Bank of Internetaccount closure with no reason given

A Aug 02, 2018

I have not been a long time customer with this bank (a little over two years), but I received a letter in the mail less than a week ago that said they would be closing my account, citing that I had somehow violated their deposit account agreement. I thought at first that it must be a mistake since I didn't receive an email about it and, when I logged into my account, there was nothing in my messages about my account being closed. I then called the customer service line and they said they could see a note saying that the account was set to be closed, but that there was nothing about why the account was being closed and they would find out and call me back. They bank called me back within ten minutes and said that there was no reason for it, but that the account was in fact being closed. I was shocked. I have a good credit score and have never overdrafted on my account. I come to find out that all of this is legal too. That is the part that astounds me. They can close your account without a reason and get away with it. It is disgustingly unprofessional and I cannot believe they can legally get away with anything like this. So disappointing that banks can get away with these shady, underhanded practices while we trust them with our monetary lives.

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