BDO Digos San Jose Branchcustomer service


You need to train your people well in customer service. Today my husband had to deal with your unprofessional and absolutely rude tellers ann and chacha of bdo digos san jose branch. He had to do over-the-counter withdrawal and since it was over their limit, they said they had to call their customer service. My husband had to wait for almost an hour because no one was picking up the phone from their customer service but the teller insisted that they had to call. So he asked if they could do something about it since we were in a hurry. But no they had to call. While waiting, they were busy browsing through avon brochures totally ignoring my husband's frustration. They clearly lack the sense of urgency and professionalism. Worse, one of the tellers, ann, even rolled her eyes when she saw my husband looking at her and waiting (He was the only customer at this time). To top it off, the teller didn't even bother to arrange the bills and say a polite and customary "thank you" after giving the money. Definitely, one of the worst customer service experience in banking.

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