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asus tf101 tablet

Purchased tf101 X-1 Asus Tablet from Best Buy .com on 12/09/11 onsale for $299.99 same unit they were selling on black friday for $249.99 .Recieved unit powered it on and screen shows just vertical lines, Took it back to BB and was told oh yes its definitely defective but we no longer carry that unit so cant exchange it only refund, heres the catch they carry TF101 A-1 which by their own geek squad guy admission is the same exact unit but sells for $399.99 so offered me same tablet for $100 more, They said that model # was BB exclusive to prevent price matching. I showed them a copy of their online ad from a week ago showing both models side by side at the same $399.99 cause they uped the price no longer on sale but they insist cant exchange because its two different sku and model # even though geek squad guy admitted that it was actually identical unit. Very deceptive practice by BB so buyer beware...

flat screen tv

My husband bought an expensive flat screen TV in 2005 at Best Buy. We were asked if we wanted to buy the extended warranty on what was originally a $6, 000 TV. The extended warranty was approximately $400 at the time. In 2008 just before the warranty expired the "panel" started to show what appeared to be "rain" lines running through whatever show was on. The technician was shocked at the replacement price of over $7, 000, he said it was a good thing we bought the warranty. I of course renewed my warranty for another almost $400, for another 3 years.

Now, it's 2011, the 3 year warranty will expire at the end of this month, so I called Best Buy to purchase another extended warranty. I was surprised when the Geek Squad agent asked if I was sent an invitation, I said, no I hadn't. The agent then told me he was sorry, but since I wasn't offered an "invitation", I wasn’t allowed to purchase another warranty. He apologized profusely, but told me that it was company policy and there was nothing they could do.

I said that I now have a TV that my husband who passed away this year; had to have, and I’m stuck if something happens to it again. I was told that if that happens I can bring in the TV in and they’d be happy to fix it, but I would just have to pay "out of pocket" for the repairs.

I said, that this seems like a scam that you can only purchase a warranty once, by "invitation" and it's too bad if the product breaks down. You now have to buy a new one.

So not only are product made with an "expiration date", you can't buy a warranty to cover repairs after the first 3 years, at least with Best Buy. Seems they are counting on the short life span of the product, so they can soak you for another over priced item. Their excuse was that technology changes and they couldn’t be responsible after a certain time passes.

I would think that they could at least offer a warranty that covers half of the repairs or something. Now that $6, 000 TV can probably cost $2, 000, but the repairs I would imagine, would be cheaper too.

Most if not all our home electronic products come from Best Buy. I similar thing happened with my printer this year. I’m so done with Best Buy.

Ex-Best Buy customer

extended warranty terms

Do not ever buy an extended warranty at best buy!!! I purchased a panasonic luminx dmc-zs8 in july 2010. In...

very bad customer service and customer relations

I purchased a digital camera two weeks ago, on October 1st 2011 to be exact, from a local best buy store that was intended as a gift, however, circumstances stopped me from attending the event and therefore I no longer had any use for the camera. I went back to return the unopened item to Best buy on Sunday the 16th of October 2011 but I was told that the return period expires 14 days after purchase, therefore it expired on the 15th which was 1 day before. I was never advised of this new policy they have when I purchased any of the electronics that I bought from Best buy this year and I think I should have been even if it's printed on the receipt as was pointed out to me at the time of the return. I tried to get the store manager, a woman called Amanda according to her tag, to give me at least store credit or exchange for something that I can use, however, she gave me nothing but attitude and treated me as if I was an annoyance to her. She even ignored me and waved me away and would not respond to my queries until I got upset and asked for a different manager. Yet, she refused to give me access to someone else stating that she is the only store manager at which point I asked for the corporate number to file a complaint. Once I had the number, I left the store and immediately called corporate and after about a 10 minute wait I spoke to a lady in customer relations about filing a complaint and resolving the return issue. She seemed willing to grant my request and made me believe that the only obstacle is the fact that she couldn't call the store because the lines at their end were tied up. She did however promise to call me back within 24 hours with an answer. When I didn't hear from Best Buy the following Monday, which was yesterday, I called them today, Tuesday October 18th 2011, to check on the status. But after a very long wait I spoke to a different lady who put me on hold again only to tell me that she called the store and they refuse to allow the return. She even suggested that I sell the Camera on ebay. I finally told her that they have lost me as a customer, someone who spent over $3000 in their store this year alone, however, she seemed not to care making a remark about not having a record of my spending or something of the sort since at that point I no longer wished to have any dealings with Best Buy. I do not know how this store can afford to stay in business but considering their attitudes and behavior toward customers I doubt they will survive much longer. I cannot help but wonder why anyone would wish to pay a higher price when one gets this type of customer service. As far as I'm concerned any other store including online ones are a better bet than Best Buy. Respectfully,

  • JuliePooh51265 Oct 18, 2011

    The 14 day return policy is pretty standard among all stores that sell electronics. It's not something "new" that Best Buy has instituted.

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  • Th
    TheWayItIs Oct 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are all way off base. Yes, the return policy is 14 days, BUT, if it was unopened as was posted, BBY could easily resell it. Poor management decision. Worse business decision; why lose the customer? Even if it was opened, give a store credit, make the customer happy and retain some semblance of a reputation and sanity.
    BTW, this is EXACTLY why BBY is LOSING business to online etailers such as Amazon and NewEgg. If you don't believe me, check their respective sales growth trends. In addition, BBY has decreased floor space in their stores and is shifting more business to mobile.

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cell phone

When I purchased a cell phone, the clerk offered a replacement warranty and said all we had to do if there was a problem was bring the phone in and they would replace it right then and there. I paid $15.00 for the replacement warranty, phone broke, took it in and was told it didn't work that way. I would have to send the phone away, wait for a gift card in the mail, and could then purchase the new phone with the gift card. I would NOT have purchased this if the clerk had been honest about how the replacement warranty worked. I feel like I've been "had". Clerk simply lied and I took him at his word. There's no way I can be without a phone while snail-mail honors the warranty so now I'm out the cost of a new phone, plus the $15.00 useless warranty.

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dishonest associate and rude management

I bought a Sony TV by trading in my old TV and got 300 dollars discount which as per the sales associate is from the Ontario Govt's campaign regarding old TVs. Before purchasing the TV, I asked the sales associate about the return policy in case I don't like the TV or if I get a better deal from somewhere else so that I can pick up my old TV back and he told me that they will not give me back my old TV rather they will give the 300 dollars that Best Buy will get from the Ontario government. I was there with my two other office colleagues and we were quite surprised with this incentive. So one of my colleagues asked him at least 4 times that if we return the TV then we will not get back our old TV rather we will get 300 dollars for that. The associate wanted us to sign the deal asap and he reassured us multiple times that we will get 300 dollars and not the old TV. After we bought the TV, I got a better deal from Costco and I bought it from there. So I went back to Best Buy showed te associate that I got a better deal from Costco and showed him the receipt as well and returned their TV, the associate refused to give me 300 dollars that he promised earlier. He totally denied that he ever said something like that. I called my colleagues and have them talked to the associate and his store colleague. They reconfirmed that this was exactly what the associate said in the beginning. I was not much concerned about my old TV or 300 dollars but about the commitment and words of the associates that he made while selling me his product. I called their manager, he listened to me and refused to help saying that his associates can not say any such thing. Then the general manager showed up and his attitude was quite aggressive and humiliating. I was totally in shock that a company with such a repute can have these kind of dishonest employees and rude, ill mannered and aggressive general managers. I cursed myself when I came to this store to make this deal and now have to bear all this humiliation in front of my son and other people. They were keep on making fun of me. One of my colleagues, who was there initially when I bought the TV showed up as he lived nearby and started telling the General Manager that whatever I said before was true and happened in front of him. I was standing at a side now and cursing myself when I came to this store to get all this humiliation. The general manager all of a sudden told me to leave the store otherwise he will call the police as I used "abusive language" against him. That was another shock to me, I tried to tell him that I didn't say anything bad to you or your associate but he cut my words and in his abusive and rude tone asked me to get out of the store right now and that I am banned to enter in any best buy store. I was in state of total disbelief that this can happen in Canada that people can lie right at your face, I tried to talk again that sir I didn't say to you anything, I was talking to myself but he cut me again in the middle and shouted at me and stepped against me as he will hit me and also asked his store colleagues to call the police. I didn't say any word and left the store without saying any word with a great sadness of all the humiliation I had to bear in front of my son. I can't imagine that businesses with such great names can treat their customers like that and they have management who can literally bully their customers. I don't know what to do and who to present my case. So I thought to share with you guys so that you may careful when you make a deal and better get things in writing. Their general manager has "banned" me to enter any Best Buy store. I am thankful to him but will I go to Best Buy ever after this treatment ? I don't believe so. They are big company, it makes no difference to them whether I shop their stores or no but I think bad reputation does matter.

  • Ch
    ChrisTucstwo Sep 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm confused, did they at least offer to give you your old tv back? Or they just told you that you were completely beat?

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  • Ka
    Katrina12 Sep 11, 2011

    After reading your story, I feel awful for you as you do sound very genuine about the details of what happened. If I were to take a wild guess, I'd wonder if the sales person gets a commission for the sale and he thought that would guarantee the sale. In other words, he lied. Now, I agree that it is a preposterous sounding lie to where I can see that the management might not believe that the guy told such a whopper and that you would believe it. If the manager is intelligent, he will closely monitor that sales person and be on the watch for any other similar complaints on him.

    Now, I do want to direct part of this to you. Since this offer was so incredible compared to any other store or experience you've probably had anywhere else, I would say that you might have been a vit naive to have believed it. But hey, we've all been messed over by someone and were naive about it because we so wanted to believe it.

    So, next time anyone makes a statement or promise, ask them to put it in writing and sign their name (legibly so you can read it). Only the owner or top manager really has that authority to write and sign something. Better yet, ask them to show you the company sales policy or warrantee that says what they are saying.

    At all times, keep this in mind (whether it is a relationship or a product): If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn't."

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  • Sa
    Say_No_To_Best_Buy Sep 12, 2011

    After a long debate, the aggressive general manager said that he will find a tv similar to the one that I traded in. When I asked him how long will it take, he said may be a month or more. I asked him if he can give me a time frame in writing he said no he will not do that as it may take indefinite amount of time and on top of that they will not test that t.v for me to check whether it's working or not.

    This is one of my weaknesses that I trust people. Like I said before I had two office colleagues with me at the time of purchase and they witnessed to management that whatever I am saying is true and the sales guy did say this. However the general manager guy was so aggressive that I was thinking that at any time he will physically hit me. He was almost shouting at me and was being sarcastic. It seemed to me that other best buy employees there including the general manager were enjoying the situation by keep on making fun of me. One of my colleagues came there to assure the general manager that whatever I am saying is right. But he was also scared of his attitude. Today he talked to me over the phone and mentioned that he can't believe that best buy can have such rude and ill mannered senior management.
    Thanks for your advice, I will definitely keep this in mind from now on.

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  • Sa
    Say_No_To_Best_Buy Sep 12, 2011

    As this deal was originally initiated by the Govt of Ontario hence the old tvs were going to the govt for recycling purposes. In return the govt was paying Best Buy 300 dollars per t.v, hence Best Buy was selling their Sony tvs for 300 less than the original price. This was told to me by the sales associate. So let's say if I bought a t.v whose regular price was 1000 dollar, Best Buy will get my old t.v from me and will sell Sony tv to me for 700. However they got 1000 dollars for that t.v as they got 700 from me and 300 from the govt. So as per the sales associate, if I return the tv, I will get back 700 plus 300 which Best Buy has got from the govt.

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shop elsewhere if it is possible

I am extremely delayed in posting this complaint, but due to another extremely unfortunate experience with greatest Buy, it compelled me to make a point in letting the public know how the company truly operates.

Let's start with today.

My husband and I own/operate a small company of about 15-20 people. Although we were at capacity, a woman came to us basically begging for a JOB, and we caved. We were out of computers, so we high-tailed it to greatest Buy, the closest location selling computers. (Might I add if we weren't in such a rush I would NOT have opted to shop here!)

So we found a full workstation for sale at $599. We get to the counter, check-out, and low and behold… they don't have the monitor in stock. Credit card already charged, (conveniently) and wham – no monitor. We additionally didn't notice at first, but they added a $59.99 service fee without advising us or getting our consent. They had to do a seperate credit to our card for this overcharge.

So they tell us the monitor will come in a shipment at 5:00pm that night. Meanwhile, it's a 20 minute drive from our home to make the trip back. Rather inconvenient for their error, I might say. Doing as told, we arrive at 5:15pm. Shocker… no monitor! I'm not going to lie, I embarassed my husband and demanded a replacement monitor, or they could pay for my gas and time to/from their store, plus a day's interest on my credit card for charging me without having the items available.

Finally a manager came over to replace it. Amusing, but they wanted to do ANOTHER charge to my debit card – for the full amount. WARNING: This is classic greatest Buy behavior. Both charges will hit your debit card, and it will take up to 5 days for those funds to reverse. So basically greatest Buy/your debit card company sits on your MONEY interest free, while you lose access to your own CASH. I called them out on this, and magically the Manager found a way to rering it without having to charge my card again.

Now moving on to over X-Mas:

My husband's Uncle is an elderly man, with absolutely no computer savvy. We sent him $700 to buy himself a laptop for X-Mas, as after being out of work for 12 months, he finally had an opportunity to help operate a landscaping company. We figured the computer would help him stay organized.

He took our CASH and went into greatest Buy, telling "Kevin", the Sales Rep, exactly what he was looking for. He indicated he wanted the smallest/cheapest laptop they had. (Now mind you that greatest Buy was advertising Netbooks, etc. for $199 over Christmas.)

Kevin convinces Uncle that he needs a 'certain' laptop in order to operate the internet. (LIE!) He additionally tells him that he has to sign-up with the Geek Squad in order to use the internet, because ONLY greatest Buy can get him an email address with Google. (Are you kidding me…?)

Some of this sounded so ridiculous, we told our Uncle to wait until we flew home to check things out.

When we got there, the computer wasn't even out of the plastic yet. The package had been taped shut by greatest Buy with green tape.

I look at the receipt, and they've charged him $549 for the laptop, $129 for Geek Squad, and $79 for some anti-spy software that "Kevin" indicated our Uncle just HAD to have or the internet wouldn't work right. What a joke!

So I walked into that same greatest Buy, and place the computer on the counter to return it. Afterall, it had never even been turned on. The "Manager" tells me we should look for an exchange, so we did. We were advised if we didn't find an exchange, there would be a 15% restocking fee. We were fine with that. But, if you haven't guessed… everything was out of stock. There was nothing equivalent or less expensive.

We went back up to the counter, and the Manager of the Geek Squad comes strolling up to the counter with a mouth full of food, telling us it will be at least 20 minutes while they inventory the computer. So we wait.

We're called back up to the counter to THEN be told we couldn't return it. Why? Because it was already opened. Ummm… yes it was opened. By the Geek Squad he was told he just HAD to have! (They additionally lied to him and told him all he had to do was turn it on and he'd have internet. Bull! A total and complete lie!) I indicated I was confused… Why did the Geek Squad have to spend 20 minutes 'scrubbing' the computer if they knew within the first 5 seconds it was already opened and we couldn't return it?

I then questioned for a refund of the Geek Squad fee and this virus software – still in the case. This Geek Squad Manager, (now chomping gum in his mouth) told me he bought the software, and he couldn't return it. I couldn't even know the guy and questioned him to take his gum out so he could articulate properly. He told me, (and I quote) "I need to deal with it. He'd rather be chewing gum than have terrible breath, and he never gets a chance to eat." Wow! This is my problem HOW?

So after being berated, they handed us back the computer box.

We walked towards the front door, and I stopped to request the Security Guard if he could get me the Store Manager, not just some Geek Squad department Manager. Meanwhile, while walking to the door, the bottom of the package fell out, and the laptop goes crashing on the floor, plastic pieces going in all directions. Apparently the lovely Geek Squad didn't package the computer right, leaving out all the protective packaging. The computer lay in a pile on the floor.

As the Geek Squad counter witnesses this all, they send over a 18-20 year ancient black girl, complete with sagging pants, ghetto personality/vocabulary, and head bob. She tells me that SHE'S the Manager, albeit her shirt says Customer Service Associate, or something of the like. She tells me that we need to leave the store, the Manager is busy, and that there's nothing they will do for us. So we walked out with broken laptop in hand, worthless software, and over $100 in bogus Geek Squad fees.

Want to know the most fascinating part? Not once did they request whom the sales rep was to see if there was a sales/Management issue. Not once did they want an explanation of what occurred. And even better… as I walked out the door they were still trying to convince me that without paying for the software or the Geek Squad fees that our Uncle wouldn't have had access to a Google email account.

  • Th
    TheWayItIs Sep 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fire an email to the Corporate Escalation Group, copy VP of Stores and the CEO. Abhorrent store behavior, incompetent management and consumer deception - if not fraud. Copy your state's Division of Consumer Affairs and/or Attorney General.

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incorrect information

On August 6, 2011 I went to the Best Buy in Hyannis MA to purchase a laptop computer.
I was purchasing the computer to use for a new job. I explained to the salesman named Dominic that my employer required me to have a computer with a 32 bit operating system.. Dominic said "Oh they don't make those anymore. The Toshiba computer you are interested in will run 32 bit programs". Since Best Buy claims to have computer people with outstanding technical expertise I accepted what the salesman was saying and purchased the machine. However, it will not run the applications required by my employer. I subsequently found out that 32 bit operating systems are available. I returned to Best Buy on Sept 2, 2011 and spoke to Best Buy manager named Phil. Phil informed me that I could resolve my problem by purchasing Windows 7 software with 32 bit operating system. The cost of the software was $199.99. I explained that I was misinformed by Dominic and Phil said "We are aware that there are 32 bit operating systems but Best Buy doesn't sell them". I asked Phil why Dominic didn't tell me that. Phil said "Our sales people don't know everything about computers." I asked Phil to provide me with a discount on the $199.99 Windows software since I was misinformed on the purchase. He offered $10 off. I think I deserve better resolution. Thanks, Pat

sold a two year old laptop as new

After saving for a year, I went into best buy to purchase a brand new macbook pro. The store employee tells me they have a returned macbook that was complete and had been returned within the 14 day window. He also stated the computer had been checked out by their "geek" squad and was complete. I tell them it sounds good and he rings it up, I purchase the extended warranty and leave the store. Drive the 60 plus miles to my house and take it out of the box. What is this, no power cord. I call the store and they say oh we are sorry, it was a returned item. I drive back to alexandria to talk to the manager and it turns out it wasnt even the right computer. The computer in the box was over two years old and a different serial number even. Still to this day they have not made this right. I'm going to bbb on this and sure hope anybody reading this will think twice before wasting their hard earned money on a overpriced paperweight.

  • IronGrudge89 Jul 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Best Buy is known for their horrid customer service. Scratch that, their horrid... everything. However, you should have checked the box before leaving the store. Especially since you were told that it was a repackaged item.

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  • Be
    BestBuySalesAssociate Aug 19, 2011

    The other thing that needs to be asked is did you hang it yourself. One of the number one issues with tv's is that people tighten the bolts in the back to much and damage the panel.

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poor customer service

Will never ever shop at this location, we are cancelling our best buy cc and we are looking into filing a...

return policy

Best Buy requres my drivers license to return an item. If I am not required my DL to purchase an item why in...

extremely poor geek squad repair service

On the 7th of May, 2011, I sent in my Acer Desktop PC to the Geek Squad repair service. I had an extended...

horrible company

I purchased a flat screen tv for my husband two Christmases ago. I paid $2, 000.00 for it and paid for "white glove" installation which I put on my Best Buy Card. The TV is a Sony which we love so I won't knock the product. The installer hung it crooked which my husband had to fix (they charged over $350.00 for their "white glove" installation). I made the payments as agreed until February when the economic downturn hit my family personally and I made one payment late. The next month I paid the card off because (get this) the late charge is more than the minimum payment. I paid the card off the following month. They reported the one late payment over two years on my credit report, AFTER I PAID THE CARD OFF, and screwed up my credit rating. Thanks for nothing you!! I have to give Kudos to Sears, the Children's Place and Capital One credit cards. I paid them all late in February as it was a bad month (as previously stated) financially for my family, but not one of them reported me as late. I will remember that in the future when I am making purchases from Sears, the Children's place and using my Capital One card. Best Buy I can only hope you go the way of Circuit City, which in my humble opinion, was a much better company than your trash company. Newport News, funny how nobody wears your garbage!

  • Re
    Rebecca Apr 24, 2009

    This is the second time I have called Best Buy credit services and they ALWAYS LIE! They tell me what i want to hear, and then hang up without making a note on the computer or going through with what they said. Mark my words I will Never do business with Best Buy again, and will let EVERYONE know that they are SCAMMERS and that they will rip you off. I am going to take my tax refund and pay off my bill so i never have to see them again!!!

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  • Ma
    Manny Perez Jan 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Got a Best Buy credit card to pay off articles interest free. The problem comes with Best Buy Credit Services charging late charges fees at the rate of $35 dollars per month.

    I was almost done paying my balance but last November 2015 I learned the hard way they charged $35 dollars for late fees on payments done after the 5th of each month. I made payment on 11/10/2015, so OK I was late by accounting standards.

    To avoid this from happening again I made a payment on 11/21/2015, which is 14 days before the next cycle is closed on 12/05/2015. Still, they charge me late fees again for December 2015 for another $35. I made another payment on 12/10/2015, so I have done electronic payments about every 15 days straight from my bank account.

    I talk to two customer reps and they told me the due date is on every 5th or I get charged late fees. So, ok, I tell 2 of them to explain how is it they charged me late fees on 12/2015 if I made a payment on 11/21 and 12/10?

    They say their system is so dumb that unless you pay a couple of days before the 5th it either apply it to the previous month or future month cycle.

    All I know is that I was late when I paid on 11/10 because it was past 11/5, but these scam artists charged me late fees again on 12/5 although I made an electronic fund transfer on 11/21...14 days before 12/5 and again on 12/10 after the 12/5 cycle.

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customer service

I went to Best Buy to get some RAM. Salesman sold me some. Got home it was wrong item. Tried to return and...

appliance non-installation

I paid $119 for the installation of a dishwasher I purchased at Best Buy. When the guy showed up, he informed me that I would have to hire a plumber to change the shutoff valve so it would fit their unit. Is this not a part of installation? I sent the dishwasher back for a refund. I was told the installer was not qualified to swap out the valve. Apparently, Best Buy hires cheap help to do installations at home, not professional plumbers like Sears does.

  • Yo
    You bet Dec 07, 2011

    You paid for a basic installation of a dish washer. Quit being so cheap. How about I come over and remodel your kitchen for you to. I bet your one of those people with a water damaged cabinet and full of junk. If you ask me you got off cheap with 119.99. Sears that's a joke.Where I live, you'd be lucky to get the sears guy to show up. We all (installers) can swap out valves. We just know your to cheap to pay for it.

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I purchased an ipad2 on the 5th May 2011 from Best Buy in Pasadena. I was assured on purchase that the ipad2...

terrible experience with bestbuy.com and in-store pickup service

Warning - Terrible experience with In-Store Pick-Up and BestBuy.com

I had an absolutely terrible experience with Best Buy In-Store Pick-Up today. I have shopped at Best Buy for over a decade and spent thousands of dollars and my experience today was so negative I may never shop at Best Buy again.

So basically I needed a camera for a shoot that was scheduled for TOMORROW. I also had 2 gift cards for Best Buy to use so i figured I would search to see where the camera I needed was available.

When the item showed up at a nearby store, it said it was IN STOCK Order today, pick up on 05/21/2011 (TODAY). I then called the store to see if they could put it on hold for me but nobody picked up after being on hold for 15 minutes so I decided the prudent thing to do would be to pay first and then pick up the product since clearly the product was in stock and Best Buy made it very clear that if i order today I can pick it up today.

So to make a long story short, I put in my payment and my 2 gift cards and never got a email that I could pick up the product. I decided to just go to the store and they said they had the camera in stock but they could not give it to me because my order was "on hold."

I then asked if I could simply cancel my first order and pay and they said they could but they could not promise any sort of timely reimbursement of my gift cards so I could then NOT USE my gift cards.

I then spent 30 minutes on the phone with Elaine in customer service and she basically told me she has no idea why my order is on hold and I can't pick up the camera. Let's keep in mind, the camera is there IN STOCK, when I placed the order IT WENT THROUGH, and I had ALREADY BEEN CHARGED.

I asked why she could not simply call the entity that had the order on hold and she could not as she had no authorization to do so.

So to make a long story short, I trusted Best Buy's online claim of "ORDER TODAY, PICK UP TODAY" but got totally screwed.

I now have to reschedule my shoot and have to disappoint a client.

The moral of the story is

1) Best Buy needs to do a better job warning customers if they purchase something online for pick-up they may NOT be able to pick up the item the day they say you will be able to EVEN IF THE ITEM IS IN STOCK

1) Best Buy needs to empower their customer service reps to do more to rectify quagmires like this. Clearly Elaine was not able to do ANYTHING about the order being on hold and had no idea why exactly the order was on hold either.

3) I suggest Best Buy place a WARNING when you are about to check out to purchase an item for in-store pick-up to the extent of

NOTE: Your item may not be ready for pick-up today even if it is estimated it will be OR by any guaranteed date. IF YOU NEED THE ITEM TODAY IT IS BEST TO GO TO THE STORE AND PURCHASE IT THERE as orders made online may be subject to being put on hold and the item will not be released to you until the order is processed.

Well that's where we are now. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Who knows how long the order "hold" will last.

defective merchandise

I bought a laptop computer on April 9, 2011 from Best Buy in West Hartford, Connecticut to be used in my...

ereader doa out of the box - best buy wouldn't exchange/refund

I purchased a Pandigital Multimedia Novel Android Color Multimedia eReader at this store last week. I opened and looked at the product in the store, and it appeared OK. I didn't turn it on in the store because the supplied battery needed to be charged before I could power it up. I took the eReader home and plugged it into an AC outlet to charge it for the recommended time (about 4 hours). Then, as I was preparing to connect it to my computer, I peeled the protective plastic film from the display and noticed at that time that the glass underneath was cracked.

I took the eReader back to Best Buy the next day. The store manager (Mr. Gonzales) refused to accept it, exchange it, or tender a refund on the item, stating that they did not accept returns if a purchased item suffered "physical damage". The item did indeed have physical damage, but not damage that I in any way caused. I didn't drop the item, subject it to temperature extremes, or misuse it in any way. and the damage underneath the protective plastic film covering the display was not visible during the quick perusal I gave it in the store.

It could be argued that ANY defect in any electronic device could be considered "physical damage", something I'm sure that Best Buy does on a regular basis. Please beware of purchasing anything from Best Buy, especially this particular store in Fort Worth, if you ever plan to return or exchange your item.

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    priruss Apr 18, 2011
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    123321, it sounds to me as if you believe the burden of proof is somehow on me to prove that I am not a liar, a task impossible on its face. Although Napoleonic law applied in France and some parts of Louisiana, it doesn't any more. It is impossible for me to prove that I DIDN'T do something (i.e. NOT break the glass on this gizmo). Moreover, I had no input or control over how the product was handled in the supply chain before it came into my hands. The damage could have happened at the factory, it could have been dropped en route to the store, it could have been exposed to temperature extremes, it could have been jarred in shipping, it could have had a heavy box sat on top of it, it could have been used as the guest of honor at a game of backroom "midnight football" by the stocking crew; any number of "could have" scenarios apply here. All I know is that I'm out a bill and a half for a device that doesn't work and would cost more to repair than it is worth, and that this particular Best Buy in Fort Worth is refusing to make it good.

    molliewollie, I have contacted Pandigital to see what they can do to help me. A great deal of the purpose of my post however was to let everybody know that Best Buy sells defective merchandise then refuses to make it right. I'm not saying that you'll always get crap if you buy something there, but you (and your pocketbook) are more than likely simply out of luck if you DO get crap there.

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    priruss Apr 18, 2011
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    "P.S. **** off"

    Did you miss the short bus this morning, little boy? Go drink your juice - the nurse will be out with your meds real soon now.

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    priruss Jun 01, 2011
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    Just to put a period on the end of this sentence, the manufacturer exchanged my broken Pandigital Novel for a brand new unit, no questions asked. While I am still out the shipping cost to send the old unit back to them, the new one arrived in good order and works perfectly.

    And I don't "hate" Best Buy - hate requires too much emotional investment to make it worth my while - but I'll surely never spend another red cent there.

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poor serivce on returns

This is going back a few years...I decided to visit BB one year during their Boxing Day sale. I bought a TV and after bringing it home and opening it, discovered it had a large crack in the screen. I boxed it back up and took it back to the store the same day. I was met at the door by an employee that told me that I would have to come back another day, since they do not process returns during the Boxing Day sale. I explained to the employee that the TV was broken, and I simply wanted an exchange. I was told that it didn't matter, and to come back when they started processing returns again (I believe it was the next week). So the TV went home with me, again.
Due to my crazy work schedule, my holiday time off actually started on December 28th (before the designated "return period" began at BB), and I travelled across the country to visit my family for 2 weeks. After returning home, I took the TV back to BB, well within their 30 day return timeframe. Once I explained the situation to the customer service agent, she said "oh, I don't think we're going to be able to refund damage like that, but let me get my manager". I do give her credit for at least TRYING to help. The manager came out, I explained what the problem was, and she asked for my receipt. I gave it to her, and was immediately asked why I had waited so long to return it. I explained that I had been out of town, but pointed out that I was within the stated return period. The manager then said, "Well, we have no way of proving that the damage happened here. You've probably been using it for 2 weeks now, and it fell or something. If what you say is true, why did you not bring it back that day?" I then told her about bringing it back the day I bought it, and that I was told at the door that I could not return it that day. She then said, "well, why didn't you tell them it was broken?". I told her that I had told the employee at the door that it was damaged, and was told to come back later. She then had the nerve to tell me that I should have called the store right away and reported the damage. Nobody at the store that day had mentioned anything about having to make a phone call, and it is certainly not in their return policy. It was clear that the manager had no intention of giving me any exchange or refund.
At this point I asked how this was going to be resolved. I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. At that point I was so frustrated, and felt so demeaned by their treatment that tears came to my eyes (damn hormones!). I told them that they weren't even following their own policy, and were going to leave me out $600 for somethng that was not even my fault. I'm not sure if the manager was just sick of me or actually found a little bit of a conscience, but she excused herself for a moment to make a call to her boss. In the end, I did get my refund, but the whole experience was very humilating. I was made to feel like a criminal for something that wasn't my fault.
My advice, either avoid BB completely, or ask them to open the box before you take it home!!

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    WaRose Apr 17, 2011
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    You are not alone! This whole board is full of Best Buy related issues. This is especially true for Canada, since we have to buy our electronics from either Future Shop or Best Buy and they are both sister companies! But you took a big risk there by not going back immediately after the boxing day sale, you had a genuine reason but still, they are brutal with their returns policy on electronics.

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    buyerbeware78 Apr 17, 2011

    As i mentioned in my story, I went back the same day! But was told that I had to come back later.

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