Bank Mobile Vibenot a real company

DO NOT TRUST THIS INSTITUTION BANKMOBILEVIBE!!! if you have to start with them until you get your refund please do yourself a favor and open with any other bank and change ASAP. Their customer service is not just for them its a hired call center. This is your money do not trust a bank that doesnt have employees!!! and charges for everything. Im disgusted and feel strong ARMED !!!the only reason it gets one star is because my refund from school was deposited immediately. first bank card never came. I could not get a hold of anyone IN CUSTOMER SERVICE so I had to report it stolen and had to pay a 10 dollar fee. when I did get a hold of somebody they had no idea anything about the company the actual bank...because they are just a hired call center answering calls for many companies???? WHAT!!!
they transferred me to someone who actually knew a little more but they were totally rude and completely said this is not the banks responsibility it was no fault of the bank repeatedly they said this like a machine. Leaving me to believe they also were just a hired call center.

When I ordered complimentary cxhecks and they never showed up over 3 weeks later they wanted to deny responibility there too. Do Not trust them !!!

Oct 08, 2019

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