Bergen'sWashing Machine


I want to know what my rights are. This place, Bergen's, "fixed" my washing machine twice. It worked once. When I reported it, they wanted me to bring it once again, after I took it the first time. They brought it back and installed it. The second time they fixed it at my house. The next week, which was last week, it did the same thing by not washing the full cycle. They offered to do my washing for a fee. This means I have to drive between 10-15 km to get it there and then pay for it, for a mistake or fault that is theirs. When I reported it again this week, their response was I have to bring it in, because they do not have a driver. If one has a business like this, one has to make sure of drivers. How can you do business like this. I paid R945, 00 and I still do not have the pleasure of doing my own washing. Nobody works with the machine, only me.

They came now, because I gave them a choice this morning - they come to collect it or I want my money back to buy a new one with an extra R300, 00. What do I do when they bring it back and it does the same thing again and they didn't tell me that they cannot fixed it? Can I push for them to give my money back or just accept that they are incompetent and pull out money for a new one?

Normally I am patient and listen to businesses problems, but this is getting to much.

Please advise me on what to do.


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