealing with a print shop out of Florida. Picture was sent in and after a wait I got a canvas print with the...

Bestcanvas / returning

Nov 26, 2018

Just to get info for the return process was a hassle enough. Waiting a week after each email query I sent. Now I've done everything they asked and still no refund. CALLING them is a joke, stay on hold to get hung up on. Calling again and again and again until I get somewhere with someone...

Bestcanvas / pillow with picture printed on it

Nov 19, 2018

I placed an order on Nov 2/18. According to their website all orders will be processed and ready to ship within 24-48 hours. It has been over 2 weeks and I have received nothing. When you call them they immediately put you on hold with some crappy music playing and after 10 minute...

Bestcanvas / awful company

Nov 14, 2017

Unfortunately, I have nothing good to say. These guys disappointed me. They were wrong treating me this way. It's absolutely unacceptable. I received a wrong item. Everybody would say that it wasn't my fault and would be right, but these people refused to accept it and said they will...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas / incorrect printing format of canvas and poor customer service

Apr 14, 2017

I purchased two different transfers from digital scan to canvas from this company. They will not/cannot correctly print a 60" digital scan to canvas without cutting off the bottom of the image. I also paid for a hanger kit and didn't receive it. Their website does not correctly show...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas / very dark print

Mar 10, 2017

I bought a canvas print from and it was a present for my grandparents for their wedding anniversary. I paid over $200 for canvas + shipping and when I received my order I was very disappointed. Print was very dark and did not look good so I contacted Bestcanvas support...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas / liars!

Oct 06, 2016

I have a very expensive camera and all of my photos are high quality. I've ordered a canvas print from BestCanvas photo service website and when I received the canvas I was shocked, because quality was very poor and picture was blurry! I contacted them right away and asked what wa...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas / terrible quality

Sep 01, 2016

I have ordered a canvas print from and my canvas arrived completely damaged! I contacted customer service they same day and they said that it was probably damaged during the shipment. They promised to make a new one. About a week later they said that my new canvas wa...

[Resolved] / best canvas is a scam

Feb 07, 2015 is a scam. Good luck trying to have anyone respond to you. If you are reading this never go to this website, it looks safe showing google secured, with amazon checkout as well. All I wanted was a delivery update on my purchase and i've called for a week straight, gue...

[Resolved] / scammers

Feb 07, 2015

This company is horrible. The website looks legit saying secured by google, ships within 24 hours and you can even checkout with amazon. Far from the truth. I placed my order and I tried calling and emailing for a week straight, guess what? No reply. I called amazon to get this figured out...

[Resolved] / there are far better options out there

Jan 07, 2013

Wow. Wish I had thought to read reviews before I bought- serves me right. Really horrible quality - can see the wood "frame" underneath the "canvas." And, my order came in a huge box, which was odd, considering I only ordered an 8x10 print. I had four additional prints from...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / this business is not a business, its a scam


Product ordered: november 30th Purchased by mastercard: nov 30th Payment was received. Order was suppose to be sent by fedex ground in 5-7 business days. On december 14th, two weeks later, I called after not receiving the product. They said the order "got lost" in the system and...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / I will not be using them again, and advise others not too either


My experience was not as bad as some I've just read. I did receive my order, and although not perfect, the pictures were of reasonable quality, and they did ship them straight away. But then two weeks later, I received an invoice from FedEx, $22.96, for HST on $100 worth of goods (my...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / stay away from this website


Stay away from this website!!! It says it takes 4 business days to deliver and we ordered it about 2 weeks ago and we still haven't received our canvas photo. And now the canvas photos won't arrive in time for our wedding!!! Also, they forgot to mail us one of our canva...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / have not received the product yet as promised by the company


Call your CREDIT CARDS! Have not received the product yet as promised by the company, having seen all the bad comments of other customers I immediately called my canadian bank for transaction dispute. They will re-credit my money, I will only have a harder time if the merchant and his bank...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / stay far away from this crooks


Horrendous experience! I ordered a canvas in November 2011 for a christmas present. When it didn't arrive when they said it would I emailed. After receiving a suspicious email back (obviously a standard one automatically sent to people who email) I tried phoning... several dozen time...

[Resolved] / did not


1. placed order online 2. immediately sent an email to customer service inquiring about a special instruction. Got an automated response. 3. Sent a follow up email, got the same response. 4. Noticed that they charged me an "international credit card processing fee" 5. Called numerous time...

[Resolved] / they should not be getting paid for false advertising and false promises


Terrible service. Got a refund after a month of trying to get my package. Their greatness begins and ends with their eye-catching website. If only their service matched its quality. Read my story if you want to know more details... Dec 4th, 2011 - placed my order for my wife's christma...

[Resolved] / please stay away and don't make the same mistake I made just to save a few bucks


Damn, I wish I had seen these reviews before ordering. Same process for me: Order, do not receive package, get busy signals when calling, receive bogus tracking numbers, and a month later still no package. I am going to do what I can to get my money refunded, but it doesn't sound like...

[Resolved] / they soaked me for over 500 dollars


Avoid this company! They soaked me for over 500 dollars. I never received anything from them. It has been over a month since I ordered. They charged my credit card. The company does not answer their phone and I have emailed them 30 times and I have received no replies. These people are...

[Resolved] / this website needs to be shut down asap


I ordered my canvas on 12/9/2011. It was delivered on 12/19/2011 in a box with a very cheap, not yet assembled frame. Are you kidding me? Your website specifically reads, "ready to hang". I am very disappointed in this transaction and my bank will only process the charge back if the...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / the price is good but they are cowboys for sure


Ordered from over three weeks ago. The site says dispatch within 48 hours. I began to get concerned a week later when I had not received anything. I emailed them and got an automatic email stating they would get back to me within 2 days, they did not get back to me. I have...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas / misleading; poor quality


1.  The website does not make it clear that the canvasses are unframed. The site states " Solid Canvas Frame Canvas prints can get wrapped over 0.75 inch or 1.5 inch thick, solid frames. All frames are of high quality and manufactured in-house." 2.  The canvasses came rolled up but...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / avoid this website at all costs


How do you get a hold of these guys?! I just ordered something that I was charged 55$ for, then realized I should have ordered it smaller and Googled a contact as there is none on the website! now I find this blog saying they are total scammers but I see some people have called them or...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / beware


The website is 100% scam, there is a phone number with area code in florida, but its pretend to be a Canadian company. And when u call, there's nobody. They said product should be receive in 48 hrs, but when I called and send some emails, no response back. Here is another complaint I...

[Resolved] / after 4 weeks, I hadn't received my order


I ordered 3 canvases for $208. After 4 weeks, I hadn't received it. Since that time I have called them, over 15 times. The answered twice giving me excuses and even tracking numbers for the shipment, that hadn't even been processed. When I went to track the shipments with the...

[Resolved] Bestcanvas. CA / stay far away from this online merchant


STAY FAR AWAY from this online merchant!!! The .ca website domain is a SCAM; they are SO not a Canadian company, in fact, they're located in Miami. The canvas I received was wayyyyyyyyyy too small for the cheap, 'put-together-yourself' stretcher frame (flimsy, piece of...

[Resolved] / count me in with the other ripped off, angry people who were scammed by a pretty website


Why, oh why didn't I google reviews for this site before I spent $78 to get a canvas made?!! Someday I will learn. Yes, count me in with the other ripped off, angry people who were scammed by a pretty website! I ordered mine a month ago, still haven't seen it. Phone rings and...

[Resolved] / stay away from these crooks, they are major scam


I ordered a canvas last month and it was supposed to be horizontal, but it turned out to be vertical (and the image is completely off center). And the thing cost $74! Well, so I thought...they actually charged my credit card $2 more, which sure, is only two dollars, but my invoice said...

[Resolved] / website has now not responded to 4 emails and phone number provided does not answer


Ordering was easy, delivery was slow. Ordered 4 for Christmas presents; ALL 4 canvasses were TOO SMALL for the frames. Website has now not responded to 4 emails and phone number provided does not answer...ever. was fooled with ".ca" site suggesting Canada. Actually, apparently Miami...

[Resolved] / my best advice to anyone thinking about this place is - stay away


This is a poorly run operation. I'm not even sure you could call it a business. I ordered a Sepia colored canvas 20x20. Sepia is a brownish antique look, WELL when it arrived it was green and white and gray. So I immediatly notified them and told them I wanted to return it for a...

[Resolved] / horrible quality canvas transfer


Instead of receiving your canvas on professionally stretched frame, you're sent 4 cheap pieces of wood you put together yourself; their website doesn't tell you that you build it yourself, of course. My photo on the canvas was off center and not large enough to cover the entire...