BDO SM Center, Valenzuela Citypoor service/slow queuing

W Nov 15, 2018

I would like to call your attention regarding the use of Queuing. As we all know "Queuing" helps to improve overall customer service but why do i have waited for 3 hours long?(arrived at 11:23 a.m. served at 2:30 p.m.) i have experienced this not only once, but this is the worst so far. I have my withdrawal last Nov.3, 2018. I waited coz the money was intended for my son's retreat and also deadline for payment on the same day.I have observed that if no queuing the line is faster. (so we all pray that everyday the queuing will be offline then) (around 257 clients are waiting at that time )The waiting area was full, some were standing.

If i may ask, how many minutes it will take for a client to be served for deposits/withdrawals, because as i can see, it takes 10 mins. for every client to be served and the queuing was stuck up, i hear people whispering, irritated for the long wait. I can't help but to stand up and talked to one of the officers and asked why is this happening and only 4 tellers were serving at the front line. She said, they're taking a break, i said why don't you get a reliever from your left and right tellers coz they're only serving bills payments and only few people were there and fill-in the 2 vacant seats. i already advised them she said, but mind you i was observing and nobody cares, no one has the courage to do so, despite the hallway was full. Not even the Manager don't know whats happening.

Upon taking my seat, queuing is serving every 2 minutes. My gosh! i hear people saying, oh its better then, somebody called their attention.

I can see no priority lane for senior citizens/pregnant women too. They just sit and
waited for their numbers to be called upon.

It was also hard to identify their names coz the ID cord was too long and reach till their waistline, whats the use then, if the ID's were reverse too.

When my number was called i rush, then the teller said please have your picture taken coz your files were not updated, My goodness, i nearly shouted. I just say im running out of time, i waited for soo long can you checked my other account, i have to accounts here, then i leave.

Would it be possible to evaluate their performance? They might be doing intentionally to be slower than usual.

I've been in this branch for years, but i don't find them friendly, no one is serving with a "SMILE" on their face. I knew some clients have complaints too and just transferred to the nearby branches due to poor service. Let them attend some seminars, they need it.

Please act accordingly.

Thank you

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