Resolved Basista FurnitureStill waiting after 3 months..

Sure the prices are great, but you get what you paid for! Defective product from AICO and lousy service!!!

We paid in full and up front for formal dining and ten chairs.. at the very beginning of February 2008. Products delivered promptly with a very obvious finish defect on the very front and prominent eye level of the table. Their finisher came to assess the situation and can not do the job. Two months later and still no decision from Basista. I threatened to reverse payment and return the entire set. Basista finally agreed that a new table top was required. Then 2.5 months went by with no replacement table. Joseph Moore and Bob were inefficient and disrespectful. At three months with no table, I finally reversed payment through American Express and informed Basista they need to pick up their furniture or the entire set will be donated to local charity. Fortunately I have kept all records of communications with Basista so American Express is on my side. It is now May and they are trying to deliver the table. It is more than three months too late. They have until the end of May to pick up their defective product. Consumers have rights! Drs Tran in San Diego.


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    Furniture Man Mar 01, 2010

    Sounds like you just didn't like the set to me. One little defect on a product of that size and you want to return the complete set. Most people don't realize that the Manufacturers require Furniture Stores to jump thorough hoops to get replacement parts. Sounds to me like Basista was trying to make things right and just didn't like the length of time it took. I think you were looking for a free lunch!

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    Thomaseec Mar 20, 2010

    Unbelievable! I had the same problem. I bought a $700. dresser for my son. The wood finish is natural Ash which is light golden. The showroom piece was beautiful but what I waited alvost three weeks for had a door knob size ugly brown, natural mind you, mess in the grain. It was right in the front by the middle drawer.
    definitely a resell stopper. No I don't like tricks like this. I feel Basista should inspect the merch. before they stamp their seal of approval on it. I won't be going back, which is a shame because I preferred the family businesses and there are fewer and fewer to chose from.

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