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BeautifulHalo / chandelier horror

Oct 08, 2019

BeautifulHaloDon't purchase anything from this company. You will regret it! Total waste of money I ordered a chandelier from this site. First issue was it took a month to arrive. Then the situation became worse. I recieved the ring platform wired and loose crystals and clips. No packing slip or...

Beautiful Halo / wall sconces

Oct 04, 2019

I received two wall sconces. Opened the package and realized they would not work. I have been going back and forth with them via email trying to return the lights for almost a month, and still do not have the return address. I want a refund. The fixtures were by my standards expensive. The...

BeautifulHalo / light fixture

Aug 28, 2019

Beware of this company! This company is in china, I bought a lamp. It arrived several weeks late with no packaging to speak of, a crushed box and a thin layer of bubble wrap. Of course all of the glass was broken. They "kindly" offered for me to wait another month to reship the gla...

BeautifulHalo / this place is a joke!

Aug 14, 2019

I ordered a set of lights for a restaurant. I contacted them and they assured me they would arrive by June 30. June 30 came and went with no lights. I asked for a refund. They said I could get a refund after I received it. I moved from one state to another. They then sent the package to my old...

BeautifulHalo / 4 headed petal semi flush light monochromatic led ceiling light

Jun 23, 2019

I place my order on June 14th 2019 was informed that it would take 3 days When I check the status it says pending, when I check Fedex on the 21st it said shipment information sent to Fedex here it is June 23, 2019 no item. I check with Fedex using my tracking number it says scheduled delivery ...

BeautifulHalo / clothing

Jun 23, 2019

I ordered a sweatshirt and t-shirt/short set for my daughter for her birthday. Prior to ordering I reviewed the size chart and bought accordingly. After waiting 3 weeks for delivery the items arrived and they were too small. My daughter felt uncomfortable in them and did not want them. I...

BeautifulHalo / lighting

Jun 22, 2019

Placed order, cancelled it a few hours later due to a design change. They emailed me offering a 5% discount to keep the order. I emailed back saying I needed to cancel. They asked if I could keep the order again. I said no...I need to cancel. They wait a day to respond and then say it'...

BeautifulHalo / item #449335 vintage dome hanging pendant light in black finish with decoration 8 billiard 8 ball for pool table

May 19, 2019

I ordered item #HL449335 Vintage Dome Hanging Pentant light in black finish with Billiard Ball decoration for pooltable. Over 2 months ago. I kept being told it was on its way on a ship from china. When it finally got here it is not what I ordered at all. There is not a chain or billard...

BeautifulHalo / hoodie

May 19, 2019

I ordered a hoodie feom them a week ago paid for 2 to 5 day shipping and its stuck in the processing status. I've sent email after email to support. I've tried to contact them on Facebook I've opened my tickets and talked to online chat. All they can say is support will get back to me. Not...

BeautifulHalo / shipping

May 13, 2019

I ordered a hoodie from these guys and chose standard shipping (3-8 days) at checkout. What they conveniently left out at checkout was the fact that they also had a 1-5 day processing period. As if that blatant false advertisement was enough, they had the gall to take 9 days to process my...

BeautifulHalo / scam

May 10, 2019

I ordered a hoodie, two weeks later they said it was out of stock and asked if I'd order a different one. I said no and asked for a refund. A few days later they offered a 5% discount to order the other one, and I said no and asked for a refund. A few days later they counter offered for...

BeautifulHalo / credit card charged and the item wasn't shipped.

May 02, 2019

I've ordered a hoodie back on the 10th of April but I haven't heard anything about it since. The money was taken for it but yet I've had no email to say it was shipped. It was like they vanished on me. If it isn't sent soon I would like a refund from it. I won't be bothering again. I'd...

BeautifulHalo / clothes

Apr 20, 2019

Consumer beware... They have no way of deleting your account and when I asked them to do for privacy legal reasons, they actually told me, "just log out and forget about it"... If i'd know this was a hong kong based company I would never have even created an account. Thankfully...

BeautifulHalo / cheap imitation item, company will not refund or ship back

Apr 11, 2019

BeautifulHaloI ordered what was supposed to be a cute wool pea coat as we were in the negative degrees back in Feb. The item arrived almost 2 months later. Before opening the package I could tell it was too light for wool. All I did was open the outer wrapping and requested a refund and return. The...

BeautifulHalo / customer service/refund

Mar 14, 2019

BeautifulHaloOkay. To begin, I ordered a single piece of clothing from beautifulhalo in mid january. It was a simple grey loungewear romper. After almost a month of waiting for it, I noticed it was stuck in "processing". I was told it would arrive in two weeks. The first time I reached out to their...

BeautifulHalo / I still haven't received my 2 sweaters I ordered

Jan 25, 2019

i have ordered 2 sweaters order # 1003429 I talked with Ann and she told me to be patient, Whell it has been several more days have not recieved nothing tracking # [protected] it has been 2 months I want a refund. I was going to order more things but at this rate im not even thinking about...

BeautifulHalo / rust 6 light candle style led chandelier 31.5 inches wide industrial style ring chandelier

Jan 08, 2019

BeautifulHaloI ordered a chandelier from this company, because they were selling the exact chandelier that I saw on the pottery barn website for a fraction of the cost. Same picture. I figured they sold seconds, and that was why it was so cheap. But the chandelier that arrived was just a cheap knockoff...

BeautifulHalo / clothing

Jan 08, 2019

I ordered two items of clothing on december 2, after a bit of back and forth apologising for the delay, they eventually arrived on december 29. Upon arrival, the first hoodie (a floral rose 'embroidered' hoodie), is not embroidered at all. With the roses hot glued onto the hoodie, with many...

BeautifulHalo / rick and morty hoodie

Jan 02, 2019

On dec 1st of 2018, I ordered a rick and morty warm hoodie. It is now jan 2. All I have heard is excuse, after excuse! They said at the beginning that it had been shipped and it would arrive by dec 15. It never arrived. Now they are saying it's pending, it's processing. They don't even...

BeautifulHalo / lights

Dec 27, 2018

I purchased some lights on line from beautifulhalo, when they arrived they were dented & scratched. The company won't provide a full refund or replace the goods with undamaged ones. I placed a complaint with pay pal and they won't refund my money because when I sent the goods back to...

BeautifulHalo / wolf jacket, size l, ordered oct 31 #974491

Dec 19, 2018

We received the jacket while out of town. I was excited that it got here before christmas. The problem is when I was wrapping it, I noticed that the face of the wolf is not matched up on both sides of the zipper. The offset is quite noticeable (see attached photo-notice the nose and mouth...

BeautifulHalo / order excepted dec 3 2018 never shipped

Dec 11, 2018

BeautifulHaloOrder 988761 place december 3rd 2018 and today december 11th 2018 order status is "processing"! Payment was cleared on december 3rd. This is horrible customer experience and a terrible business! To have been as of today 8 days later and my order is still processing is unexceptionable! I...

Beautiful Halo / men's hoodies order numbers 986367 and 986126

Dec 10, 2018

On november 29, 2018, I placed two orders for hoodies for my grandson's. The order numbers are 986367 and 986126. I received an on screen thank you and receipt numbers with the statement that I should receive an email message with my order summary shortly. I did not receive the email...

BeautifulHalo / lighting set

Dec 01, 2018

Scam alert!!! These people are chinese criminals!!! I ordered one of their light sets, and paid thru pay-pal and have confirmed that the payment was processed the same day. I never received an order conformation, order acknowledgement, or shipping confirmation. I contacted their customer...

BeautifulHalo / shipping-item never arrived

Nov 25, 2018

Well, over a month ago (october 23rd 2018) I ordered a sweater from the beautiful halo site, I remembered recently that I had made this order and my item had not shown up yet, so then I went to their site to track my order. It said my order was shipped. I checked all the information...

BeautifulHalo / dishonest seller

Nov 16, 2018 is a dishonest e-commerce site. Bought a shirt and paid thru paypal but when it didn't come after a month, I contacted them on their online chat. They checked and informed me item was sent and received by "me". I told them firmly I did not get the item. They sent me a...

BeautifulHalo / vintage ceiling retro pendant light silver industrial

Oct 30, 2018

Item id [protected] I bought 2 of these back in 15 th aug 2017. The ring that holds the glass in has a broken screw piece on that. I have only today opened the package as our new house is just built. I am prepared to pay wholesale for another light if you can't supply the whole...

BeautifulHalo / light fixtures

Sep 24, 2018

BeautifulHaloChinese junk. Chinese scam basically. Don't waste your money. Ordered two lights, what arrived was broken lights, wires exposed (definitely against code and fire hazard), thin dented and scratched metal lights that looked nothing like picture. Gone back and forth with the company over 15...

BeautifulHalo / two lights which were never delivered

Aug 17, 2018

The most terrible experience I have honestly never experienced anything like this, I ordered two large ceiling lights and the package was shipped to the uk. However, even though there were builders at my house everyday, they couldn't deliver and it was in a warehouse 10 miles away from my...

BeautifulHalo / "outdoor" wall lights

Jul 30, 2018

BeautifulHaloDont deal with this outfit! They send out cheap rubbish and hide behind the fact that is is expensive to return items and offer a meagre compensation. The lights we bought were sold as "outdoor" wall mounted led lights. The lights themselves were made of the thinnest grade steel and had been...

BeautifulHalo / industrial hanging pendant light dome shade in old silver item code:# hl44242

Jul 28, 2018

BeautifulHaloI purchased two of these items, what I received was not the pictures product at all, it was a white pendant light with black spray painted over, not silver. The light is in a poor condition too. I have made multiple attempts to get a refund, but the girl "ann" keeps rejecting my request...

BeautifulHalo / refund not provide money kept

Apr 19, 2018

Scam company... Idiot staff and shambolic service. Its a take yiu money and run compsny! I placed 2 orders, then read the reviews and cancelled both my orders within a few hrs. I recieved one payment back however after endless email with a so called 'lemon' in customer services (which...

BeautifulHalo / clothing purchased

Apr 12, 2018

*beware* worst online shopping experience ever. First when I placed my order I didn't realise the company was in china. Took ages to receive items which was poorly packaged and didn't even include a copy of my order or return slip. The quality and fit of the items were the worst i've ever...

BeautifulHalo / industrial lighting

Mar 22, 2018

BeautifulHaloI ordered a fixture december 9, 2017, order #891145. We received the light a month later with a broken socket, broken cage, & no instructions. I have been going back & forth with this company since january 9 trying to get either a replacement fixture, or the parts. I am paying $148.30 and...

BeautifulHalo / beautifulhalo clothes

Feb 07, 2018

I ordered a hooded fur coat xl it arrived in 4 weeks after order I couldn't believe what they sent to me it wasn't fit to line a dogs basket I was very disappointed these people should not be allowed to take peoples money for their rubbish I might just go to the papers I will. Never order...

BeautifulHalo / light sconces

Jan 25, 2018

BeautifulHaloThis company is a scam! Please do not buy! I bought two lights and after waiting for almost 4 weeks, they came broken. I contacted customer service. I sent them all pictures that prove the damage. They responded asking for pictures. I sent them pictures 6 times now in all formats possible. I...

BeautifulHalo / light fixture never sent, fake tracking number

Jan 08, 2018

A light fixture I ordered was out of stock, so I was offered the change to pay a small amount more for a different fixture. I paid the difference by paypal but the item had not shipped a month later! I pestered them by email for a while about it and was eventually given a ups tracking...

Beautiful Halo / clothing/fashion

Dec 13, 2017

Don't be mislead by the flattering pictures on the website and marketing campaign, this company is a waste of time. It doesn't tell you that the goods have to be shipped from china and takes around a month. The clothes are at least 2 sizes smaller than they are supposed to be, then they...

BeautifulHalo / return

Dec 06, 2017

Scott cree 2 portland place Skeldon mill Hollybush Ka67eb I want to return a product I have just received for my wife as it doesn't fit (should fit a child) also it looks nothing like it in the picture but there are not return details? There is no phone number either? I will also contact...

BeautifulHalo / desk lamp

Dec 04, 2017

Very painful to do business with this company - they help you till you pay for your order. Terrible after servise. Do not do business with this compay Very late delivery of our order 2.5 months Misleading info - advertising said will work with 240v but the lamp is faulty and does not work...

BeautifulHalo / light fixtures

Nov 26, 2017

Americans — please do not order from this company!! We ordered 5 light fixtures and only one worked. It took us 10 weeks to get them. 2 came with missing parts, which our electrician confirmed. Parts were promised to be sent and never were. The other 2 are connected correctly and flicker on...

BeautifulHalo / awful

Nov 20, 2017

This is my worst experience dealing with online shopping. I ordered a prom dress. They promised to ship it within 24 hours but never did it. It's been one month and the dress is still in their warehouse. To me it's a very strange thing, so I decided to cancel my order. But all my attempt...

BeautifulHalo / faulty good received - no reply to emails

Nov 10, 2017

I purchased a coat which arrived after more than 3 weeks with a broken zip. I followed the requirements on the return policy by emailing with order number 869532 and a photo to the email address given but no reply. Would be very grateful for an aknowledgement of receipt of my correspondence, a return...

BeautifulHalo / clothing and customer service

Oct 19, 2017

BeautifulHaloThis place is horrible, they send you the wrong product not anything near what they show in the pictures. It came to me dirty and very poor material. I asked for my money back and they only wanted to refund me 10%. I have never dealt with such poor customer service. Don’t ever buy from this place it’s a waste of money. You can’t get proper service.

BeautifulHalo / damaged lighting received

Oct 07, 2017

BeautifulHaloMy order was received damaged. When I asked what the resolution was I was asked to submit pictures. I never heard another word!!! The items were poorly packaged!! Please refund the total amount of my order please. I have done everything asked. Order #814119 Debbe eilts 175 quigley...

BeautifulHalo / pendant light fittings

Sep 10, 2017

BeautifulHaloFirstly I was told there was no order, after my money was taken, at which point I asked for a refund, only to have the product arrive 2 days after my complaint at which point I no longer wanted because the customer service person literally accused me of lying when I said they had taken the...

BeautifulHalo / awful

Sep 07, 2017

That company is located in China. That's what I want to start with. Sometimes when you order you don't pay attention to that. I ordered several lights from them with a free shipping. But I had to pay for this because they provide free shipping for definite countries. So the lights arrived...

BeautifulHalo / incompetent customer service, charged for canceled item, unable to obtain answers regarding return

Aug 24, 2017

I ordered a chandelier and then received an email from Beautiful Halo on 6/26/17 stating that my order was made but payment was not complete yet. I had paid via Paypal. On 6/27/17 I emailed [protected] to cancel this order, as I had ordered another item to replace it, and...

BeautifulHalo / pool table light fixture

Jun 03, 2017

* buyer beware* I purchased a pool table light on 5/25/17. Thank god I paid with paypal. However, after 3 days the status still said "processing". I asked customer service what could be the hold up with my order. The response was very rude and nasty. After emailing customer service and told...

BeautifulHalo / lighting

Apr 28, 2017

BeautifulHaloI ordered five lighting fixtures from this company. They tried to bribe me to change my order in which I refused and was refunded. It took weeks for me to begin receiving the rest of the fixtures. One of the sconces was not shipped with all of the hardware and the chandelier that I paid...

BeautifulHalo / misrepresentation, fraudulent marketing and shipping practices

Apr 27, 2017

Today is 4/27/17 - date of order was 4/12/17. Ordered 3 chandeliers and 7 outdoor barn lights. The stated expectation for shipping was "3-5 business days". There were a couple of emails sent (from different names) offering coupon codes if order was placed that day. No coupon came. I still...

BeautifulHalo / romper

Apr 24, 2017

Ordered a romper to have designed for. Y sister prom 6weeks ago and still hasn't received it... The bad part is I paid extra fornit to be delivered within 3-6 business days... They have no contact number and who ever is behind the email address is very rude...! I have messaged this company...

BeautifulHalo / light fixture

Apr 10, 2017

Do not do Business with this company- Real purchaser review Products takes weeks if not months to arrive from china Products are poor quality and broken when they arrive Company will not take broken returns unless you pay shipping. shipping to China is VERY EXPENSIVE - more expensive to...

Beautiful Halo / lies

Apr 03, 2017

This company is unprofessional. You pay for your items to be shipped with in the estimate days they offer for a additional price and its like they don't even acknowledge you. Beautifulhalo has the worst customer service. They have people talking to you that don't understand much english...

BeautifulHalo / iron chandelier order 789792

Mar 31, 2017

BeautifulHaloI am posting the review after weeks of terrible customer service and delivery of a inferior chandelier. We ordered what we thought was going to be a beautiful iron outdoor chandelier for our newly constructed entry way into our home. After waiting close to 6 weeks, it came bent light bulb...

BeautifulHalo / beautifulhalo

Mar 29, 2017

I want to tell about my terrible experience with beautifulhalo. I have purchased a swimsuit which was on sale and paid $14 for that. When I received it I was very disappointed because it did not look good and was made from cheap fabric. Also it was super tiny and did not fit. I contacted...

BeautifulHalo / item

Mar 18, 2017

BeautifulHaloI had purchased this jacket this week and just received it today (I paid the 2-4 days shipping fee) and when I finally opened it, it definitely was not the item that was advertised on the website. I tried to do the live chat with someone and it was darn near impossible they could not...

BeautifulHalo / late & incorrect clothing item

Mar 15, 2017

Purchased a gift for christmas in december. Told would receive in time. Arrived in february. They sent the wrong size. Attempted via their website and email to return and get refund and they refused. No phone number. Don't respond to email. Finally got a response via website and they...

BeautifulHalo / what a joke...

Mar 06, 2017

BeautifulHaloI wish I would have looked up reviews before purchasing a lamp from this website. I found the perfect lamp & decided to give it a try... Knowing it would probably take a few weeks to get it from china. I ordered it in mid december and finally received my lamp 2 months later. When I...

BeautifulHalo / shipping confirmation

Feb 23, 2017

I ordered a black NASA sweatshirt in January and haven't received shipping confirmation yet. I understand that these things take time especially because I live in Canda but I've looked up your reviews and there are scores of people who have similar complaints. You have my money already and...