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BB&T / Fees

lmhk29 on Jan 20, 2017
The fees are ridiculous. The deposit times have changed in Athens, Georgia from eight pm to six pm. So when you get off work at five fight traffic your already out of luck. So then you get an overdraft fee. You call to handle it but it take about three calls to handle it there goes another...

BB&T Bank / Unethical behavior

Cheryl Dorsey on Jan 12, 2017
We have been working overseas and our pay has been deposited into a foreign account, therefore our business account went into a dormant status without notifying us. Since we assumed we still had access to our money, this December we transferred 13K from our other BBT account to thi...

BB&T / Overdraft fees

Mspooh09 on Dec 27, 2016
On Dec 23, tmobile took my payment out 2 times out my account, I had used my card a few times before the 2nd charge came out for tmobile, so I have like 7 to 8 pending charges in my bb&t checking account, tmobile refunded one of the payments back on 12-24, I was emailing at rep at BB&T...

BB&T / Excessive fees

Croft54 on Dec 13, 2016
> Date: Saturday, December 10, 2016, 12:37 PM > I am trying to reach someone at the > executive level of BB&T bank, Please see the string of > emails below that no one wants to take responsibility for. > I made a deposit into my BB&T account, I transferred $200.00 from another bank. The...

BB&T / Checking account/deposit policy

Chris Alfano on Dec 6, 2016
The folks at BB&T have always been pleasant and respectful toward me. I feel lucky in that regard, because there are a lot of complaints here about their customer service. But I still have a gripe, and it's a big one! To put it simply, I don't understand this bank's ridiculous policy on...

BB&T / Constantly asking for my id/not cashing my checks

billnew01 on Dec 4, 2016
I started banking with bbt 25 yrs ago in denton nc.house mortgage, car etc.I had no problem with them now I cannot go to this bank without getting mad.there is always something that makes my blood pressure go up. doctors orders-stop going to this bank and I will live a lot longer.so I will...

BB&T / Mortgage

A.davis on Nov 29, 2016
This is the worst Bank I have ever encountered. They force you into foreclosure as they tried to do with me charged astronomical as the bank who issued my original loan question what do you mean they're charging you a reinstatement fee? They charged astronomical fees refuse to accept...

BBT Bank / Fee charges

twintigers on Oct 20, 2016
For 4/1/2015 to 6/30/2015 period BBT Activities: There was service charge for any account. My Argument: when I signed contract with Citi bank, my accounts were set up with no service charges. During this period, BBT abided the contract I had signed with Citi bank. At 6/30/15 My request: I...

BB&T / Ongoing money missing from my account, fees, bad service

TH82 on Sep 29, 2016
I was a former member of Susquehanna Bank for at least 20 years until bb&t took them over. The same month this transition took place I started missing money from my account and having over draft fees charged left and right, which I never had a problem with before this take over. I tried to...

BB&T / Mortgage department

zacharyjames1986 on Sep 18, 2016
BB&T is considered a large bank compared to other banks and credit unions I have worked with. Every time you want to pay just principle on your Mortgage on line you cannot do it without making a payment which would be a month or so ahead. I had 195, 000 left on my mortgage and paid an...

BB&T / Policies and overdrafts

Yasmine Eve on Aug 18, 2016
It's seems, everyone has the same issue with BB&T holding deposits and running debits as to run up big overdraft fees. This is ridiculous, and should be illegal. If you put money in the account, it should be posted. If you have electronic or direct deposit, it should post immediately a...

BB&T / Customer Service

Shobs on Apr 19, 2016
I have been trying to get my new credit card with the chip in it for over 4 months now. First I was told they cannot update my address over the phone, that it has to be done through snail mail...how do I do this through snail mail if they never send me my paperwork??!!! After I called for...

BB&T / Ignorant Employees

Warren Welch on Apr 8, 2016
The tellers at the Pleasant Valley Winchester VA address are downright rude, arrogant and not to mention obnoxious! They need a dress code and lessons in mannerism. They have no idea what they are doing. You can go in here with three people at the windows and no customers and still wait...

BB"T / Resolution to chief complaint with regard to BB&T Savings Account

Adina Newman on Mar 15, 2016
I received a phone call from Stacey, at the BB & T Resolution Center on 3/14/16 & was informed that I had not intended on following the policies on behalf of BB & T. As I have had a chief complaint escalated as such, I would consider that a closer look be taken within consideration of a...

BB&T Bank / Money card

Reviewer27104 on Jan 30, 2016
I got approved for a prepaid money account. I had 80.00 in cash that I deposited. I looked online and it was available right away. However I went to withdraw 20.00 from their ATM and it stated were have difficulties I cant even go to Walmart and use the card for groceries because its all...

BB&T Bank / The whole Hiram Georgia Branch

Reviewer11121 on Jan 14, 2016
This Bank has turned into the most disgusting place too Bank at. Complaints have fell on deaf ears. Who ever is in charge of this outfit has more money than they do sense!Too put it nicely. No one cares, about waiting on you, I have waited for 30 mins the bank was not even crowd. I DO NOT...

BB&T Bank / Overdraft and excessive fees

Reviewer34046 on Dec 19, 2015
I transferred $600 from my BBT account into my USAA account which posted 12/11/15 and my balance reflected it. So I paid bills and some other expenses. Then BB&T decides to pull the $600 back out of my account on 12/14/15 and charge me over $200 in overdraft fees and $35 in returned item...

BB&T Bank / Checking account

Beautifully flawed on Dec 5, 2015
I opened up a checking account with BB&T that had a pretty sizable direct deposit going in every month on the 3rd and also i would deposit money and paychecks and one time someone i had worked for cleaning a house wrote me a check for my services and from what i gathered checking my...

BB&T / Overcharged fees - branch banking and trust

Reviewer26355 on Dec 1, 2015
I have spent a little more than what was available to me in my checking account a couple times before, but I have never had problems with it until now. Past times, I have always been told I had seven days to pay back a negative balance to avoid overdraft fees. Either I was lied to more...

BB&T / Home Mortgage Late Fees

Reviewer77709 on Nov 24, 2015
Feb 2015 - Present. This company is completely unethical. They just sent me a bill for $1200 in late fees. Apparently, I set up payments for the mortgage which processed 1 day late. Rather than notifying me that additional fees were due when it first happened, they sent me a bill for $1200...

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