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Came across this site, after being told my a friend and i found it disgusting. I am fine with pron sites but this is too far, exploiting these young girls at the dream of a career is morally wrong. I have red other complaints about this site but nothing has been done. If something isn't done I feel that this "producer" could be harmed by a former interviewee, after finding out they were exploited. Just the fact that they are flat out told that if they do not do sexual acts they will not get the job implies that they are being forced. If i had a daughter that fell upon this casting couch I don't think that i would handle it in a rational way, so before something happens to this disgusting man, this site should be shut down. Take a minuet and think about if this was your daughter getting exploited, by striping, and having her body violated my a stranger with no intentions of helping her, actually why don't you check the site out and see what they do and see if you find it disgusting. I hope that you can see the exploitation and do something about this degenerate of society.


Devon .C

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  • Ch
    chaosx Jul 23, 2011

    Can't believe nasty people like you defending a nasty sex offender. Perverts.

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  • Cb
    cbnxvb Jul 26, 2011

    I don't see the problem at all. What did you expect if she has: no talent, brains, education and is repulsive to look at. She should be luck someone would take the time and trouble to even screw her once. Don't worry, be happy! Are you trying to take all the girl's good jobs away?

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  • Na
    Naughtylooks Sep 08, 2011

    I don't see a legal issue for what this guy does.. He clearly states that they will not pay them for there performance. And By exposing them to the adult industry, They do stand a chance to work on other projects. By not being completely informed to the releases they may have signed, Who are we to judge. The best advise I would suggest. If you are offended by this types of sites. DO GO TO THEM! Block your computer from going to them. Remember who are we to judge this guy on away he found to make money. And if he didn't get a release from the model. There is something called implied consent. Along with his video omission, I think he is using our first amendment right to express his idea of art. He is not holding a gun to there head. They can leave at anytime!

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  • Ca
    CastCouchUk Oct 06, 2011

    Oh my days are you for real? I can't believe you are so blind. If you go to the websites like these and view their policy/information their policy states that all acts are "acts" and are scripted and no sexual abuse occurs and that they are consenting adults who know they are staging acts ( for porn viewers; as such a situation is a turn on! ust sit back and enjoy it or dont watch it! JEEEZ!

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  • Al
    alfreds Feb 22, 2020

    @CastCouchUk hello. have you been taken a part in any woodman's movie? probably not. well, unfortunately I was. and it happen years ago when I was 18 and heart broken from my first love. do you know how happens these movies? well he never says what will happen so a girl never know, then from nowhere he fucks you but you never agreed with that, then he slap/hits you so hard that you cry but he never stops and when he do stop then he tells you the next step like it or not. also the confidentiality agreement is totally bullshit.

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  • Ja
    janedoealias Nov 26, 2011

    I also love how on the official website page he jokes about how the girl would have to get an abortion from having unprotected sex with him, and how he would block their number. This guy jokes about abortion!!! It may be a crock of crap but at least have some human decency and dignity to not say something like that. That guy is a complete pig. I hope he gets a nasty STD from all of the unprotected sex that he has and dies a horrible death.

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  • Ta
    Taber555 Jan 13, 2012

    This guy is in trouble now...

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  • Re
    Reality Check12345 Jul 30, 2012

    This guy is an actor, the whole thing is just a genre of porn film...she is getting paid to play the helpless girl part and he the interviewer...if you honesty believe its anything else you've missed the point.

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  • Lo
    lovely_101 Jul 30, 2012

    The site is frivolous and should be taken into action NOW! 3 of my close friends were tricked into thinking they would be modeling lingerie for 1-5 grand a day, now for most teenage girls this is a pleasuring amount to hear for modeling, until being told to sign papers that make you commit to not leaving the room, as well as the video being posted online. This had not only scarred my girls for oh, uhmm LIFE, they have to suffer with the memory, they felt like they were forced a.k.a. raped, the man who lures in all the young women has herpes and brings it upon practically every girl that steps into the room. If the site will not be taken down, it should at least be permitted a report/block video button. If this were allowed to the girls taken advantage of, the site would not be so criticized.

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  • Ai
    aidan kiely Oct 29, 2012

    i like porn but in this instance and the many interviewees, many poor and some uneducated are being raped by a professional con artist. note his face is blurred throughout...some enforcement agency needs to look into this scam

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  • 5p
    5pawsakademy Apr 28, 2013

    The world is a dangerous place not because oo these that do evil, but because off the majority off other that do nothing or just complain from behind a computer screen..
    This guy wouldn't be that difficult to find if you put your mind to it..
    Beside, there is a video recently posted on mainstream sites where a mother of one off the girl that was due to come do come into his office and confront him and you can caerly see that not only he leaves the builtding but that a notice to quit or eviction is left on his windscreen, I hope this is real..
    I want to see him shut down.. Period
    this guy hurt the porn industry and that's a fact..
    now if some girls are willing to do porn and want to do it for personal experience and financila gain, i strong;ly advise these gilrs to go to more reliable agents such as for example Pierre Woodman

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  • Ro
    robertpmello Jul 08, 2014

    I feel gross and evil for watching this ###. This ### is not staged..

    An Orange County employee was arrested by FBI agents after they say he had child pornography.

    Agents say they found at least 25 child pornography videos on Antonio Gonzalez's computer.

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