Resolved Bennett GlassBad service, dishonest pricing

Based on InsiderPages reviews, the ones you see in Google Maps, I took an aluminum double-pane window to Bennett for replacement. They made me stand at the counter while other people came in and got help (buddies on a first name basis). They told me they had to disassemble the window to measure it. They gave me a scrap of paper with a number circled and said that would be the price. So why not just SAY the price? Because the circled number at the bottom of the paper was NOT the price they intended to charge me. Later they pointed out that the numbers above it didn't add up, and I'd have to pay more. This after making me wait half an hour. Then they finally bring out the window, and they DID NOT disassemble it... they cut away some of the plastic trim with a knife so they could measure, but that means now the trim will have to be replaced. By someone else. When I said they either had to honor the magic number they had written down, or I would go elsewhere, they invited me to go elsewhere.

I did. You should too.

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