BCXincorrect debit order dates captured

Z Nov 29, 2019

I have changed my payment method from the bank to a debit order and on the 23rd of november I received an email confirming the bank details update, however on the the email I noticed the debit order date said updated to the 1st. I have always contributed on the 25th through the company. I have specified that it should be on the 25th of every month however seems the broker didn't specify that on the email.

I could not be assisted the whole week on this regard. On monday the 25th I have sent an email to membermaint but when I called in today to inquire if that has been done I was not assisted until 11 and the lady who was assisting me (alusani phachana) told me she has to go... Its their end year function starting from now. And transferred me back to the switchboard.

On the 1st that debit order is going to return because of insufficient funds because of an error I did not cause and she told me that I will have to pay for the insufficient funds fee from the bank which I also dont have funds for.

This is really unprofessional that I have struggled the whole week trying to fix this mistake and was taken back and forth until the last minute that I could not be assisted.

All I wanted was the debit order date to be upated to the 25th as I have not requested the 1st.

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