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selling used products as new

After having my Frig for four years and dealing with it leaking for about 2 years, I previously had a Tech look at it and he states it had been worked on before. He refused to make any repairs to it. I later called out Best Buy's people to look at it and they said the same thing. That it had been worked on before. I had never had a repair person to fix or make any repairs to the frig! The sore manager passed the buck to the 1800 customer service and said he could not do anything. Customer relations and the service supervisor passed the buck back to the store. The store even had the audacity to recommend that I contact LG and deal with them. I will be contacting the Corporate office directly! They RIPPED ME OFF!!!

  • Ja
    Jack V. Uhern Jun 20, 2010

    The Best Buy is not to buy anything from "Best Buy".

    Only buy from "Fry's Electronics if posibile.

    Never from "Best Buy"

    Bye Bye "Best Buy".

    I would do without before buying from "Best Buy

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  • Ia
    ianreiddc Jul 06, 2010

    So I guess you work or are somehow affiliated with Fry's?

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refused to allow me to make a return

On June 4, 2010, I purchased an "Invisible Shield by Zagg" (UPC: [protected]) Best Buy SKU: 9952932) (cost $29.99 plus tax) for my new HTC Evo from Best Buy. I was told that if I didn't like it that I could return it. Well I got it home and put it on my phone. All seemed well. A few hours later, the corners started peeling off, and would not stick to the surface of the phone. I peeled it off, and put it back in the box to return. While in La Mesa on June 6, I attempted to return this item to the local Best Buy. The customer service rep didn't know if she was allowed to return it or not, so I was told to wait while she spoke with the store manager. She comes back 25 minutes later, and tells me that it is a consumable item, and therefore not returnable. I informed her I bought it merely 2 days earlier, and that it is defective, and asked to speak to the store manager. The store manager, Tim, took his sweet time to come talk to me. He advised me that he would not allow me to return the item, since I did not pay Best Buy to install it for me, and instead installed it myself. I then asked to exchange it, since it is defective. I emphasized the fact that I was NEVER told this was a consumable item, nor that I would not be allowed to return it. He again denied my request, saying I don't care, I am not going to allow you to return it, and told me to call 1-888-BESTBUY. I called, and they were closed. Normally, I would not take the time to make this complaint, but he had the worst attitude of ANYONE in customer service that I have ever encountered. I am extremely UPSET about this matter, and will tomorrow call my credit card to dispute the charge. I will NEVER do business with this Best Buy again! If an item is unreturnable, it should be marked as such on my receipt!

  • To
    Tommydar37 Jun 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Best Buy's return policy is one of the worst I've ever dealt with. I don't return many things, but I purchased a mount for my flat screen TV from there and when I was trying to install it, found out that it just wouldn't work due to the placement of the studs in my wall. When I tried to return it, they told me that since it was past 30 days, I couldn't return it AT ALL. Not even for store credit.

    The thing was $150 so I wasn't going to go without a fight. I talked to the store management & they said there wasn't anything they could do and that it was "policy". Sent an very detailed complaint email through their website about my experience and my opinion about their return policy and pretty much demanded they refund my $ or I'd report them to the BBB. They responded quickly and instructed me to bring the mount back to the store and speak with a specific manager. They had called her & given her authorization to refund the mount for store credit.

    So while I didn't get my $ back exactly how I wanted, I did get the store credit & used it for other stuff I needed. Definitely email & complain through their website and you should get some response from them (even if it's only store credit or an exchange for a different item).

    Good luck

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  • Ca
    CarmaDogma Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. If something is a conditional return item, it should be disclosed at point of sale. If the product is labeled as if intended to be installed by the consumer, yet requires professional installation, that is a defective product.

    You might want to see if you can contact Zagg and tell them about your bad experience at BestBuy. Sometimes the manufacturer is the dirtwad, sometimes it's the store. Zagg's customer service phone# is 1.801.263.0699

    If you're still looking for a good screen protector, the Belkin ones are great. Mine last about a year each without peeling and only needed to be replaced because they start getting too scratched up from the stylus. Apparently the Zaggs that you bought don't have that problem.

    INSTALLATION SUGGESTION: start at one end, line it up and then lay it down using a credit card to avoid air pockets underneath. If you mess up, lift it and try again. The adhesive should hold up if you need to take a Mulligan. A third re-do might be possible but no guarantees, I've never messed up twice myself so I can't test that theory.

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shipping charges

I went to my local Best buy store to purchase computer parts. The motherboard, CPU and memory modules were not availlable in the store, so the salesman ordered them for me. they were not availlable for in store pick-up so I was told there would be shipping charges. when the memory modules arrived, the 3 of them were in the same small box, for which I had been charged 3 times, ($5.99 each). when I called to ask why I had been charged 3 separate shipping charges when they only shipped one box, I was tolld that this was best buy policy, and that I could call corporate if I was not satisfied. I called, a total of 3.5 hours over 2 days, got shuttled around, put on hold and eventualy disconnected, (by them).

scams on warranties and new laptop sales

My first problem with Best Buy was 3 1/2 years ago when I bought a Laptop. I bought the extended warranty and had the Geek Squad set it up (extra cost).

When buying, they will put extensive pressure on you to buy the warranty and the setup. Second, when they set it up, they put their own? (or higher profit?) virus software on the machine. Of course, their warranty was very expensive. But I didn't know any better at the time.

Second, when I had to return my Laptop for repairs, the Geek Squad manager of the store was incredibly rude throughout the entire process which took weeks despite other promises. I tried to call the store manager - and guess what - they don't answer the phone like the Geek Squad did not answer the phone. I will say that there was one person in the Squad that I finally found, realized the issue, and helped me out. They also figured out a way to charge me extra - which I do not think was valid according to how I read the warranty agreement. Of course, you have to be a lawyer to read it and truly understand it.

My second problem was recently when in buying my new PC. It is a PC that for what it had, was at a great price. I had sworn never to pay them another dime and this is an exception because they have gotten an exclusive on certain PCs. Best Buy was the only place I could get this brand and setup.

Pressure on to get the warranty again. I refused with difficulty. You do not have to buy a warranty from them. Go to SquareTrade.com, an independent warranty company that has about the best ratings I have seen for any such company. Many TV news and newspaper reporters have checked them out and report universally great reviews as far as I have seen.

They have also figured out another few ways to get you. They now have software on the machine that gives you trial downloads that end up costing you a lot. I suggest you do not buy anything from them because it is probably less expensive and better elsewhere.

They also offer you Microsoft Office Student (basic programs) for over $100. I include MS in this issue. What they didn't tell me, and I think an honest retailer would, is that Office 10 will be available for free online - with advertising. So what - Google does that. The cost to put it on your computer will be several hundred dollars I understand. The point -Office 10 comes out in June or July. You can do one of two things - use the trial Office 2007 on the new PC for the intro period, or download the Beta version from Microsoft.com. At least Best Buy didn't get another cent out of me.


1 - There is a reason that Consumer Reports rated them dead last of consumer electronics stores.

2 - If you buy a warranty or any extras, especially involving Geek Squad - I would guess that you will be paying considerably more money for considerably less value.

3 - In my case - going to the Geek Squad was a bigger headache than my PC breaking down.

4 - My guess, while not being in the industry, is that they offer good prices and make money on the warranties and other stuff they can sell you.

So - save your self some money and the headache of dealing with them.

  • Li
    Ling Chi May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am not defending BB in the least, but you sound like an uninformed consumer who allowed himself to be herded like a flock of sheep into whatever deal they decided to build for you. Your best bet, instead of sounding off like an abused spouse, is to do better research the next time you are ready to purchase a machine. Visit the store to see it in person, then go home and research some more. Better to spend some time doing that than spend money and then cry about how they "forced" you to open your wallet, purchase the PRP, sign the checkout terminal, and happily show your receipt to the goon at the door (you know you're not required to do that, right?).

    Also, do a search on the Stanford Marshmallow Study.

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  • Dr
    Dr.GRS Oct 26, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wish I had read this before I dealt with the Geek Squad. I brought a laptop there and had to bring it back for repair during the warranty period. They then sold me an extended service agreement for up to 3 machines "covering everything." I just brought the same laptop in because it would not start and was told the mother board is bad and that's not covered. they must be taking lessons fro the Genius' at Apple. Buy cheap and disposable there is no support.

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fraudulent business practices

It all started the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday." I decided to order via bestbuy.com and I purchased $307 worth of items using my best buy credit card…I was also taking advantage of the no interest on purchases of $249 or more. Dec 2nd I rec’d an email stating that there was a problem with my billing and if they didn’t hear from me they were going to cancel my order. So I called the number listed in the email and spoke with a CSR from bestbuy.com… was told that they were going to send the order through again and that she wasn’t able to tell me exactly why it didn’t go the first time. I said that was fine, didn’t see a need to investigate further, all she said they needed was my authorization to process the order again.

Dec 3rd I rec’d another email stating that there was an issue on the billing and my items might be canceled. So, I went online to view my account and to my surprise my account was overdrawn ($196.27). I called bestbuy.com and got the run around. After the 5th person I spoke with I was told to call HSBC. I called HSBC, after the 3rd person it was determined that bestbuy.com charged my best buy card twice on Black Friday, 2 charges of $307 each, no duplications on the products just twice the charges. I was then told by HSBC that they couldn’t reverse the charge without bestbuy.com approving this…which meant I had to call bestbuy.com back and then have them call HSBC. Oh, and in the meantime I rec’d another email regarding billing errors in which 2 items on my order were canceled!!! Now where was I, yes, after 2 hours on the phone trying to get a credit of $307 back on my account I thought everything was fine so the call ended.

Dec 4th I look at my online account balance and notice that yes, a credit of $307 was issued back to my account but the items that were canceled on my order were still charged to my best buy card. So, I called Bestbuy.com since by now I knew the process was to call them first and have them call HSBC on the other line…anyways, after speaking with 3 people and a supervisor I was assigned a case# and was told someone would call me back. 2 days later no one ever called me back!!! I then proceeded to call bestbuy.com and go through the process again only to be disconnected after an hour on hold and in which I was being transferred to the 3rd person who I was told would be able to help me. I didn't call back, instead I took my business elsewhere to purchase the products that were canceled and told everyone I know what happened!!!

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no delivery

Never delivered, I purchased a Refrigerator from Best Buys in mid February with a delivery date of mid March. Not having received a phone call to confirm delivery I called the store and spoke to a young clerk who checked the delivery sheet and confirmed my delivery was set for noon to 4 pm that Saturday. At about 3:30 PM I called the store to check on delivery status and was informed that my item was on back order and they could not give me a delivery status. It is paid in full on my Best Buy card. Two months later still no delivery and I requested my money back and I was informed store policy was that they could only give me a " store credit " only . The item is still not delivered and I was informed it was no longer manufactured even though their web site indicated available to purchase. I dont need a $ 1458 store credit, I want my money back for item that cant be delivered... I feel ripped off, filed complaint with department of consumer protection, better bureau and am scheduled to go on air with Television to promote Best Buy rip offs ...

  • My
    my2cents7 May 05, 2010

    I agree Jw3. If I needed a fridge I would go back and get a new one with my store credit and if it was cheaper I'g get me something for myself. you can always ask the for reward points too, make them give you like 2000 reward points for not delivering the goods like promised!

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geek squad

HP laptop (14 months old) was stuck at HP screen. Geek squad did nothing but charge me $84 to send to service center. They did nothing but tell me they've see this before: it needs a new motherboard for $500. (Why couldn't they have told the Geek squad this so I wouldn't have to send it off and waste $84???
So, I said "no" and took it to a local repair shop who fixed it for FREE. Took a second. Complained to BBB; they refused to give me the $84 back or even tell me where the $84 went. Beware of Best Buy.

  • Kc
    KC_NJ Apr 04, 2009

    I took my laptop to Best Buy for repair and was totally disgusted. First, I was told diagnostic would be 3 days, when in fact after 5 I called and was told I would receive a call back that day (no call). Second, I went to the store after 5 days and was told diagnostic wasn't done yet they would call me. Third, finally received a call from them telling me they needed to redo my O/S and it would be $129, I said ok to the repairs and was to it would be a few days. Now 5 days after authorizing repaid I show up to pick up my laptop only to be told that the repairs were not done, they have no record of me authorizing repairs and they would need the discs I received with the laptop to do it. Now I did not receive discs with the laptop because it was purchased from BestBuy and they are the ones that set it up, and why would I pay $129 to have them reload my O/S from discs if I had them at home? then I'm to sign a receipt to take the laptop home only to find out aferwards that it's a receipt that repairs were done to my satisfaction. what repairs??? I am totally disgusted with Best Buy and the Geek Squad that I will not be purchasing anything from them again. I recommend you don't either.4

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  • Fl
    FLWAT98 Jul 25, 2009

    I purchased a HP Digital Camera along with the extended warranty. Within 6 months the camera would not accept a charge. I brought it into Best Buy and was referred to Geek Squad desk. The examined the camera and could not figure out what was the matter. They sent it off and returned it 4 weeks later stating that it was impact damage. The camera door now would not shut which was not an issue previously. There was no sign of any impact and I do not recall the camera which was kept in a neoprene sleeve ever sustaining impact. I will attempt not to buy another item from Best Buy, and certainly not an extended warranty. Should have stuck with Sears.

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  • Sc
    ScoutsFather Jul 25, 2009

    Good choice on Sears. Always choose the business that is trying harder to engender customer loyalty. I already had a negative feeling about BB because some of the prices are ridiculous. Your experience is another check for using BB only infrequently.

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  • Li
    LilyMarie Aug 16, 2009

    I would like to let everyone be aware of the horrible service at the Bel Air Best Buy! I have a camera being repaired by the Geek Squad. It has been almost a month and it is still not fixed. I have to keep calling because for some reason they can not update my new number into the system to call me when its complete??!! I wouldn't mind calling them if it didnt take 20 trys for someone to even pick up a phone!! I asked about the status on the repair before and some girl said it was shipped off to be fixed. I checked online just to make sure and it was still @ the Bel Air store. I called again 2 weeks later and the guy that answered said it just had been sent off to Sony that week. I keep getting the run around and I just want my camera back! Not to mention when I went to drop it off they had to move me to 4 different computers to input my stuff and get out of each others way that I lost my car keys in the process!! Once I get my camera I will be closing out my Card with them and will never go back!

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  • Wo
    WorstBuySucksDonkeyBalls Mar 30, 2010

    Best Buy Geek service at the Cerritos Store (see address at bottom of this complaint) is horrible as well. I brought in a computer and paid $200 for diagnosis and "repair." (It turns out that the repair meant install the OS only.) A couple of days after bringing in the computer Best Buy said they would need to install a hard drive for $130. After reluctantly going ahead with that they said I need to order a recovery disk from the computer manufacturer (Sony) for another $70. So what started out as a $200 repair ended up doubling to $400. If I had any idea going in that it would have been $400 to make my old computer whole again, I would have bought a new computer. The Geek Squad manager was rude and unhelpful when I expressed my concerns about their poor communication and customer service.

    12989 Park Plaza Dr Cerritos Town Center
    Cerritos, CA 90703
    Phone: 562-402-1555
    GEO: 33.869320, -118.05516

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  • Ho
    hotspur Apr 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Geek squad is a high concept/ low quality ripoff. You think your getting these tech heads that they show on their ads. But the thugs they sent to my house i wouldnt even want them mowing my lawn. The attached photo shows where one of them was supposed to join two wires. He used MY tape that was close by and joined these two wires with it. No connectors. (I could have done that) One wire is small the other is really thick. they didnt match. and it only needed to be 2 feet long. He used an 8 foot piece and HID THE REST BEHIND THE COUCH!

    This was only part of the shambles they did. It was horrible and when i complained Best Buy wouldnt even return my calls.

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  • Ke
    kevin rich Dec 10, 2010

    beware: best buy does not stand behind products they sell have lg washer/dryer they have been out to repair it 5 times on dryer 4 on washer they will not replace it.talked to best buy corp in richfield, mn they put in for replcement said i would get call back never heard from anyone, called back they said still looking into it.washer went out nov, 19 10 dryer went out nov, 23 10 washer finally fixed on the 27th, had to wait on parts on dryer till the 10th of dec.repair guy was supposed to show up 08-12 called and said he would be here 12-2, acted like he did not care about it.have spent alot of money over years at bb, and i am done now.there customer service sucks.they never call you back, don't show up when they are supposed to, spend 2500.00 on washer/dryer that always fails and all best buy says they will give me is 25.00 for using laundry mat to do clothes, that is ###!!once they get your money they don't care anymore.

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geek squad service - $1600 for fam pics

I was in Chicago March 16-19 for a business conference and on March 17th my wife called me to tell me that...

9 comments Richmond Heights Desktop Computers

I swear geek squad is a joke

I think it is crazy that a so called geek squad knows less that me about computers and I am a 21 year old girl. On the first occasion that I learned about their stupidity, my dad took his laptop in because he got a virus and needed the files off his computer. These are very important files and the so called geek squad sent his computer out and said that his hard drive was fried. He sent the laptop to HIS I.T. people and they pulled the files off in minutes. THEN today I took my brand new laptop in because the internet wasn't working, no matter what I did. They barely looked at it and said there was nothing they could do. If I wanted a replacement I'd have to pay a 15% restocking fee. Well then why did I pay for a warrenty!!! I swear geek squad is a joke. They should have to have a BA or something.

  • Aw
    aware19 Apr 08, 2010

    It depends on the intelligence of the actual squad member. Some are prolific in the art of computing, others are goddamn IT wannabes. Next time, talk to a squad member about a subject in computing and gage their intelligence on the matter. Might help if you do go to them again.

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  • Ar
    arubino99 Apr 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "These are very important files and the so called geek squad sent his computer out and said that his hard drive was fried. He sent the laptop to HIS I.T. people and they pulled the files off in minutes."
    Your IT Department knows exactly which files are needed by your dad.
    Geek Squad doesn't. It's like looking for a needle in a stack of needles...
    They may have been improperly trained, it's true. Or they may not have wanted to be liable for "very important data". Honestly, if this data is "very important", your dad should be aware of how to back it up. And have multiple back ups. Thumb drives cheap? Check. 95% of computers today sold with a CDR or DVDR drive? Check. Lack of education by you and your dad? Check.

    "THEN today I took my brand new laptop in because the internet wasn't working"
    Your internet wasn't working (many complex parts, not solely a hardware issue), and you want to return the entire laptop? I would slap you with a fee too. Did you call your Internet Service Provider? Did you determine that it was the fault of the hardware? Or did you have expectations that they perform all relevent troubleshooting for you, and consult your ISP that you pay for on your behalf (using all your own personal information?).

    I don't think Geek Squad has proper computer training for your expectations. Most people that consult with an IT company (like Geek Squad) expect them to wave a magic wand and suddenly everything is better again. It just doesn't happen. Lay out EXACTLY what it is you want, and EXACTLY what you expect of the services you are purchasing (Geek Squad). If they fail to meet those expectations after you purchase service and state what it is you want, THEN you have a legitimate complaint.

    Keep in mind, they probably maybe 12-15/hr. Are you SERIOUSLY stating that they need a 4-year college degree to make that money? REALLY?

    I disagree with your complaint. Not on the grounds that Geek Squad is poorly trained. On the grounds that your complaint is poorly formed, and you fail to state what it is you seek. You also misspell "warranty" and demand a BA (Arts, really... for computers?) of customer service reps. You don't state any complaints about customer service, or how the reps treated you.

    Note: I don't work for Geek Squad, have never worked for Geek Squad, and not affiliated with Geek Squad or Best Buy. But I have been in IT for quite some time. And people like you that spout of complaints in a ranting fashion such as this expecting anyone in the computer world to have a magic-fix EASY button simply doesn't understand technology. I doubt you even comprehend the basics of computers, customer service, IT, or even retail sales. I would ask what you do for a living, but I'm afraid you work in/around/with computers, and don't comprehend in the least how they actually function.


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late fee charge for paying early

I am a customer for Best Buy and have been hit with a late payment only once before, which after they went...

horrible store manager and customer service

The TV that I bought was sold off to someone else

My friend and I visited the Best Buy store located in Plano on 6th of March 2010 to buy a TV for his apartment. We spent about 3 hours before we could finalize and decide upon which TV would best suit his needs. We decided to buy the 46" Samsung LED 6000 series, 120 hz TV which was priced at 1299.99 $. We received great help from one of the Best Buy representatives called DJ.

We made the payment for the TV and decided to pick the TV as we did not want to pay 79 $ for shipping. We had a Toyota Camry and thought the TV would fit in, but it did not. So we decided to rent a truck for an hour and pick the TV. As it was pretty late and the store was about to close, we decided to pick the TV the next day. (Remember, the TV was sold to us) On March 7th, at around 4pm, we rented the truck from Lowes and went to pick the TV. We waited in the customer care queue for about 20 mins and then we showed them our receipt and asked them to get our TV out so that we could load it in the truck and take it home. After waiting for about half an hour, the customer service representative at Best Buy told us that the TV was sold to SOMEONE ELSE as it was NOT TAGGED PROPERLY.

I just could not believe her. How could they sell a TV that was already sold to us. We told her that we wanted the same TV or another TV with the same configuration. She said, that was the last piece and so nothing could be done. Later after arguing, she said, there were 2 TVs of the same configuration that were available at some other store which was about 2 hour drive away. It would take about a week for the TV to get transferred to the Plano store. We were pissed. It was a big inconvenience for us. We talked to the store manager (Mike) and explained the situation, hoping that he would understand us and come up with an agreeable solution. We had rented the truck for an hour (by then we had already spent more than an hour and a half in the store). The store manager said, all he could do was, pay us 25 $ for the truck rental that we had paid. We asked him, if he could at least deliver the TV for free at my friend's house once they get it from another store. The store manager (Mike) said delivering will cost 79 $ and that is too much for Best Buy to bear. (what about the inconvenience that they have caused to us by selling the TV that we owned to someone else?)

We asked the customer service (Brittany), to check when earliest we could get the TV transferred from another store. She called up the store only to let us know that the TV is not available anywhere within texas. We were mad; we were completely dissatisfied and very angry as that was the best configuration and price that would suit us. The store manager finally agreed to give us a 200$ off on any other TV that we decide to buy from Best Buy. He was trying to compensate for all the inconvenience that was caused due to the negligence of the Best Buy staff. By now, we had spent about 2 hrs in the store and had to return back the truck. We decided to come back the next day and buy another TV and get a 200 $ off.

The customer service (Brittany) was very polite. She said, she would return back the money that we had spent for the TV that was sold to someone else. We agreed and got back the money on the credit card and decided to come back the next day. She also said, that she will not be working on the next day but she will inform the staff that will be working so that we do not face any other problem

On March 8th (next day) my friend and I went back to Best Buy during the lunch time (as both of us work) and decided upon a 55" LED Samsung TV (listed price 2199.99 $). We thought of renting a truck, once we are sure of getting the TV. We went to the customer service and there was a person called (Tyler) who was helping us. Brittany had told Tyler and written up our entire case on an A4 paper and had put it on the soft board there. Tyler was aware of the entire situation and just to make sure that he was doing the right thing, he called the store manager (named Bryan - Mike was not working that day). Brayan came to the customer service counter, checked something on the computer and said, " Sorry, we cannot give you a 200 $ off on this TV, this TV is already listed at a very low price" I got furious. Every person in the store says something different, I do not understand whom to belive and whom to not. I explained the entire chain of events that had happened the previous day and he said, he could not do anything about it. He said, the store manager (Mike) who committed to give 200 $ off will be working on Wednesday (March 10th). So come by then and talk to him.

I have never seen such a horrible way of dealing with the customers in my entire life. I hate Best Buy and will never ever think of buying anything from here. I was so pissed off, that I just told Bryan that we don’t want anything and we will never come again to Best Buy. Later I thought, I should have at least asked for the names of the people that I was dealing with so that I can complaint. I went back to the store and asked for the names of all the people that I dealt with.

I will wait for a few days to see if any action is taken for the complaint that I am submitting. If not, I have decided to file a lawsuit against Best Buy for selling a product that belonged to me and for such a horrible customer service.

geek squad failure

1. On February 5th I bought my computer to the Geek Squad at Best Buy in Paramus, NJ. I know it had a blue...

failure to honor warranty

I purchased a laptop from BestBuy in Richmond, VA. I also purchased a 3 year warranty on the laptop. The release button to open the display soon began sticking (due to a hinge problem) and the laptop could often could not be opened.The disply would not turn off sometimes and the laptop would be sitting unused getting extremely hot. When trying to open the stuck laptop, it popped open so hard it cracked the display. I took the laptop to Bestbuy (Worstbuy) and a month later, they "fixed" the hinge and display.
Shortly after this (a few weeks) the exact same problem began occurring. Since I did not wish to be without the laptop for another month (for a "repair" that only lasted a month), I continued using the laptop but did not fold it shut. When setting it down on the table it rolled back and cracked the display. Apparently, there is some cushioning around the display that was probably not installed correctly. I returned it to Worstbuy and they again had it for a month and returned it to me.
Once again, a short time later, the same exact problem returned. I continued using the laptop without closing it thinking itwould stilled be covered since the warrranty had a year to go.
A short while back I googled the problem and discovered HP realized they had a design failure and had issued a retrofit repair( free of charge) that would have fixed the problem. WorstBuy had never mentioned the recall to me.
I then took my laptop to Worstbuy. They took my computer, referring to my service contract in their system.
I receive a call weeks laterfrom WorstBuy telling me that they refused to honor their service agreement since they had replaced the display twice. "Doesn't matter" that the displays broke because of design flaws and incompetent and incorrect repairs. Despite the fact that I had over a year remaining on my service contract, I was told my warranty expired 30 days after the last repair. No one at WorstBuy mentioned this little "fine print nugget" to me.
After multiple calls to WorstBuy, I was told I should have read the fine print when I bought the contract. The FINE PRINT THAT SAYS WORSTBUY CAN VOID THE CONTRACT BASICALLY WHENEVER THEY GET TIRED OF REPAIRING THEIR FAULTY REPAIRS!!!

security cameras

I went to Best Buy to buy some products for my business. They referred me to a business account manager who sold me my audio vidio products at my restaurant. He also told me that he could set me up with a 8 camera security system that records to a DVR that I could check from anywhere. I didn't know Best Buy was in the security business, but the prices were great. The installation didn't go smoothly with the cameras, I still had problems connecting to them remotely as promised. I ended contacting a security company in town to fix the Geek Squad's problems, and they informed me that Best Buy and Geek Squad illegally installed the security cameras under Texas law. They quickly fixed the issues I was having and I havent had any sense. I am apaulled that Best Buy and Geek Squad do not follow the law. It would have been cheaper if I had gone to real security people in the first place.

Warranty fraud

My wife has finally made her last purchase from Best Buy. She bought a laptop computer for University, she...

false advertising

Best Buy had an advertisement for Fable 2 Platinum Hits for Xbox 360.

However the item sent is the original Fable 2, with no copy of the actual Platinum Hits.

This is a loss of $20 and false advertising. Very disappointed.

  • Eb
    eb.wong Feb 21, 2010

    Yeah they did the same thing to me and when I called to complain they told me I had to go to the store but when I went to the store they told me "Oh look when I scan the SKU Fable 2 Platinum Hits come up so we did nothing wrong". I guess if I buy a blueray player from them and they hand me a dvd player they wont have to do anything so long as when they scan the sku it comes up on their computers as a blueray player. Awful customer service, they basically had me run around and then told me to deal with it, they weren't gonna change anything cause I dont think they even have the real Platinum Hits version.

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I am writing to alert people about the insurance scam regarding computer insurance. I purchased insurance for about $300, for a computer valued at $750. I was told that the insurance involved replacement of product. I was expecting the type of insurance offered by Staples, and the worker told me that is what it was. However, I am now told that I will have to leave the item for repair. I am absolutely furious. I will never purchase from that store again. Horrible customer service; no value for the insurance. I will likely sue. Would love to make this a class action. Issue: insurance is provide without any details and you are left with the whim given by the sales person.

Anyone else with the same issue please email me asap.

  • Di
    disgruntledeasytech Mar 01, 2011

    Can't believe nobody had replied to this one. @onaclearday, I feel your pain. I work at Staples so I know how frustrating it can be to be without a computer in this day and age. But even Staples does not as a policy offer immediate, on-site repair of your PC.

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bait and switch

Here's a new wrinkle on Bait and Switch...

Many retailers offer floor displays when new models arrive.

Best Buy claims they have never used floor display models. They use words like "open box" "clearance" "unactive". Try and pin them down and watch them squirm and waver. Get ready for double talk and man who speak with forked tongue. It will pour forth. I bought a never used floor display, the darn thing reached the second spin display and practically blew out out my whole electric supply. All the lights grew dim, my picture on the TV shrunk to half size, I measured the voltage and it dropped to 82 volts on the line! Being more then technically inclined I couldn't believe a new machine would do this. I blamed my wiring. I replaced the line and outlet. I made sure it was a single line with no branches, directly from the service box. Tried, same thing. Tried on a different outlet or two, same thing.

The display was defective. I returned it. Of course it was a good deal and they made no effort to replace it. They offered more costly machines. In fact another machine. Another "display". It had a scratch on the window, they dropped the price. We pulled it out and it had no leveling control legs, I pulled the soap dispenser try out - soap residue. Obviously a used return they claimed was never used. Then they offered me another machine, new...with only $10 off. They increased my cost $200. I fought, they lowered my increase to $160. I accepted and paid the difference. Guess what? None in stock, however I could pick one up at another store. Guess what? The other store had no "new" one. They had a display and a return only. I started on a Sunday, used Monday to re-do wiring, used all day Tuesday to do a return. I've spent half the day Wednesday trying to arrange and find the new unit by now that is fully paid for. I have nothing, except how they attracted my fancy with a cheap price on a defective machine and led me to spending $160 more on a new machine that took a day and half not to get. Most places are legit with these floor displays, to Best Buy all the appearance is truly is? They use floor displays to trick you and forcing you to end up spending more on a new one.

Further? When I returned the first machine they applied my credit towards a gift card and used the gift card to apply towards the new machine. I told them they have wasted enough of my time and I want my money back of course. Well guess what? They applied my initial return towards a gift card and applied that gift card towards my new purchase...ANDDDDDDD? Gift Cards are not refundable and so they have effectively tied up my money to their store forcing me to buy from them or trying to spend the next eternity trying to untangle the web they weaved to imprison my money.

I am a customer who has become a hostage at Best Buy, they tricked me with bait in the form of a defective floor display that forced me to make a higher purchase of which they could not provide or deliver and further complicated my situation by locking my money in a web of entanglement that a physicist couldn't find a formula to solve - thus hijacking me and forcing to Buy from them, Best Buy... "You Best Buy" when we get your money...

Take warning, that Yellow Tag is exactly what it means - 'warning' to all who enter here

  • Bo
    BOB DORNALIS Nov 28, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Sofisticated bait and switch scam taking place at this store. You will be defrauded in several of a dozen means.

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  • Ma
    Maverick Jun 26, 2009

    Massachusetts: Went to a local Best Buy to purchase a laptop. I found one for a decent price after going over different ones with the clerk. Unfortunately, when I was ready to buy it, they were out of stock.

    Next day I was in Salem NH and stopped in the local Best Buy there and found a great deal. The clerk told me right out that they were out of stock but offered to check other stores. He told me that Portsmouth NH store had 7 available and called to confirm it. I offered to pay here and pick up in Portsmouth but unlike their competitor Circuit City they won't do that.

    I drive 45 min to Portsmouth to be told they sold out 2 hours before I got there, but we do have this model for $200 more.

    I told them I was told by the other store 45 min ago they were in stock and a call to their store confirmed it. Then I was told oh yeah 1 person bought all 7 on line. So this smells like the old Bait and switch routine to me.

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  • Va
    valdostafactchecker May 27, 2012
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    they twisted your arm to buy a floor display you should quit being so cheap and just buy a new one.

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  • Ha
    haynes791 Mar 05, 2015

    I received their circular in the mail and saw that they were advertising the e-machines computer system for $299.00. They open at 10 so i was waiting by the front door at 9. When they opened I shot to the computer section looking for the e-machines. When i couldn't find it i asked a sales associate. He said the e-machines wasn't any good and that i should get something else. I kept asking him where it was and he kept asking me questions like what was i planning on using it for. I went and got the store manager and he told me they were sold out. I asked him how were they sold out when this was the first day of the sale and I was the first one in the store. He said some people bought them when i wasn't looking.

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I applied for and was approved for a best buy credit card only for the 0% for 36 months option. The stipulation was that I had to purchase over $999. I spent 2 hours on the phone ordering my products for them to tell me at the end that the 36 months 0% financing only applied to home theatre merchandise. Then a superviosor named brock gets on the phone to tell me that he's sorry but no one can do anything about it and there is no one above him to speak too. He said there is no one that can call me back. I hung up and tried again and got another rep who assured me I would get my 0% for 36 months. Again, when we got to the end, she tells me I don't qualify for the 36 months because I didn't buy $999 worth of home theatre merchandise.

On top of that the specifications on some of their items are totally incorrect. They have several tv stands listed at 58"tall when in fact they are only 26" tall or less.

The reps will sell you a washer and dryer but neglect to tell you that the hoses, vents, power cords, and other important essentials that are needed for the product to work are not included, and need to be purchased seperately.

When you call the store for an advertised item to purchase, they tell you the item is not in the store, not in the warehouse, and you can only purchase it online.

Online the shipping and handling is rediculous. My purchase totaled $1817, I wanted to add something for $100, and my total ended up being over $2000, they added a second shipping and handling fee on top of the $100 delivery fee I started with.

Their price matching is a joke! When you want an item it's not in the store or in the warehouse, so you have to order it online, and guess what? They don't price match online.

And now what do I do with this best buy credit card? Everything I want or need is not in the store, the warehouse, and they jacked up the price online so I can't afford it or finance it.

made me very disappointed

I purchased a new LG washer and dryer on Feb. 27. I told them I wanted it side vented. It was delivered 3/1. On Feb. 29, I get a message. They cannot side vent my dryer.It needs a special part, and a special tech to install it. Okay. I tell them on Mar. 3 I wanted the side vent part ordered. Two weeks later I checked back. It has not been ordered. I was told it would be ordered. Two weeks later I check back. No record of the part being ordered. Finally, the part is ordered. It is scheduled to come to my house 4/8. I cannot get it installed until 4/17! How can two different people tell me they will order the part, and neither one does? I paid $1844 in CASH, and my dryer works, but I cannot open my back door. I want the side vent so I can use my back door. And no one knew about the part and the tech needed to install it when I bought the dryer? I am very disappointed in the service I have received from this store.