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Complaints & Reviews

not honoring sales policy

purchased 3 computers for christmas gifts 2 wks ago fr best buy. item went on sale for $50 less. now mind you, i was told by 2 different employees if the item went on sale, i can bring receipt back. so i did today, they would not do it for computers. its a corporate policy. even though they are still in boxes & for gifts. they said it does not apply to computers or phones cuz it mite be outdated or not have any in stock. you only have 14 days after purchase for these items to get $ back. bad policy

refund delay for debit card purchase

I purchased an XBox 360 from Best Buy but later in the week found the same item on sale elsewhere cheaper plus an offer for a free$75 gift card from the other store. I returned the unopened game system within 5 days of purchase and Best Buy customer service gave me a receipt for the refund on my debit card purchase. After a day my bank still did not have the refund and I called Best Buy to ask them why my account had not received my refund. I was told that all refunds take up to 48 hours to be processed. I think this is an unfair practice since my account was immediately debited for the cost of the game system when I purchased it from the store. This is the last time I will ever shop at Best Buy.

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Dec 17, 2010

    This is pretty common. JC Penny, Sears, and Target does the same thing.

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retun policy

12/13/2010: I bought a $900 lap top at Best Buy yesterday. When I took it out of the box I saw that the bottom panel was warped. I went to go bring it back today. It was determined to be a factory defect. Best Buy kept $100 of my money since there was a "'service" performed when the geek squad pre-loaded virus protection on it. When a computer is purchased at Best Buy there is an option to buy it already set-up. This is considered a "'non-refundable service" by Best Buy. The right thing to do was to fully refund my money on a factory defected lap top that was returned within 48 hours. I lost that service when I had to return a factory defected lap top so I deserve a full fund. This is a nasty trick done to the consumer. Also it was a HP 6-3155dx/core 13. Letters will go out.

accused of theft

Went to store purchased camera $650.00 and tv $500.00 dollars. I was sold wrong memory card for the camera. Went back with the cards opened and walk strait through the store to the sales person that helped me . She gave me the correct cards and I looked at some other items. Went to exchange them and when I did they called me upfront and accused me of stealing the cards that I was returning . Basically told me to confess or they would call the police. Because when I went in the store they did not mark it returned and as far as I know there is not a sign telling you to do this. As I was waiting for the review of the store tapes I was standing in the front of the store still be accused of theft because they were stating that they saw me opening the package. No tape found no apology and the worst part still thinking I took the items when I left.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 15, 2010

    Did you bring a receipt of purchase? If not, then it's understandable why they accused you.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Dec 15, 2010

    Why are you double-posting this?

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false advertisement

I went to the Best Buy, store number 119, in Costa Mesa, on November 26, 2010 at approximately 11 A.M. to buy some DVDs. I stopped by the computer section to ask the employee if there is any laptops left. Turns out they have a Toshiba C655D-S5089 SKU:1401694 in stock. The employee whose name was John then informed me that there is a service fee of $80 attached to the laptop because of some "optimizations" that Best Buy did. I informed John that I was not aware of said "optimization" on the Best Buy ad, or on bestbuy.com. I also told him that I bought two laptops from Bestbuy approximately six months ago and they were able to take the "optimization" off upon my requests. John promptly told me that the policy does not apply on Black Friday and that if I do not purchase it someone else will. I informed John that what Best Buy is doing constitute false advertisement, this bait and switch sales method is illegal in both State and Federal laws. I ask John that I wanted to speak to the manager. He promptly lead me to a young lady clad in a black shirt that gave a huge attitude toward my predicament. She said if you do nott want it there are others that will take it and then dismiss me. At that point I began searching for the store manager.

I ask another young gentleman what is the store number and the name of manager in charge of everything. He said he can not give out the information. I told him that this is for a complaint and if he does not tell me I will find someone who will. He then promptly told me the store manager is Jason Benze which I soon find out was a lie. I went to the exit toward one of the employee wearing a yellow shirt and asked for the store manager by the name of Jason and he looked completely confused. Another Best Buy representative walked by and identify himself as the store manager, I asked him for his name. The manager told me its Micheal but then pause half way and ask what is this concerning. I told him what I told John and that I will be complaining to corporate. He told me that he will call the manager in charge of computers which has the final say.

The manager identify himself as Nathan Mayers and repeated what John originally said. I asked the manager if the laptop has been open, if not he could just take off the packages. He told me that the laptop has been open to perform the "optimization." I told him that I was not made aware of the condition by the ad, bestbuy.com, or any of the Best Buy personnel. I informed him that trying to sell pre-used items as new without marking it as such is unethical if not out right illegal. If the customer wants the service he or she should be able to opt-in and be informed that his or her laptop will be open and service. He told me service was performed by trained and certified employees. I told him it doesn't matter you can't sell opened items as new without informing the customer. I also asked for the credentials that qualifies his employees to service the computers because now I am worry about cosmetic defects, void warranties, or even the wrong item. He reinstated that the employees are certified by Best Buy and refused to produce the documents that I requested as if I was to take his words as truth. I told him there is nothing on the box to identify who service the computer so when it breaks upon opening who do I blame; what if the employee switch the power adapters by mistake and break the computers; what if the employee installed malware or spyware and steal people's personal information because they did not know that their computer was tamper with by uncertified technicians. I asked him: is Best Buy responsible for agreement with Microsoft and that anything I do to infringe that agreement is actually Best Buy's fault. He became more and more defensive and asked what would I like him to do. I said: since Best Buy did the "optimization" and I do not want it, there is a way to restore the computer to its factory condition by the manufacture either by disk or a partition on the hard drive. I told him I would overlook the opened nature of the laptop and I will not be getting any service that I do not need because of the restore process and I will wait. He told me that it was not possible, you cannot restore the laptop, which I knew to be a complete lie. According to the user manual taken from Toshiba's website1, on this particular laptop on page 59 one can restore the computer to its factory condition. He told me that if I was willing to wait till the end of the day and if no one buys the laptop with the plan he would sell it to me for the price promised on the ad. I informed him that idea was ridiculous, the laptop is on hand, I am here, this store is not an auction site, I should be able to buy the laptop as promised by the Best Buy ad and bestbuy.com. The manager continues to say that it is reserve for customers who will pay the extra $80 fee first, if no one buys it at the end of the day I can have it at normal price. I told him that I will complain to corporate, the FTC, the BBB, Toshiba, Microsoft, and the local new channel. I walked out the store at 1PM.

I understand that John and the Manager by the name of Michael was doing their jobs and was perfectly professional with me, I cannot say the same thing for any other employee I met at the Best Buy store in Costa Mesa.

  • Up
    Upset in Simi Valley Dec 02, 2009

    We received inappropriate and likely illegal treatment at the Simi Valley store and by the Corporate office phone line. A group of us loyal customers, stood in line in front of the Simi Valley store on Wed. November 25, 2009, until Black Friday, November 27, 2009, in hopes of purchasing their advertised laptop for sale in the amount of $197. We were amongst the first 10 people in line who were guaranteed a laptop. We were advised the store had 40 more laptops on a first come first serve basis. On their website, it stated this was a ticketed item and only guaranteed a certain amount of customers to receive this item.

    Come 3 am, when the employees were handing out tickets, we were advised that they were not handing out tickets for this item. One of the employees said the reason was because consumers have until 9 am, once receiving their ticket, to come and pick up the item. This allows them to receive their ticket at 3 am and go to another competitor store and do their shopping there before 9 am. By not ticketing this item, it prevents them from leaving the store, therefore, they will shop and spend more in the store.

    We were advised that at 4:40 am, they were allowing the first 10 people in the store so they can be guaranteed their laptop, followed by increments of small groups every few minutes. Upon entering the store, we had asked the manager where could we find the $197 laptops. We were advised and directed by an employee to follow the red balloons and stand in line within the red tape. At 5 am, the cashiers would open and then we would be brought out our laptops. This way the first 10 would get their laptops guaranteed.

    Little by little, people were flooding in and grabbing items, while we all just watched and waited for 5 am. At 5 am, we were called up to the register 1 by 1. I was the 3rd person who was to get a laptop and my group followed, along with the other families we got to know by spending two nights out in the cold, camping out in front of the store. When I got to the register I was told that they were all out of the laptops. Of course this caused pandemonium amongst all of us who sat out there since Wed, to be guaranteed a laptop! The management team was so unprofessional and advised us that it was our fault we did not receive the laptop and no one told us to sit out there since Wed. Of course this did not sit lightly with everyone.

    The employees kept advising that they only guaranteed the first 10 people and the rest was at a first come first serve basis. We kept trying to tell them we WERE the first 10 people and had been sitting out there since Wed to guarantee our spot. The employees were not listening to us and were very rude and condescending, even one manager, Jason, jumped up on a stool and started yelling at us telling us to get out of the store. It even got to the point where they called the police on us.

    Now, while sitting outside the store since Wed. afternoon, we got to know the police in the area. They had patrolled by and kept an eye on us, for our safety. They even would come by and have friendly conversations with us about our shopping spree, family, sports, etc. They knew we WERE the first in line. When the employees told the police of the situation, they just shook their heads at the employees and advised us that we had ourselves a civil action case and suggested we take the company to court. The police knew that some of us missed Thanksgiving dinner with our families to guarantee we got a laptop, as a Xmas gift for our children. We can not get that quality time back. Needless to say, the police were on our side and therefore, they just left the store.

    A teenage boy who was standing in the line behind us for 2 days, happened to be in the area where they had the laptops and saw people who were at the end of the line outside, grabbing the laptops. He was lucky enough to grab one. He came over to where we were and heard the commotion. He knew we were outside the store for several days, he handed the laptop to a lady who was one of the first 10 people. He knew she should have received a laptop. This teenage boy knew Best Buy was wrong and that this lady should be getting this laptop, not him. For a complete stranger, let alone a teenager, to recognize that Best Buy was in the wrong, was just very upsetting and shows how their company has lost compassion for the American consumers!

    When this lady went to purchase the $197 laptop she was promised was the price from Best Buy's advertisement and what was tagged right on the side of the laptop as $197, the employee tried to charge her $297. Again, we all were upset because this was not the price the advertisement announced. The employee advised us that they had optimized ALL the laptops, which is $100 extra, and if she wanted to purchase the laptop and walk out with it that day, she would have to pay $100 extra.

    WHAT???!!??? Where in their advertisement did it say, "$197 laptop, $100 optimized - out the door $297". This is plain and simple FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! This was a scam by Best Buy!! Again, we were trying to argue this amount with the employees, which got us NO WHERE!

    We were again told several times that it was not the company's issues and if we had a problem to take it up with their corporate office. When asked for the number, The store manager, Adelyn, rudely stated the number out loud and told us to leave. I had asked her to write the number down as well as her name. She rolled her eyes at me and wrote the number and her name on a card. She wrote her name so sloppy that we could not even read her name. She again told us she was not going to do anything and to leave the store. Of course we were very upset and appalled at the treatment we received from a well known store like Best Buy. We were treated like criminals and forced to leave the store.

    We sat outside the store, trying to get a hold of the corporate office and were hung up on. We called back, and were advised it was not their issue, we had to handle it with the store. We even asked them what was the purpose of their corporate office, if they do not handle situations like this. We were even accused of being liars. After all this repetitive abuse, we decided to take matters one step further. We NEEDED someone to listen to us.

    The family behind us, knew of a corporate attorney. She got on the phone with him and he advised us we had a class action case against Best Buy since there were several families involved in this matter and we had a store full of witnesses. Which by the way, these witnesses were pretty upset as well at the treatment we received and how this whole situation was handled that they provided us their contact numbers so they can be a witness if we needed them to be. The attorney advised he would take the case and file a class action suit against the company on ALL of our behalves.

    We wanted to try to give Best Buy a chance to settle this without going that far. We were not looking to cause trouble, we just simply wanted to resolve this issue and receive an apology for the treatment we received. Again, we tried to call corporate. I spoke to a Shirley. Shirley had called the store to try to get their side of the story. She stated the manager of the store's name was Adelyn. She stated that Adelyn advised her that I had gone to another department to get another item, therefore I lost my place in line. Adelyn also advised Shirley that they only guaranteed the first 10 in line. Shirley got back on the line with me and told me what she was told by Adelyn. Now, this was very upsetting that Best Buy would hire a manager who would lie and try to turn things around like this. This not only makes her look very bad, but this is also a reflection on the company, especially with Adelyn being the store manager.

    First of all, Adelyn did not know who was calling and complaining. There was a group of us who were there, we were all upset and we all got on our cell phones to complain to corporate. There is no way she would have known who was on the phone since she never once asked our names to identify us. The only way she would know I went to another department to get something else is if ALL 10 of us who were let in first, went to another department first together to get something else. Which of course was NOT the case! Shirley then advised me that it now turns into Adelyn's story against mine. I had advised Shirley that I know for a fact that I was not the only one calling in and complaining and the others would have the same story as I did. Shirley told me that no one had called in and there are no complaints against this store. Which again was a lie because I was standing next to someone who just got off the phone with corporate with their complaint and there were several others right next to me on their cell phones with corporate as well. I advised Shirley it was not my story against Adelyn's. I told her I know you guys have cameras in your store and if she wanted the truth to pull the video tapes, which will show we went up to the manager and we were directed to stand in a line within the red tape behind the cashiers. I advised Shirley that we had contacted an attorney, as well as the media, and I was calling to give their company a chance to try to resolve this matter before we were to meet with the media that morning. I was then advised by Shirley to do what I feel like we needed to do because there was nothing she could do to help me.

    We met with Fox Channel 11 news, in front of the store, a half an hour later. We all expressed our concerns and complained about the customer service and treatment we were provided. We also expressed our concerns on the company's false advertisement. This was fraud, a scam! The news interviewed the store manager, Adelyn, who stated unfortunately they did not have any more laptops to provide us, but in exchange, they would provide each of us with a $200 gift card and a discount on another item in the store. The representative from Fox news approached us and advised us of the offer from the store manager and then left.

    When the group (the 8 of us) approached Adelyn to accept her offer, she then told us that she was not giving us each a gift card, she was just going to give one gift card in the amount of $200. This was ABSURD!! AGAIN, we were lied to by their employee, a manager at that!! We, of course argued again with Adelyn and advised her that we did not just stay 3 days and 2 nights in front of their store just for a $200 gift card for the 8 of us. We each were purchasing a laptop. All 8 of us did not stand in line just to purchase 1 laptop!

    After a while of complaining to Adelyn, she told us this was all she was going to do for us and we were not going to get anything more out of her. Adelyn advised us to deal with corporate. She stated that by us complaining to corporate, they can do more for us then what she could. Adelyn finally said she would just give two $200 gift cards to two of us and the rest could buy something else at a discount and then work it out with corporate to get something from them.

    I was very upset and to the point where I refused to purchase another item from Best Buy! Regardless of how good the deal was, I was NOT going to contribute another penny to a company who has NO respect for their faithful and loyal customers! Therefore, I was NOT going to purchase anything else for a discount. This whole thing has been a scam to rip off the American Consumers!!

    We called corporate again and advised once more of the whole situation, and were told there was nothing they can do and it should have been handled in the store with the manager. Corporate even got Adelyn on the other line so they can hear from Adelyn what she wanted them to do for us. Adelyn stated that she did not know why we were calling and she already gave us a discount and gift card. We reminded Adelyn that she was the one who told us to work something out with corporate because she could not give us all the $200 gift card. Adelyn denied ever telling us that. We kept advising her of the whole conversation that took place in the store to refresh her memory and reminded her that she told us to deal directly with corporate to get this issue resolved.

    We have gotten nowhere with the corporate office and with the Simi Valley store management. We wrote a letter to the CEO of Best Buy and are hoping they provide us the $200 gift card and discount for another computer, that their manager had promised us on TV. We are still pending the results of this letter. I am so disappointed with Best Buy and I am hoping the CEO can restore my faith in this company. If not, I will boycott Best Buy every chance I get!

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  • Ja
    Jaz Mar 24, 2010

    Went online to check to see if they had a Sony Walkman Radio in stock at their Best Buy near me. Bestbuy.com says available at such and such store near me...get all the way there, and the woman says "oh no, we don't have any of those, that would be too hard to find" [insert eye roll]. Do not advertise that it is available instore when it isn't. You wasted my time just to get me into the store to possibly buy a lesser brand Walkman so I would at least walk out with something..fail.

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best buy rewards are a scam

I have a certificate of $10 and another one of $5 that I am trying to use to purchase a movie that cost $9.99''home of our own''. Unfortunately, because of your messed up way of doing business and being very tricky with you customers I cannot purchase that movie even if I was to spent $15 on a movie that cost $9.99 and lose $5.01 . I been looking for an hour on bestbuy.com to find something that will even to $15 but of course YOU made sure that I wont find anything! You guys are absolutely ridiculous and because of this I will never ever buy a thing from your store again.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  • Ki
    kimber31 Jul 08, 2011

    how about starting a class action law suite. im trying because i cant even get my $55 rewards points. ive been trying for 5 months now and $10 have expired and i think their doing on purpose now.

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  • Ac
    a critical mind Jun 16, 2015

    Whats the matter with people like you. As long as the total purchase is $0.01 before tax more than the rewards points/gift cards you can use your discount. If you insist on using all $15 credit in one purchase, and want to purchase something that is $9.99, then you can simply add any other item that is at least $5.01 to your order, and problem solved. It doesn't have to be only one item, and you don't have to use only one brain cell.

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defective products - won't replace

I purchase an LG washer and dryer at Best Buy. After four months, the dryer broke. Wouldn't power up (fancy model with bells and whistles). A machine four months old should not break and should replaced. Although I was on the phone for 5 hours with their Cust. Service and "Consumer Affairs" I was still forced to wait three weeks until they received a part and had their contract service come and fix it. With three kids that really sucks.

webroot spysweeper with antivirus product

I bought a Toshiba laptop and it came with a free 6 month Webroot Spysweeper with AntiVirus Product. I wasn't going to use it however I just took the CD (never installed it on my system either). At the checkout, they needed my card to activate it (in hindsight I never should have swiped my card, so I can see being flamed for that, but I figured "I will just call and cancel it" and be fine) and then I paid for the laptop.

Fast forward three months later, I call the 800 number and cancel the subscription for it so my card would not be charged $41.99.

Forward three more months later, I notice during a check of my checking account, that there is a $41.99 hold on my funds. I look and see its from Best Buy (whom I canceled the subscription with three months prior!). After being on hold for at least ten minutes, I finally got to talk to an actual person. I told them about the situation and that it "will be canceled and refunded". A week later it was not refunded so I filed a dispute with my banking institution.

geek squad/camera repair

I had to take my daughter's camera in for repair. I was told I could have the camera shipped to another Best Buy location when the repair order was complete. I was in Lincoln for a family event and this is why left it there. I figured once the camera was fixed I could have it shipped to Omaha or Sioux City. I called the Lincoln store and I asked if I could have the camera sent to another Best Buy that is closer to me and I was told no. I have to go to that store to get the replacement because the original repair order was done at that store.
I get so tired of these companies who tell you one thing and then someone else says "oh no that's not correct, this is how we do it". I have worked in retail for many years and I understand there are certain procedures that have to be followed, but come on, it's a phone call to another store for them. Now instead of driving 1hr, I have to drive 2.5hrs. I won't be doing business with Best Buy again.

online order & delivery

I purchased a washer on Best Buy website for what seemed to be a good price, the only drawback was this item being a special order with unusual waiting period before the item would shipped.
After waiting for more than 2 weeks for its delivery, I've decided to call their "customer service"
I have been dealing with useless representatives on the phone for the past 5 days now to find out the status of my order, it is the same ordeal over and over every time you call:" We need the order # and your name and your address, blah, blah, blah"
And every time they come back to me with pretty much nothing like oh it shows your order has shipped and you should be getting it soon, the delivery company will be contacting you soon, it shows in our system that this item has been delivered(!), the list goes on and on and on with the clowns on the phone.
When I tell them that being without a washer for 3 weeks is not fun and I want to cancel the order to go directly buy one at the store, they say I will be charged a 25% restocking fee!!!
What a joke of a company all together, these people take your money and could care less about what goes on afterwards!!!
Stay away from online orders altogether or you will be sorry.

laptop has been returned to emachines 3 times for overheating and crashing

Bought laptop and extended warranty from Best Buy. Laptop has been returned to Emachines 3 times for overheating and crashing.

When extended warranty ended, took it to Best Buys "Geek Squad" to fix broken usb ports and overheating under their PSP/warranty program. "Technician" said that it was covered. Next day he called and said it had to be shipped out for motherboard replacement. Weeks later got a call from another "technician" who said that usb ports were not covered and would cost $600 to repair. I told them I did not intentionally break any parts of the machine and that I had been told it was covered under the "normal wear and tear" part of their warranty.

shameful business practices

Bottom Line: We should have been shown the Sony Bravia 40” KDL40EX600, not the Samsung 40” LN40C530F1F, as a replacement for our JVC 40” LCD TV. We were completely lied to that there was no other LCD TV, other than the Samsung, that would be a comparable replacement. We didn’t even know the Sony Bravia existed until we returned home after a 2 hour interrogation by our local Best Buy salespeople and manager, feeling shamed and beaten down. I don't even have our Geek Squad order number or original sales receipt, because the sales manager failed to return our paperwork after we said we were leaving and would be contacting customer service. They have promised to mail it to us, but I bet they are hoping it gets lost in the mail. This horrible experience began 3 years ago when we were convinced by a BB salesman to purchase a $2, 000 JVC 40" LCD TV, which was on sale for $1, 799. We were told it was a top of line TV due to its video and audio capabilities. We were also convinced that purchasing the $200 PSP was a "great deal" because it would cover all repairs or we would get a new TV. When our LCD panel went bad 2 weeks ago, we were told that the replacement was $2, 500 and would not be ordered because the cost exceeds the amount paid for the TV. We were then told “it was actually a good thing because we'll end up getting a better TV because of technology changes and improvements". My husband and I were actually excited to “go shopping” as the Geek Squad tech put it, but we should have known it was too good to be true. When we got to the local BB store, before we were even shown so called "comparable" tv's, we were told to "prepare ourselves for sticker shock". The salesperson told us this before they even knew the specs of the TV we purchased. I had printed out the basic specs of our JVC TV, which the salesperson looked at, and then immediately brought us to a $674 Samsung Model: LN40C530F1F. We tried looking at other TV’s, but were told that “no other LCD TV compared to our JVC". We were also told that "we should be happy about this because it was actually better than what we had." We were repeatedly reminded and encouraged to use the $674 towards a better TV, but that was not what we were promised when we purchased the TV and PSP. The fine print says that the replacement TV must be “comparable as determined by Best Buy” but that is a complete scam. The salesperson said that she would love to offer us a better TV, but Corporate would not allow it. She said the major issue was that our refresh rate was only 60 Hz and “absolutely no other LCD TV’s other than the Samsung had specs like this. We didn’t know anything about refresh rates, but felt we were getting taken, so we asked to speak with the manager. This was useless as the manager gave us the same song and dance about there being no other TV's that were comparable. The more we asked about seeing other TV’s the more we were told that “this was our replacement offer, take it or leave it”. So we left with our JVC still in the back seat and went home feeling like shamed criminals. If we had known it would be such a belittling experience, we would have gone better prepared. When we got home, we looked at the Best Buy online store to see if the Samsung really was the “ONLY” comparable TV and of course it was NOT. Our local Best Buy had a Sony Bravia, Model: KDL40EX600, with specs just like our JVC. WHY WEREN’T WE EVEN SHOWN THIS TV? We are not idiots and realize that technology has changed and that LCD TV’s are less expensive now, but we were promised a fair exchange under the PSP, and this was not the case at all. The reason we were shown the Sony Bravia was because of it’s price, not its specs. If you compare our JVC with the Sony Bravia and Samsung, it’s obvious that the Sony Bravia fits the bill much more than the Samsung. It was a complete lie that no other LCD TV had our pitiful 60 mZ refresh rate. Best Buy just didn’t want to give us a $1, 079 credit, they wanted us to be happy with $674, knowing full well we would end up paying more out of our own pocket to get a decent TV. They convince us to spend our hard-earned money on their products and plans, and then take full advantage of us when we try and get what we were promised. They say the PSP is not about the money but it COMPLETELY about the money. If there was more than one TV with similar specs to ours, why weren’t we told about it? Why were we belatedly lied to? We even checked if the Sony Bravia KDL40EX600 was available at our local store and it was. So where was it and why weren’t we shown it? Why was a $674 value placed on TV when the salesperson and manager didn't even take the time to familiarize themselves with our JVC specs? It was like saying if my Honda CR-V broke down, that I should be happy with a Hyundai as a replacement. No disrespect to Hyundai owners but we all know they are cheaper than Honda’s for multiple reasons. All we want is what was promised. A TV that is equally comparable to our original. This TV would be the Sony Bravia and NOT the Samsung model. We have nothing against Samsung TV’s but we bought our JVC for certain qualities that are not present with the Samsung’s budget model. The “no lemon” policy is a joke. They should have to tell you that you better not expect too much should anything go wrong. The fine print about the local store determining what’s comparable should also be illegal when they don’t even take the time to learn about the product you are trying to replace. Has anyone successfully sued Best Buy for this shameful practice?

selling used products as new

After having my Frig for four years and dealing with it leaking for about 2 years, I previously had a Tech look at it and he states it had been worked on before. He refused to make any repairs to it. I later called out Best Buy's people to look at it and they said the same thing. That it had been worked on before. I had never had a repair person to fix or make any repairs to the frig! The sore manager passed the buck to the 1800 customer service and said he could not do anything. Customer relations and the service supervisor passed the buck back to the store. The store even had the audacity to recommend that I contact LG and deal with them. I will be contacting the Corporate office directly! They RIPPED ME OFF!!!

  • Ja
    Jack V. Uhern Jun 20, 2010

    The Best Buy is not to buy anything from "Best Buy".

    Only buy from "Fry's Electronics if posibile.

    Never from "Best Buy"

    Bye Bye "Best Buy".

    I would do without before buying from "Best Buy

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  • Ia
    ianreiddc Jul 06, 2010

    So I guess you work or are somehow affiliated with Fry's?

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refused to allow me to make a return

On June 4, 2010, I purchased an "Invisible Shield by Zagg" (UPC: [protected]) Best Buy SKU: 9952932) (cost $29.99 plus tax) for my new HTC Evo from Best Buy. I was told that if I didn't like it that I could return it. Well I got it home and put it on my phone. All seemed well. A few hours later, the corners started peeling off, and would not stick to the surface of the phone. I peeled it off, and put it back in the box to return. While in La Mesa on June 6, I attempted to return this item to the local Best Buy. The customer service rep didn't know if she was allowed to return it or not, so I was told to wait while she spoke with the store manager. She comes back 25 minutes later, and tells me that it is a consumable item, and therefore not returnable. I informed her I bought it merely 2 days earlier, and that it is defective, and asked to speak to the store manager. The store manager, Tim, took his sweet time to come talk to me. He advised me that he would not allow me to return the item, since I did not pay Best Buy to install it for me, and instead installed it myself. I then asked to exchange it, since it is defective. I emphasized the fact that I was NEVER told this was a consumable item, nor that I would not be allowed to return it. He again denied my request, saying I don't care, I am not going to allow you to return it, and told me to call 1-888-BESTBUY. I called, and they were closed. Normally, I would not take the time to make this complaint, but he had the worst attitude of ANYONE in customer service that I have ever encountered. I am extremely UPSET about this matter, and will tomorrow call my credit card to dispute the charge. I will NEVER do business with this Best Buy again! If an item is unreturnable, it should be marked as such on my receipt!

  • To
    Tommydar37 Jun 07, 2010

    Best Buy's return policy is one of the worst I've ever dealt with. I don't return many things, but I purchased a mount for my flat screen TV from there and when I was trying to install it, found out that it just wouldn't work due to the placement of the studs in my wall. When I tried to return it, they told me that since it was past 30 days, I couldn't return it AT ALL. Not even for store credit.

    The thing was $150 so I wasn't going to go without a fight. I talked to the store management & they said there wasn't anything they could do and that it was "policy". Sent an very detailed complaint email through their website about my experience and my opinion about their return policy and pretty much demanded they refund my $ or I'd report them to the BBB. They responded quickly and instructed me to bring the mount back to the store and speak with a specific manager. They had called her & given her authorization to refund the mount for store credit.

    So while I didn't get my $ back exactly how I wanted, I did get the store credit & used it for other stuff I needed. Definitely email & complain through their website and you should get some response from them (even if it's only store credit or an exchange for a different item).

    Good luck

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  • Ca
    CarmaDogma Jun 08, 2010

    I agree. If something is a conditional return item, it should be disclosed at point of sale. If the product is labeled as if intended to be installed by the consumer, yet requires professional installation, that is a defective product.

    You might want to see if you can contact Zagg and tell them about your bad experience at BestBuy. Sometimes the manufacturer is the dirtwad, sometimes it's the store. Zagg's customer service phone# is 1.801.263.0699

    If you're still looking for a good screen protector, the Belkin ones are great. Mine last about a year each without peeling and only needed to be replaced because they start getting too scratched up from the stylus. Apparently the Zaggs that you bought don't have that problem.

    INSTALLATION SUGGESTION: start at one end, line it up and then lay it down using a credit card to avoid air pockets underneath. If you mess up, lift it and try again. The adhesive should hold up if you need to take a Mulligan. A third re-do might be possible but no guarantees, I've never messed up twice myself so I can't test that theory.

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shipping charges

I went to my local Best buy store to purchase computer parts. The motherboard, CPU and memory modules were not availlable in the store, so the salesman ordered them for me. they were not availlable for in store pick-up so I was told there would be shipping charges. when the memory modules arrived, the 3 of them were in the same small box, for which I had been charged 3 times, ($5.99 each). when I called to ask why I had been charged 3 separate shipping charges when they only shipped one box, I was tolld that this was best buy policy, and that I could call corporate if I was not satisfied. I called, a total of 3.5 hours over 2 days, got shuttled around, put on hold and eventualy disconnected, (by them).

scams on warranties and new laptop sales

My first problem with Best Buy was 3 1/2 years ago when I bought a Laptop. I bought the extended warranty and had the Geek Squad set it up (extra cost).

When buying, they will put extensive pressure on you to buy the warranty and the setup. Second, when they set it up, they put their own? (or higher profit?) virus software on the machine. Of course, their warranty was very expensive. But I didn't know any better at the time.

Second, when I had to return my Laptop for repairs, the Geek Squad manager of the store was incredibly rude throughout the entire process which took weeks despite other promises. I tried to call the store manager - and guess what - they don't answer the phone like the Geek Squad did not answer the phone. I will say that there was one person in the Squad that I finally found, realized the issue, and helped me out. They also figured out a way to charge me extra - which I do not think was valid according to how I read the warranty agreement. Of course, you have to be a lawyer to read it and truly understand it.

My second problem was recently when in buying my new PC. It is a PC that for what it had, was at a great price. I had sworn never to pay them another dime and this is an exception because they have gotten an exclusive on certain PCs. Best Buy was the only place I could get this brand and setup.

Pressure on to get the warranty again. I refused with difficulty. You do not have to buy a warranty from them. Go to SquareTrade.com, an independent warranty company that has about the best ratings I have seen for any such company. Many TV news and newspaper reporters have checked them out and report universally great reviews as far as I have seen.

They have also figured out another few ways to get you. They now have software on the machine that gives you trial downloads that end up costing you a lot. I suggest you do not buy anything from them because it is probably less expensive and better elsewhere.

They also offer you Microsoft Office Student (basic programs) for over $100. I include MS in this issue. What they didn't tell me, and I think an honest retailer would, is that Office 10 will be available for free online - with advertising. So what - Google does that. The cost to put it on your computer will be several hundred dollars I understand. The point -Office 10 comes out in June or July. You can do one of two things - use the trial Office 2007 on the new PC for the intro period, or download the Beta version from Microsoft.com. At least Best Buy didn't get another cent out of me.


1 - There is a reason that Consumer Reports rated them dead last of consumer electronics stores.

2 - If you buy a warranty or any extras, especially involving Geek Squad - I would guess that you will be paying considerably more money for considerably less value.

3 - In my case - going to the Geek Squad was a bigger headache than my PC breaking down.

4 - My guess, while not being in the industry, is that they offer good prices and make money on the warranties and other stuff they can sell you.

So - save your self some money and the headache of dealing with them.

  • Li
    Ling Chi May 25, 2010

    I am not defending BB in the least, but you sound like an uninformed consumer who allowed himself to be herded like a flock of sheep into whatever deal they decided to build for you. Your best bet, instead of sounding off like an abused spouse, is to do better research the next time you are ready to purchase a machine. Visit the store to see it in person, then go home and research some more. Better to spend some time doing that than spend money and then cry about how they "forced" you to open your wallet, purchase the PRP, sign the checkout terminal, and happily show your receipt to the goon at the door (you know you're not required to do that, right?).

    Also, do a search on the Stanford Marshmallow Study.

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  • Dr
    Dr.GRS Oct 26, 2013

    Wish I had read this before I dealt with the Geek Squad. I brought a laptop there and had to bring it back for repair during the warranty period. They then sold me an extended service agreement for up to 3 machines "covering everything." I just brought the same laptop in because it would not start and was told the mother board is bad and that's not covered. they must be taking lessons fro the Genius' at Apple. Buy cheap and disposable there is no support.

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fraudulent business practices

It all started the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday." I decided to order via bestbuy.com and I purchased $307 worth of items using my best buy credit card…I was also taking advantage of the no interest on purchases of $249 or more. Dec 2nd I rec’d an email stating that there was a problem with my billing and if they didn’t hear from me they were going to cancel my order. So I called the number listed in the email and spoke with a CSR from bestbuy.com… was told that they were going to send the order through again and that she wasn’t able to tell me exactly why it didn’t go the first time. I said that was fine, didn’t see a need to investigate further, all she said they needed was my authorization to process the order again.

Dec 3rd I rec’d another email stating that there was an issue on the billing and my items might be canceled. So, I went online to view my account and to my surprise my account was overdrawn ($196.27). I called bestbuy.com and got the run around. After the 5th person I spoke with I was told to call HSBC. I called HSBC, after the 3rd person it was determined that bestbuy.com charged my best buy card twice on Black Friday, 2 charges of $307 each, no duplications on the products just twice the charges. I was then told by HSBC that they couldn’t reverse the charge without bestbuy.com approving this…which meant I had to call bestbuy.com back and then have them call HSBC. Oh, and in the meantime I rec’d another email regarding billing errors in which 2 items on my order were canceled!!! Now where was I, yes, after 2 hours on the phone trying to get a credit of $307 back on my account I thought everything was fine so the call ended.

Dec 4th I look at my online account balance and notice that yes, a credit of $307 was issued back to my account but the items that were canceled on my order were still charged to my best buy card. So, I called Bestbuy.com since by now I knew the process was to call them first and have them call HSBC on the other line…anyways, after speaking with 3 people and a supervisor I was assigned a case# and was told someone would call me back. 2 days later no one ever called me back!!! I then proceeded to call bestbuy.com and go through the process again only to be disconnected after an hour on hold and in which I was being transferred to the 3rd person who I was told would be able to help me. I didn't call back, instead I took my business elsewhere to purchase the products that were canceled and told everyone I know what happened!!!

no delivery

Never delivered, I purchased a Refrigerator from Best Buys in mid February with a delivery date of mid March. Not having received a phone call to confirm delivery I called the store and spoke to a young clerk who checked the delivery sheet and confirmed my delivery was set for noon to 4 pm that Saturday. At about 3:30 PM I called the store to check on delivery status and was informed that my item was on back order and they could not give me a delivery status. It is paid in full on my Best Buy card. Two months later still no delivery and I requested my money back and I was informed store policy was that they could only give me a " store credit " only . The item is still not delivered and I was informed it was no longer manufactured even though their web site indicated available to purchase. I dont need a $ 1458 store credit, I want my money back for item that cant be delivered... I feel ripped off, filed complaint with department of consumer protection, better bureau and am scheduled to go on air with Television to promote Best Buy rip offs ...

  • My
    my2cents7 May 05, 2010

    I agree Jw3. If I needed a fridge I would go back and get a new one with my store credit and if it was cheaper I'g get me something for myself. you can always ask the for reward points too, make them give you like 2000 reward points for not delivering the goods like promised!

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geek squad

HP laptop (14 months old) was stuck at HP screen. Geek squad did nothing but charge me $84 to send to service center. They did nothing but tell me they've see this before: it needs a new motherboard for $500. (Why couldn't they have told the Geek squad this so I wouldn't have to send it off and waste $84???
So, I said "no" and took it to a local repair shop who fixed it for FREE. Took a second. Complained to BBB; they refused to give me the $84 back or even tell me where the $84 went. Beware of Best Buy.

  • Kc
    KC_NJ Apr 04, 2009

    I took my laptop to Best Buy for repair and was totally disgusted. First, I was told diagnostic would be 3 days, when in fact after 5 I called and was told I would receive a call back that day (no call). Second, I went to the store after 5 days and was told diagnostic wasn't done yet they would call me. Third, finally received a call from them telling me they needed to redo my O/S and it would be $129, I said ok to the repairs and was to it would be a few days. Now 5 days after authorizing repaid I show up to pick up my laptop only to be told that the repairs were not done, they have no record of me authorizing repairs and they would need the discs I received with the laptop to do it. Now I did not receive discs with the laptop because it was purchased from BestBuy and they are the ones that set it up, and why would I pay $129 to have them reload my O/S from discs if I had them at home? then I'm to sign a receipt to take the laptop home only to find out aferwards that it's a receipt that repairs were done to my satisfaction. what repairs??? I am totally disgusted with Best Buy and the Geek Squad that I will not be purchasing anything from them again. I recommend you don't either.4

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  • Fl
    FLWAT98 Jul 25, 2009

    I purchased a HP Digital Camera along with the extended warranty. Within 6 months the camera would not accept a charge. I brought it into Best Buy and was referred to Geek Squad desk. The examined the camera and could not figure out what was the matter. They sent it off and returned it 4 weeks later stating that it was impact damage. The camera door now would not shut which was not an issue previously. There was no sign of any impact and I do not recall the camera which was kept in a neoprene sleeve ever sustaining impact. I will attempt not to buy another item from Best Buy, and certainly not an extended warranty. Should have stuck with Sears.

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  • Sc
    ScoutsFather Jul 25, 2009

    Good choice on Sears. Always choose the business that is trying harder to engender customer loyalty. I already had a negative feeling about BB because some of the prices are ridiculous. Your experience is another check for using BB only infrequently.

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  • Li
    LilyMarie Aug 16, 2009

    I would like to let everyone be aware of the horrible service at the Bel Air Best Buy! I have a camera being repaired by the Geek Squad. It has been almost a month and it is still not fixed. I have to keep calling because for some reason they can not update my new number into the system to call me when its complete??!! I wouldn't mind calling them if it didnt take 20 trys for someone to even pick up a phone!! I asked about the status on the repair before and some girl said it was shipped off to be fixed. I checked online just to make sure and it was still @ the Bel Air store. I called again 2 weeks later and the guy that answered said it just had been sent off to Sony that week. I keep getting the run around and I just want my camera back! Not to mention when I went to drop it off they had to move me to 4 different computers to input my stuff and get out of each others way that I lost my car keys in the process!! Once I get my camera I will be closing out my Card with them and will never go back!

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  • Wo
    WorstBuySucksDonkeyBalls Mar 30, 2010

    Best Buy Geek service at the Cerritos Store (see address at bottom of this complaint) is horrible as well. I brought in a computer and paid $200 for diagnosis and "repair." (It turns out that the repair meant install the OS only.) A couple of days after bringing in the computer Best Buy said they would need to install a hard drive for $130. After reluctantly going ahead with that they said I need to order a recovery disk from the computer manufacturer (Sony) for another $70. So what started out as a $200 repair ended up doubling to $400. If I had any idea going in that it would have been $400 to make my old computer whole again, I would have bought a new computer. The Geek Squad manager was rude and unhelpful when I expressed my concerns about their poor communication and customer service.

    12989 Park Plaza Dr Cerritos Town Center
    Cerritos, CA 90703
    Phone: 562-402-1555
    GEO: 33.869320, -118.05516

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  • Ho
    hotspur Apr 28, 2010

    Geek squad is a high concept/ low quality ripoff. You think your getting these tech heads that they show on their ads. But the thugs they sent to my house i wouldnt even want them mowing my lawn. The attached photo shows where one of them was supposed to join two wires. He used MY tape that was close by and joined these two wires with it. No connectors. (I could have done that) One wire is small the other is really thick. they didnt match. and it only needed to be 2 feet long. He used an 8 foot piece and HID THE REST BEHIND THE COUCH!

    This was only part of the shambles they did. It was horrible and when i complained Best Buy wouldnt even return my calls.

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  • Ke
    kevin rich Dec 10, 2010

    beware: best buy does not stand behind products they sell have lg washer/dryer they have been out to repair it 5 times on dryer 4 on washer they will not replace it.talked to best buy corp in richfield, mn they put in for replcement said i would get call back never heard from anyone, called back they said still looking into it.washer went out nov, 19 10 dryer went out nov, 23 10 washer finally fixed on the 27th, had to wait on parts on dryer till the 10th of dec.repair guy was supposed to show up 08-12 called and said he would be here 12-2, acted like he did not care about it.have spent alot of money over years at bb, and i am done now.there customer service sucks.they never call you back, don't show up when they are supposed to, spend 2500.00 on washer/dryer that always fails and all best buy says they will give me is 25.00 for using laundry mat to do clothes, that is ###!!once they get your money they don't care anymore.

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geek squad service - $1600 for fam pics

I was in Chicago March 16-19 for a business conference and on March 17th my wife called me to tell me that...

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