Bargain BunchPaid for items never sent to me


Order Number: 6264149
I ordered 12 lanterns on 02/04/17. I received 4 out of the 12 lanterns on 02/15/17. I emailed [protected] and asked when the rest of my items would be arriving, as I had no other tracking numbers or information.
They got back to me on 02/16/17 stating that I have not received my complete order, and that they did not feel I had to wait up to 14 days for the results of the package tracer. Therefore, they personally approved a new shipment which they said would be leaving their supply warehouse in 2-3 business days. They told me I should be receiving a new UPS tracking number by email. As of 03/22/17 I have received NO INFORMATION AT ALL as to when the rest of my order will be arriving!!!
On 02/24/14 when I still had not received a UPS tracking number, I emailed again and informed them. On 02/26/17 they emailed me back and stated that I most certainly should have received the tracking number by now. I still, today, have not.
I emailed again on 02/27/17 asking the status of this tracking number and again on 02/28/17, 03/09/17 and 03/20/17 all which have been unanswered. I think it is so unprofessional that they have ignored multiple emails.
I emailed the "owner" with the email address [protected] on 03/02/17 explaining the above. They emailed me back on 03/04/17 stating that my items did not pass inspection (first i'm hearing of this?) and that I would be contacted with a new UPS tracking number. When I still hadn't heard anything i emailed the owner again on 03/09/17 and 03/20/17 both of which were ignored (what a surprise!)

I spent $217.32 and only received one third of my items. My credit card was charged instantly and yet I still have absolutely no indication as to when the rest of my order will be sent. I have filed a complaint with BBB and now i am trying this website to see if this gets me anywhere. I am so beyond frustrated at this point I just want a refund. I will bring my business elsewhere and I will NEVER order from this company again.

Order Number: 6264149

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