BatteryHop45w magsafe power adapter

W Nov 28, 2017

I ordered above item on 11/13/17. The total was $25.11 charged to my debit card. Received item on 11/20/17. Was wrong item so I called customer service.
After supplying them with all the specs on my Mac I was told to return the incorrect item. I returned item on 11/27/17. Was told to call with the tracking number of the UPS package. I tried twice today & after hitting "0" on my phone numerous times I was finally, at least, able to leave a message. After reading some reviews on this company I am prompted to complain as to their tactics. I hope I will get the replacement sometime. Learned lesson of paying Apple $79.00 for the replacement rather than having to deal with a scamming company. The cost of $25.11 plus the return shipping of $10.64 makes a total of $35.75. Please someone stop this company from scamming others.

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