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I own an F250 which is having a turbo problem. The vehicle has 97, 000 miles on it and the motor has a 100, 000 mile warranty - so time is of the essence in getting this repaired under the warranty. I went to Battlefield Ford and was told that they refuse to work on my vehicle. Ford said that all dealerships are independent and can refuse service to anyone they want to. Mr. Gary Faye - the manager of the dealership made this decision to refuse service to me. IN the past I have had problems based upon their dishonesty in previous dealings with Battlefield and both Mr. Faye and the other management have refused to address these issues. Roy Garrison - the service manager is very confrontational and many other people within our community concur - and yet he retains his position at Battlefield and allowed to continue being disrespectful to customers. I asked to speak to Mr. Faye on the day that I was there and Roy said that he wasn't in. I asked when he would return and he said "Don't know - he is golfing". Told him I would call Ford and he said - they won't do anything. Their self righteous attitude cannot be allowed to continue. This dealership needs to be put out of business.


  •   Jul 09, 2009

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I work for Ford Motor Company. I would suggest contacting another local Ford dealership to investigate your turbo concern.

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      Jul 24, 2009

    i am having trouble with getting my expedition fixed they had it for 1 day and claimed to have fixed it but 1 day after i had it it continued to do the same thing..they have had it for a week and claim not to be able to get the catalic converter from canada so they can't fix it till then

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      Jun 23, 2016

    Battlefield Ford are a bunch of pirates, , , BUYER BEWARE !!! They need to be shutdown for deception...

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      Dec 30, 2016


    Glenn Hartman in the service department at Battlefield Ford is a Liar

    I took my truck in for service, the check engine light was on. Glenn Hartman (confirmed liar) the so called "service advisor" first told me the repair (replacing 2 NOx sensors) would cost around $1, 200 including the parts cost of $370 and $373. He was pressuring me to say "go ahead" so I decided to take my time and told him to send me an itemized estimate, which he didn't have and he said he would send it to me the next day. When I got the estimate he was charging me $424.23 and $430.12 for the parts, and $259.90 for labor and $129.95 to reprogram the PCM and retest. (He had already charged me $194.93 for a diagnosis which is literally connecting a laptop to the OBD II and reading the messages). 3 hours for labor was too much and $59.95 for "shop supplies".

    I did it myself and bought the parts from Battlefield Ford's Parts Department for $370 and $373, I used a 3/4" wrench borrowed from AutoZone and bought some WD-40 for .99 cents. It literally took me 3 minutes to change the rear sensor and 7 minutes to change the front sensor and I then took it on a 10 minute test drive - all was fine.

    Hartman lied to me when I asked him the retail cost of the parts and if that's what I would pay. He is a liar and with that, lost any credibility and diminished the reputation of Battlefield Ford. I am not a Ford mechanic, but I can use the internet and I have a sense of when someone is lying to me.

    Glenn Hartman is a liar and I have his written, itemized estimates to compare to the invoice for the parts I paid for.

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      Dec 30, 2016

    I am not surprised...They are bandits ! There are FTC complaints against them, , with pending action for deception.

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