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shady practices

I can't believe after spending so much money at Best Buy they could try to rip us off on the extended warranty. I bought an ipod a couple years back (with the extended warranty) and it has broken 4 times. After having the same problem (they said at first three and now it's four) times, they are supposed to replace it with a new one. Well when we go to get it replaced all of a sudden they only show us having it repaired once. FOUR different people 'looked' in their system and said they found nothing. We called corporate and two different people gave us completely different stories and only once we wanted to get their name because it was going to be placed on our report to the BBB did they transfer us to someone who miraculously found our 3 prior repairs. A bit suspicious don't you think? So we go back to the store, and they STILL make us send it out for repair again!! I truly believe they are going to give us refurbished pieces of trash until our warranty expires, they never intend of making good of their extended warranty. MY ADVICE, DON'T BUY THE WARRANTY!

  • Dr
    Droobin Jan 20, 2009

    I agree that you should never buy the warranty. I disagree with you not calling apple and handling it through the propper channels. But lesson learned. Apple's replacement would have been better than your costly BestBuy warranty and headache.

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  • Cr
    cruelnumber Jun 23, 2009

    One of the problems I see with why all of the repair times were't found by one person is that some of the info may have been in an outdated system that cannot be acessed by whomever you were dealing with. Still a problem with BB?...yes. However, the PSP does state that it would need to have a 'diagnostic check' done by a tech to verify that a problem with the unit does exist before a replacement is authorized. In addition, the unit would need to be repaired again if any of the previous "repairs" had a 'no problem' found diagnosis by a tech previously. Always read your reciepts & service policies no matter where you by them from.

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bad company

Why is there not a board that tell of all the great stuff these companies do... I am reading these stories and just have to laugh. I got charged all of this extra interest because I did not pay my bill on time dumba-- no interest for 90days or 12months or 24months if paid in full and min payments are made each month ranging from 1%to 3% of the balance. If payment is missed or later ALL INTEREST FORM DATE OF SALE IS CHARGED I think is cut a dry and is on your statement oh you don't read that stuff well tough you owe... I no the retailer is at fault for you not paying your bill on time... You buy from these companies because they have what you want they did not hold a gun to your head and make you buy. I got a deal I paid less than the next guy I got something for free. I am entitled to pay less than the company paid for that product just because...

  • Be
    bestbuy sucks Aug 21, 2008

    Best buy is the worst company in the world. I bought a Product Replacement Plan, when purchasing an iPod for quarter of the price of the intial iPod 69.99. Retail price of iPod was 189.99 CND. It was a 2 year warranty plan. My iPod broke 23 months after the purchase date. Screen froze I was so happy I bought the replacement plan. I went into Best Buy, spoke with a rep and she said that they don't carry a replacement plan for iPod but only a PSP, a product service plan. Even though the attached brochure to my reciept said other wise. I asked for a manager. We spoke however he belive and openly said I was trying to scam best buy for a new generation iPod, because I'm returning it on the last month of my warranty, I then asked to speak to the store manager, who wasn't in. I argueed with the a department manager you accused me of trying to scam Best Buy for 1hours, I had told passing by customer how I was being treated, and some actually left the store and other stood behind me, while other ignore it. Another manager from a different department had joined our conversation and ripped up the brochure in half I then got really angry and call the police. The store manager was called, and had come in. Witness has backed up my statement with the officer and I felt since I did pay for that brochure it was my property and it was defaced by Best Buy employees, the store manager/owner had arrived shortly and spoke to me in private, giving me a 300 gift card at best buy, and a free iPod if I dont charge best buy for any crimes. I told him I didn't want a gift card but 189.99cnd plus taxes plus 69.99 plus tax, and 400 dollars. He tried to negotiate against it but final agreed and walked me out of the store along with police and a few customers who had support me. As the police asked if I need a ride home, I said no and gave the money to homeless poeple 50 bucks a piece as i walked down the downtown streets of Toronto until i ran out of the money. Never shopped at best buy again and never will. This includes future shop aswell.

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  • Jo
    joe Aug 21, 2008

    Alright I'll play. This is b.s.

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  • Je
    Jennnn45667 Aug 05, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then again..no wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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another scam

I purchased a brand new Pioneer Elite Plasma Television for $2, 939.99. It was being held at a Boston, MA store location until I was ready to receive shipment. I came to pick up the television to find the box had been opened and television was removed from the packaging. The sales associate assured me that it was "brand new" and was removed by mistake and was safely put back in the box, which was completely false. Upon further inspection, I noticed the unit was covered in layers of dust and looked to have been handled extensively. I then noticed that the serial number of the Pioneer television did not match the serial number on the box that it was said to come in. The product had been switched! At this point the associates tried to discount the TV as an open item and offered me free screen cleaner to make it look “like new”, which was a direct insult to me given the amount of money I had spent on this item. I refused the offer and clearly & simply stated that I wanted an unopened, brand new Pioneer Elite Plasma television (same make and model or better) that I had originally purchased on 4/10/08. Best Buy/Magnolia Home Theatre relentlessly denied me my right to a new unopened television and flatly refused to ship a new one to me and continued to coerce me into a situation to accept the model that had been opened and switched as my only alternative. After several more failed attempts the next day to get what I paid for, I turned to Attorney General’s office for help. It was only after the threat of Consumer Protection that the Best Buy Manager finally complied and said they were able to locate a brand new, unopened television.

I gave Best Buy every opportunity to solve this issue on site and they chose to use a tactic of trying to wear the consumer (me) down over time to get me to agree to their terms to absorb costs associated with their mix-up.

I am seeking damages associated with the store's questionable activity.

failure of commitment of extended warranty

I had purchased a digital camera along with PSP (Product Service Plan) extended warranty valid for 3 year...

do not shop there

On May 31st my husband and I stopped by there after work .He just purchased the I-Mac and wanted to add Windows to it. We purchased and left .We made it home late but he was excited so he went to the computer. When I a woke the day he said he purchased the wrong software. He asked me to take it back. On my lunch break I went to Best Buy I spoke with a lady named Tess she said I could not return it so I asked for a store credit of equal balance. She said and I asked to speak with a manger and she nodded her head and said I am a manager to make a very...very. long story short she stormed off(I don't know why) and came back with the customer service supervisor who gave me no eye contact and blurted out "what's the problem». I should have known then that he was of no help but. We have dealings with Best Buy forever. I started explaining what happened and he abruptly interrupted me and said we can't take it back and "If it was important to your husband then he would have came".Ok, As if we still live in the old days and I am incapable of handling buss. For my husband. We exchanged words him being very unpleasant and me saying how unprofessional and rude the whole experience was so I asked for the corporate number so that I can complain and as I left Bill B and Mark (another horrible associate) watched as I called from my car .They were standing in the doorway so it held open and a family was at the door looking out at me and they were all laughing. I called 1-800-BB they said that the D.M.Michelle would receive the complaint but it's not100% that someone would call me. Last week they E-mailed me offering a 50. gift card. I have never ...patronized an establishment where1.The super/manager head no customer service skills2 I have never. Been insulted and humiliated by a company. No one gave ma an option on how to receive my money back. I e-mailed Windows whom by the way are giving me my money back they also told me that it is a North -American 45-Day money back guarantee that no one at Best Buy suggested. Please do not support this company because it doesn't support the working class people who are full time gamers and full time computer geeks. My husband and I pass by so many other stores to patronize this one and because we receive poor service from the bottom we also received it from the top. The beauty of retail is ..There are other stores that carry the same.

  • Ma
    Manuel Ferreira Sep 11, 2008

    I purchased a 42" Panasonic tv in Best Buy last November and purchased four years service coverage on it. My tv doesn't work and I calles for service a month a go, the first appointment with the technician was cancelled, the second was cancelled and the third time the finally came to my house, 3 weeks later, but still waiting for the part. I spoke with them over 7 times with this isue but no one seem to care. Best Buy Consumer relations department recomended me to request a replacement and I did, but they gave me five days to receive a respond and 11 days later it's still pending. The part is no where to be found. Every customer service tell me a different story and this got me tired. Best Buy is the worse electronic store ever. If you buy from them don't even waste your money buying coverage because they don't even send the're "Gigsquad" to your house if you don't wait 3 weeks after re-scheduling twice. Don't get cut

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mobile install

I went to Best Buy to get speakers installed, well six hours later, they could not get my windows to roll up...

delivery/install of appliances

I purchased a refridgerator, dishwasher and stove on April 27th. It is June 11th and I am still trying to get them delivered. I have spent at least 20 hours and made over 40 calls. I did not get call backs from the store department, the store manager, the install department or consumer relations. When I was told to call the supervisor in Consumer Relations back the operator wouldn't put me through! She rerouted me back to delivery. The store said they don't install, the install people said call the store. Customer Service sent me back on the loop. NEVER ANY RESOLUTION. Finally, my appliances are supposed to be delivered Friday, but when I called install to get them installed - yep, you guessed it - call the store, the store says they don't install, call the 888 number. I called Consumer Relations this morning and they put me back to the delivery people, even though I specifically told them I needed the supervisor who asked me to call back if my issue wasnt' resolved! I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM BEST BUY. I have wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to get the appliances I paid for.

  • La
    lala3 Dec 18, 2015

    I have bought several items at best buy and I do a lot of referrals I buy my stuff frequently and I pay immeditatly just so I can get the rewards for the items, I have talked to the rewards and the credit card company back an forth I just spoke to Mary a supervisor very inadequate supervisor over the summer I called and nobody took notes I have to repeat myself several different times over an over saying I need to talk to customer service on credit when I needed to talk to the rewards and back an forth a dozen times just making myself more pissed because they don't have any real customer service reps I called tonight to find out they have the wrong email and I don't know who's email that is and the last time I spoke to them was in August several times it is in my call logs on my phone for proof and waiting to get my rewards they told me they will send it to me in 45 days and I waited an waited meanwhile I no longer got the best buy subscription and I don't know why that was because I haven't received an asked the manager at best buy that knows me very well and all the staff if they stopped it because I no longer got it I never unsubscribed to it and I have re entered my info to get it still nothing an there is no blocking so I don't know where it is going meanwhile I spoke to mary and she says too bad it has expired it is a lot of money for someone to say it has expired I buy my stuff there just so I can get the points and buy some small gifts or whatever an apply to some laptop or anything in the store and she said that I could try to get it but she said it went to my email well if it never came to my email and if they never send it out an I am not getting anything from best buy for months then I think they should honor this because it is in never never land I don't buy big items for nothing an pay on the same day or just for it to vanish I will be going to corporate they have terrible customer service in repeating yourself over n over again an on hold forever and nobody is doing anything about it I remember last year I bought some stuff and I had a credit of a few hundred dollars and they told me I had to call them an ask them to refund my own money because I overpaid that is ridiculous and now I have to deal with this BS ...seriously get it together !!!

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re-stocking fee

Best buy, my foot… Best buy has some bad policies... Normally, I would not share this with...

customer dis-service

I am bringing to your attention my disappointment with BestBuy reseller as well as Toshiba Customer Service...

salesman misled me

The salesman gave me wrong information on two things, which have taken hours of telephone and driving time to reverse. (1) I asked for an extended warranty and he gave me a form to sign for something completely different. (2) I asked if I could pay by American Express and he said "yes" then had me fill out an application for a Best Buy no-interest payment plan that he said could be charged to my Amex card. That too was bad information. When I called to talk to the store manager I was put on hold for a long time and never got through.

Best Buy is supposed to be all about convenience. My experience is just the opposite. I'd rather pay a bit more and get good service than deal with a bunch of amateurs.

Just noticed Best Buy stock is down 17% in the past 5 months. Wonder why.

terrible company!

I purchased a laptop on the 20th of this month. I returned it on the 25th. I was told by the Fultondale, AL store that it my check for my refund was printed on the 26th and that it will take a week to get it from Minnesota. This is because for some reason purchases over $250 cannot be refunded in the stores. Not even up to $250 of the refund.

Moving on, I spoke to the corporate office who said that my check wasn't printed until the 27th. The corporate office also stated that it could be as late as Monday before it is even mailed but could not tell me how the check was going to be sent (standard, first class, etc.). Even standard only takes up to 9 days in the USÂ however I was given April 14 as the last possible date to receive the check. Best Buy obviously doesn't realize that that is three weeks from the time the laptop was returned. So they have the laptop and my money and I'm sitting here with nothing for possibly three weeks. Unacceptable.

Apparently four hundred and some odd dollars is to much to refund in a store but not enough for Best Buy to put a little speed into returning it to it's rightful owner. Even after they charged a 15% restocking fee, and I do not get back the $50 I purchased for a recovery CD + them setting up the computer. Oh and getting them to set up the computer... I was told two - three hours. Took nearly SIX. I was willing to look that over until I found myself out nearly $100 and them holding the rest of MY money. My future purchases will not be made at any Best Buy stores, regardless of how low the price is. I knew it was a mistake when I decided to purchase from them instead of compusa. I have been a customer of there's for years and only purchased at Best Buys because I work near one of their stores. That will not happen again.

  • Co
    Common Sense Aug 12, 2008

    Well to be frank, best buy is not the local bank, what you are asking is for them to keep thousands of dollars in each cash draw just because you can get a 400 dollar refund. This policy hasn't changed in years. It clearly states credit or debit will go back on your card, checks and cash over $250 will have to wait for a check from corporate offices, it's that simple. and gee wait isn't compusa going out of business?

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  • Cy
    CyberBob Feb 09, 2012

    you got a refund not in the way you preferred. Get over it, BB is a good place to shop.

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    After purchasing a Toshiba laptop a day less than the two week mark from the Hamburg, New York location, I returned to the same store I had purchased the item since I was having difficulties connecting to the internet. The internet was "connected" and internet explorer would work yet several other programs including the "Trend Micro" anti-virus software that I attempted to install had implied I was not connected. I had contacted the ISP, Netgear (wireless manufacturer), Trend Micro, as well as Toshiba whom all referred me to return the item. I returned to the store with the item and recepit in hand, expressing my concerns with the defective product and requested to exchange the item for the same exact model I had purchased just less of two weeks prior. Two weeks prior, I had purchased the Toshiba laptop which was originally priced at $699 yet was on sale for $550. So as I said, I wished to exchange for a working product that I paid cash for. The customer service representative stated they discontinued the item. My options were to get a refund, a gift card, or an even exchange for an "ACER". I stated that was not what I had purchased nor what I was interested in doing so. It was also mentioned the only version available was at the Watertown location but I would have to drive out and pick it up, never offered to have it shipped to their store. I purchased the item I wanted and it did not work properly, ALL I WANTED WAS THE SAME ITEM OR SOMETHING OF COMPAREABLE STANDARDS. The "Acer" is is no way a comparable item in my eyes. Now I have asked to speak with a manager whom may be able to further help me. Stephon, whom was the manager on duty, stated there was a newer version of the Toshiba out that I purchased, yet was $150 more than I paid. I was dissatisfied in returning a product I happened to get a deal on and was dissatisfied that the same model that "WORKS" was not available, only a newer version which they admitted had the same specs for an additional $150. I proceeded to ask to speak to his manager he continuously repeated "1-888-BESTBUY". I said I was not satisfied calling a 1-800# to get the issue resolved while I took my time out to return to the store. Yet because he no longer wished to help I was left no other choice but to call while standing at the counter. I proceeded to do so and at that time stated I wanted my refund while I was on the phone. Now as I sat on hold for ten minutes waiting to speak to a management personnel, I watched as the three customer service reps and manager, Stephon, went on to ignore my request for a refund and service others in line. I spoke with the Supervisor of Corporate Offices, Steven, over the phone, whom again was very unhelpful and very unprofessional, swearing back on the other end of the line and offering no apologizes at all. To say the least I was lead to another dead end. I was at my witts end frustrated at the service i was receiving and disgusted that this business operates this way. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE whatsoever. I in no way, shape, or form felt I was requesting anything out of the ordinary or unreasonable for that matter. I just wanted the same product I paid for that was not defective and since that product was not available I feel I should have been offered something more comparable. Did I mention, I had spoken with another employee during this episode and was informed that Stephon told the other employee that he was able to exchange my laptop for the current version which replaced mine for an even exchange yet was not going to because he felt I was being rude?! I did not know Best Buy's Return Policies were based on the Manager's Opinion rather than actual policy enforced. So as I said Stephon had been ignoring my request to get a refund of the money I paid and I had to again say "Excuse me but I believe I asked for assistance and you have been helping other customers over and over again while I stand here waiting" Like I had told him earlier, calling 1-888-BESTBUY was not going to help but and I was right about that. So he decides now is convenient for him to give me my refund and proceeds without saying a word to me until we get to the point where he asks "do you want a gift card or the check mailed?" I stated I had paid cash and expect the cash I paid in my hand before leaving. He said there was no way. I CAN NOT believe if you pay cash for an item and have your receipt and are within your return period that you have to wait fo a check to be mailed! I can not believe what goes on in that Store, it is absolutely unacceptable in my eyes and all consumers should be aware of this!

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  • Ge
    Geo Jun 03, 2016

    If i stole you receipt and merchandise, then i could just go back to the store and get your money. Sometimes when we are having a terrible ordeal at a company none of their other rules seem to make sense. I've seen customers with a perfectly legitimate complaint get blown off because they start demanding the manager to do something that they cannot. It's tough to resolve things at best buy because they blow off the customer, Corporate headquarters never looks to reprimand an employee, (trust me... corporate doesn't care), and they blow off the Better Business Bureau, that's why BBB has them rated at an F.

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  • So
    somecallemwaffles Jun 03, 2016

    HPs included recovery media is set as a partition of the hard drive. If the unit was under HPs warranty they will replace the drive but not the data, including the recovery partition. If the drive was replaced the blank disc would not have the recovery media. HP allows you to create a set of DVDs that act as an external copy of the recovery media, but it is something you have to do yourself. If the drive went bad before making the external recovery media then she will have to order the set of discs from HP. 1-800-HP-INVENT or www.hp.com

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  • Ka
    KaylaD1116 Jun 03, 2016

    More then likely that store was holding those wiis for an ad. But its possible there were a couple wiis in the store but that person you saw leaving had been holding it for a while. Ive seen people hold on to a wii for several hours while they were in the store.

    But I can also say that they cant hold wiis, the employees arent even allowed to buy them if they are on the clock, hold them, or anything like that.

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  • Ma
    Mara Jun 03, 2016

    In December, I took my laptop into Best Buy, because the battery would not charge. Since I could not charge the computer, I could not back up my data, so I had to spend $200 to get them to back it up before they sent it in for repair.

    Unfortunately, when I got the backup drive home, I realized they only backed up a small fraction of the data. Fortunately I discovered it before they sent the computer off, but I had to drive back to the store (30 minute trip each way). I got the computer back in 3 weeks, and it was working fine.

    In February, it stopped charging again. I took it in again, since it was covered under an extended warranty that I purchased when I bought the computer. The Geek Squad agent said since it was a re-repair it would be first to be repaired, and I should get it back in a few weeks.

    A few weeks went by and I got an email from the service center saying my computer was approved for an exchange. That sounded nice, but I wanted my old one back. I am a freelance writer/photographer, and all my copyrighted work is on that computer, as well as my financial data. I was told to call the store.

    No one answers the phone at the Best Buy in Normal, Illinois! After two days and after leaving several messages, I finally reached the Geek Squad at the store, only to be told they could not get my laptop back from the service center. I was told as soon as they are approved for exchange, the unit is stripped down and sent off to the manufacturer. The representative agreed to email the service center and see if he could get it back. I was told they could not call the service center, only email. At that point, I called Best Buy Customer Service, and they did not understand why I could not get the hard drive returned to me.

    The next day I called back and talked to another Geek Squad rep who said they cannot get my computer back. I asked him where in the repair contract I signed did it say that they could keep my property? I brought it in for repair, and if they weren't going to repair it, I should have been given the option of having it returned unrepaired. I would have rather just had the broken unit back and taken it elsewhere, since it had many software programs that I will now have to download again, etc.

    I was put me on hold for 30 minutes (no joke). When the rep came back on the line, he said it was not in the contract, but in the pamphlet I got when I bought the extended warranty 2 years ago.

    My husband went into the store and inquired about getting my computer back. He was told it could not be returned. Instead, we were given a new laptop, which is nice, but I want my data back!

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  • Ha
    Harry Jun 03, 2016

    I can not believe how bad the Best Buy tech support is. I sold my laptop to a friend of mine. It came up recently with some boot issues. I checked it out for her and let her know I thought it was the hard drive that needs replaced. It was still under warranty so she took it into BestBuy. They told her they would send it into HP for work and replace the motherboard. I got a call from her two weeks later saying BestBuy fixed it but would need to boot disks for the machine to load the op system. They didn't even have op system disks.

    So, I have the laptop here and can not load the op system again. When I run a disk check the hard drive fails. What a bunch of yeah-whoos for not being able to diagnose this simple issue having the laptop for TWO weeks. I doubt they sent the laptop in like they said.

    I suppose I will find out tomorrow when I return the laptop in person to find out what if anything they have done with it. BROTHER. I am better tech support!

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  • An
    Ann Jun 03, 2016

    If you're looking for a Wii this season, DO NOT go to this Best Buy. When I entered the store I was told by more than 4 employees that the Wii systems were out of stock and sold out. Seeing as to how they were such a popular item, I figured that it was true and all the Wii's had been sold. I decided instead to look for an alternate gift. I just happened to go to the restroom and passed by one of the store's offices in the side of the store, and BEHOLD, Nintendo Wiis! In the store!

    To make matters even more interesting, another customer in the store while I was there that was talking with one of the store's sales persons LEFT WITH A WII. Yes, that very day. I think its outrageous that employees are hording the products for themselves and telling us consumers that we aren't able to purchase them. ISNT THAT WHAT A STORE IS FOR! I even called the store when I returned home and asked if I was able to have them hold a Wii, when they got their next shipment in. The employee on the phone said that they are not allowed to hold Wiis for customers. So theres no way that they could have been holding those for customers.

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  • Ja
    jacblac67 Jun 03, 2016

    Yeah bestbuy tech are not very good? I have better knowledge than what they have, tried to sell me a recovery disk for a hp when hp has something called "recovery manager" were you can create your own os restore disk.

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accused of theft!

On Thursday March 13, 2008... My friend and I went to Best Buy around 8:30 P.M. to purchase a new music CD...

cashier thief from customer!

This complaint is against Best Buy #158 in winston-salem. On 3-14-08 a cashier grabbed an empty ink cartridge box out of my hand and scanned it along with a new ink cartridge I was buying. I had carried the box into the store to make sure I bought the right cartridge. A store employee had put a pink sticker on the box when I entered the store to indicate that the box was not the property of the store. The cashier could clearly see the pink sticker and that the box was empty. Only after I protested did she back down and delete the $24.00 she had charged for the emptybox. She was extremely rude. When I paid her in cash she marked all over the bills with her marker as if I were the criminal and not her. I have no doubt that she intended to cheat me. When I called the store to complain the manager hung up on me. I will never shop at Beast Buy again.

  • Pb
    pbran Nov 29, 2008

    Please remove my complaint filed on 3-14-08. Although the cashier was very rude and pushy no real harm was done. She did correct her mistake. Maybe she had a bad day. Thanks

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  • My
    MyNameIsIshmael Jul 05, 2009

    You are ignorant... asking to remove your complaint is unnecessary, you've already displayed your ignorance.

    As a matter of fact,
    if you havn't noticed, Best Buy is a very busy store. No doubt, she was just trying to scan everything at once. I'm sure you were a cashier at least once as a teen... when crowds come in, you just want everything scanned, paid for, and on to the next customer. Obviously she didn't MEAN to scan your ink box, because she took it off once you mentioned it. What was she going to gain from your measley twenty four dollars? It's not like she was going to get a huge raise for it... Maybe instead of standing there like an idiot, you should have said "This isn't the store's products" when you walked up to the register. You're an adult- don't expect cashiers to babysitt you when youre leaving the store. You're in control of what you want to purchase, so don't leave it up to everyone else to hold your hand and take a guess at which prodcuts are theirs and which you've brought in. It's common sense.

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  • Bl
    blarblar Sep 15, 2009

    haha Nooob

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  • Sm
    SmoKe Do0KiE Oct 02, 2009

    I thought only the little Warcraft playing virgins were the only ones who say "noob" nowadays. Grow up douche. Its not everyones fault your mom walks the streets at night to earn money to buy your Pokemon cards. Tell her to lay off or that jaw pain will never go away.

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sales staff and lack of knowledge

Why do these people bother asking me if they can "help me" when, obviously, they can't? I...

returning xbox with extended warranty!

Purchased an Xbox 360 with extended warranty. It became defective, took it to Best Buy in Avon, Indiana where extended warranty was purchased. Customer Service checked system, proved it was defective. The power cord was missing and the game that came with it. They said that they could put a power cord in the box but didn't have the same game. I asked them to replace the system, I would give them the power cord or purchase one and put it in the box and they could have the new game. They said that they had a power cord but HAD to have the same exact game (even though they don't even use that game in the systems anymore). I live 35 miles away and was very upset that we could not work out something. My son went back with the game. They then stated that I never purchased an extended warranty and long story short but my sister-in-law had taken a system back and her last name is Ray and they charged that system against my name. My son figured that out for them and they agreed that is what happened and then said that well since the power cord is missing they would not exchange it! He told them to just take the power cord out of the new system and put in with it. The store manager stated "Oh if it was just that easy" and laughed? Well why isn't it just that easy? So now I have to make a third trip hoping this time they will honor the transaction. I guess it depends on who is working. Where is the customer service these days? Won't ever purchase from that store again.

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    joe Jun 02, 2008

    the extended warranty is a waste of your money, thats what the sales people get commision on. all the company does is take the extra money and then deny you service when you have something broken if you acctualy read the fine print, pretty well everything that happens to it is considered customer abuse or normal wear and tear. so they send you home with A broken thing. and 90% of the time the acctual brand will replace something if it breaks or atleast get it repaired at a relatively low cost.

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    indymajor Oct 27, 2008

    well Joe i have to disagree, employees at Best Buy do not work on any kind of commission. They do have store and department goals to reach and its there job to sell extended warranties and accessories for the original product sold.

    Now for the lady returning the game system. In all warranties, rather exchange or replace the warranty states that all pieces of the product (power cords, a/v cables, remotes etc...) along with original packaging in most cases must be present at time of return or exchange. However i do agree that they could have just taken the power cord out of the new one and did the exchange. But that would have been doing you a favor since you didnt return the product the way it states in the warranty. But that was a customer service call. and since im pretty sure i know who the customer service manager was at the time it would have all depended on your attitude at the time of the exchange. if you were negative they were going to follow the book word for word and you could do nothing about it except fuss and fight. now if you approached them in a positive manner and explained the situation in a calm way im sure she would have handled the situation accordingly.

    But once again Joe they dont work on commission its just there job to sell you the extended warranty or at least explain the benefits in a honest manor and then its the customers decision.

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scam and cheating!

My husband wanted the new game, Pirates of the Burning Sea, for his birthday in early January. It was set to be released on January 22nd but preorders were being taken at Bestbuy.com and they were sending out extra CDs with music beforehand so at least I had something to give him on his actual birthday.

This morning (Jan 22nd), I received an email that there was a problem with my order. When I logged into the website, it said the item was on backorder. I didn't order the item last week to a surprised company. I preordered it three weeks ago and now it was telling me it wouldn't ship for another week. I called our closest store and they had them in stock but the woman through the website customer service apparently didn't see them and couldn't switch our order to store pick up.

This was a very simple issue that Bestbuy.com really failed to meet. We canceled the online order and my husband went down the street to pick it up. So much for convenience. If they can't count and send out preorders on time, heavens only knows what happens when they have a real problem. That being said, we won't be customers ever again to find that out.

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    The Customer Apr 06, 2008

    I had read that purchasing the Best Buy extended warranty was not really necessary. If the product you had purchased was going to fail it would most likely do so within the first year when the manufactures warranty was still in effect.

    Wrong, the Gateway laptop computer I purchased did fail within 8 months of purchase. However Best Buy continues to have you return the product to their service department where no service is performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they tell you to get lost. You did not buy an extended warranty and there is nothing else we are going to do.

    What a terrible organization, Best Buy.

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canceled order and refusal to refund!

The Worst buy!!! As I am typing this I am on hold... again... it'S been over 35 minutes... again!!! I ordered some movies months ago. Three months had gone by when they had said I would receive in a matter of days. I couldn't get anyone to pick up a phone for a long time. When I did finally I canceled the order after being on hold 20 minutes at least. I was told the only way i could get my money back was to receive a gift card in the mail... in about a week. That was a month ago, though they have managed to send me numerous pieces of junkmail trying to entice me to jump online and spend spend spend... guess what??? I'm not their sucker twice and I want my money back!!! They absolutely refuse to answer any phones!!! The people I dealt with at the local store are rude and seem they could care less... even when I spent up in four figures last year buying a pc and accessories. I am done doing any business with them and tolerating the atrocious service!

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    The Customer Apr 06, 2008

    I had read that purchasing the Best Buy extended warranty was not really necessary. If the product you had purchased was going to fail it would most likely do so within the first year when the manufactures warranty was still in effect.

    Wrong, the Gateway laptop computer I purchased did fail within 8 months of purchase. However Best Buy continues to have you return the product to their service department where no service is performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they tell you to get lost. You did not buy an extended warranty and there is nothing else we are going to do.

    What a terrible organization, Best Buy.

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scam artists!

I purchased a Toshiba 62' dlp tv from Bestbuy 3 years ago. I was told at the time of purchase that I HAD...

stealing $ from customers!

Chris stark - crook #1 - corporate crook protector & spin master jill nezworski - executive resolution specialist - richard m. Schulze - full pockets the pre ipo owner and founder - loves to hire crook managers! Avoid avoid!

The original [redacted] text:

Watch out for best buy theft of credit: after deliberately stealing my $238.14 credit, best buy would not give me my money back until I got dpt. Of consumer affairs involved and then they offered 'equivalent value' gift card, which I advised them politely to go shove it up theirs and I am suing corporate thief's this week... If you have problem with best buy, or any other crook corporation, give them a deadline until you would waith to receive what's legally yours and then you file a claim in small claims court! It's easy to win if you are right... Good luck!

If you have problem with best buy, contact:

Jill nezworski sr. Executive resolution specialist best buy, inc. Desk [protected] fax [protected].

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    The Customer Apr 06, 2008

    I had read that purchasing the Best Buy extended warranty was not really necessary. If the product you had purchased was going to fail it would most likely do so within the first year when the manufactures warranty was still in effect.

    Wrong, the Gateway laptop computer I purchased did fail within 8 months of purchase. However Best Buy continues to have you return the product to their service department where no service is performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they tell you to get lost. You did not buy an extended warranty and there is nothing else we are going to do.

    What a terrible organization, Best Buy.

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Will not answer their phone!

Everytime I call and no matter which store I call at Best Buy, they will NOT answer their phone. I'm...