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I have been defrauded by a bank and the state refuses to do anything about it!! they told me the bank took my money 2 days after the filed a replevin action on a business I was looking at buying after meeting with the bank and failed to tell me I have them on so many charges and no body will do anything, where is justice I cant even find a lawyer that isnt in with them, I am not some crazy idiot I have it all on paper the last lawyer told me I couldn`t sue them under the FTC deceptive trade practice act How dumb does he think I am? It has cost me over 600, 000 dollars and now I am sueing them in federal court myself (9.51 million worth) beings I cant find a attorney, so if any body knows a honest lawyer(sorry oxy-###) let me know ASAP this bank has tried to ruin me from all the lies and deciet and I am fed up!!! now let the public know whats going on, thanks.


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    Norfolk NEsux Nov 07, 2016

    They are just part of the elitist idiots that live in the hopeless farm town of Norfolk, NE.
    Like most banks they don't want you to know they really have no real assets but the funds they sponge off hardworking customers who pay ridiculous interest on imaginary money printed from thin air by the federal reserve, which is not a part of any government, but a scam that too many idiots in the rural area's are to stupid to realize.
    Best advice, avoid this bank and all large national banks, and don't be stupid enough to do business in the community it represents, they will eventually dry up and just blow away, since that's all they are good for anyway.

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