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asus vivobook laptop

bought laptop late December, for the last week plugged in but battery not charging, Best Buy takes NO...


I went to Best Buy Owensboro KY on Saturday, May 18 to purchase a 65 in TCL Roku TV. After asking the employee a question before purchase, he went and asked the manager. The manager was hateful and rude. When I questioned customer service about it and asked for his name and Best Buy contact info, they said they didn't have anything. I finally got the name Yesia?? He came over and questioned me about it and then told me whatever.
I have faithfully shopped Best Buy and my family knows to give me gift cards. Honestly, I love Best Buy and I will continue to shop; but I will never step foot in the Owensboro store again.


Yesterday I talk with the Man in Best buy with Phone [protected] to buy Washer Model WTW5000DW open-Box with price $ 409.99, He confirm with me, I from Virginia going one hour come but when i com the Add 1200 Rockville Pike MD 20852, No body response and did't do any thing, I must go home
I thing Best buy is big company why they do like this !
Pls let me know the reason !!!

My email : [protected]@gmail.com
Thank you

nuwave airfryer

Purchases a Nuwave airfryer just approximately three months ago and the lid has already messed up on me. The lid is stuck and will not shut. We have NEVER used force in order to shut the lid. This is very frustrating I have paid good money to purchase this product and I expected to get alot better use out of it than this!! I can not even cook in the airfryer anymore and that is/was one of my favorite appliances that I own!

nuwave airfryer

buy’s best total incompetence to perform a simple oven cabinet measurement

Last weekend went to the local Buford Ga Best Buy store. We needed to purchase a new Double Convention Oven for the house to replace the existing unit.
Sales staff where knowledgeable and helpful too. The staff advised that it would be best to have Best Buy technicians out to the site to measure the cabinet dimensions initially to ensure the oven we picked would fit correctly. Sound sensible and appropriate. The sales staff made the arrangements that a technician would come out on 04/30/19 between 8am-12noon. Sounds simple enough right !

The morning arrives and I take time off to allow them access.
1. 10am rolls round and no tech. I decided to call them. Young lady answers the call and advises " not a problem" . Tech is due to arrive at 10:41am. Still inside the window and I am on the schedule.
2. 10:50am rolls around . No tech. Decided to call again. This time the rep advised tech is enroute already with 11:00am arrival time.. Still inside the window. Advised will continue to wait.
3. 11:00am rolls around. No tech. 11:15am, 11:30am 11:45am . No tech.
4. The window is about to close. Called again. Rep advised tech is enroute with 12:05pm arrival. They even sent a text to confirm which I still have.l. I figured it is just outside window will wait. I have already waited and wasted 4hrs of my time for these idiots.
5. 12:15pm, 12:30pm, 12:45pm 01:00pm .No tech. At this point I have wasted almost 5hrs of my time. I had to now leave for other commitments.
6. Eventually get a phone call along with yet another worst-less text advising the tech will arrive at 01:40pm. I still have that text too . After almost 6hrs of wasted time I had naturally left...customers have lives too... Rep Randia M called to advised tech has arrived at 01:37pm... I asked to speak to a supervisor Chris R. Why he is not willing to take full ownership of the Best Buy failure is totally beyond me . Chris advises he can reschedule for Fri 05/03/19 8-12 window again .. that is the same situation we had today and not acceptable. More wasted time !!! I asked for a specific time .. Chris was totally incompetent at handling the Best Buy failure. Evidently Best Buy failed miserably and offering a window was not going to cut it for the reschedule. A more aggressive stance was necessary. I asked to speak to Chris R manager. Chris outright refused to provide that information to me... even suggesting that I could complain to the corporate office. Not the greatest management technique by far ... in fact outright worstless supervisory skills.
7. Arguing with the customer when the failure outright lyes on the Best Buy side is ridiculous. Chris made no effort to even try and make sure a tech would arrive on Fridays so called 4hr window ... just he will get there sometime ! Pure customer abuse !!!
8. I cut off the call with Chris ... total waste of time talking to a so called supervisor who has no idea of the concept of his roll in a company, that is solely based on "customer service"
9. Later I called the Best Buy Complaints line. I spoke to R.J. He actually seemed to get it and took the details of my complaint/reasoning and filed # [protected]. After this he advised he would transfer me over to Dakota J :Geek Squad Flying Service . Dakota took down additional details and confirmed the [protected] window . Dakota went the extra steps and advised that the tech would arrive around 0900am after he checked the scheduling for that day. Why the incompetent managers before did not try this defeats me !

The end result of all this is that the sales staff in the stores and higher complaint organization seem to try to achieve the goal of "customer service" that your business is based upon ... just to be let down by failures of delivery and specifically the supervisory department over them ... the weak link.
The simple act of picking up a phone and calling a customer to advise directly that an appointment window will be missed seems completely beyond your supervisors in your delivery/service department. This inability and complete lack of customer care and abuse will lose you business. Maybe the senior management need to explain this simple concept to them.

I hope someone in higher management has the gumption to actually reply back to me and not just allow such incompetence by one section of the company stand.
DO NOT ABUSE CUSTOMERS ! They will walk away Chris R.
I welcome higher management to contact myself back directly... just remember if you would not accept the above as acceptable service for yourself ...then please do not call to to provide excuses for it.
Thank you.
S. Naran Atlanta GA

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the worst service I ever had in best buy in my town

Hello my name is evelyn. I had the worst experience electonic service with the store that is in baldwin new yorl. I purchased a computers that iam making paymnet every month cost me over 1000 with insurance. One day my compuerts window got broken. I went to the store to fixed with insurance. They spoke to me will take 2 week a assistent manager name anthony. After 3 week I went back to store because I did know went they will give me back my computers fixed. They gave me a lots of stories. And I asked for a manager. They spoke to me the maneger was not in this moment in the store and that I was suppost to purchase a new computers until the computers was fixed. Its today day 25 d and I did not have my computers fixed after I paid the insurance. I went back today and again they gave a lots of history. I ask again for a manager and the person in the counter spoke to the manager ithe sale rep came back to speak to mr and said
This information you have to wait for your computers. But never came to to speak to me. We are the customers that produce the pay for their jobs because the customers spent the money in the stores. I sale in the internetn and its terrible I do not have my computers for my bussiness. I need a person please that can help me. I dont think I will recomended thsi corporpporate best buy to not one person. I did know who I can resolve this situation, this is my e mail [protected]@yahoo.com my tel [protected].

macbook pro

I have had thee most absolute worst experience with best buy over the course of 2 days. This was my first time purchasing anything online with best buy and I will never do it again. I need to contact my attorney for legal advice at this point. They never delivered my $900 worth of e-gift cards until 13hrs after purchase. They state on their website and the call-line for e-gift cards that it will be delivered in one hour/immediately. When I called with order #'s; no one could find $900 dollars in gift cards. No explanation. "sorry ma'am we don't know" I spent 5 hours on the phone trying to get my issue resolved just to be hung up on w/ no effort in contacting me back. I called back and waited on hold for another 45 mins just to be hung up on again. I am so frustrated. The item I tried to purchase initially was gone after 13hrs total of missing gift cards. And 6hrs of customer support with no conclusion. They state it will be delivered via email in one hour!! False. I spoke to 9people in total — 4 of which were managers, the online chat feature, sales, and customer service. I was never helped and with out the item I tried to buy — macbook pro

samsung-galaxy s9+64gb-sunrize gold (unlocked)

I am availing the geek squad insurance. I purchased samsung galaxy s9+64 gb-sunrise gold from best buy franchise on installments on november 11, 2018. But unfortunately I lost it somewhere. I am still paying its installments via best buy cradit card. When I purchased the mobile I asked the employee for full coverage insurance but he misleaded me and registered wrong insurance 8.99 (repairing and damaging). Today when I went to best buy franchise for the complaint they checked the system and refused for any obligement. The staff misbehaved and asked to leave the store. Kindly accept my complaint facilitate me with new cell phone. Hope for your cooperation as soon as possible.

samsung-galaxy s9+64gb-sunrize gold (unlocked)


Worst service ever. I purchased two oculus go and the promotion was a free case. When I went to pick up there was only one case. The service person and the manager both lied and said I had to add the cases separately to my cart, which again is a lie. When I explained that I did not place the one case into my the both basically kept lying and were basically calling me a liar. When I called Best buy they said that there was a limit to one case per order. Did it say that anywhere, nope. And I still can't believe how BAD the customer service was at the Santa Rosa CA store, worst I have EVER experienced ANYWHERE. I am an eliteplus member and am getting to the point that I will NEVER shop at best buy again. I can order from Amazon with a lot less hassle. Say good to another customer.


We love the products we've bought at Best Buy, but we recently went to the Nicholasville Road store in...

how I was treated at a best buy by an employee.

To Whom It May Concern, 1/1/19 I'm writing to you regarding my experience at the Best Buy in Rochester, N.Y...

laptop repair

Please provide email and I shall forward all of my complaint. My phone is [protected] and email i...

a marantz receiver I had ordered online.

I had ordered a Marantz receiver through the Best Buy website to avoid the craziness of the Christmas rush. When I received it, the box was crushed, ripped, and mangled. It had been taped with what appeared to me to be a whole roll of tape. Just how could any company in good conscience send out a package which looked as though it had been sent through a shredder?! I could only imagine what the receiver inside of this mangled up mess looked like. Or how it would even function after what it must have been through. I contacted BestBuy and was told that I could return it for a replacement. Well I live in a remote town in Michigan, and the Best Buy which had this particular receiver, was a good 35 miles away. So one would think that Best Buy would compensate me for my time and gas to get there? Hell no. I've been a Best Buy elite member for years. I think it's time to look elsewhere for my electronic needs.

a marantz receiver I had ordered online.
a marantz receiver I had ordered online.
a marantz receiver I had ordered online.
a marantz receiver I had ordered online.

cd music!

I am so angry with Best Buy while back took out their Cd music section in their stores! This is so irritating...

issues at the store on multiple levels

Happy Holidays!

I am writing to you today in regards to the recent experience my son and I had at the Best Buy, Rockville, MD location store while having installation of the rear and side view cameras done along with the remote start.

First of all, after having the cameras and remote start installation done last Friday in November this year (my car was at the shop for seven hours), I had to come back to the store the very next day as my son and I realized the next morning that the front passenger seat door cannot be open from inside. We knew right away that it was obviously an issue with installation as we had no such problem with the car in the past.

So, we came back to the store on Saturday morning where we were greeted by the person standing in the middle of the doors chewing the food with his mouse open. We found it to be very offensive and an inappropriate. The first thought comes to mind - is this how employees at that store are trained to greet the costumers? Are not they allowed to have break and lunch?

Second, that same person, who had no name tag (at least it was not visible to us) asked us if we need help and we asked to talk to the manager. It took a while before Joe Baez came to greet us. We had explained that we came back after realizing that installation was not done properly and we are not able to open the door from inside. He told us that Nate Metcalf, the person who had done the work had family emergency and did not come to work. He suggested we come back and I gave him my number asking to pass onto Nate that I need to bring my car back.

I got a call from Nate on Sunday (yesterday) morning. He asked me if I can come at 7:00 pm. I explained to him that I cannot come at that time as my son and I already had plans for that evening. This year is especially difficult to us as I lost my husband to ALS last year and am a widow and a single mother now.
Nate then suggested 12:00 pm.

When I had entered the store little bit after 12:00 pm yesterday I was greeted by the same person, chewing with his mouse wide open asking if I need help. At that time I had the car fixed by Nate and had decided to take upon Joe's offer to ask for a discount for inconvenience which he had mentioned on Saturday he will be able to grand after Nate is done with correcting the mistake. It made sense to me, so I came back to the store.

When Joe saw me, he acted as he had never seen me before. He was acting unprofessional, inappropriate and disrespectful. I asked him if the reason he is treating me that way is because I am a woman he replied he feels I am harassing him. I cannot understand why he would get such impression. I came back to take upon his offer and he acted as he never heard of it and does not understand what I want from him. Then he went to Nate. I came from the customer side and had witnessed him whispering with Nate after which he reluctantly gave me $53.00 discount which I felt was not enough to justify the treatment I had received at the store along with the service. In addition, he asked why I chose this particular store and wished I never came.

I also noticed that Nate's license, which is displayed by the window at costumer's side in the shop had expired in 2017. When I asked him if he has a current license, I had received a very unclear answer which sounded as he has it, but he had not received it yet. It sounded very strange as we are entering 2019 and the expiration date was listed as in the middle of 2017. I wish I had noticed it earlier. How is it possible that Nate allowed to work under expired license?

One thing I have to say is though Nate did a mistake, he obviously is a hard worker who knows his stuff, but clearly overworked and needs at least another person at the shop. I had noticed that he did not even had a chance to eat which made me feel very sorry for him as a human been.

This was a very disturbing experience. I was living in this area for over 21 years and though I was aware of the Best Buy's reputation I thought I should give this chain a benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, it was big mistake on my part.

no refund issued on a cancelled order

I originally had ORDER # BBY01-[protected] on Nov 12, 2018 for a phone with Sprint.

Tracking Number QERE93HB
Status Canceled
Order Number BBY01-[protected]

NOW I GET BILLS FROM SPRINT but the order was cancelled. PLEASE ADVISE SPRINT that the service was cancelled. AND WHERE IS MY REFUND? It's almost a month and not one person will give me an answer. The store says call customer service and customer service says wait. HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT?

Ricardo Mendez

please respond to [protected]@gmail.com or [protected]@aol.com

customer service damaged products

We purchased a KitchenAide Refrigerator $3800 and a KitchenAide Dishwasher $900 from Best Buy in Alexandria...

samsung soundbar refund request!

Ordered Samsung Sound Bar that was never delivered on November 8th. Called six times to get the issue...

poor customer service.

I bought webroot from my computer from best buy about 2 years ago and had enough about this security 'protection' which was worse than any other I had before so I went back to norton. With webroot - too expensive at best buy (like everything else which it shouldn't be called ' best buy' but expensive buy) my computer was taken over by crooks which invaded it and wanted me to call them and pay of course so I had to close my computer but with a protection it shouldn't be happening.
Best buy automatically renew it but I didn't wanted anymore now at the end of subscription and called a few times webroot to tell them I cancel the subscription but they transferred me to best buy and after a very long wait on the phone when finally somebody answered the phone he hang up right away befoer I could even talk. This was so rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. I'd never go into this store to buying anything. The same products but cheaper I can buy them at walmart where someone answer the phone much faster and resolve a problem and I don't have to be bounded by the store with my personal information. Best buy= worse buy.

repair service for commercial washer/dryers.

I run a Fraternity, Eugene, OR, for 40 gentlemen. I work for a corporation that has 18 houses throughout the US. All the houses have washer/dryer units that were bought from BestBuy 2 year ago.

Before being stationed here in Oregon, I was running the SAE house in Bloomington, IN. The Geek service in Indiana was much more efficient than the one here in Eugene, Oregon, and service repairs were within a week of a simple call made to request service.

I called for service for 3 of our dryers that are not working. It took an hour and a half to reach someone who could set up the appointment to service our machines. It was a 2 week wait for November 3rd, noon to 4pm. No one showed and no one called. I called again on Monday and it took close to 2 hours to reach a rep that could address our problem and to report a 3rd dryer that stopped working. The appointment was rescheduled for another 2 weeks. That would be a month before receiving service for our dryers. Imagine, if you will, a house of 40 men, 1 dryer, a laundry room stench of moldy wet clothes and angry parents.

Later I entered the work order numbers, I was given, to the "track your repair" section of the Geeks website (which is where I was sent) only to find out those were incorrect numbers.

I now, don't know if a repair man is coming, I cannot call to double check as I do not have 2(more) hours to wait for a simple answer and I have a house full of angry young men.

I need a phone call confirming and reassuring our appointment.

SAE House Director Wendy Watson

Service address: 812 E. 14th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401