You will have all read what a massive SCAM has turned out to be. Americans, English, Australians scammed for maybe $50 MILLION.
They showed an Office:-

Suite 700,
2415 East Camelback Road,
Phoenix Arizona,
United States.
that does not exist. Showed a Contact Ph No in Ireland (+44).

This has the distinct markings of a Mr. John Horan / Studiotraffic & Studiopay fame and his sidekicks.
When I last persued them, one of his sidekicks was in Ireland, his original WebSite was based in Arizonia, but it appeared he was domiciled in Singapore/Hong Kong.

He used many alais incl "Ben Ong" "Ben Stellar"

Maybe, seeing some upright citizens have been defrauded, instead of us poor old folk trying to earn some Internet dollars, the FBI might investigate & finally put this John Horan chump away.

I know that the FBI & other US Law Enforcement Agencies were not interested in the Studiotraffic & subsequent STORMPAY sagas, but maybe now???

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