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This is regarding the service (lack of) that I received January 30th @ the Best Buy location in Mississauga @ 6075 Mavis Rd Unit 1, Mississauga, ON L5R 4G6.

We had originally gone to another location for HP Ink & was advised the heartland location had them in stock:

Upon arriving I went to where the ink's were & there was none, I asked an associate since there were 6-10 chatting away in a group. The one lady looked at me as I were disturbing her & said she'd go check in the back since she said they did show having stock in the system.

She comes back a few minutes later (guess the back warehouse is no to big) and tells me there is none in stock, I advised her the other location mentioned you had plenty of stock if she can re-look (maybe more than 2 minutes this time.

Here reasoning is there in the trucks that haven't delivered the goods.

I did mention I just drove 20 minutes from the other location & they assured me that you had stock. She went on telling me the delay in the trucks & our lovely (Covid) and the stock didn't come in. I did ask to speak with her manager & was advised she is the manager. (god help me if that's a manager with that attitude)

Then another guy gets involved & states they opened at 11 am & they were all sold out that morning, again taking a Customer for an idiot... very unprofessional. Manager states stock didn't come in this guys tells me all the HP63's I was looking for were sold that morning as it was super busy:

I asked the manager if she can check the Brampton location so i can go there & her response was NO since I'm giving her attitude she does not want to check for me, nor call the location to inquire. (i was advised you don't call which is ok but she could have checked but NOPE, they were to busy the group of 6-10 of them while customers are walking looking for staff .

1st : Maybe they should be taught Customer Service skills before being promoted to manager.

2nd: if your going to hire young people to be managers PLEASE teach them respect we are not there friends, we are paying customers not bar friends:

3rd: Maybe head office can check up on the workers very intimidatingly for customers to try & get help when a Bunch of associates are chit chatting away: (1 claiming to be the manager says a lot about the workers there)

I had originally called in the complaint on the 30th of January but was advised it's nowhere to be found. (I just called & was advised to file an online complaint)

Again just keeps adding to the disappointment of Best Buys customer service:

I do apologize I don't remember the managers name but when I originally called on the 30th the name was provided:

Waiting to hear back this time.





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