Bender Libraryclueless clerk

Usually the desk service at this university library is excellent however today I asked the information clerks near the front door about using a catalogue computer. I was sure they have a couple computers strictly for catalog use. The SE students insisted I had to check out a computer. There was an Apple laptop and the student waved me at that saying sure I could try that. The apple laptop froze while I was searching. Fortunately I had the author books jotted down but when I pointed the dark screen to the clerk she was not at all helpful because I was interrupting her party conversation with a friend. Soymilk beer and coffee were more important than helping me. When I pointed out the computer might need to be fixed both she and her chuuby friend rolled their eyes. So much for higher order thinking skills. I would be worried to face this dame if she is going into public service. As it is she will be just right for another parasitic ngo lobbyist.

Oct 11, 2019

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