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Been Spotted Bengals reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 15, 2009. The latest review Uneducated Breeder was posted on Jun 15, 2009. The latest complaint Uneducated Breeder was resolved on Jun 15, 2009. Been Spotted Bengals has an average consumer rating of 5 stars from 1 reviews. Been Spotted Bengals has resolved 1 complaints.

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BeenSpottedBengalsUneducated Breeder

We contacted Edward (Eddie) in response to his ad for purebred bengal kittens on He wrote us back rather quickly through email. We asked what we thought was regular pertinant information about the kittens (there were two), health guarantee, shots, worming, ect. He told us they would be guaranteed. No details about the depth of guarantee and he could not provide us with a copy of a pet contract. We also asked about the kittens parents and about his breeding practices. He replied that he had been breeding two years and that he lived in a house. We got very short answers providing us very little information. Red Flag!! His spelling, grammar and use of nasty slang words really made us wary. He asked us little or no information about ourselves and didnt seem to care where the kittens would be living. Red flag!! We asked if he could provide us with other breeder or kitten references or recommend any other breeders in Washington as we were hoping to get a male and he thought the two just born were females, he stated that doesnt work with any breeders in Washington State and wouldnt recommend any of them other than one who provides him stud service and he didnt know if the would provide a reference for him. So he could provide no references whatsoever. Huge red flag!!! We found this very strange and unnerving. We also began to notice that in his answers to us he would write us in his wording then copy and paste a paragraph from a website to answer our questions. Nothing was in his own words! (pretty obvious to tell seeing as how his own spelling is atrocious) Even his web pages are copied directly off someone elses page. (See his purchasing information and contact us page and the cattery that is the father of the kittens purchasing information page.. I wonder if they know he copyrights their information?) In our research for bengals we found that most breeders test for HCM, a heart disease. When we asked Edward about this he said he doesnt test but that his cats are stool tested. When I mentioned I thought fecal test were to determine whether they have worms or not (its been awhile since I've had a pet) he said no this means they're healthy. In our last email I thanked him but told him we were going to look elsewhere for a kitten and that being stool-checked doesnt necessarily make us feel safe about the health of kittens he called us stupid and told us that we dont know what we are talking about because this first litter was fantastic (remember he told us he had been breeding two years?) He got rather nasty and rude. We wished him luck and moved on quickly. We have since found a wonderful kitten with HCM tested parents and a full health guarantee in Eastern Wa. My wife who has a very soft heart wondered about the kittens at Been Spotted. She emailed him from her email address asking if they are still available about 2 weeks after our last contact with him. His reply was "they r both died." My wife literally cried and wondered if we could have saved them. I for one am glad I did not purchase from Been Spotted and hope everyone else out there will continue to do research before buying a purebred cat. Make sure your breeder is educated, has references, provides health guarantee and is more than educated in the breed. Dont buy from this obviously uneducated backyard breeder.

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    • ............................ Jan 07, 2012
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Did you even read this:

      "From my understanding of his most recent litter, the kittens were born with enlarged hearts, a genetic defect he had no control over. After an emergency visit to his vet, and with a professional's help the kittens were still not able to be saved. This is not his fault, but the fault of the prior breeder for not making him aware of what the lines carry for. I find it detestable that many of these "reputable" breeders are less than reputable of admitting the genetic defects their lines carry for prior to selling them a breeder from their lines. " - Joshua at Rowan Bengals

      Have any of you spoken to the breeder and asked what happened? It is my policy when I read things like this to go straight to that person and ask. I hate lies and I hate gossip.

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    • ............................ Jan 07, 2012
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I have to agree with Josh of Rowan Bengals. Just because someone is new doesn't make them not reputable. The person who wrote this review obviously didn't try to get past the surface. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

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    • Ja
      Jak. Apr 23, 2011

      I have a beautiful female kitten from Ed's Rise of the silver surfer,
      I have not had her HCM tested yet as she is almost 1 year, but she came to me very healthy, sweet, flea, worm free (which I can not say for 2 of my other breeder cats purchased from very well known, experianced, high end catteries). I have been breeding for 11 years and one morning a perfectly fine mother cat ate all 3 of her new born kittens.
      They were a few days premature but in my opinion should have survived. Since she had been a successful mother for two previous breedings we had to believe she knew something was not right with them. As heartbreaking as it was it was an education, you can lose a whole litter if things are not right so I cant fault Ed on the loss of his kittens. A mass of things can go wrong (especially with first time mommys) and having survived several kittens from day one on the eye dropper, I know it is a commitment that means you have to be home 24/7, you have to immediatly recognize when things are not right because sometimes the mother comes around and becomes a great mother and sometimes she just does not get it and you have to know when to intervene and when to hold your breath and watch carefully.
      I do know Ed is not the easiest to email chat with/ short answers in an annoying youthfull slang, me being older had a hard time with that, but I think he is doing the best he can for his youth and (admitted) new-ness. I would definately not consider him a back yard breeder!!!

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    • Jj
      JJNicks Oct 08, 2009

      Running the obvious risk of being attacked myself I would also like to give my input trying from a consumer point of view. I am not a breeder and dont wish to be. I have not personally met any of the people above except through the internet. I am a pet owner who in the last month or so has been looking for a bengal kitten, possibly two. I have contacted Edward at BeenSpotted along with about 7 other breeders in Washington and 2 in Oregon and 1 in California, some I never heard back from. I actually received Edwards website through another Washington State breeder, along with about five others, so I'm not sure how hostile and competitive the breeding world is but I didnt get that impression from breeders in his same region. If a particular breeder didnt have the color or age range I was looking for many referred out to other breeders. I agree with the original poster that although extremely friendly Edward didnt seem to ever quite answer any of my questions outright. I was referred a couple times to his website however, in my personal opinion, I like talking to the person themselves not being referred to a paragraph that as stated above may be borrowed (with or without permission) from another breeders site. I think as time goes on this would be a great thing to improve on. Edward DID seem knowledgable about the bengal breed in general and for people to attack his spelling really doesnt reflect on his breeding practices so I dont understand the necessity to bring it up in the first place. His age also really shouldnt make a difference as obviously from all the posts above anyone of any age can seem a bit childish. Edward also offered to allow me to visit his home and offered to along me to bring my grandchild along. I found nothing extremely wrong that raised "red flags" to me when talking to Edward. The only thing that prompted me to possibly find a kitten elsewhere is that he didnt have the color kitten(s) we prefer and the fact that he told us one of his queens is co-owned with a third party and that the kittens and queen live elsewhere at this time. Due to personal beliefs and past experiences I find it easier to never have a third party involved when entering into a legal agreement. This is not a bad reflection on Edward just a personal choice. I competely agree with Ms. Terra's last paragraph in the fact that you should judge for yourselves. The internet can be a useful but cruel tool. Try and do research on the breed and talk to many breeders, not just one before making your decision to bring a new family member into your lives. I also agree with visiting the cattery if at all possible. I do understand though that this may not always be possible and dont think people should be attacked for that either. Although the breeder above should have be brave enough to post with his/her real name if he/she is really located in the midwest this wouldnt have been possible as I'm sure Ms. Terra and Mr. Dabbs should understand since (according to google) one is located in California and one is located in Alabama. Realistically they havent been able to visit Edwards cattery either. Asking for multiple pictures of where your pet lives, sleeps, eats, plays will more than likely give you a great idea of where your new baby was raised. I wish all four breeders with best of luck especially Edward who will live and learn through trails and errors and joys.

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    • Jo
      Joshua (Rowan Bengals) Oct 07, 2009

      I too also find it rather peculiar that the breeder would post anonymously as well. Not only does it defeat the purpose of the post, but it makes the breeder posting look less than reputable his/herself. I find it slightly detestable that as a new breeder he's being attacked and criticized by others in the region instead of being encouraged and developed in intricacies of the breeding world. But perhaps as this breeder is from a nearby region, they're simply trying to eliminate the compitition...?

      In defense of Ed of Beenspotted bengals let me say that he is a breeder just starting out, and the man himself is in his early twenties. I admire that he has accomplished so much at young age, but like anyone in their early twenties there is still a lot he has to learn. This certainly doesn't make him less than reputable, only that he is learning how critical it is to present himself publically as well as the intricacies of maintaining proper kitten health. From my understanding of his most recent litter, the kittens were born with enlarged hearts, a genetic defect he had no control over. After an emergency visit to his vet, and with a professional's help the kittens were still not able to be saved. This is not his fault, but the fault of the prior breeder for not making him aware of what the lines carry for. I find it detestable that many of these "reputable" breeders are less than reputable of admitting the genetic defects their lines carry for prior to selling them a breeder from their lines.

      From the perspective of a breeder, Ed has lines from reputable breeders (Bluewater and Pocket Leopards) as well as breeders from catteries who are no longer in business (AllAboutTheSpots). Terra of Pocket Leopards is not going out of business and is trying to mentor him, and Jesse of Bluewater has been in contact with Ed for quite some time now and it was in part due to this that he was given a reasonable offer. With economy in the state is now many breeders are having to close their cattery doors and sell their cats, in some ways I commend Ed for using this time as an opportunity to get a start on his developing breeding program. So many new breeders end up having to shell out $2500+ per cat for breeder that are worth much less than that, so many "reputable" breeders take advantage of those who don't know any better.

      Instead of criticizing Ed for not having his pedigrees on hand, I took the time with him to set up a few of his breeders pedigrees on the bengalpedigrees website. So in the future, both he and perspective buyers would have access to his kitten's pedigrees. After all, we as breeders at one time or another were in similar situations and we have liked encouragement instead of criticisms and anonymous attacks.

      ~Joshua Dabbs
      Rowan Bengals/Bengal Companions

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    • Po
      PocketLeopards Oct 06, 2009

      I find it pretty funny that neither of the people posting here wish to reveal their names. Edward is a new breeder and most new breeders do not know all there is to know about breeding and genetics. I did at least 3 years of research before I bought my first pair of breeding cats, and I still had much to learn through trial and error. I know many breeders that have been breeding much, much longer than Edward and know LESS about gentics and health issues than he does. I can personally attest to the fact that Edward contacted me well before he got a cat, and asked many questions and even asked for a mentor. He continues to ask questions whenever he can. He's still got a lot to learn but at least he is willing to learn. So what... he copies people's information? Do you know how many people have copied my information? Edward personally asked me to copy some of my info. therefore he has not infringed on anyone's copyright.
      If you, the breeder, have a problem with him, why not help him out and mentor him? I am sure Edward would not object to being mentored.Yes Edward is young and sometimes can be rash, not have a lot of tact, and can't spell very well... but this does not make him a bad breeder!
      It is always a smart thing to do to ask the breeder questions if you are looking to buy a kitten, and if possible visit the cattery, but I see that neither of the people who posted here have personally visited his cattery. If you are a buyer and are in doubt, don't go by what people on the internet have to say about someone. Talk with and visit the breeder personally and judge for yourselves.
      Pocket Leopards

      1 Votes
    • Je
      Jenn01 Aug 06, 2009

      I am actually a bengal breeder in the midwest. I have been contacted by Edward about one of my kittens, it was very obvious he was a new breeder from the start, I agree with the previous poster about his EXTREME problem with spelling, pronunciation, and complete sentences. He couldnt (or wouldnt) answer my questions about his practice or the health testing of his cats except to say he is in house, refused to provide pictures of where the cats live. Needless to say it made us a bit worried. I did like his stud cat very much, when he offered a kitten back as partial payment I asked to see his males pedigree and if a certain bloodline was in it. He said he didnt know and that the pedigree wasnt on his computer yet but he had pictures of mom and dad and grandpa. Pictures are not enough, good breeders know about bloodlines and how to further the breed not how to tell cats from "pictures" this is also how we avoid inbreeding. When I asked when his current litter was due he said he wasnt sure of dates as he just lets his stud tag his girls whenever. This is HORRIBLE. It is not safe to let a male tag females as they wish. Infections, early pregnancies, false pregnancies and spraying happens this way. I explained to him that we didnt feel comfortable selling him a kitten. He of course was less than cordial, rude and childish is how I would explain his answer to us. He said we were asking too much anyway for a cat "that wasnt that nice." If this was the case why was he inquiring with us in the first place? He said most of his cats hes gotten for free or a "deal". This must be true as I've looked up the breeders of a couple of his current cats. Two (possibly three) are no longer practicing or at least no longer have catteries. I hope everyone does the reseach and in two years this guy is no longer around. It makes me sick and sad that breeders nowadays care more about the money they get for cats than actually researching where their cat is going. I would NEVER sell this guy a kitten with breeding rights. He has no business in the cat or even dog industry. Kitten owners.. be smart. Go elsewhere and make sure you ask for references, health guarantees, visit the house if you can. Do not buy from Eddie of BeenSpotted Bengals.

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