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First off, lets get this out into the open. Batteries plus batteries, despite their explicit denial, are refurbished and recycled. I purchased a battery for my brand new 2009 motorcycle, that has had all of the routine work and diagnostics performed, and is in perfect working condition. The battery looked "used", and the date stamped was several months old, but when I installed it my bike fired up and it worked for several months. During the winter, I pulled the battery and placed it on a workbench attached to a batttery tender. As soon as the weather broke I put it in my bike and went for a ride. Started fine. After a couple days of rain, I went to start it again, and it would not fire. I recharged the battery, and it kicked over again. After a few more days of non-use, the battery was unable to hold sufficient charge to fire. I took it back to the store, it being only 7 months into a 1 year warranty. They tested the voltage and told me that I was mistaken, the battery was working properly. I asked them to keep it for a few days, so tthat they could see the battery looses it's max charge by simply sitting unused. They called me and told me that the battery was working "better than our new ones on the shelf", and that the problem was obviously my brand new motorcycle. Having run a diagnostic on the bikes charging system, I knew that the problem was the battery not holding charge. This is an indication of a bad battery, shot, kaput, useless, and most importantly, old. The manager agreed to honor his warranty after much heated arguing, and give me a new battery in exchange. I brought the new battery home, put it on the trickle charger for a few days. When I put it in my bike, it would not fire. Now either they gave me a bad battery, or, and this is more likely, the # manager gave me back my original battery to play a fast one, and prove to me that my battery worked. I went right to the store, extremely angry, and demanded a new battery off of the shelf. I installed the brand new battery that I personally picked off of the shelf, and the bike fired right up! And is running fine for days now. The manager had the nerve to call me at 8am the following morning, angry at having been found out for his # dishonest business practices. He denied giving me back the old battery, and I not having marked it before I returned it, had absolutely no way to prove it. He was unprofessional, dishonest, and unpleasant to deal with. All in all, this was way too much of a hassle, and I will spread the word to every biker I know to never to business with batteries plus again. They give you batteries that fail far too soon, because they are all recycled and recharged refurbished old batteries. They don't stand behind their products, and lliterally "fight" with their customers in the most unprofessional way possible. #, selling # products. I will buy yuasa from this day forth, because trying an off brand isn't worth the 10$ you save.

Update by steveybee
May 20, 2011 2:17 am EDT

Also, if anyone is interested, the bike is still running well, and starting as it should. Test complete, and proof that the original battery was unable to hold sufficient charge.

Update by steveybee
May 20, 2011 2:15 am EDT

It's impossible to say, since I haven't been to every Bat's Plus store...
However, this one, does. And if it's a chain... Do the math.
If a battery is "new", it has yet to be activated. I have purchased new batteries, they come with acid, and the cases are flawless. These batteries are already activated, charged, and the cases show signs of wear and restickering. = refurbished

Update by steveybee
Apr 13, 2011 3:23 am EDT

Yeah, he really told me off...
Thanks for your intelligent and engaging contribution too. (sarcasm).

Update by steveybee
Apr 11, 2011 9:23 pm EDT

Good. I'm offensive, because I actually know a thing or two about motorcycles and batteries. The problem isn't and never was a question, bad battery, ### customer service. Don't offer opinions contradicting what I already know to be true, unless your an expert. But judging by the 80 posts you have on here, I'm sure you're just bored.

Update by steveybee
Apr 11, 2011 7:50 pm EDT

Crybaby, please actually read my complaint, instead of policing the complaint boards to offer a contrary opinion. People continue to shop despite ### customer service because they still need products and services, ###s don't take the need or want away, just make the process unbearable.
I purchased the battery in summer last year, it worked, after storing in warm dry place ON a battery tender, it no longer held capacity charge. Indicates old, beat, battery. The warranty is covered BY batteries plus, they manufacture and service their own warranties.
This WAS a warranty situation, but because they considered a battery that no longer was able to hold capacity, but passed a load test (ie powered the lights, not the starter), they wouldn't exchange. Eventually the manager/owner agreed to exchange for a new battery, gave me the old one back to pull a fast one, which didn't work. A week ago, not cold weather. The "third" battery I got, actually works. Again, please read before you post. I know people just like offering their opinions on here, but I don't understand making irrelevant comments on an issue you're not involved in. If Batteries Plus wants to chime in, I'd welcome it.

Update by steveybee
Apr 11, 2011 3:44 pm EDT

Location is listed above. Like McDonalds, yes I believe that though each store is a franchise, the product remains the same. Read the complain threads on here, and you'll see. Though this particular owner was an ###, and ruined his own stores reputation, the product and warranty are the root issue. Selling a refurb product as "new", and not honoring the warranty are i'm sure, company policy.

Also, test completed, battery laid unused for three days, and fired up again today, thrice. Proof that the problem was indeed the battery, and not the electrical system of the motorcycle. I have come to the conclusion that customer service is a thing of the past.

Update by steveybee
Apr 08, 2011 6:44 pm EDT

Yeah, so here's the thing. The new one actually works. the one they gave me back, didn't. There's your comparison. That's not an alternator problem, that's not a spark plug problem, and that's not a starter problem.. It's a battery problem. Batteries Plus just doesn't want to admit that their battery could possibly be not charging to capacity, because they'd have to admit that they sell ### products. And substituting a new battery with my old one, just to prove your point, is a ### business practice. ###.

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Batteries Plus Bulbs — dishonest and poor quality batteries

Jul 07, 2016 11:50 am EDT

Took I-Pad to Batteries Plus Bulbs. Only problem was it wasn't holding a charge. Two weeks later and 6 trips to the store, l picked up my I-Pad destroyed. Tried to offer refurbished said I want my money back. Received my money and ran as fast as I could out of there customer service was the worst I ever experienced. Went to Apple Store, purchased brand new air pad and very happy with purchase and customer service at Apple? I am enjoying reading these compailnts against Batteries and Bulbs on my new I-Pad. I too am in customer service and will not recommend this store at all. I have plenty of opportunity to recommend but remain silent, my only vengeance is what goes around comes around, and this store won't be around long.

The batteries are not used--in any way... each battery is filled before it is put on the shelf--bp fills it for safety reasons. After a battery is filled the shelf life begins...bp keeps track of the shelf life...and only one battery of any kind is filled at any time... so think what you want--shop where you want--but stop assuming that you know everything and that all batteries plus stores are the same...

every store or group is owned by different owners--so smash the ones who deserve it--but leave the ones out that dont.

Jun 03, 2011 11:17 pm EDT

Just so you know not all batteries that are new have not been activated. The flooded batteries at B+ are activated when you buy them and the other ones are activated when they put them on the shelves and the top of the lines one come to the store activated and are fully charged out of the box.

May 20, 2011 2:02 am EDT

So are you saying that all Batteries Plus stores use refurbished batteries?

Apr 13, 2011 1:10 am EDT

Way to go C.B. - you got it right. This guy is a num-nut.

Apr 09, 2011 2:24 am EDT

Where was the batteries plus store that you purchased the battery? Dont think you should put all the stores in the same category because of what one store did.


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