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A friend brought to my attention this website she stumbled across and i decieded to check it out. I couldnt believe it. Im not sure if there is legally anything i can do or if this is the proper complaint site. If not maybe you can forward to the proper authorities. These girls on these videos are being led to believe they are being interviewed for modeling and acting. They are then made to remove there clothing and perform sexual acts on the person filming thinking the video is being passed on to producers and that they must perform these acts or it will not stand a chance. When in all actuallity they are being sexually assulted and this man has no intention on doing anything with these vidoes except for his own sick pleasure. Something needs to be done immediatly. One of the girls is actually crying her eyes out in pain. . . Its horrific. Please lets get this to authourites and try to do something.

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  • Jo
    Joey1234 Oct 28, 2009

    You have no grounds to take this up legally. Most women taking part have an iq similar to that of a camel, they were not forced into perfoming sexual acts. Just sit back and enjoy my friend.

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  • Lr
    lrn2read Oct 28, 2009

    Clearly you're incompetent and don't know how to read. As stated on their website RIGHT BEFORE YOU ENTER IT :

    "The following material contained in this website is non-violent adult material containing sexually explicit situations. Viewing by, possession of, sale or distribution to minors is against the law. Exercising our first amendment rights, this material has been made by adults, and is intended ONLY for adults who wish to view it. It is unlawful to continue if the fore mentioned material is illegal, outlawed or may violate community standards where you are viewing said material. *****The following material represents **staged**, *** scripted***, and>> >>>fictional<<<<< accounts of sexual relationships of adults. All performers in the following material are intended to be portrayed and understood as fully consenting adults that are performing of their own free will. This material is meant to serve as a visual record of the methods of interpersonal and sexual relationships. However, please note that these fictional accounts do not always exhibit safe sex, or the full range of real life emotions and relationships. Moreover, this material is created to inform viewers of the wide range of adult relationships. It presents the idea that these are important aspects of adult relationships, and that sexual conduct is enjoyable in various forms of expression. Copyright 2008 Mayflower, Inc. - Backroom Casting Couch and are TM Mayflower, Inc. All rights reserved."

    I placed *'s and >'s to show where you failed. lol seriously.

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  • Vo
    Vovernip Nov 14, 2009

    There is nothing illegal on this website. Girls who are in the act on this website are consenting adults. They might be dumb or lacking in IQ, but that doesn't make it illegal.

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  • Hb
    H.Bizzle Nov 19, 2009

    i think its wrong but at the same time i get pleasure by watching these dumb ### girls get ###. this is wat women have cause upon themselves because of the love of money...H.bizzle

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  • Ya
    yappayappa Dec 02, 2009

    okok who ever posted this didn know all that dont through it in there face its GOOD that they were concerned the world needs people who care about others

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  • Mi
    michinflorida Dec 10, 2009

    obviously irn2read..your one of the sick ###ers that sits back and watches these kinds of things and have no shame about things like this. I understand that most of these sites the girls do understand what they are getting into and are willing to do these things for the money. However to tell them they are there for one thing and then bribe them into another is wrong especially when the poor thing is sitting there crying... how would you like to have a daughter and have someone taking advantage of her like that... your the sick incompetent ###...seriously...
    go suck a dick!!!1

    -3 Votes
  • De
    DeNiro Dec 14, 2009

    Doubtlessly $5000 a day, could be a big temptation for anybody. This is so wrong you seduce ppl by offering such a job opportunity. So I've decided to report this fake agency to the FBI. Hopefully it's going to work out. Bless y'all...

    -3 Votes
  • Mi
    Mike Marcum Jan 16, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @DeNiro "Quit being a [censored]ing [censored] that believes everything they see on the internet". That's what the FBI will say among themselves about you before trashing your complaint after telling you "We'll look into it". Seriously, I'll clue you in on how the site works (and just about all porn these days that isn't self-employed like webcams or actress-ran websites featuring themselves). Site places ad in online classifieds for "adult jobs". Girl answers ad and is offered $[protected]. And you know what? SHE KNOWS THERE IS NO ACTUAL JOB besides the "interview" itself and is basically just being paid to [censored] on camera. It's called acting you [censored]. Every last bit of it is scripted. Yes, probably the crying too, some of them actually have acting talent and not just sex skills. Jesus, you're IQ is lower than the girls' that sign up for such gigs.

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  • Ginger Kid Dec 17, 2009

    michinflorida--obviously you've never watched any porn before..? These girls are acting...or at least what passes for acting in a porn. The director probably told her to cry. Some boys like watching girls being forced to do things they don't want to.

    Trust me, though, when the camera was off, the girls were counting some cash and laughing. And scouring various bodily fluids off themselves.

    So, relax. Porn is a good thing. Learn to enjoy it! Embrace it! It's hot.

    Toodles. :-)

    3 Votes
  • Sm
    Smarterthanwho Dec 27, 2009

    Wow, I don't know what scares me the most, the fact that over half of you claim to be smarter than these women or the fact that one of you even went as far as reporting it to the FBI? Either way, you people amaze me simply because all of you (except for lrn2read (by the way you all should do this)) really believe that these women were tricked.

    THIS IS A ROLE PLAYING SIMULATION, or maybe I should make it easier for you people to understand, this is not real it is just a short movie where two adults are acting out parts.

    Remember folks just because you can voice your opinion, it doesn't mean you should. Really, why give me a reason to question how on earth you remember to breathe?

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  • Ba
    Backroomviewer Dec 29, 2009

    SOME of the videos are faked. That is clear. There are a few women who can be seen on other porn sites... but I would say a majority are not faked. So the site has real amateur videos! And according to me amateur porn is the best sort of porn. It is the most honest porn. I enjoy women being open sexually (more open than some normally would be) because there is the dangle of money in front of her eyes. Many of the women truly love sex and are open about it.

    In the end, all of us (men and women) are medacious [censored]s. We have big sexual organs and we want to fill or be filled and then we want to come. It is that simple and that wonderful and enjoyable.

    But women are raised to be "sugar and spice and everything nice." Well gentlemen.. they aren't sugar and spice and everything nice. They're human. They want money. Some of them have father issues and family issues and a lot of other issues. And ultimately they want to ### and have an orgasm. A girl who is free with her sexuality is very fun to watch (see my absolute favs Kendra, Amy and MORGAN... I've got a thing for hot red heads with nice tits).

    Are they the smartest girls in the world? No. Most of them are very young and immature. Is this illegal? Nope. But the guys like "Rick" or his other friend are playing with some negative energy when they lie to these girls. Karma's a ###. I hope they realize what a ### Karma is. All of this deceit will come back on them somehow.

    And myself... by watching these videos where the girl is lied to I myself am participating in this negative energy cycle. But our libido and "real selves" have a lot of negative energy to go through.

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  • Mi
    michinflorida Jan 04, 2010

    wow...didnt know this would get this much attention...ok YES i know that some of this is scripted...and YES i know these girls are getting paid and want he money...and YES i know they are adults and YES i have watched porn and know that it is acting. My point which apparantly i didnt make very clear is a CERTAIN video where a girl was led to believe she was coming in for modeling and then what i feel was bribed into having sex and as she was having sex after what i feel was somewhat against her will and definetly with alot of hesitation after much arm twisting she was crying...literally crying she was obviously in pain and a distraut young girl. adult or not it was not referring to every video or porn in general it was just this particular one. i dont think that she was acting it was very real. with myself having a 15 year old daughter it broke my heart. i felt as though this girl came to this place with the intent of modeling like she had dreamed andthen got persuaded against her will to do these things as she sits there balling her eyes out probebly thinking if she did these things she would get somewhere. im not against porn at all that one particular video was horrible and not like any other porn i have ever seen nor can i even imagine in my wildest imagination anyone enjoying themselves watching this poor child getting taken advantage of.

    -8 Votes
  • Mi
    Mike Marcum Jan 16, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @michinflorida If it bothers you that much then quit watching it. Generally the only thing worse people hate more than a gullible id1ot is a sn1tch. I can only imagine the heart attack you'd have or how long you'd go catatonic on the Darknet with all the ch1ld p0rn, where the FBI can't even keep up with complaints (shut 1 operation down after a 5-year investigation and 2 more take it's place, most are based overseas with tor browsers and multiple VPNS and are hard to track, even cyber-savy terrorists are easier to find). Quit getting your panties in a bunch over [censored], you'll probably live longer and have less stress in your life.

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  • Ra
    Ratzebums Jan 05, 2010

    The only question everyone wants to know is: IS IT FAKE OR IS IT TRUE that there's guy tellin the girls he's a producer? Or is he just talkin, five minutes before the tapes are recorded, to all the women, laughin about stupid people, payin 20 dollars a month

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  • Ma
    magrduer Jan 06, 2010

    mitchinflorida, nobody gives a ### whether you have a 15 year old daughter or not. and frankly, if that's what got you to contemplate women's rights in the context of porn, you're as bad a person as you think Rick is. Obviously porn isn't an attractive career choice for women because it requires various levels of degradation. That alone is not assault, and regret is not rape. While we're at it, a girl walking into an office with the intent of shooting a porn scene isn't going to a modeling interview "like she had dreamed".

    In the video you're talking about (got an asian fetish don't you?), the girl repeatedly said she enjoyed what she was doing - albeit with the exclusion of anal, which thousands of woman do daily for money without necessarily enjoying it. Why don't you shut the ### up about this website, which doubtlessly operates with models on a CONTRACTUAL basis, and go play catch with your daughter instead of sitting in your room beating off to an asian chick getting ### railed then being overcome by guilt as soon as you finish.


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  • Mi
    michinflorida Jan 12, 2010

    why dont you go ### yourself magrduer your the ###...obviously your the sicko that thinks nothing is wrong with this and sits around watching it and enjoys watching these girls get manipulated and im the good hearted person that thinks its ### and needs to be looked into. are you a ### or what??? im sure some of these girls are on a "CONTRACTUAL" basis but i highly doubt there contract says they will be told they will do adult "modeling" and then go to a private room with a pervert with a video camera persuading you to take it in the why dont you go stick it up your ### frankly your an idiot...###!

    -6 Votes
  • Vx
    vxx144 Jan 18, 2010

    How can you STILL not understand this.

    EVERY scene on that website is staged. The girls are not there to become adult actresses. They already are adult actresses.

    Of course, if the site was really leading women on like this, it would be disgusting.

    You can hate it for being porn, but you can't hate it for manipulating women anymore than the next site.

    8 Votes
  • Ur
    urdumbhoes Jan 23, 2010

    nobody is forced to do anything you see, so no matter what they say to the dumb ### to begin with it doesnt matter, they take their panties off and get ###ed on camera. If they are seriously dumb enough to fall for the ### it's their fault ### em

    0 Votes
  • Fl
    flipspin180 Jan 24, 2010


    Calm yourself please or else your name might end up here as a complaint in it's own. I agree with you fully and 100%, BUT we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people with difference in views, culture and religion . All having their own opinions about something, unfortunately michinflorida. It does state their legal rights as a pornographic industry and does state that all the women on it are of legal age and CONSENT. Meaning all the crying was acting. I wouldn't say Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Titanic was really crying because he didn't want to go under the water. You arguing a legal issue that was displayed on their website. I can only say read irn2reads and smartethanwho's blog again. You lost the argument, now move on to something that deserves more of your attention.

    On another note michinflorida, I would appreciate it myself if you logged your complaints with common courtesy and be more respectful to strangers on the website who don't mind a friendly debate on issues, but when you throw a tantrum and start calling people names, you lose their respect for you and the argument.

    3 Votes
  • Se
    Sexybeast Jan 26, 2010


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  • Tu
    turdferguson1111 Jan 29, 2010

    What we've learned:

    The website: staged deceit. Fabulous entertainment.

    The girls: paid porn actresses. Intelligence a non-factor here.

    Michinflorida: ###ed [censored] waffle

    The FBI: Hard at work on this one, I'm sure


    8 Votes
  • Th
    THE LEVEL HEADED ONE Feb 04, 2010

    First of some of you perverts wouldn't know your ### from a ###ing hole in the ground! This porn site was designed to give the audience the impression that these hoes didn't know that the guy was a phoney! But, you can't believe that out of all these ### that got ###ed not one of them as ended up on some talk show or some ### like that boo hooin there eyes out. The ### would have been on MSNBC OR 20/20! SO, you ###s talking about reporting this then you might as well kick your self in the ###. And sit back and enjoy the show!!! I, say BRILLIANT!!!

    0 Votes
  • Un
    unorthadox/conundrum Feb 06, 2010

    Well, I may be in the minority but I agree with mitchinflorida. I saw a couple of films from the site and it just disgusted me. I don't know how any of you can wank off to these videos especially when the girls in clips are expressing the excruciating pain from anal sex part. The guy/### wasn't even considerate and only cared about his own sick and twisted pleasure. I can't imagine doing that but I can understand how these girls got talked/ mislead into doing it.

    Whether it is a financial issue or it is the feeling to be desire, I am sure they have their reasons.

    Then again, I don't blame most of the peoople that responded either, as they are all brainwashed by media. The idea that women are sex object; thus, devalue them. Which then makes them less human, so why should you all cared when you were taught that women were inferior to men.

    -2 Votes
  • Le
    lexiangel22 Feb 09, 2010


    -2 Votes
  • Co
    cooldude Feb 10, 2010

    You watched it.. you liked it. I'll bet you watched every video you could on there and promptly jerked yourself off. And how many times did you watch that video with the girl crying you were so offended about.. i'm guessing about 20 times. Stop pretending to care you weenie.

    -1 Votes
  • Sm
    Smart_Ass Feb 11, 2010


    hey i doubt they would post what you clame out on the web. i mean i know they show girls getting tricked in to ###ing but, was the girl like literary crying? if soo what video?

    PS: pornstars suck at acting, so my guess is this might be the real ###...

    1 Votes
  • Sa
    santafelord Feb 12, 2010

    haha seriously now? the stuff is STAGED, FICTIONAL god learn to read, even on the site it says it they girls in the videos know what it is, and they are informed before the video is shot, they know its fake they know its pornography, their not being duped they fully know what their doing. their ACTING it out like they are clueless women going in for a movie/modeling interview. you CAN NOT be that ignorant, or can you? they aren't being manipulated, if you wish to complain complain to the women who choose to be adult actresses, they know what their doing that's THEIR JOB they CHOSE to do that, stop ### about it already, pornography will be apart of human society till the end of time, don't matter if you hate it or not.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    James Chlamata Feb 12, 2010

    It's amazing that people in America want to sue for everything.

    These women are happy to have sex with a monkey to get a job.

    I like the site. I think the material is very good.

    Sad for the girls. This happens every day.

    And for the author, get a "life" dude.

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    James Chlamata Feb 12, 2010

    Madison Bloomberg

    The action is staged. Girls are professionals most of the time.

    I agree with James Chlamata. Get a freaking life.

    Good site.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    James Chlamata Feb 12, 2010

    Hello, I am here with James Chlamata and Madison Bloomberg.

    I own a Porn Agency with offices in Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Phillipines, Japan and Russia.

    Everything is staged.

    Best regards.


    0 Votes
  • Br
    Bruce.C Feb 24, 2010


    After repeatedly being contacted, albeit not by any of the alleged victims, an inquiry was opened into (BRCC). The custodian of records for BRCC provided contact information for 7 models which were selected at random. None reported being tricked and all received compensation for their appearance.

    One of the seven did consider compensation to be lower than "standard, " and expressed disappointment as to a lack of new adult industry opportunities following her appearance on BRCC. The person in question alleges BRCC indicated her appearance on the site could lead to a number of adult industry opportunities. Such speculation however does NOT constitute a legally binding agreement. Furthermore, the woman in question expressed no interest in pressing charges or filing an official complaint of any form.

    Disclaimer: I am not speaking for the FBI in any official capacity, merely as a private citizen.

    0 Votes
  • Li
    livelovelaughh111 Mar 04, 2010

    I am actually one of the girls on the site. The man tricks you into going there by telling you that he is doing a video project for a fake interview. he tells you what to say and then just says it will go from there. HE MAKES YOU SIGN PAPERS BEFORE... & then cuts out the parts when the girl is confused and doesnt want to do it, he tells them "you signed the release you have to do it" I was only 18 when i did it. I was young and naive but I NEVER WANTED TO DO PORN.

    1 Votes
  • Ay
    A Young Girl's Father Mar 04, 2010

    "Rick" is a symbol of all the fast-talking guys out there just looking for an angle to get into girls' pants. He's nothing new, but he's found a way to make money at the same time. Damn him! The girls are there by their own choice. They are not shackled. They are not forced. Yes, they are cajoled and perhaps even tricked, but at the end of the day they all decided to stay on their own accord. Shame on them. There are probably a multitude of reasons why they did it, but be it for money or be it because they were taught never to talk back they stayed. Michilinda - Teach your daughter well. Also be sure that you never give her reason to rebel, as this is one of the ways they do it. There is no reason that any of our daughters should ever end up in a place like this.

    1 Votes
  • Tr
    TrojanMan Mar 04, 2010

    If this guy were really having sex with all these strange woman and it was NOT staged, then I am guessing a CONDOM would be used. I just don't see that many real life STRANGER sexual situations where neither party would wear a rubber UNLESS they are all already in the porn industry and cleared ahead of time, right?!?!?! lol RIGHT???

    0 Votes
  • So
    somersby Mar 04, 2010

    Staged? Really? Hmmm. I never seen any porn actresses act this ###ing well. My hats off to all those 'actresses'. They each deserve an Oscar. Really.

    2 Votes
  • Md
    mdmc Mar 06, 2010

    Michinflordia is clearly illiterate. How has she not seen the multiple replies that this is all simulated. Nobody is being duped. Do you go to the cinema and leave feeling that there's an impending alien attack? Why should you feel any different about pornography from an established company. They have capitalized on an interesting market within the pornography sector. Kudos to them.

    2 Votes
  • At
    Atlanta404 Mar 09, 2010

    Michinflorida is ###ing stupid and the rest of you idiots that believe it is real are just as stupid. That website is a gateway website for women starting out new in the porn game or are doing it as one and done. They sign up to do a scene and they get paid X amount of dollars, then they shoot the scene. What we see is a scripted scene, the girl comes in about a modeling job, she is 'tricked' into sex, has sex, then is 'thrown out'. It isn't real, because the guy wouldn't last a week if it was.

    0 Votes
  • Su
    Support Casting Calls Mar 13, 2010

    Its plan to see that all woman want 2 things in Life, Money and Dick. He is trying to provide both, but with his limit powers at the moment he can only provide 1. And that’s the dick, those girls see that. He says he will send the tapes off. How do you know he didn't. Why don’t all you stop being little babies and get on the Money Train too. From day one when your born that’s when the race starts. To be successful, right? Make sure you got all your little toes and fingers. Well he found a way to get money and free sex. If you really think its free sex. He has to pay for the Internet-Domain, ads in the paper, Condoms, KY, Film, Cameras, Lawyers, Nice outfits and even rents our a Suite in BLDGs. Not to mention the Casting Calls are his part-time job, that he works full time at. From what I can see. It must be hard working a full time job during the day then casting c alls at night. Because we all know sluts come out at night. He’s spending so much time away from his family, its gotta be hard. But hes going out there making a Legal Dollar. Because after all doesn't the Gov't think its Legal too. Or else he would have been sued. Look at it this way Ladies, if that’s what you are. Do you not try to flirt with Cops to get out of tickets, or High school boys to do your homework, or simply to on the charm to get free drinks at the Bar/Club. Well it’s the same thing. So shut the ### Up and carry on. Your rewards the you flirt for have to be paid for, his is simply pleasure. Besides all the money he invest in his own business and Lawyers. All i wish are two things. Leave him alone and for him to take me under his wing, so that I may learn his secrets. In this world its Man vs Woman. As you can clearly see Man is winning. Every since the first apple. We get paid more, are stronger, take what we want and get things giving to us. And if that’s not enough its clear to see thta we do have all the POWER and its the DICK. AS if you cant tell.

    0 Votes
  • Jo
    johnreedclub Mar 17, 2010

    I think that the capitalist society promotes a series of human degradations and this is just one of them, puts women in the condition of goods that can be bought in a market, but it would be beist to consider just this form of mercification, I bet Mitch doesn't think he should emigrate just because in his country people's health is a market that is own by insurance companies, but that is another form of human degradation. On the other hand I think that the consent part doesn't really make any difference. Yes of course, makes it legal but people in sweatshops in china agree to work until they die for a few bucks, that doesn't make it any less objectionable. As of all the machos out there insulting women and the concern of Mitch, I would ask them to consider for example all thepoor people that are drawn by the economy, to partecipate to wars in which besides killing tons of people, they also get killed, seriously injured or develop various form of chronic sickness or mental illness. And I don't see that many people calling them dumb ###s or saying that their families boo-hoo about it, because that would cause a certain discomfort in a lot of people I bet, nevertheless it is legal for the state to send them to die and they consented to it.

    2 Votes
  • 43
    439191 Mar 28, 2010

    i never comment on bull ### like this, but are a pansy ### ! complaining about BACKROOM CASTING COUCH! its only the coolest pron site ever! it wud have to be an uptight person like you to complain about this...if your gunna complain, complain about BACKROOM FACIALS but backroom casting couch is the ### ! cus c'mon guys we all noe backroom facials is a little rude as hell but casting couch guy is the man(NO HOMO) ... lmao !

    -2 Votes
  • 43
    439191 Mar 28, 2010

    you are mad gay complaining about BACKROOM CASTING COUCH. that SITE ###ING OWNS ! i cud see if you complained about backroom facials cus c'mon guys hes a lil rude but casting couch guy is totaly a nice dude, no homo. YOU ARE A ### ### BUTT NUGGET michinflorida or w/e the hel ur name is.

    -1 Votes
  • Va
    VaLeNtiNo46 Mar 29, 2010

    Hey Mich, i saw this one video where a girls car breaks down and she is waiting for a mechanic. A bus w/3 guys rolls up and they invite her in. After getting in the bus she was persuaded to perform sexual acts for money. @ the end, she exited the bus but the guys DIDN"T pay her her money and then DROVE OFF. It was most disturbing. You should report them. Their site is BANGBUS.COM...

    0 Votes

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