Bergview, 26 Berg Street, Swellendam, South Africa, 6740so called double booking and dumped at another place

D Sep 13, 2018

I booked this Bergview place iro 1 room for one person myself on 6 September 2018. It was on a special offer of 30% discount for R 497.00 with normal prices around R 800-R 900. I received the booking confirmation with no 2091.223.896. I was at a high level workshop with Department of Health. On 12 September I was exhausted and drove to Bergview at around 17h00 to find the bell not working and no one reacting for nearly 15 minutes. I then phoned the cell no on the board and the owner, a lady, answered. I asked her to open to then hear there was a double booking and I was relocated to Aviento. This was totally without my say. No one contacted me beforehand. Then she asked if I read the sms! I mean...sms to be told at 99 you are relocated? The biggest shock was that the host at Aviento was not prepared for me. I was dumped into a back packet type small room with no air on, no wifi, no locker for clothes, broken TV with few channels, noisy small fridge with dogs barking across the road and trucks and vehicles driving up and down. The host if Aviento, Juanita just had so many excuses for the substandard room but indicated to me that German people who were also booked at Bergview were relocated to her the previous night as well. I suspect the host at Bergview probably replaced me with a regular client. So I trust you will take this up with the host since it is bad for your reputation too...ultimately bookings are done through you and hosts must stick to the rules

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