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order excepted dec 3 2018 never shipped

Order 988761 place december 3rd 2018 and today december 11th 2018 order status is "processing"! Payment wa...

men's hoodies order numbers 986367 and 986126

On november 29, 2018, I placed two orders for hoodies for my grandson's. The order numbers are 986367 and...

lighting set

Scam alert!!! These people are chinese criminals!!!
I ordered one of their light sets, and paid thru pay-pal and have confirmed that the payment was processed the same day. I never received an order conformation, order acknowledgement, or shipping confirmation. I contacted their customer service and just got a run around. I emailed customer service and got a response asking for an order number and was told that if I could not provide it there was nothing they could do for me. I responded to them how can I provide an order number if they never sent me an order acknowledgement, confirmation, or any shipping confirmation?
I've since filed a pay-pal dispute.
Don't do business with this company!!! They won't send you anything and will just keep your money hoping you'll forget about it!!!

shipping-item never arrived

Well, over a month ago (october 23rd 2018) I ordered a sweater from the beautiful halo site, I remembered recently that I had made this order and my item had not shown up yet, so then I went to their site to track my order. It said my order was shipped. I checked all the information available on my order and it would seem it was shipped on october 26th. Since it is now november 25th and I have not had the item delivered to me yet, that raises the question: where is the sweater I ordered? I doublechecked my order information, I did in fact type the correct address. Could it have been misdelivered? Stolen? Perhaps it has not even arrived yet? Or perhaps I have been scammed by the people at beautiful halo and it will never arive? Its been over a month, shouldnt it be here by now? I checked the order times on the website, even with the cheapest shipping option that I payed for, it should of been here at my home over two weeks ago. Then I found this site and read stories of people being scammed by beautiful halo, with their orders never arriving or not being able to refund purchases that their unhappy with. Is it possible? Have I been scammed? Will I never get that cute sweater that I ordered from this enigmatic site? Have they taken my cash money without intention of giving me the object on their site which I most coveted, the item I ordered, feeling impatient for its arrival, the arrival which still has not occured? Will I ever get my pink and blue nasa sweater that I have waited for for such a long over a month? If they are a scam, and I never do get my sweater, will I ever get my money back? If it is a scam, how could they do such a horrid thing? Taking peoples cash money and misleading them, with no intentions of fulfilling their promises and delivering the products that their custumers buy? I have no answer currently for any and all of these questions, and that itself can be considered a issue-

Kaia m.
Internet user

dishonest seller is a dishonest e-commerce site. Bought a shirt and paid thru paypal but when it didn't come after a month, I contacted them on their online chat. They checked and informed me item was sent and received by "me". I told them firmly I did not get the item. They sent me a tracking detail showing item was delivered but the address was an address in us but my delivery address on paypal was never to us!! I emailed them the confirmation email I received from paypal when I made payment on paypal showing correct delivery address but this person ("lemon") refused to try understand the issue and insisted they sent to the address on my order. Paypal is now working with me to claim my money back and although they have assured me I do have a case here and will get my money back but this naturally has left me very upset with such dishonest seller. Anyone wanting to buy from them please be careful.

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vintage ceiling retro pendant light silver industrial

Item id [protected] I bought 2 of these back in 15 th aug 2017. The ring that holds the glass in has a...

Melbourne Home & Garden

light fixtures

Chinese junk. Chinese scam basically. Don't waste your money. Ordered two lights, what arrived was broken...

two lights which were never delivered

The most terrible experience

I have honestly never experienced anything like this, I ordered two large ceiling lights and the package was shipped to the uk. However, even though there were builders at my house everyday, they couldn't deliver and it was in a warehouse 10 miles away from my home and I was told to go and collect it. Impossible considering I don't have a car and wasn't forking out for a taxi. I asked for it to be redelivered numerous times over the course of a month - a seemingly simple task, however this proved impossible.

The items have now gone back to the company and I have asked for a full refund, I never received the items and have had to wait four months for this to be refunded.

I have now been told that their warehouse has destroyed one of the items I ordered so they're unable to refund me!?!?!!?

I'm appalled. Never ever again.

  • He
    Heather6 Nov 25, 2018

    This company is a scam! Beware!!! I purchased what I thought was a cute light fixture for my sons room. When I had it installed the light just flickered constantly. I contacted Beautiful Halo and they told me to take a video of the problem and it to them. I did. They responded by saying that they made a mistake with the wiring. They said I should send it back to them and pay for the shipping and they will send me another one. Since the original fixture took weeks to get to me, I wasn’t going to wait another several weeks to get a replacement. My son was already living in the dark for so long. I suggested they send me a pre paid label and I would send them back the defected fixture but I wanted a refund. They said they could only give me 5% back. Are you kidding? Any reputable company would refund the entire amount especially when they wired it wrong. I threatened to post complaints online about them and report them to consumer affairs. They then said I could keep the broken fixture and refund me 10%. Whoohoo. This place is a SCAM!!!
    There is no way to call them only email.

    I don’t know if Consumer Affairs will do anything with a company located in Hong Kong. This place needs to be put out of business fast!

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"outdoor" wall lights

Dont deal with this outfit! They send out cheap rubbish and hide behind the fact that is is expensive to...

industrial hanging pendant light dome shade in old silver item code:# hl44242

I purchased two of these items, what I received was not the pictures product at all, it was a white pendant...

refund not provide money kept

Scam company... Idiot staff and shambolic service. Its a take yiu money and run compsny! I placed 2 order...

clothing purchased

*beware* worst online shopping experience ever.
First when I placed my order I didn't realise the company was in china. Took ages to receive items which was poorly packaged and didn't even include a copy of my order or return slip. The quality and fit of the items were the worst i've ever purchased. Nothing like the photos on their website. Contacted them straight away and after numerous emails they suggested I keep the items and they refund me 40%, this was after a refused a number of lower offers. I advised the items will go in the bin and therefore I will not accept being out of pocket. They advised I return to china at my cost and they will deduct original shipping charges before refunding. Will never use them again!!! Opened a case with paypal.

industrial lighting

I ordered a fixture december 9, 2017, order #891145. We received the light a month later with a broken...

beautifulhalo clothes

I ordered a hooded fur coat xl it arrived in 4 weeks after order I couldn't believe what they sent to me it wasn't fit to line a dogs basket I was very disappointed these people should not be allowed to take peoples money for their rubbish I might just go to the papers I will. Never order on line from so called companies total rip off beautifulhalo uglyhalo it should be called!

light sconces

This company is a scam! Please do not buy!
I bought two lights and after waiting for almost 4 weeks, they came broken. I contacted customer service. I sent them all pictures that prove the damage. They responded asking for pictures. I sent them pictures 6 times now in all formats possible. I even reduced the pixels on my images just in case. I even sent one by one the pictures, just in case. They keep saying send us pictures. After all that, they said it is normal to have a chip on the glass!!! The entire stem of the light is broken-I can't use the lights. They just responded they are so sorry and they will give me a 5% discount.

I have been receiving emails from different people, (lemon, edwin, celine, ann) who do not seem to communicate, and they all say something different each time, but they do not answer to my request. It is almost like they don't understand english.

After weeks back and forth-it is now almost a month, they want to send a replacement, but that's not that I want any more. I explained I do not not want replacement. First, my construction can not wait for the new lights, second, these are cheap lights and I do not want them again. There is no warranty that the new ones will arrive safe-they took almost four weeks to come first time-, I don't want to deal with this again.

Beautiful halo does not want to give me my money back.

Who does business like that? This company practices against the law and I now see there are many complains everywhere in the internet. Someone has to do something about this.

If you see their response below, it is obvious that they don't want to understand what you are saying. I am saying 'I don't want a replacement', they say we can send you a replacement... And the supposedly perfect service, still has not resolved my issue and it is now a month!

Reply from beautifulhalo

Published thursday, january 18, 2018
Hi maria, we are so sorry that item come with any flaw
We did packed both items well to ship, and never expect the collision on the shipping that lead to damage,
We would offer you the replacement, please you can just send your request to the after-sales, they would offer you a profession service after confirm, please.

light sconces

light fixture never sent, fake tracking number

A light fixture I ordered was out of stock, so I was offered the change to pay a small amount more for a different fixture. I paid the difference by paypal but the item had not shipped a month later! I pestered them by email for a while about it and was eventually given a ups tracking number that was never activated. They insist the light was sent but it has not arrived and the tracking number they provided never worked.


Don't be mislead by the flattering pictures on the website and marketing campaign, this company is a waste of...


Scott cree 2 portland place Skeldon mill Hollybush Ka67eb I want to return a product I have just received...

desk lamp

Very painful to do business with this company - they help you till you pay for your order. Terrible after servise. Do not do business with this compay

Very late delivery of our order 2.5 months
Misleading info - advertising said will work with 240v but the lamp is faulty and does not work. Needs a special adapter, they said will be included with the order but it was not included
Not keep promises
Not remedy the problem - no response from customer servise

Order paid 16 january 2017
Order number: 781213 โ€” 1 light table lamp in satin nickel voltage - 220v-240v

2.5 months later - we received the order 28 march 2017. Faulty not working

31 march 2017 - I wrote

Dear support

Attention : gabi & jo - regarding order no.781216

I have received the 1 light table lamp in satin nickel voltage - 220v-240v - order placed 17 january 2017 - I have now received my order

But we have a problem with lamp - I received an email from beautull hawed 15/03/2017 5:16 pm this product need to be customized and will be shipped in early april

Not able to plug into australian electricity - support said they will customize the lamp for australian use - but it is not customised for ustralian use
I waited a very long time - I want my money refunded - please see all the emails back & forth - very painful to do business with your company. I asked for many back but they still sent a lamp which I cannot use. It said in the website can be used with 240v power

03 march 2017
Gaby responded
As I checked, my other colleagues have solving the problem for you.

I never heard from them again

I still have a lamp that does not work

light fixtures

Americans โ€” please do not order from this company!! We ordered 5 light fixtures and only one worked. It took us 10 weeks to get them. 2 came with missing parts, which our electrician confirmed. Parts were promised to be sent and never were. The other 2 are connected correctly and flicker on and off. I've asked to return and for a refund and the best they've offered me is 10% back. For fixtures that don't work!!! Buyer beware!!!