Baja Broadband Complaints & Reviews

Baja Broadband / Tiling and dropout video and audio


I have been fighting this company for more than a year over there "High Def" stations and the High def T.V.R. BOX. there tech has been to my house at least 5 times in the last year and each time he comes up with another reason why we have had these problems. It never seems to change and my...

Baja Broadband / Problems

I had a sudden move in 2007 from one address to another. In order to have my cable and internet services reconnected, I naturally had to clear my old account of $206.42 to have my new connections installed. The amount in question was late, however, was resolved in April or May of 2007, and...

Baja Broadband / No call for connection time


In June of 2008 I was given a flier about high speed internet from Baja Broadband. They were having great deals and I thought it would be a good time to sign up for high speed internet, so I called the lady that came to my home and gave me the flier to sign up and she took all of my...