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charged my credit card twice

I bought a sony vaio laptop from the best buy in alexandria VA on jefferson Davis Highway and i put half on...


purchase computer and extended warranty-however coffee spilled on computer and burned out motherboard-when i...

scam charges

When I purchased a computer recently from Best Buy, I used their 6 month-same as cash offer. I stated very plainly that I did not want any other maintenance agreements or additional coverage from their business. On my second bill, a $ 6.89 "debt cancellation" charge showed up. I called customer service to have it removed and they referred me to another toll free number stating they could not help me. This charge is wrong! I've heard about other issues such as this from Best Buy. I doubt I will ever purchase from them again.

  • Na
    Nathan Jul 11, 2009

    Went to Best Buy to have a Sirius Radio installed in my car. They cheated me on the value of my InstallCard. I had them do a advance install for $79.99. They only gave me credit for $55.00. They said that was all they would get from InstallCard for the job. Plus they charged be for extra parts that were covered under the advance InstallCard.

    They could have cared less about making me happy or adjusting the price te the correct amount.

    Needless to say I will Never enter a Best Buy again.

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worst customer service ever

After spending thousands of dollars at Best Buy over the past few years, we didn't think twice about...

unauthorized charges

I took my Mac G4 to Best Buy Geek Squad when I had a crash that shut me out completely. Paid $228 for them to reinstall my system software as well as first preforming a data backup.

Once the computer was returned the administrator password system wasn't working so I was unable to reload any other software essentially rendering my system unusable. I called the 800 number and asked if they would send a tech to my house to fix. Told I would have to take it back in to store if I wanted help.

After dragging it back in and spending an hour waiting the tech said he couldn't do any troubleshooting because they didn't have a Mac keyboard. I asked how they'd managed to reinstall my system software without a keyboard and they said one of the tech's brought his from home.

At this point it was clear they had little experience with Macintosh computers so I asked for a refund so I could take it to a real Mac tech to fix the password problem. They said since they did what I asked and installed the OS, they were not liable for my problem.

I've now called 6 different "supervisors/managers" local and corporate, all pretty hostile and unhelpful and clearly aiming to do anything to not refund my money. The fact is, they did something that has made it impossible to use my computer, can't troubleshoot it 'cause they don't even have a $20 Mac keyboard, and won't refund my money so I can pay someone else who knows what they're doing fix it.

Never ever take a repair to Best Buy, they do not stand behind their work.

  • Om
    OmnimodisZ Jun 27, 2009

    I worked at Bestbuy (Canada, Ontario) and while I know that nearly all complaints are subjective, and downright 'wrong' - this one is totally realistic! Avoid Bestbuy for any and all work/repairs/cleaning of any apple related computer hardware! I remember that time and time again, the Geeks were confused, baffled and ill-prepared to deal with relatively simple issues with Macs. They know their stuff, with Windows based hardware, but the company as a whole does little to prepare them to work with macs. If you bought an apple computer there, only deal with them if you absolutely must - and even then, don't be shy and meek about asking them to explain to you exactly what they plan to do with your product! Remember, it is your money, so you have every right to hassle them for quality service. If you can, bring someone who knows something about computers to confirm that you're being told the truth. You should, of course, remember that quality work doesn't always take 10 minutes, so be patient and cooperative, but know your rights, and insist on quality customer service. They took your money with a smile . . . Good luck! Oh and another tip - if you are not happy with something, don't be rude with the Geeks - I know first hand that they want to give you the right service, but their managers hiding behind doors while you are yelling at the front-line workers are the ones making all the wrong decisions, so ask for a manager, and if you can, ask for the General Manager! They are paid good money to deal with difficult situations, so don't vent on the Geeks!!! Let the mangers and General Manager earn their pay cheques!

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  • Ar
    Armyof Me89 Jul 04, 2009

    Personally I think you're lucky to get the work done in the first place because from what I understand, the MAC manufacturer is extremely picky about what Best Buy can do on their products. But they should've explained that to you when they did it the first time. It woudve saved you a lot of breath. The only reason I could see them forgetting to explain it to you would be that they were extremely busy which I know they are 90% of the time. The best time to get them is first thing in the morning or about an hour before they close. No lines!! Haha.

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fraud and scam

I purchased a set of WSP150 speakers a while back, in 2005 at Best Buy. They have been sitting in a closet since then. I decided to open the box today and found that instead of speakers, I have 3 transmitters, 2 boxes of ac plugs and 2 sets of Owners Manuals. What can we do? I called your customer service and was advised to speak with the store manager. I spoke with a manager named Sean Medina at the Arlington Texas location where I purchased this and he said since this was purchased over 30 days ago, he could do nothing. Wow, I thought you all had great customer service until now. There is no way I would have the items I have unless an employee removed the original items from the box and this manager acted like he did not believe me. I have the original box! I trusted Best Buy in the fact that I bought this item from their store and expected that the picture on the box is what's inside of the box. It's not like I purchased it off the street or something, you should have a trusting relationship with a retailer, but that is now gone out the window with Best Buy!

All I wanted to do is an exchange or a gift card. I paid for these and all I have are the components...this really makes me angry and I will refuse to shop at your stores ever. I contacted RCA the manufacturer and they stated that this was done at the store level. I have spoken with 2 store managers, several customer service agents and people at their corporate office and they all state that without a receipt, they won't do anything. Most companies will at least do a store credit or replace the item with a like/similar item, but not Best Buy! I have reported this to the BBB in Texas and MN. and the attorney general office in Texas and I've printed the form and will mail it to the attorney general office in MN.

I will tell everyone I come in contact with about this experience with your company. There are several other electronic stores that I can spend my money with. I would like this to go to Mr. Brad Anderson-CEO and anyone else that can handle this problem. Wow, I am really disappointed in your company. The original packaging is still intact, but the boxes inside were switched out by someone within your company. How would I have these items other than at the date of purchase from your store???

  • Li
    Lindsy Feb 18, 2009

    Purchased an olympus C-7000 digital camera Jan.10, 05.On Aug. 26, 05 I returned with C-7000 for repair, wouldn't turn on. It was a Friday night, 30 minutes before closing. I was directed to refunds/exchange dept. and after explaining the repair needed I was told it could only be exchanged.

    Their mantra was I'm sorry mam, I understand but there is nothing I can do you will have to exchange it. No managers available, no voucher, no digital camera inventory to choose from, no sales help and no time. I was about in tears when Linda from cell phone dept. came over and said I don't know much about cameras but I know a camera came in today, she pulled it from under the counter.

    I very reluctantly walked out with this Sony T7.After familiarizing myself with sony T7 I found it was no comparison to my C-7000.I had a pair of work boots and was exchanged with a pair of sandals. I return to store 0n Dec.1, 05 and after explaining to doorman I needed to exchange for like product he sent me to Geek Squad for repair. I explained it was not comparable to c-7000 that was brought in for repair. Deputy Potter informed me it could not be exchanged and had to be repaired due to time lapse.I explained the olympus time frame, he said Olympus never repair their cameras.

    My only option this time was to send it for repair or take T7 home. I explained that I left the store Aug. 26 with a camera not comparable to what I had and I will not leave the store with the same camera.He said only option is send it for repair and repeated three times that if nothing found I would be charged 24.95. I repeated 3 times that camera is not broken and not my choice to send for repair.

    I was supposed to hear back from best buy by Dec. 13 and heard nothing. I called them on Dec. 16 and camera not back and they will call when it comes in. I have not heard from them to date. I called Olympus to check on their return/repair policy and was told that Olympus ALWAYS repairs their cameras themselves for 1st year. They NEVER exchange especially after 8 months of use. He was dumbfounded by the action best buy took with my olympus c-7000 and felt someone inside the store wanted that camera, no other explanation for them refusing to repair C-7000.

    I took my camera in for repair and was forced to exchange, I returned with this exchanged camera and it was sent for repair. Filling out the repair form was lengthy, asking me what was wrong with the camera and me replying nothing, just not the quality, features of T-7 did not equal my C-7000.

    I am sorry mam I understand but I have to write something down. What a scam they run. It is in thier warranty that we must provide a safe area for their technicians or they do not have to provide service so don't raise your voice and spew profanities at them cuz you will be removed from store by police.They spin you from one manager to another and not a one of them is able to make a decision as if to wear you down or anger you to violence. I was told I would have to now take this to corporate office and explain it to them.

    I will hire an attorney who is looking for that token case to get their name in the papers before I take it to corporate. The employees made the initial mistake so they can take it to corporate. I am waiting for qeeks to call that the repair is done because everyone in the photodigital dept. repair/return depts. hands are tied until camera is back from repair. There hands are tied behind their back alright with handcuffs I hope. There is something criminal going on and the customer gets the spin, gets angry and then hauled out of store over and over again.

    I shopped the electronics dept. at Rex, ABC Warehouse, Circuit City and Sears for x-mas gifts needed and they do not operate under trickery like Best Buy. In fact, two salepeople had previously worded for Best Buy, knew exactly how they operate and no longer work for them. Best Buy # 405 are arrogant criminals and their response is I am sorry mam but their is nothing I can do about it.

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  • Cr
    cruelnumber Jun 23, 2009

    I understand that the wrong items were in the box, how misfortunate. However, I don't understand why you buy something in 2005 & are NOW opening it???? After all of my retail & customer service experience (including with Best Buy which is nowhere near my favorite retailer by any means), I can assure you that NO ONE would exchange an item 4 YEARS old!

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  • Ro
    rogerramjet Apr 25, 2010

    You bought it in 2005 and are just opening it now? I don't believe you and neither do they.

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stolen laptop - then broken

Toshiba tech support told me to return my laptop (which had a factory defect) to their repair depot. I was informed that I could have 'GeekSquad' ship it to them for me.
I brought the laptop to the Geek squad and specifically requested they ship it to the address I provided. I was told that was no problem. I signed the release statement they gave me after crossing out the parts that pertained to payment and work.

They then shipped the laptop to "geek squad city" (not Toshiba) and attempted to make the repairs themselves. While working on it they caused addition case damage. They claimed the issue that was going to delay me getting my laptop back was a battery issue which was a lie.

After contacting 'Coral' at BB customer service I got the truth which was that they used a screw that was too long and muscled it thorough the top of the case. After more than a month I finally got the computer back with addition damage to the case that was not reported.

The "Geek Squad Toshiba repair specialist" had used a screwdriver to pry the part they broke, off of the machine which chipped and bent the bottom half of the case.

When I brought the additional damage to the attention of the stores general manager they called the police on me. While we were waiting for the police she kept taunting me trying to spark some kind of a physical altercation (which made me laugh at her and made her call into question my masculinity).

Mary (something or other) the General Manager of the Lafayette, IN store would be guilty of: Fraud, Theft, Transportation of stolen goods across state lines, and I'm sure 3 or 4 other things if she was an individual and not part of a cooperate entity.

According to the stance of BB, the service contract I signed gives them complete ownership of the computer for as long as they want, when in actuality the wording means they are authorized to do the "requested work" on the machine. Since I specifically requested that they NOT work on the machine and only mail it to the manufacturer I don't see what legal leg they are standing on.

Lesson learned: Don't ever set foot in a Best Buy for any reason.

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Jun 17, 2009


    Best Buy under no circumstances sends a unit that was brought into a store to Toshiba (Especially not free of charge like you claim). Best Buy Geeksquad's service center is a Toshiba licensed repair facility, which means they can work under Toshiba's 1 year manufacturer's warranty for parts and labor. That service center also has policies in place in case one of their techs make a mistake. That policy would be to repair the extra damage that their tech made at their own cost. Now I'm sure that this isn't the whole story because general managers would not make a habit of going out of their way to just call the cops and spark an altercation, it would negatively be reflected on any customer in that store at that time. Not to mention that the program an agent uses ONLY allows them to send a unit to the repair facility associated in the best buy repair system related to that unit, so there would be no way to send it directly to Toshiba or an outside address.

    The legal contract that you signed states that you authorize best buy to "perform work" which would imply repairing the unit. The "performing work" clause refer's to the problem assessment part of that form that the agent at the store fills out. It usually reads something to the lines of "Unit does not receive power ship out under COD|MFG|PSP". In your case it would seem that it was shipped out under MFG Warranty. No matter what clause(s) the customer crosses out, because he/she doesn't like it(them), the form remains intact in its entirety for legal purposes like this.

    ****Bottom line**** --> For any repairs on a Toshiba laptop through Toshiba directly under a MFG warranty or if Toshiba deems they were negligent on a situation, they will ship you a box, packing, and a shipping label to ship it directly back to them at no cost and a relative amount of hassle to you.

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  • Da
    daoshao Jul 09, 2009

    I agree with gnarkill5821. If you were an ###, then of course they are gonna call the cops on you. Is it that hard to have a civilized conversation with a mgr?

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buyer beware

Buy Beware

Arundel Mills Best Buy

I purchased a cover for my Ipod touch last month and tried to return it this week. I had the original receipt and the package was not open. I was 5 days over the 30 day return policy which I thought they would give me a store credit.
They did not. After seeing all the negative reviews on the web, I am glad that they only took me for a $27.00 purchase. I will not be buying anything from best buy again. I will stick with Amazon and Costco from now on.

  • binder May 28, 2009

    How does it take more then thirty days for you to realize you don't need that cover for your ipod?

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  • Go
    gomakemeasandwich Jun 04, 2009

    You're pissed because Best Buy wouldn't make an exception to a clearly stated return policy? You sound like a little brat, sorry.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Jun 10, 2009

    @ donna

    The best buy return policy is clearly labled on the back of your receipt, however there are always exceptions to rules.

    Firstly it is the customer service department's job to process returns / exchanges and the like. Now a manager at that store can always override that decision. I would have suggested to speak with a manager about that (if in fact the serial numbers match the product you are trying to return AND that you do not have a customer history of returning product).

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best buy manager

I recently purchased a 40 inch Samsung Led tv from best buy, Upon setting up the new system, I encountered some minor problems during the inital setup. I visit the Saugus Store with the Tv manual and surround sound manual and spoke to several sales assoicates about the best way to resolve the setup problems I was encountering, Instead I was told that if I wanted to resolve my problems The store had a service that handled the installation and setup for a fee of hundred and ninety nine dollars for setting up a home theater surround system
I explained to them that I had everything working except for the surround sound and could they show me where I had crossed the connections.
The store manager told me that it I wanted to resolve my problems, I had to purchase there plan for a hundred and ninety nine dollars. I just spent 2, 000 dollars purchasing the product and you would think they would take a few minutes to try and assist in resolving a minor problem.
Instead I returned the product the next day and Best Buy just lost another customer and a sale. I repurchased the same product from another retailer and not only was I able to complete the setup without any problems, the sales associates took the time to answer any questions that I had

  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Aug 22, 2009

    @a l mclaughlin

    You had a problem setting up your new tv and surround sound system at your house. How can you expect someone to go through troubleshooting (the system at your house) with you at the store? I'm sure the salesman went over the basics like "plugging the red cord into the red slot and the blue one into the blue slot" and when that didn't resolve it offered to have a skilled technician sent to your house. You can't know it's a "minor" problem like you say until the problem is diagnosed and resolved. And the only way to correctly diagnose and resolve it would be to have a tech sent out or (usually less successfully) assessed over the phone. Since best buy does NOT offer phone support the salesman correctly recommended the right service according to BBY.

    Bottom Line ----> You got lucky that it was a minor problem like crossing the cords and such. But what if it was a different problem like a loose solder connection on the surround sound system's mainboard? Some electronics come defective out of box. That's why it is always better from a technician's perspective to actually have a "hands on" approach to diagnosing / resolving technical problems rather than an untrained or knowledgeable description of them .

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  • Al
    Al K Nov 08, 2009

    It amazes me how one thing goes wrong, and everyone throws the "They just lost a customer" flag up.

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Resolved car stereo installation

Don't ever get anything done by Best Buy in their mobile installation bay. These sorry blokes failed to simply place a seal in my firewall of my car to prevent water from rushing into my car and guess what happened. My car is flooded with over $3000 in water damage and my entire stereo system totaling over $7000 is totally ruined. A 10 cent grommet and some sealant would have saved me 10k worth of damage and the hassle of having to deal with their insurance company which is a nightmare. To put it simply DON'T EVER GO TO BEST BUY AND GET WORK DONE ON YOUR CAR!!

Resolved discriminates against emplyees with serious & deadly illnneses

Boycott best buy for the way they treat their empoyees with deadly illnesses A letter to best buy ceo brad...

Resolved service and warranty scam

I contacted Best Buy on March 18, 2009 to report a problem with the Panasonic Plasma TV I purchased on January 17, 2008. A Geek Squad technician was dispatched to my house to diagnose the problem on March 21st. After a diagnosis, he determined that a major component had to be ordered and replaced. After two weeks and many failed inquiries on the status of the ordered part, the technician returned on April 3rd. He then informed me that another large component had to be replaced and that the repair can only be done at the service center. He also told me that someone from Best Buy will contact me to pick up the TV.

More than two weeks have passed since he told me that Best Buy will call me. My wait continues. In the mean time, I’ve contacted customer service numerous times and spoken to two different supervisors and a few Geek Squad agents. One of the supervisors agreed to submit a replacement request and assured me that I will be contacted with the decision. I am still waiting. Soon it’ll be a month since I first contacted Best Buy with this problem and more than a month without a working TV.

During this ordeal, while dealing with customer service, I’ve spent a lot of time being on hold and explaining my problem to every agent that was connected to me. Furthermore, because of the distance from work to home, I was forced to take a couple of hours from work to meet the technician on April 3rd.

Needless to say I'm frustrated and angry. I shelled out over $200 for the protection plan. If I had known it would be this difficult to get just a response from these folks, I would've never purchased the TV let alone the plan. It's truly amazing how coordinated the customer service group is in employing delay tactics to get rid of me. I WILL NEVER EVER VISIT A BEST BUY STORE AGAIN. I HOPE YOU REMEMBER MY ORDEAL THE NEXT TIME YOU CONSIDER GOING THERE. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.

Resolved fraudulent charges

I purchased about 600 dollars of merchandise from Best Buy at 18 months interest free. I attempted to pay my...

Resolved fraudulent practices

My complaint is that these guys are the real deal when it comes to rip-offs. First of all I am a frequent customer that is fed up with Best Buy. Yesterday I bought a Gps Unit that cost $160.00 witch was an awesome buy. When I took it home and tried it out it didn't have the features that I wanted in it, so I brought it back to the store. Yeah I should, ve done more research, but I am human and sometimes research is not necessary.

All that I wanted was an upgrade or an even exchange for a Gps that was $50 more than what I had paid. The cashier in customer service quoted if I got an upgrade or an even exchange it would be a 15% restock charge which is pretty much ridiculous compared to a $0 Wal-Mart return. I immediately asked for a manager. He could not help. I quoted, It hasn't been 24hrs yet since the purchase. He said that he doesn't make the rules.

So I said you mean to tell me that you are going to charge me $24 plus the $50 for the upgrade on the new one therefore robbing me of my dollars and cents. He said that he was sorry and I can file a complaint at bestbuy.com. Best Buy sucks when it comes to Return Policies. Watch What You Buy! No one wants to be suckered by ridiculous restock charges. Read the fine print on all Receipts.

  • Sf
    SF67guy Jan 20, 2010

    I paid full price for what I assumed was a brand new iPhone at Best Buy. 9 months later I purchased Apple Care to extend the warranty for an additional year. In the process of activating Apple Care, I came to learn that my "new" iPhone had been put into service more than 3 months before I bought it. So they sold me an "open box" iPhone at FULL PRICE. I know they did it, they know they did it, but BEST BUY DENIES IT. I can't prove it. But when I call Apple, they tell me that my serial number phone was in fact activated months before I bought it. So Best Buy sold it to someone, it was returned, and Best Buy resold to me. I mean that is just plain dirty sleezy business. I may have considered an open box item if the discount was worth the risk, but don't do it behind my back and charge me full price on something that is used. Best Buy lies.

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  • Km
    kmakwana Apr 11, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We walked into the Rockaway Best Buy store on December 28, 2012 to purchase a projector and after selecting this Optoma model we had to wait for about 30 minutes for the item to be brought to the register, as this was the last unit they had as we were told. Since this was my first ever projector purchase I confirmed the return and exchange policies in case there is any issue and we were assured that the item was returnable within a 30 day period. Once home, we turn the projector on only to find out that it does not work. Also, like any such purchase from an Electronic store, say like a TV, Projector or a computer nobody unpacks the item inside the store to check if it is operational but customers bring the item home, unpack and then when connecting it is when we find out flaws. Since it was late night we could not get back to the store and went to the store on December 30, 2012 to return this unit.

    At the customer service desk, the store clerk was processing my return when suddenly the store manager, Alvaro Goncalves, walks up and without saying anything takes my unit into the closed office behind the customer service desk. I am standing there clueless and was made to wait for 40-45 minutes without knowing what is happening. Once the manager comes out of that office, he handed me the unit and said that they cannot accept the return stating that this was an incorrect item. I am shocked at this statement as I have never purchased a projector before this one and the unit I was returning was the unit that came out of box. I have several witnesses to support this case who were with me at the store and later at home. This should also be evident from the store’s CCTV recordings.

    Now I get into a spiraling battle with my credit card company to get the credit back on a defective item. I am already at the second level of my arbitration with Visa. The first dispute was filed on 12/30/2012 and Best Buy had 45 days to come back with their side of the story and at the 44th day all they had to give was a copy of their return policy which is the generic version and nothing specific to my case. The second time the dispute was filed on 03/04/2013, they were given another 45 days and this time and they came back stating that an incorrect item was returned.

    This is a very clear case of fraud. Either Best Buy is tampering the manufacturer packaging and re-packing defective and incorrect items or the Store employee has switched the unit while I was made to wait 45 minutes outside the return desk. In either case this is not fair to the consumer who here has spent over a $1000 and has a defective and incorrect product. Both Capital One and Visa have been totally ignorant of any consumer protection rights as they have not taken any extra step to recover our money as they seem to support only what Best Buy has to say while down-playing our concern.

    While I would like to escalate this matter to the highest possible authority, a case has been filed with the Better Business Bureau and the local media has been contacted on this as well. I have also reached out to the Consumer Affair division in NJ and finally this will become a registered Civil case so that Best Buy can be dragged to the court. Also, as we try to research such fraudulent cases on the Internet, we have come across thousands of such practices by Best Buy, in fact, there are several web sites recording cases like mine, some of them are listed below. I wonder how such a publicly traded company is still in business and no government authorities have taken any action to shut this business.

    We are seeking the utmost compensation in this matter, including replacement of this item with a new working unit, monetary compensation since we have been deprived of such entertainment for so long since we could not purchase another projector awaiting resolution to this matter.


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Resolved sexual harrassment

I was with my husband in bb. I stepped away for a moment to pick out a movie and he went to play video game...

Resolved misleading no interest plans

I opened a Best Buy 18-month same as cash account in 02/2007 and made a purchase of a Bose System for my husband that was around $1000 plus tax. I made payment over the monthly amount each month and made another purchase later on this same account. I kept paying over the minimum payment each month and when the balance came due for the initial Bose purchased, I paid what appeared to be the balance due on that account. Because I pay my bills electronically, I failed to keep that specific bill to prove that specific balance and due date. This I have come to deeply regret.

When reviewing a later bill I noticed my balance had increased substantially and noticed that I had been charged all the deferred interest from this payment. When I called Retail Services, I was told that I did not in fact pay the balance in full on time and that was the reason for the charge. When I questioned the Customer Service person, who of course is in India, she repeated the same info over and over. I then requested a detailed printout of my billing statement and how all payments and charges were applied since the opening of my account. After placing me on hold multiple times she stated that they could only go back 6 months on the billing. When I pushed a little further she put me on hold again and then stated that I would receive my request shortly in the mail. I have never received this and it has been 4-5 months.

To avoid this again, I called Retail Services again when noticing another same as cash account was coming due on 05/24/2009 and the balance was $293.47. I called to assure myself that if I sent the balance in full or sent an extra payment (over the required min. payment) it, $85 was alotted to the regular balance and $15.00 to the same as cash account that was expiring 05/24/2009. How convenient! They chose to apply not to the one where I will soon be charged $50 finance charges, but to the regular revolving account. That is exactly what I believe happened to the payment I sent to pay off the last SAME AS CASH account back in 2008. If I had not called to request them to change the way the payment was applied, I may have been subject to this deception as before. I requested again tomight that a financial statement be supplied to me to show how these payments were applied each month and once again was told to just look at the billing each month to see the balance. This is ridulous. I will continue to call after each payment is made to assure that it is applied properly until this account is paid in full.

I have learned my lesson and once this account is paid in full, I will never deal with company or even Best Buy again. I believe this is fraudulent behavior and should be prosecuted and will pursue a possible class action suit against both Retail Services and Best Buy.

  • Ra
    Ray Mar 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the exact same thing happen to me, only to be hit with a $1195 finance charge on an item that should have been paid off months in advance. What they fail to disclose is everytime you use your card, it starts a new promotion and they do decide how the payments are split. This deceptive practice probably makes this company millions of dollars each year at the expense of responsible consumers. In order to direct your payments, they require you to call in each time, how convenient.

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Resolved charging to may credit card, no order verification, and no merchandise

I needed a gift as soon as possible so I decided to purchase online the new MSi mini laptop, that I really...

Resolved customer relations

I purchased a Pioneer 5020 TV from Best Buy online. Along with this purchase and incentive was being offered to get a $100 value towards Geek Squad setup. I considered this to be a $100 value. Well, after having my appointment with Geek Squad cancelled twice by the company I complained to customer relations. I was told that my request to receive a credit of $100 toward my purchase (since I had not received the value offered to me) would be reviewed and I would receive an email regarding this in 5-10 days. I never received an email. I tried again with Geek Squad - they finally show up to my house and then I am told that the service I chose did not cover what I wanted done (I specifically asked someone in Geek Squad customer relations if I had purchased the correct set up and was told yes). I called customer relations again and was told that my first request had been reviewed and denied (of course I was never emailed this information from Best Buy).

For a purchase that was supposed to be an exciting thing, Best Buy has turned it into a terrible experience. I never plan on purchasing from Best Buy again - hoepfully this isn't how all customers will now be treated with Best Buy's major competitor leaving the market. I will do my best to purchase online from other places from now on. And believe me I was not a customer Best Buy wanted to lose.

Resolved service refund

I had purchased a LCD HDTV with accessories in May of 2008. Along with the purchase, I was coerced into buying a $250.00 home theater calibration. I was told at the time that the picture quality and monitor life would be improved. I was also told that I would be contacted by phone to set up an appointment at my residence for the service at a date convenient to my schedule but that the call may take 6 to 8 weeks. After two months, I received a cryptic voice mail message that was completely cut off except for "...eek Squad. Have a great day." Little did I know at the time, but this was an automated call to inform me a technician was automatically scheduled to show up at my house for the calibration. I found out about this when I received a call a few days later from a very angry person stating he was at my residence for the calibration and where was I. After three more "automated" attempts at mis-scheduling, I cancelled the service in November 2008. By the way, Best Buy policy is not to allow customers to choose their schedule; it is chosen for them. I was told at the time that my account would be credited back to my bank. My mistake was I forgot about the "supposed" credit until January when I was preparing receipt for my taxes and came across the Best Buy receipt. Just in case, I reviewed all of my bank statements since November; no credit. On Monday, February 2, 2009, I called the Geek Squad number I had been given on the 3 voice mails earlier last year. After verifying that my service had indeed been cancelled, the representative told me I could go in to any Best Buy store to obtain an immediate credit back to my card. I was not informed the reason why my account had not been credited back in November. On Tuesday, February 3, I went into the Pleasant Hill, CA store closest to my work. The main customer service desk was reluctant to handle my request as "This is a Magnolia service. I might screw it up." So I went back to the Magnolia service counter and requested the refund from a blue-shirted sales associate. He quickly excused himself to talk to his manager close by in my sight. The manager reviewed the receipt and gave direction to the associate who returned back to the counter. "What exactly was the issue with the calibration?" I explained the issue and stated a refund was non-negotiable. The associate replied, "I would be more than happy to help you, but as this item is inventoried, you will have to request the refund from the original place of purchase." I then asked to speak to the manager he had just spoken with. The manager (Magnolia Service Manager) informed me that he would be happy to send an e-mail request to the service manager at the Brentwood, CA store. I asked that my cell phone number and e-mail be put in the request so that I would be contacted with a transaction number and authorization code when the refund was processed. Friday, February 6; I have not received any credit back to my account. I call the Brentwood store and ask to speak to the service manager, Jeff. He is off. I ask to speak to the store manager, Marlon, who is also off. The manager on duty, Devon apologetically handles my request. I ask for the district, regional, and divisional manager's contact information to file a formal complaint at this point. Devon tells me that he cannot give out this information. I ask how the chain of command works for complaint procedures and he tells me to call 1-800-BEST-BUY. Monday, February 9, 2009 and I still have not received a credit back to my account. I call the 800 number and after being on hold for five minutes am railroaded back to Geek Squad Installation Services which by this time will be of absolutely no help to me. After five more minutes, I ask the GS rep to route me back to corporate. After being on hold for another seven minutes, I asked to speak to the highest level available to register my complaint. Okay, now on hold for sixteen minutes, finally Brendon picks up and takes every word of my complaint calmly and professionally. Suspiciously, I ask that a district manager be in contact with me in the next couple of days so I may hear the resolution of this catastrophe of customer service. Once again, I was told that this was not Best Buy's policy but that the district manager and a "group" at the corporate office would definitely be reviewing my complaint. I am definitely sure this will not happen. I am however, definitely sure I will never shop at Best Buy again and will go out of my way to tell my story to everyone who will listen.

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    JWinNJ Apr 10, 2009

    I am having same issue, they failed to follow their own policies in shipping, snet my item to an old address not even on my account and then won't issue me credit back and when re-shipped they sent it wrong again. 5 weeks in and no product or money back and they hang up if you get nasty or ask for managment. How do you even gte to a corporate level or file a complaint that will answered, you can't?!?

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    atommyx Apr 09, 2014

    For issues with your electronic item, contact the manufacturer. It should have a one year manufacturer's warranty. If you paid with Visa or AMEX, then contact them. Your credit card company offers additional warranty to your item by doubling the manufacturer's warranty period.. Also, if anything happens to your item (theft, damage, etc) within the first three months, contact the credit card company and they will replace the item. The additional service plan that Best Buy pushes you to purchase is unnecessary.

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Resolved poor service

My 5-month old HP laptop ceased functioning so I returned it to the Middletown, RI Best Buy. I was told by the Geek Squad that it had a bad motherboard and had to be mailed back to HP for repair as part of the manufacturer warranty. I was called a week later by the Middletown Best Buy Geeks and told that they found the problem and had a quote for how much it would cost to repair. I told the Geek that it was under warranty and was supposed to be mailed to HP. I was told that the Geeks had no record of this. I asked to speak to a manager. I never did. Two weeks later I was called by Best Buy and told that my laptop was repaired. Upon picking up my laptop I was told that it had been tested by the Geeks and that it worked just like new. I tested it myself and it still was non-functioning! I was clearly lied to by the Geek Squad. I asked to speak to the manager. I was told there wasn't one available. I asked that a manager call me. They never did. I still have no idea what is happening with my laptop. The Middletown, RI Best Buy is a disaster and should be avoided at all costs!

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    Unsatisfied Customer Sep 25, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I will never step foot into a Best Buy again, and I would caution anyone to do the same. They state their refund policy, which includes a 15% re-stocking charge, on the back of the receipt, and at the return counter! So, obviously we are not going to go to the return counter to purchase items and see this policy, and how many of us read the backs of our receipts? Their sales people do not tell you about the return policy, so the public virtually has no warning of this. I returned 2 cameras two days after purchase, and had my receipt. The first box was UNOPENED, but when I returned it, the sales clerk opened it to make sure everything was inside. Then the manager said he was going to charge me a "restocking fee" because the box was opened! In disbelief, I told him that I had never opened the box, the salesclerk did. He refused to believe me, basically calling me a liar. I was livid. I had opened the second camera but found that it did not function at all the way the salesman had told me it would, so I decided to return it. I was told that this item would also be subject to a 15% restocking charge because it was opened. I told them that I had not been made aware of this ridiculous policy and that is when they pointed to the sign behind the customer care counter and the back of the receipt. I tried to explain to them that not only did I have no advance warning about this policy, but secondly the salesman had fraudulently claimed that the camera had a certain feature that it did not. The manager could care less and just stared at me. At the same time, two other customers were having the same problem with returns. Anyway, I called customer service right from the store and told them the problem. They did not charge me the overstock fee on the unopened box, but did on the opened camera. So, now I will stop payment on my CC and deal with it that way. I am not going to just be ripped off for $45.00. I am also going to write the executive office. I will be happy to see this store go out of business, there is no way they can have a return policy and not make it clearly visible to the consumers. They have no concept of customer service. I'm going to Circuit City!

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    The Customer Apr 06, 2008
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    I had read that purchasing the Best Buy extended warranty was not really necessary. If the product you had purchased was going to fail it would most likely do so within the first year when the manufactures warranty was still in effect.

    Wrong, the Gateway laptop computer I purchased did fail within 8 months of purchase. However Best Buy continues to have you return the product to their service department where no service is performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they tell you to get lost. You did not buy an extended warranty and there is nothing else we are going to do.

    What a terrible organization, Best Buy.

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  • Al
    Alan Ross Jun 10, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This woman is insane. She called me screaming and out of control because she was being charged a restocking fee for merchandise that had been opened and obviously used. I also suspect that she was pulling the old switch tactic (putting old merchandise in a new box to return). She actually believes that because she did not see the large posted sign (posted at all registers) or read the terms and conditions printed on the receipt - - that she is not held to our store policy. What a loon. People like this are the reason the world is in such a sorry state. She is a thief and a liar.

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    tom Williams Nov 28, 2008
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    I drove 30 miles to buy a laptop, in which they said they had.When I arrived, none was avaiable.I wanted to purchase on phone and associate said that was not necessary(had 5 on hand).

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  • La
    LAURA SUTHERLAND Aug 11, 2009

    After reading the pages here I realize that I am not the only person who has made the mistake of buying a product from best buy. This is the second appliance I have attempted to buy from best buy. Both times it was a horrible experience. I ordered a range online. The day they called to set up delivery I was given a time between 3-5 pm and within a few minutes she informs me that the item I had already payed for was back ordered. I ask how long would it be? she thens proceeds to tell me that this item is no longer available. Then I was given the 1 888 best buy telephone number to call and then the real nightmare begins. I made 5 calls with a waiting time of at least 20 to 30 minutes each time. Whenever I became annoyed or even hostile I was hung up on. I was never given back to the person I would ask for and whenever I ask to speak to a supervisor I was informed of thier policy to transfer me to an online support staff. Even when I repeatedly ask to not be transferred it did not matter. I was told that it would also take 3 days to get my refund ( I will believe these liars when I see it). Although they charged my bank card and recieved immediate payment I will have to make myself wait until they are ready to give my money back. Then I had to call best buy again to arrange for a refund on the installation I paid for because this is a seperate department. Of course this involves another 45 minutes of hold time because they are sooooo busy with thier absolute customer satisfaction. HOW ARE THESE YAHOOS STAYING IN BUSINESS????? THEY NEED TO JOIN THE RANKS OF OTHER POORLY RAN BUSINESS AND FOLD OUT SO THE ONES WHO REALLY PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE CAN GET THIER BUSINESS. the total time I spent on the phone to get my "pending refund" is 3 hours and 45 minutes. I managed to clean my house while holding because I was bored with the music on the phone. NEEDLESS TO SAY I WILL NEVER BE A BEST BUY CUSTOMER AGAIN AND WHOEVER IS READING THIS NEEDS TO HEED ALL THESE COMPLAINTS AND STAY AWAY FROM ANY MAJOR PURCHASES FROM BEST BUY BECAUSE YOU WILL REGRET IT. THEY ARE A HORRIBLE COMPANY AND UNLESS YOU LOVE BEING ON THE PHONE FOR HOURS DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!

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  • Dp
    DPG Nov 02, 2009

    Same issue here in San Antonio Legacy Store. The Geek squad is a rip-off. THey deliver incomplete repairs. They dont want to stand behind there work. Never will purchase from Best Buy again.

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  • Gr
    G.Rider Jun 01, 2010

    Best Buy is a resounding joke!!!
    I went in this past Friday planning to buy a big screen TV. I waited for someone to help me but that never happened. All along there were these young teenage / college punks who work there and just walk right on by me yakety-yaking with either each other or on their cell phones! I never got so much as a can I help you! Aside from that these kids who work there probably couldn’t find their ### in the dark with both hands! This is probably the 3rd time in a 2 year period this has happened.
    Well folks there won’t be a 4th time! I just said to hell with them and went to Sears across the street and was very well taken care of! Sears got the sale, Best Buy got the finger!

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    Jack R. Jun 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I bought a $1, 500 Sony TV, surround sound system and Blue Ray DVD player from Best Buy and the sales person gave me a lot of misinformation and did not write up the sale correctly. As a result, when the so called Geeksquad came to deliver the tv there was a lot of confusion. They came with foul attitudes to begin with and said they would only see if the tv worked with my cable system when I was told by the sales person that 'setup' was included with the 'premium delivery'. I had to setup the entire system myself. And they were not going to take the old tv set when 'delivery and recycling' was stated in the ad for the new tv system. I had to call their supervisor, who was not at all good with customer service either, to make them take the old tv set. For me, Best Buy makes the consumer pay for the mistakes of the sales staff which is not right and they have not apologized for the poor cutomer service I recieved. There are other companies the do what Best Buy does and next time I will go elsewhere. I will never buy from Best Buy again!

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    TheCoyote Jan 27, 2011

    I purchased a home entertainment system including a large TV screen. While still within the warranty period the HiFi portion of the system stopped working. I took it to Best Buy. They kept it for a week then told me they would have to send it to the manufacturer, Harmann Kardon. A week later I called in and they told me that the manufacturer no longer repaired that model HiFi and there was nothing to be done. They offered to sell me a new one for "a great price". I refused and took the unit to a local hifi shop. It was repaired in three days. I will not buy anything from Best Buy in the future.

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  • Me
    Mel82 Apr 01, 2011

    Purchased a acer desk top computer in 2009 had it for 2 months and the fan went, bought it back to be repaired it took over 2 months and when we get it, take it home the fan is still not repaired and is not even connected... So, we bring it back, get a brand new acer which last for maybe 5 months if that, bring that one back to be told the whole computer has basically shut down needs new processor motherboard hard drive a whole and complete overhaul.. do they give us a new one? absolutely not. Most of the supposed "Geek Squad" stand there with open mouths scratching their heads. So at a month and a half later I'm calling asking for my desk top, once again feed same story... parts just arriving and so forth. I ask to speak with a manager. manager says that it is what it is nothing to be done about it and that i still have four weeks left to wait, I say no it's only two weeks left so he checks the form guess what two weeks. My last words to this man were.. all this waiting and i have not even been offered a sorry for the inconvenience? So I suppose I paid for this" insurance" so that the whole duration of it could be spent in the shop getting fixed. Moral of this story? DO NOT SHOP AT BEST BUY!!!

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