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L Sep 21, 2018 Review updated:

I purchased this macbook pro July of 2017 for my granddaughter for college. It was fine for 11 months. then it started acting up. Not holding a charge, turning off randomly, and loading slowly. When took it in to the Geek squad and they told us to buy a new charger. We did that but didn't solve the problem. After talking to several Geek squad employees (one very rude) we were told that the dd1 year warranty is over. They said it is the logic board and would cost about $800.00 to fix. I simply wanted to exchange the computer for another one . Best Buy said it had to be handled through Apple and Apple said it had to be handled through Best Buy. I thought I had protection because I have the 24/7 protection plan. I was wrong. My complaint is that I feel Best Buy should stand behind their products. It was not even a month out of warranty. Obviously it is a lemon. I am very disappointed in Best Buy. I have purchased many, many items there and am not sure I want to go back. Thank you for listening. Linda Smith . E-mail [protected] I would appreciate a response.


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      Oct 20, 2018

    I was just there today trying to replace my 6 week old MacBook Pro. Customer service laughed at me, and said it was Apple that had to take care of it. Apple called them and said because they sold it to me, they had to take care of it. As I stood there trying to explain that they needed to get on the phone wtih Apple and figure out who was responsible for replacing it, she proceeded to call the police while the other 'customer service' reps laughed at me. I will NEVER shop there again. Now I have to buy a $350 applecare plan to replace it? I think not. Screw you, Best Buy.

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