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farudulent return policy

Best Buy will not take my defective Sony Vaio laptop back without a 15% restocking fee. I spoke with Sheryl Harris, consumer advocate for the Cleveland Plain Dealer on 1/13/09. Her comment: 'Pete, Best Buy has some sort of agreement with the Ohio attorney general's office, which sued it over customer service and other issues. You may want to file a complaint with the Ohio AG -- www.ag4ohio.gov -- because usually when companies have these types of agreements they take care of things brought to their attention by the AG very quickly. It just may save you added hassle. Sheryl'
1/6/09 - purchased new Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-FW235J/H (clearance)for $808.11. Laptop was shipped to my home.
Received laptop however several defects:
1. Dead pixels on screen
2. On/off switch misaligned
3. Factory installed software was defective/corrupted (Internet Explorer would crash)
Returned laptop to Best Buy in Cleveland, Ohio and store promptly replaced laptop on 1/10/09.
Tried new laptop at home. This laptop was also defective:
1. Upon turning on laptop there was a loud noise from the hard drive.
2. Factory installed software was defective/corrupted (Internet Explorer would crash as well as propagate screen with multiple windows crashing the computer itself, scroll mouse would not be recognized and would not work properly, printer would not work ... I do have the latest Vista compatible 64 bit drivers for these devices).
Attempted to return this to the store for full credit on 1/12/09. After keeping me waiting for a half hour Best Buy claimed there was no defect in the laptop. Service manager Mo Hamdan stated that if I returned the laptop I would be charged 15% for restocking fee. He said that the hardware tested good. I again stated my problems with the laptop and again he insisted that if I return it I would be charged 15% ($112.50) or exchange for another laptop. I did not want this option since the Sony model we bought and were returning as defective had been our choice. Obviously with two defective machines it no longer was our choice. I than stated I would take them to small claims court if not resolved. He said go ahead. I demanded to speak with his manager ... he refused. Best Buy refused to take the laptop back ... I took pictures of the irate store manger charging after me to take the computer. In one picture you can see that he had the laptop box at almost head level. I fled the store. Best Buy refused to issue a receipt for the return.
I attempted to call two other Best Buy stores (North Olmsted and Mayfield Hts) to talk with a manager. Neither store picked up the phone. I attempted to resolve this with Best Buy customer relations that evening and talked with someone with a like 'Latef' at [protected] who said they would log my complaint and pass on to the managers.
1/13/09 I tried calling the store but apparently the store was not taking calls. I again called Best Buy customer relations and spoke with someone that identified himself as 'Leep'. I again gave my complaint and added the question ... if Best Buy considered the laptop to be defect free and wanted to charge a restocking fee, why would they offer another laptop with a restocking fee? Obviously no customer service since I requested a full refund and by offering another laptop they were admitting there was a problem. 'Leep' kept me on the phone on hold for a very long time. He stated he spoke with John the store manager and that I either pick up the laptop or return it with a 15% restocking fee. He also stated that I had 'abandoned the product' at Best Buy.
I contacted VISA disputes and they are working on a full charge back against Best Buy. I told VISA that Best Buy claims that I "abandoned" the laptop in the store, even though I clearly attempted to return it
for full credit and even have the card and picture of the violent service manager. Visa disputes says that I will be covered and consider that what I did was "left product with merchant".

con artists

During the frenzy of the black Friday weekend, My boyfriend and I were at the Best Buy store in Henderson, NV (across the street from the Hotel where we were staying) where I witnessed a store employee jump on a platform and try to sell a bunch of laptop computers as if it was an auction. He spoke through a bullhorn announcing the 'deals' but almost all of the computers included an 'optimization service' that they charged an additional $169.00 fee. The guy with the bullhorn (his name tag either said Brett or Brent on it) was claiming that their optimization service would DOUBLE the speed of the computer.

We found that extremely difficult to believe. We asked another Best Buy employee if that was true and he replied 'not really, we take much of the adware out of the computer and you might see a performance increase of 30% as a result of that, but it won't go double the speed'. I asked some representatives from Microsoft, HP, and Dell that were in the store if the claim was true, and none of them were able to confirm or deny that the Best Buy statement of doubling the speed was true, but it was obvious they didn't believe the statements being announced.

Nearly all of the laptop computers that were advertised in the flyer were out of stock, with the exception of the units that were 'optimized' by the Geek Squad.

This is a classic bait and switch operation. They advertise a computer at one price, but tack on $169 dollars for a WORTHLESS, UN-NECESSARY service.


  • Ka
    KaylaD1116 Feb 12, 2009

    What all was in the optimization? The optimization is 39.99, and to add the anti-virus is 129.99 (or 99.99 with some deals)

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  • Ma
    marleymini Jun 09, 2009

    Maybe next time you should wait outside three days prior to the sale. Then you'll be able to get the deals in the add. That's the whole point of black Friday. Instead you stayed home and then expected to get the items in the add. Absolutely not. First come, first come. It says it in the add, and it also states how much the store is getting. As far as the optimization, Best Buy doesn't just make things up for the customer to buy. The optimization is an actual piece of software to help run all your drives how they are supposed to as well as clean out your registry the performance is faster. Obviously. You take a brick out of your bag its going to weigh less and your going to be able to walk faster. As far as you having to buy all those services, it's a Best Buy policy that all those be sold that way, because no one has time to remove it for you. If a computer is already set with it, then you have to deal with it and get it. If that's a problem, shop somewhere else. But I guarantee you'll run into the same problem next year. EVERY COMPANY IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE AND EVERY COMPANY LIMITS YOU TO THE THINGS YOU CAN BUY.

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scam and cheating

Best Buy advertise a ACER Laptop for 399.00 have to go to store and buy it. My wife went to the Northcrest...

charge for service not authorized

Bought a 32 in TV, wall mount, mounting, tv setup, wire concealer and warantee for tv and installation for my elderly Mom for Christmas. I was advised that if she did not want the TV mounted I could get a full return on all items and change the waranty to cover just the tv. The installation date was set a week after Christmas and in the meantime cablevision came the day after Christmas and set up the cable and the box and connected the tv. We had been watching on this tv for a week before BestBuy came to do their job. The date of the installation the installer called me very early in the morning to confirm that would be at my mom's house between 12:00 to 5:00 PM that day. They called me that morning to confirm and I agreed figuring I would be there when they came. My mother cannot be left on her own for this type of activity. I went to an exercise class and my cell phone was not on. When I finished I listened for messages and it was from the installer saying they had a cancellation and could come sooner leaving a return cell number. I tried to call the number but it was not correct and I then called the store and they had to track down the installer. I was on the phone for a while until they said they would call dispatch and get back to me. In the interim I called my mom to let her know what was going on and she advised that the installers were already there and that she did not want the TV installed because of holes in the wall and sent them away. The installer said to my mom that the picture on the set was not right and he would adjust it, her not understanding that this implied a charge (to the tune of $99.99) to turn a button to widen the screen that my husband could have done would eventually become a big problem. I went to the store to return these items and get all of my vredit for everything but the tv and the warantee on just the tv. they credited me for the warantee and recharged for the warantee on the tv and credited the mount. They said they had to get all of the notes from the installers about what transpired at the house when they were there. I keft my number for this young manager to call me later. He called later that day and advised that he did not have an answer but would call in the morning when he spoke to the installers. He kept his promise and it went downhill from there after he told me the installers did the installationof the box and set up the tv. What! Cablevision did the tv and box installation and we had already been watching tv for a week before they got there. This propted a screaming match and this young manager proceeded to scream over my voice and tell me I had to listen to him and then quote things to me that never happened and then tell me what I said about the phone call that day that was incorrect. I told him that I never authorized the installers to go to my mom's earlier then scheduled. This deal was between me and BestBuy, not my mother and Best Buy. They totally disregarded anything that I wanted or authorized and now want to charge me $99.99 for turning a button when my mother said oh after they prodded her by telling her the tv picture was all wrong. They would not have touched this tv if I were there but I did not have that opportunity because Best Buy just does what they want!!! After this tirade on the phone with this wet behind the ears kid of a manager I contacted the Consumer Complaint division of Best Buy. They listened, they were polite and I did have to hang on the phone for a long time so that they could call the store and talk to the manager. I was then told that I would have to speak to the Operations Manager of the store that I bought the tv as it was bewteen the Techs and that Manager as to how they handle this situation. It is now out of their hands. They gave me a name and I called this manager leaving a message for a return call. After 2 days I called back and finally reached him, he apologized for not getting back and I got some excuse. He told me that the Complaint Dept makes the decision and it was already made in the store favor after the manager read to them the notes that the installer put into the system. How nice, so no matter what the customer says, whatever the employee (installer in this case) says is what stands. No one cares that my contract was violated and they are basically robbing me of my $99.99 for turning a button and not at my (purchaser) request. AND that in a large Coproration such as Best Buy no on can make a business decision!!! I have heard stories about disatisfied customers of Best Buy and my husband will not deal with them at any level. I will make it known to all of our friends and business associates, I am a Business Development Specialist for a large Insurance Carrier and my network ranges very far, what has happened to me in my dealing with best Buy. I do not want to see anyone else go thru this aggrevation. I have a wall tv in every room of my house and nothing was purchased from best Buy and I had not problems.

  • Il
    ilovemyairman07 Aug 08, 2009

    I know exactly what you mean, they charged my check card twice for one purchase. i think its a scam and they just want to see if we are stupid enough not to catch on.

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restocking fee

I bought a GPS from BB after I saw what appeared to be a great buy (Tom Tom reg $399. on sale for $179.) On...

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customer service, delivery

So here's the deal. On Dec 12th I ordered some christmas gifts for my wife online at bestbuy.com. On Dec 22nd I still had not received the packages so I POLITELY emailed best buy and asked them what the issue was. They said it was scheduled for delivery on Dec 24th. So I figured ok, not a problem right? No way wrong. Christmas comes and no gifts. So now I have a pretty upset wife. So I call best buy and ask them what the problem is? They notify me that they had UPS drop off the package to the USPS and that my package could take 30 days to get here. So I got pretty upset and emailed best buy again. THIS lady says that if my package didn't get here by Dec 30th, they would send me a new one free of charge. Well, lets just say that hasn't happened either. So this time I called best buy AND emailed them. I explained to the lady rather politely that I still had packages that have not arrived, and what this other customer service lady told me. This lady proceeds to get ugly with me, and when I asked to speak to her manager, that [censored] lady hung up on me. And I still have not received and email or phone call back. Best Buy has got to have the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I'm in the US Army so I don't make very much money, and when I go to a business or store to spend my hard earned money I want to be treated with respect. Not spit on and treated terribly like I have with Best Buy. They are one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever seen in my life. I will never shop there again. I refuse to spend my money on a company that cannot keep their word, treat their customers with respect, or deliver their products on time. Instead I will go to Amazon and use them. They are usually cheaper, and get their packages out and to the customer on time, and I have NEVER ONCE had a problem with them.

  • Fr
    freshout Nov 15, 2009

    Why is this company still in business? Or how could they still be in business?
    On 9/24/09 I purchased an Electrolux refrigerator at a discounted price. The MSRP is $2499 and their regular price was $2099.99. I received a $49.99 discount for ‘open box item’ and an additional 20% off because they attempted delivery three times and it was rejected or couldn’t happen. I also received a $100.00 gift card. I thought such a deal! We inspected the outside of the unit for any damage and noted any with the salesperson. Delivery was scheduled for 9/30/09. Received a call on 9/29/09 confirming delivery for 4-6:30 pm on the 30th. Unit arrived and was installed; delivery people had me sign their receipt (of which I don’t get a copy) and left.
    My wife noticed the next day that a new scratch on the right side; didn’t think to complain as it was minor (this is a stainless steel refrig.). During loading the refrigerator also noticed four gouges/intrusions in the sidewall of the cabinet (two per side); thinking it was a like this in all units during fabrication as it wasn’t cracked or broken, my wife decided to go back to the store the next day and compare. These were not visible in the store while it was on display as there were boxes inside the unit. Upon comparison in the store, the gouges/intrusions were discrepancies on my refrigerator only; my wife and daughter talked to manager and requested a new replacement; instead they were given an additional 20% ($326) refund.
    While they were at the store, I proceeded to organize the inside of the refrigerator. When I went to lower the top sliding glass shelf to the next position; the shelf was at an incline towards me and with weight on it, it would slide by itself. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the rails in the back of the cabinet where the shelves clasp onto, were bent. We decided to call the GeekSquad for this repair. We thought that we had gotten a good deal of $1214 for a $2099.99 refrigerator (plus a $100 gift certificate).
    GeekSquad arrived 10/6/09; technician agreed new rails need to be ordered. We also notice that the freezer compartment was producing frost all inside due to door gasket not properly sealing. He state he would fix this when he came back with the parts (a heat gun was needed for this repair). I was later notified that he would return on 10/14/09. On that date GeekSquad called and stated needs to be rescheduled for 10/21/09. On 10/21/09 the technician called and stated he received the rails, however they were damaged and couldn’t be used. He reordered for overnight delivery. I stated I was going on vacation and could he come back on 10/31/09. He agreed. I called on 10/30/09 to confirm repairs; only to be informed that the date had changed to 11/6/09 and the rails have now been back ordered. I asked when will they get them and they answered only the technician would know as they are shipped directly to the techs. I asked could you call him, response was email communication only between office and techs. I am now getting frustrated and mentioned I wish I could get a new refrigerator; was told a request would be put in. On 11/2 or 11/3 GeekSquad called to inform me they are denying a new refrigerator. On same day, I called the store and talked to a manager explaining all. He said he would look into the matter and get back to me. Someone else called later that day from the store and stated I would get a new refrigerator as replacement scheduled for 11/5/09 plus another $100 gift card.
    On 11/5/09 delivery of new refrigerator by Julio was made. My wife showed him the other problems I had mentioned of the crisper drawer shelving stubs which stick out from the sidewall cabinet were coming out. Julio checked the new refrigerator and told her three out of four were OK but one was broken. She asked if that could be repaired and he stated NO. He asked if she would accept the unit and she stated NO. He left leaving no card and instructed her to contact the store.
    On 11/6/09 call the store and explained the occurance on 11/5/09, and was given a new delivery date of 11/8/09 4-7:30 pm.
    On 11/8/09 I called the store at 7:45 pm as there was no delivery; found out the store is closed. I called the 24/7 800 number from the internet and was given the delivery number for my area. I called and waited 10 minutes before they answered; the girl researched and told me they are running late and will arrive approx 45 minutes later. I asked why didn’t anybody call me to inform me; she said they should have. At approx. 8:45 pm Peter called and informed me that the truck had broke down on the freeway and the new delivery date is not 11/10/09. I asked if I could be notified in the afternoon of 11/9/09 for delivery time on 11/10/09; he said OK.
    On 11/9/09 received a call from Best Buy Delivery and was told they were giving me a $50 gift certificate for the inconveniance. I called the delivery scheduler in the late afternoon for delivery time and she said they will call me later; they never did!!!
    On 11/10/09 delivery personnel arrived at 7:30AM (ROS #437311032 Driver #11734); at 8:00 am the office called informing me they were on their way; I informed her they were already here.
    On 11/13/09 I went to the store to pick up my $100 gift certificate and asked about the $50 gift certificate. Manager mentioned that the driver should have dropped it off with refrigerator (he wasn’t 100% sure of this) and instructed Sheila in appliances to call and find out how I would receive it. While she was on hold for a long time, and customers were there to check out appliances, I instructed her she could get back to me anytime and take care of her customers. I gave her my cell number and left. Sometime later she called and informed me Martha was looking into getting approval for the card and would call me approx within 15 minutes. Martha never did. I called the 24/7 internet 800 number to get the delivery number and was disconnected by on person when I asked the question; called again and a female stated they can’t give that out, I explained they gave it to me a couple of days ago, and requested to talk to a supervisor thereupon the called me crazy and hung up; I called back and another person aswered and I requested a supervisor and was put on hold. Enough is enough. I started to call numbers from memory and got the delivery department on the third try. Myrna researched and found my account and stated it is in process to be mailed to me. Why couldn’t Martha given that information; another example of people with jobs and they don’t know how to do them.
    When I called the GeekSquad and informed them of what the store had done, since the new refrigerator was making a slight noise from the fan, which turned out to be nothing/minor, I was asked for the receipt that was given to me during this exchange. I explained no receipt was given on any delivery.
    Why do corporations have employees who don’t know their job and make excuses for them; rather than getting somebody else who can do the job. Why do corporations hire delivery companies who can’t perform? Why do corporations have departments that don’t communicate amongst themselves? BestBuy, how do you stay in business????????????

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  • Je
    Jean Apgar Feb 06, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you have this many complaints lodged against your delivery service wake up!!! Not owning responsibility for they're actions is not only a lame, excuse because it's a third party in this day an age it's like claiming your dog ate your homework ! My mistake was paying with a a debit card instead of a credit. Monday is my 4 th scheduled date for a refrigerator .I will call an officer of the law if it is not delivered and installed in this visit . Last week they were right outside my house with the product, delivery was scheduled by them between 1:00 - 3:00. My husband requested an after 3:00 delivery. I had to leave my job which I did as a precaution .They were to call my job when they were close to delivery time. Called my home instead to say they were a 1/2 hour out. The delivery man started complaining as he walk up the driveway. " Not enough room" is what he kept saying .He would not wait 10 minutes until my husband came home to turn water valve off. Enough room complaint is unclear what that was about. We were left Super Bowl Sunday Chinese New year and FatTuesday without frog. We are chefs!!! Enough is enough! Do your job!!!

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rude manager

I had a extremely poor experience at the Radford, VA store, I and my freinds had to wait over 1 hr just to get some one to ring us up for a home theater system, when we requested to talk to the store manager Andy, he came all wound up, and after listening tot he whole story asked us to leave as we were creating a scene, upon contacting the customer services department I got a long sympathetic talk and the crux of that talk being how can they help me canceling the online order I had placed with another retailer for the same products after being treated rudely at the store, and how could the customer service Rep. help me make that decision and place a new order with her, no formal apology or any follow up what so ever simply a email saying we will look into it.

The store incident was simply racial profiling and extremely poor in taste, we bought about 6K worth items online withing a few minutes and will never buy a cent worth of merchandise from best buy.

I will also write to Better Business Bureau and would urge others to do the same.

  • Mr
    mrpest Jan 04, 2009

    you really want to know why the manager told you to leave??? you may find this hard to believe but it's TRUE. His wife or girlfriend refused to have sex with him the night before or in the morning. 100% TRUE!!!

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  • Ra
    radfordgirl Jul 02, 2009

    There is no Best Buy in Radford, VA.

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  • Fr
    Frustratedbutvocal Jul 09, 2009

    We went to a Best Buy in Christiansburg, VA, near Radford, and got terrible treatment! My son bought a Magellan GIS...it didn't get signal inside the store, so they told him to take it outside and try it. We didn't get out of the parking lot before he knew it was crummy. When he returned it, the guy pointed to the box. It said there was a non-refundable re-stocking fee!! They only gave back part of his money. It might have been LEGAL, but it was UNETHICAL and they were RUDE. We paid more and got a Garmin from another company. Wonderful product.

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worst customer service from 1-888-bestbuy

My experience with Best Buy's customer service number 1-888-BEST BUY was exceptionally and unbelievably poor. I spoke with three different people and was horribly disappointed. Here's my story:

I wanted to buy an IPOD Touch for my oldest son. He had been waiting for one for weeks before Christmas and now we were finally able to get him one. So yesterday, Friday, I checked the Best Buy five minutes from my home but they didn't have any in stock. After checking online and finding availability at a Best Buy 30 minutes away, I ordered online and chose in-store pickup. I was so happy thinking I'd have it in hand in less than an hour so I was willing to drive to a store 30 minutes away. The online order told me to wait for a confirmation email to take with me when I picked up the item. When I got the email, it said that the item was not available in that store. What?!? I ordered and paid online only because the item showed available in that store. The email said to call the customer service number 1-888-BESTBUY for help. I called the number and explained my situation. I told the customer service rep -- Tony -- that I had ordered and paid online believing that the item was available and ready for pickup at a Best Buy store 30 minutes away (within approximately 45 minutes according to the website). He was very friendly and said he'd see what he could do to get it to me asap. After he chatted with me while diddling on his computer, he said that he would change the order from in-store pickup to UPS One-Day Delivery, no charge, and that I would receive the IPOD Touch tomorrow (Saturday)!! He said to watch for an email to confirm this. Needless to say, I was already upset that I wasn't able to pick the item up at the store that was 30 minutes away. Now I was having to wait till the next day to get it. I was thinking at that point that I should've gone to Fry's but it seemed that I would be getting the IPOD Touch the next day.

The next day, Saturday (today), at around 2pm I still had not received the IPOD Touch and worried that if there was a problem there wouldn't be much time to resolve it. So I again called the customer service number 1-888-BESTBUY to follow up on the order and make sure that everything was ok. I was routed to customer service rep Debbie this time. She was not friendly from the very start and sounded tired and frustrated before I even explained what I was calling for. After I told her why I was calling, she pulled up my order and informed me that there was NO RECORD of my conversation story details with Tony on my order. The only thing she saw was that the order had been changed from in-store pickup to free one-day delivery. The clincher is that she told me it takes one day for an order's change to be processed. That means that the change from in-store pickup to one-day delivery wouldn't be processed till Monday so I would not be receiving my item till Tuesday "if there aren't any problems"! I was so upset I could hardly speak. When I had ordered and paid for the item online I fully expected to be picking it up within the hour. It got changed to the next day. Now I find it will be a minimum of FOUR DAYS LATER! I told Debbie how upset I was and that the situation was unacceptable. She said there was nothing she could do and that I "would just have to wait till Tuesday". I asked her why Tony would tell me that I would get the IPOD Touch the next day if it clearly wasn't going to be processed till Monday, she said she didn't know and that "I guess he lied". Whoa, what kind of training do Best Buy employees receive?!? I was absolutely flabbergasted at this point. I figured I had to talk to someone with more authority so I asked her for her supervisor.

After being on hold long enough for my condition to go from upset to fuming, I was connected to Katie. I had to repeat my whole story from the very beginning. I made sure that Katie knew how upset and dissatisfied I was. She told me that she didn't know why Tony promised delivery by Saturday. She defended all the things that went wrong, from Tony's lies to Debbie's rude attitude. Katie at one point did apologize and say she would do what she could. Do you think I really believed her, especially since she defended Tony's lies and Debbie's rude attitude? Then she said that all she could do is forward this "problem" to their "Research Team". The Research Team would then determine if I should get a digital coupon via email and how much it would be and that that's all she can possibly do. When I asked for HER supervisor she told me that she was it, the top of the line and that there was nowhere to forward me to. She said I was already going to receive my item and some sort of coupon and what more did I want? And then after I repeated that I was very upset and dissatisfied, she told me that there was nothing more she could do and if I kept on she would terminate the call. I was livid by now and explained that I knew this wasn't her fault but that the situation was being handled poorly and I was not a happy customer. I wanted her to do something concrete and substantial for me NOW because I had two teenagers who loved electronics and Best Buy was rapidly losing me as a customer forever. All she would repeatedly say was that she was going to have to terminate the call. I asked for a phone number to a formal complaint department and she said she was it -- customer service. What a laugh.

Today is Saturday, December 27, 2008. I guess I have to wait for the IPOD Touch to arrive next Tuesday. We'll see what happens. The one thing I know for sure is that I will not step foot in a Best Buy store again. My two teenagers will have to shop at Fry's or elsewhere.

  • Li
    Liza Dec 30, 2008


    I still have not received the IPOD Touch as of 2:21pm today, Tuesday 12/30/08. If you remember, Katie had said that it would be shipped by yesterday (Monday) and that I would receive it today. She is obviously as equally incompetant as the group of "customer service reps" that she supervises. I received an email this morning from Best Buy at 8:20am stating that the item has been shipped via UPS. As of moments ago, 2:27pm, I was unable to get any info on the progress of the shipment. UPS website said it ..."could not locate the shipment details...". Well, so much for getting my item by today. I'm not happy with Best Buy, I will not call them and waste my time and sanity trying to find out why my unhappy son is not holding his IPOD Touch right now. Best Buy continues to amaze me with their lack of concern for customer satisfaction and I'm looking forward to seeing them go out of business. We'll see if we get our item by tomorrow. Maybe if it doesn't, I can call and speak to Katie again and give her a little grief so that I can make sure her New Year's holiday is as unhappy as my son's will be.

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  • Li
    Liza Dec 31, 2008

    2nd Update:

    I still have NOT received the IPOD Touch as of 3:20pm today, Wednesday, 12/31/08. The UPS tracking information indicates that the billing info was received from Best Buy yesterday. I was supposed to RECEIVE the IPOD Touch yesterday and now I'm seeing, in writing, that it was SHIPPED yesterday?!? Truly, truly, Best Buy has me flabbergasted. My conclusion at this point is the Katie (supervisor of the customer service reps) did something to change the ship date of the IPOD Touch after we spoke so that it would not arrive on Tuesday. What else can I conclude? If you're reading this and trying to decide if you should buy something, anything, at Best Buy... I would advise you not to. I know that problems can happen with any company in the course of business. What's important is how the problem is handled so that the customer is taken care of in such a way that they will do business with that company again. Based on the treatment I've been receiving, I would say that Best Buy thinks it's doing so well financially that customer service isn't a priority at all. But it is.

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  • Ba
    Baffled By Bad Service! Feb 03, 2009

    We are in the process of getting the same crappy service. To give you a quick run down, we placed an order on line that Best Buy screwed up. Then they cancelled the order. We were using Gift Cards to pay for the appliances. Trust me, if it weren't for having these gift cards, we would have taken our business elsewhere long ago. This order started on December 31, 2008. Today is February 3, 2009 and NOTHING is resolved.

    It is absolutely unacceceptble and gutsy of Best Buy to have such lousy service considering the retail market today. The endless calls, emails and promises for the same "digital coupon" blah blah blah is beyond frustrating. We cannot even keep up with all of the people we have either repeated this problem to, emailed or disconnected us in the middle of conversations.

    I beginning to think that there is a major scam or cover up going on. I can tell you that after we receive our order, Best Buy will no longer have our business and I will tell everyone I know to beware of Best Buy's antics. I really believe that because we received a good deal by placing the order online and since they inadvertently cancelled the order, maybe they don't want to honor the original pricing???? Hard to tell what the motives are, but there is absolutely no excuse for such awful service.

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asked to leave the store?

This story occurred right before the Christmas. As a loyal BestBuy customer, I was treated unfair by a...

bad computer wont exchange or refund

I bought a Toshiba laptop computer through bestbuy. It turned out to be nothing more than a useless piece of Junk. Yet best buy wont refund my money, they wont offer an exchange... but instead I had to pay out of pocket for them to return it to toshiba and have toshiba repair it which they told me I would get my 35 dollars back that i had to pay up front if the computer was covered by the Manufaturer's warranty.

I found out the computer was covered yet bestbuy would not return my 35 dollars as promised origionly.

bad experience

Before moving to Japan in Oct. 2003, I wanted to get a laptop.

I purchased it from Best Buy and was asked if I wanted the extended warranty for another $200.

Since I was going to be using it in Japan and moving it around, I figured this would be a good and safe choice.

Now, I was concerned if the warranty would be voided if I left the US. But, their warranty was valid internationally.

So, I went with it.

Nearly 1.5 years later I was having problems with it.

I brought it to Toshiba in Tokyo and they took a look at it for free.

I then contacted Best Buy to see what my options were.

My only option was to get it repaired with my money and send in the receipt to Best Buys Warranty Center.

As soon as I got my laptop back from being repaired I sent it out.

I even wrote a letter explaining the details of what happened.

Since I was living in Japan, I asked my dad to keep in touch with them and find out the status of the reimbursement.

My dad could never get a straight answer and people that he had previously spoken to before miraculously "no longer work here".

So, he could never speak to the same person which make him have to start again from scratch.

Some of the employees would say we never got the receipt, while some of them would say your check is in the mail. You should get it in the mail next week.

Needless to say, it never came.

It was for a measly $100 dollars to repair the fan.

Occasionally when I come home for a visit I dare not step into that store.

I will never ever buy anything from them again. That is unless I get my money back. But looking back after 3+ years, I'm not holding my breath.

I have boycotted the store and told all my friends and family to never shop there again.

I hope people realize how screwy these companies can be and reneg on promises made.

If anyone from Best Buy is reading this and would like to get some loyal customers back, please contact me, maybe we can work something out.

  • Valerie Oct 28, 2008

    Im writing you in regards of my bad experience from Best Buy service, Best Buy customer service. I bought very nice (as I thought) and very expensive Whirlpool washer and dryer from Best Buy store in Madison, WI back in February, 2006. Since then it was like a nightmare for me, my wife and our three kids. Washer had issues with it from the first day they delivered it to my house. Water was leaking and I called technician. It took for him (Tom) to arrive 10 days. He so called fixed it and went away; needless to say it broke again. And I called, and he fixed it and it broke again and again and again. So, 8 times since March 2006 I was without the washer for couple of weeks every time it broke. And, I forgot to mention, at one point water damaged ceiling in my lower level.

    Finally, it broke down again on October, 2008. And I called the 1-800-number, and after 46 minutes on hold they scheduled service for October 22, 2008. That is 14 days without the washer with 3 young kids!!! Technician was scheduled to be here in between 8-12pm today, but he never came.

    My question to you is: What kind of service is it? You charge that much money for service plan and then what?

    I, probably, will never buy anything from Best Buy again.

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  • Ca
    Captain Crunch Oct 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you pay anything for any of these repairs, other than the original service plan?

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  • Bl
    blarblar Sep 15, 2009

    Blah blah blah learn how to type. You don't need to be double spaced noob

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I overlooked sending my Beat Buy monthly payment, so I went to a Best Buy to make my payment to avoid being...

manager doing illegal things

I was at Cascade Station Bestbuy which is on Airport Way purchasing a labtop. The manager, without my consent ran my credit card to check all my past purchasing history. A few minutes later, the manager comes out and say he cant sell me another labtop because I bought one from a different store in the morning. Isn't that illegal?

  • Ms
    ms.you Jul 01, 2009

    I'm a little confused to as how that is possible!! They as an electronics store has no possible way to check your prior purchases with your credit card! They can with your phone number and even in that case why would they not want you to spend money in their store! I think you are exagerating a tad!!

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credit (household bank)

In 2003, I purchased a computer from Best Buy for a total of around $1, 100 on their "no payments for 12 months" plan. I made regular payments which got the price down to $600 when I lost my job and missed one payment. They demanded everything up front, and of course there was no way that I could pay the full amount, so they (Household Bank) began to add ridiculous fees and interest adding up to about $50 per month. I could do nothing by this time, since they would accept nothing less than the total amount. By the time the total of my bill reached $2, 200 (remember, this was originally $600), they turned it over to creditors, who were willing to make a settlement of $900. I arranged a repayment plan with the creditors, but Best Buy demanded that they extract a payment sooner than my arrangement would allow.

In short, DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER applying for credit with Best Buy, unless you are willing to gamble with your good credit rating. Their credit department is a predatory and vindictive organization that is little better than a legalize mafia.

  • Ge
    Geo Feb 19, 2009

    The HSBC bank who handles best buys credit cards are the devil. However, any no interest period at best buy, is the same exact at every other store. If you don't pay the entire balance by the end date, you owe all the interest that would have accrued. If you are late on a payments, same thing. It doesn't matter if you are late paying $ .10 they will charge all the interest. This is the same for every single store out there. However something should be mentioned regarding inconsistencies in the charges. HSBC loves to throw extra fees on their bills, that they say they are not going to charge you. I had HSBC remove charges, only to find they put them back on the next months bill. So I call again, "oh sorry sir, we'll take care of that for you right away". Next month... back on the bill. This went on for five months, so I didn't pay a dime. They sent to collections, and it only got harder to justify my unwillingness to pay. Six collections agencies and 1 lawyer later, i finally declared I will not pay any of this bill and the collection agency finally took it as a loss, and i got a $700 oven for free.

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best buy offer is intriguing, but it is "backordered." i have waited for 2 weeks, and they provide zero information on when it would be available. I feel defrauded for a purchase of a product they don't even have. Best buy provides no information when it would be available. Am i supposed to wait a year. for best buy it sounds like it.

  • Ta
    tammy May 26, 2009

    I was supposed to have my appliances delivered last week but I moved the delivery date up because I was going out of town. I called saturday to see what time they were coming and was told it was on backorder. Mind you I've already been waiting 4 weeks. I called my sales rep and was told by her that they oversold. In fact, my appliances were given to another customer. I used the best buy 18 mos same as cash and have already been billed with a late fee attached. I will never buy from best buy ever again.

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best buy refuses to send me the missing parts.

I bought a washer from the Best Buy website and it was delivered without the transit bolts. I called them 4 times and asked them to send the missing bolts to me and they say I have to pay for them myself, even though they are part of the washer. Even the manual says that they are part of the washer. These bolts prevent damage to the machine while it is being transported, and my husband and I have to move every few months coz of his job. We already moved once since we bought the washer and had to pay someone to make temporary bolts for that move. We have no bolts and have to move again in a few months, and this will damage our new washer. It is illegal for them to demand that i pay for the missing parts.

  • Sh
    Sheeyah Jun 12, 2009

    Best Buy is not responsible for sending missing parts, the manufacturer is. A retail store only sells the product as it is sent to them. The best they could've done would've been to exchange it for another one. However, it's now been used and so long since it's been purchased that you'd have to be very humble to the manufacturer and see if they'll still send you the bolts.

    Then again, if you move so often, I wouldn't even bother with a washer. I'd just go to the landromat.

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non customer service

We purchased a Samsung Refrigerator in May, 2006 along with the Best Buy extended service agreement. On August 28, 2008 we called in to have them fix the water in the door not working and a loud clicking noise coming from the back. A Geek Squad tech came out and stated the issue and ordered parts that took 2 weeks to come in. The Geek squad tech came back and replaced the 2 parts. The clicking went away but the water still did not work. The refrigerator then developed a water leak. We contacted Best Buy again who scheduled another company (Affordable Appiance) to come take a look. The tech stated that when he arrived the inside back of the refrigerator was broken and the water container in behind that wall was cracked. He also stated that the previous tech had replaced the wrong part for the water and that is why it did not work. He replaced another part for the water. The water still did not work. The tech said he would report the refrig not repairable.

We have now contacted Best Buy 3 times since the last service call. Each time something was missing to address this issue. Each time it was to be 3 to 5 business days for them to respond. Each time they placed on hold then hung up when waiting to speak to a supervisor. They have no way to escallate an issue to someone who cares acording to Dawn in the service call center. Today they declined replacing the refigerator pending the head Geek Squad Tech from verifying the other companies report. Then the request process will start over. It is now 1 month since our original call and the tech will not come out until next thursday. The it will take a few days for them to report on the previous report so we can wait another 3 to 5 days to get an order number so we can get a claim number then get the refrigerator replaced.

This is excessive non customer service and we paid way too much for the extended service agreement to be treated this way. I would not recommend purchasing an appliance from Best Buy and definately do not purchase an extended agreement and do not let a Geek Squad tech service your equipment.

  • Be
    Bernie Apr 01, 2009

    I brought in my computer for the very first time into Best Buy over at what is Steel Yard Commons in Cleveland Ohio on the day of Monday of January 12th of 2009 for much needed improvement and for enhancement and for virus removal.

    The cost of removing computer viruses as was explained to me from a representative of the Geek Squad for my computer was $ 300.00 flat.

    Now I had been working a lot for the month of January of 2009. So normally in any given situation of my life. I would never have the kind of dispensable financial resources or excess cash just lying around to just pay this whopping amount for the computer.

    However as it relates to Best Buy on this day in question. This was an exception in this instance. I reluctantly surrended my computer with some anxiety and discomforting uncertainty over to the people of Best Buy and to the Geek Squad on that day.

    I was also charged the initial amount of $ 300.00 which was not including the 7.75 % sales tax upfront before anything was even done on the computer.

    After having written a check. I walked out of the store on that day with the hope of seeing a much more improved and functional computer in the next three to four days later.

    In my mind I had wanted to think of Best Buy and the Geek Squad as being trust worthy and reputable and honest and knowledge-able experts trained in their field.

    I tried to dismiss my anxiety and distrust, and instead replace it with something more positive and hopeful.

    Since this was my very first consumer experience and encounter with Best Buy. I knew nothing at all in that moment on that day of the previous horrible and notorious reputation for that Best Buy and Geek Squad have between themselves and any other of the many unsuspecting people and consumers who come into their store.

    I placed my consumer trust into Best Buy and into The Geek Squad and I was later bitterly and wretchedly disappointed in the results.

    When I received my computer back after about some four days later.

    They put a lot of paper work and receipts into your hand as if to express and demonstrate that they conducted a fair and balanced and a honest transaction.

    Reading over the lengthy paper work alone would make an ordinary person’s head spin.

    But when finally I took the computer home. I could not really see any discernible improvements at all done onto my computer. The cost of removing the viruses from my computer was $ 300.00 flat.

    And the cost of purchasing anti virus soft ware from them which in this case was Kasperky anti virus soft ware for which cost about $ 56.00.

    I immediately after wards then took the computer back to Best Buy with all of my paper work they had given me about two days later after I had taken it home for the first time.

    They provide a 30 day warranty window of time to cover what ever issues should arise afterwards. Well, 30 days is not very much time for when you work forty hours a week or more. And there are many other pressing demands in life.

    So I take my computer back to Best Buy for the second time and I express my dis-satisfaction with them. The person at the Geek Squad pointed out that the computer’s power supply system was not functioning correctly.

    This would have been something they should have noticed before from the first time. The fan was not functioning correctly.

    Just about this time, all kinds of red flags are coming up every where. I am realizing that I am dealing with very greedy and selfish little weasels.

    So now once again about three or maybe four days later. I finally get the computer back on the second time with a new power supply. For which I had to pay another $ 35.00 out of my pocket to Best Buy for.

    I was so angrily disappointed and bitter with Best Buy and with the Geek Squad. That had I actually gone back to the store for a third time. I would have been arrested by the police for felonious behavior and conduct. Because I felt that I would not have been able to conduct myself in a self controlled and a law abiding way.

    So instead I choose to stay away from the store.

    I have warned all of my family and friends and anyone else connected to me in the Internet community to not place their trust in either the management of Best Buy nor in anyone else who works for The Geek Squad.

    I will never as a consumer ever again walk through the doors of any Best Buy that exists here in Cleveland but especially true of the store that exists on Steel Yard drive in the 44109 zip code.

    I am not the only person who has suffered a bitter financial sting from Best Buy and from the Geek Squad.

    There are numerous reports now on the Internet that describe and characterize the poor and the dishonest manner of Best Buy and The Geek Squad that include Cleveland Ohio and many other Best Buy locations.

    I would not recommend that anyone in Cleveland Ohio ever put their consumer faith and trust into Best Buy or into The Geek Squad ever again.

    If paying a lot of money and receiving no benefit from it and becoming subject to terrible customer service is something you seek. Then Best Buy is the ideal place to find this recipe.

    The only thing that I would like back from Best Buy but I know I won’t get back any way. I would like my almost $ 400.00 that I spent on my computer back.

    I hope Best Buy will fully reap and sow the consequences of how they have betrayed the trust of the public who pay egregious costs and then walk out the door with no positive benefits or results from that excessive cost they paid.

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improperly priced items

I was shopping at Patchogue NY (Store 824)today to buy a pack of CD-Rs. Sitting on the shelf (fronted and faced) were several brands and types. 2 of them were placed above stickers that read $8.99 and they were seperated by 4 or more other products. I took the one set that was a Memorex 50 count CD-R because it would be easier to label as opposed to the Black Memorex CD-R's that were priced just the same. At the register, the plain Memorex CD-R's rang up at $22+. I said to the cashier that they were labeled at $8.99 and she replied, "Oh, that's what everyone says. You have to get the Black ones." I am sorry but by NYS law, if the product is priced as such, the consumer is to pay THAT price. I walked back to get the Black CD-R's and stopped at the Customer Service desk to tell the employee what was going on. She didn't seem to interested in the fact that I had to go back to the far corner of the store to get a product to replace another because their own employees didn't stock it properly. Chances are, at this point, the facings might have been corrected. I did mention that in the stores I worked in (I have 17 years retail experience) that if the product was priced as such, then the customer would pay THAT price. I could have bought up every last 50 pack CD-Rs for $8.99. And that is by LAW. Plus, as an employee, I would have been written up (along with every other employee) for stocking the shelves incorrectly whether I did it or not. It is not as if one or two packs were incorrectly placed on the shelf, but there was an entire facing with over a dozen lined up for $8.99. To make matters worse, the cashier rolled her eyes and told me, "Just get the Black ones." In my years of retail experience, you do not chastise the customer for the store's inadequacy. Nor do you SEND the customer to get the RIGHT product. Either the cashier or another employee goes and gets the product. I am partially disabled. I have permanent nerve damage in my back and legs. Not only did I have to walk to the far reaches of the store once, but twice? All because of employees who aren't willing to help their customers or stock the shelves properly? I was always a loyal and frequent customer of Best Buy, but after this encounter, I am most likely to take my business elsewhere.

  • Ge
    Geo Feb 19, 2009

    This one is common too. You're right. If it is on a peg hook at that price, and there are multiple of the product on that hook, then that is the price you pay. This is law. Unfortunately, when customers browse, they tend to not put things back where they picked them up. Hence arguable suspicion. Really, for the amount it would cost them, they should have just given you the incorrect price then fixed the isle. But you are absolutely right... Customer service persons at best buy get in trouble if they give too many price corrections. So they often take a chance that it isn't the perfect set of circumstances regarding mislabeled prices.

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service rep damaged my laptop screen

I purchased a lap top computer in June 13 06.around March 2007. I brought it in for service the hard drive...

credit card interest rate

Do not purchase anything from best buy on their rewards or finance charge cards!!!

It's a total ripoff. I purchased a $1500 plasma tv back in feb, on their reg finance card. They were offereing a promotion of 6 months free of interest, with minimum payments to be made. I knew after the 6months that I would start to charged interest, but was I shocked to know that the interest was 19.5% + a defered payment charge of $165? So, every payment that I made went out the window & basically I owe as much as I did originally when I made the purchase in feb!!! That's crazy. I talked to the customer service & they basically told me, oh well, you should have read the fine print! Well, I hope they can read my fine print here, because I will never shop with best buy ever again! I put this as a warning to all potential future credit card purchasers as well, dont do it!!!

  • Da
    Danny Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On November 2007 we purchase an entire entertainment system, TV, DVD, etc.., at no interest for three years, The salesman at the florida, a very nice man, was very helpful in choosing the system.
    When he was making the bill he ask if we wanted the insurance to protect it in case of fire etc...I always decline that because is covered by my home home owners insurance...

    Now here is how I got taken..I set up an automatic payment because I was going to be away for few month, I did not look at the online statement at each month because I TRUST THEM. But after a few month I received a past due notice, I decide to check the bill and find that the credit card (HSBC) had added the insurance I have previously decline. (done without my permission)

    As a result they where charging $ 27.00 for insurance plus 39.00 fee for being past due each month that keep adding to my bill... UNBELIEVABLY DISHONEST! I end up losing hundreds of dollars! and on top of that, since I wast "late" on payment the no interest offer was cancelled, now I pay 19% apr...!!! ..BEWARE..!!!

    It is a very well designed trap...

    I made the call to the card co. and was answered on a very very far away country and it is very hard to make them get rid of that insurance protection plan.

    It was very frustrating experience witch added many more gray hair to my head.

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  • Ro
    ronald chubbs Apr 04, 2010

    i wll never shop at bestbuy again they will totaly ripp you off. i was a hundred and sixty dollars from paying my card off. when i checked my account to pay off the one hundred and sixty dollars i found that bestbuy had added an extra five hundred dollars in intrest at 20%. when i called customer service they told me you need to read the fine print. i spoke with a maneger and he did cut the five hundred in half. but the catch is he told me that they are acrueing intrest fees and they submit them when they want . all i can say is best buy is the reason many people have credit problems. i was an eight year card holder of bestbuy and this is how you treat your best customers. will never ever shop there again. r.c.

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  • Ca
    california707 Sep 07, 2010

    i bought a 1200 dollar laptop on bestbuy card, they said no interest for 1 year. after the year promotion they charded about 24.5% apr. basically i paid 1700 for this laptop? pretty weird. i thought it was free interest i didnt know i would be paying the entire entrest for the first year after the first year...

    i called customer service (its in india) i asked if i could pay off my old balance without the intresest that was charged. the promotion just ended about 7 days ago thats when i got my bill and saw. the customer service rep didnt understand and was using big words i didnt understand... making it very confusing. i asked for manager ( american ) who understand and was able to take 75% percent of that added interest off if i paid in full... so i did, told the manager to cancel card, cut it up, not shopping at best buy anymore, the end :)

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  • Be
    BeepBeep May 24, 2011

    Best Buy offers a charge card just like places such as Amazon, Fry's, etc. Anytime you get offered free interest for six months no matter where it's from, a furniture store, appliance store, wherever, a year or whatever the case, you should expect to pay "defferred" interest rates as a penalty for not paying it off in the "Interest Free" time frame. That's the whole point of it. Those that pay it off quickly get away with not paying interest, but if you fail to make it you pay the penalty. You should feel lucky they only charged you 19% defferred as the average interest rate for electronics is about 24% and can be as high as 29%. The problem is with consumers like yourselves that don't understand how different types of credit work and fail to read in detail the terms of the credit. If you guy's don'ty know what your getting into, why are you making purchases? I don't get it. :(

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