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I had a free checking account with Bank of Oklahoma for 11 years, always in good standing. They suddenly added a service fee and, by time I noticed, they'd taken out $24.00. I tried to speak to a manager about it and it took three visits before a manager was even on site, despite my returning at times I was told one would be available. When a manager finally was on duty, I offered to deposit $5, 000 on the spot in exchange for waiving of all or part of the service fees. They refused to consider it and were snarky and insulting. They preferred to lose a long time customer and a reliable $5, 000.00 minimum monthly balance than to simply reverse $24.00 or less in fees. Very slow, rude, unreliable, and tricky.


  • Ju
    Judith Raley Jul 27, 2015

    Bank of Oklahoma treats its customers like this. I had no access to my on line banking and spent days trying to find tenchnical help. Finally got someone to answer phone in their wonderful "EXpress Banker" number. They said they could access the system fine...PERIOD...the end. Eventually I wrote a snarky letter evaulating my problem and said I had paid off my mortgage as I was so frustrated with never being able to talk to anyone at BOK. I was literally told that the banks turned their phones off when they were busy. They certainly had time to court you out of every dime of your money and writte your mortgage. Bank of Oklahoma behaves like a BiG bank and will charge you for every breath you take if they can get away with it. Their is no customer service, just a few nice people who probably take more time with the customers than BOK likes.

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  • Jk
    J.K. Wilson-Synar Apr 01, 2016

    I have sent numerous letters to the complaint dept. since the new online banking program began. After the first complaint, someone called me with a pathetic reply; future mailings have informed the bank DO NOT REPLY. Basically, my complaint is this: The old program worked like a charm..., concise, easy, and quick. The "new and improved" program is long/disconnected, complicated, and takes forever to find exactly the information needed. Why do large institutions, grocery stores, and other businesses try to fix things that are not broken? Is it some kind of absurd marketing tool???? I have spent hours trying to send email regarding this complaint however the "challenge words" always prevent; so, I use a costly stamp on my letters, which I will continue to send until I die. It is ludicrous to think that those who keep our money safe, believe this new online program is an improvement over the old one...PATHETIC. I am on a fixed income; not a big depositor, just an American citizen trying to make ends meet and keep an eye on my account...BOK has made this simple task VERY DIFFICULT, for me.

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