Complaints & Reviews

Terrible service

I would encourage anyone who is moving to stay away from Baker Moving. They gave me a great quote and I sent in a deposit. When the movers show up, the quote suddenly increased in price. My price jumped by $500 because I had 25 more cubic feet of belongings.

When they delivered by belongings, two pieces of furniture were missing. They were only small fold-up bookshelves, but I still paid to move them and expected to get them back. I am currently talking to them about insurance.

An entire box on dishes, which was packed in bubblewrap and styrofoam peanuts was broken. Only one bowl survived. Every other box was crushed or mangled in some fashion. A $300 Kitchen-Aid mixer had its speed wand bent. It now does not work. Avoid these jokers at all costs! Pay the price to have capable and professional movers... I wish I had.