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Smashburger / the behavior of the coworkers

Oct 20, 2019

I have never worked at a place with so much drama and issues with the females. This is very unprofessional. I feel like I am in high school with how much lies, drama, and attitudes there are.I am a employee there and a couple of females speak very rude to me there, snatch stuff out of my......

Accelerated Web Solutions / conduct unbecoming

Oct 19, 2019

Me.Bobbie C. and Bend u both have a lot to learn when dealing with peoples family members at the place of business.and It's going to be fun getting to show them the same kindness at 2:45 Monday -Friday .I love the holiday season don't you it's nice to take your girlfriends and wives out......

Johnny Rockets / product and service

Oct 18, 2019

This is my first time eating at your establishment. I will never return, I was fighting flies and other insects. I made this situation aware to upper management and he did not do anything about it. I also was not offended a refill on my drinks and was looked at as a complainer. I will make this known on social media which I have over 34, 907 followers....

Burger King / food and service

Oct 17, 2019

My hubby and i live on SS. We only usually go out 1 time a month I'm a vegetarian so I like the new Impossible Whopper. We went to the brand new store in Mesa and there was only 1 customer ahead of us. There was only one person a young girl taking orders. 20 min later we received our......

O'Reilly Auto Parts / battery charges and core fee

Oct 17, 2019

Just bought a 159.95 battery. The clerk added on 18.00 core fee abd said I would get it back if I returned the old one. I bought the 159.95 battery.. if I don't return one then why am I paying to keep it. The core fee should come off the sale price when I return the old one... right??......

Village Inn Restaurants / food quality

Oct 17, 2019

We went in on WED free pie day there was 4 of us we were seated right away ordered then waited about 35 min for are food when it came out my Turkey Avocado and Bacon sandwich had no bacon and wheat bread was burnt. My moms bowl of veg beef was cold . My son got old cold fries and greasy. Soup......

Circle K Stores / employee gossiping loudly

Oct 16, 2019

I went in this morning to get a couple energy drinks and there was a female employee in the middle of the store gossiping very loudly to some customers about someone named Dylan. We made eye contact, but she didn't welcome me into the store and continued talking crap. It was very......

Biolife Plasma Services / plasma donation

Oct 15, 2019

I want to donate plasma today on the 15th and was informed that I was not able to even though their system permitted me to schedule each time I donate I lose an hour of work it comes out that I'm only $20 in the positive each week without being able to make the donation today it's either I......

Conn's Home Plus / lg fridge / replace /fix

Oct 14, 2019

Sunday October 6th 2019 A call was made that our fridge both freezer and fridge was not cooling. Customer support schedule tech out for Monday. Here is document via text sent October 6th 2019 Dear CASSANDRA BEGAY, We have assigned a technician to service your order 1589804 on......

Speedy Gas Station / service

Oct 13, 2019

Oct. 13th at 6 pm. Purchased gas at pump for $20.. Then pump showed out of order. Told cashier, she switched to another pump. That pump was also out of order. Again the cashier switched to another pump. This time there was a car at the pump who pumped in $10. of my money. Told the cashier......

Valley View Medical Center / dr. shaker saad

Oct 13, 2019

My Husband (Jon K. Evans) was admitted into Valley View Medical Center for Breathing Problems on June 24-29, 2019 for Pneumonia and released. Dr. Shaker Saad told my Husband Jon Evans that he should go to a VA Hospital. Then the other incident was on September 10-12, 2019 my Husband Jon......

Hertz / overcharged for gas

Oct 12, 2019

This is the third time I am writing a complaint without hearing back from the customer service dept. When I returned my car at Sky Harbor Airport in Phx 8/27 I had a full tank of gas. I filled the car up the night before & drove immediately the next morning to the airport. Of concern......

Dollar Tree / rude customer service

Oct 10, 2019

My mother had been at the store on 10/09/2019 with a friend and my two kids. My son started crying and manager at that time in the evening has told my mother she needed to leave the store because my sons crying was bothering her. My mother's friend who does not speak any English was at the......

WinCo Foods / customer service

Oct 08, 2019

On the way to entering WinCo a man saw that I had a e-cigarette in my hand and my girlfriend had her service dog by her side, he rudely told us both that the e-cigarette was not allowed inside and that the "animal" was not allowed inside as well. As he kept walking inside of the store......

Travelodge / clean linens, not handicap accessible, safety of the room

Oct 07, 2019

When we arrived 09/28/19 we were given a handicap room #101 that was available upon request, we were told we could not park in the only handicap parking available because it was the managers parking space, it was legally marked handicap on the street and wall but the parking barricade wa......

Motel 6 / pool

Oct 07, 2019

Time on pool rules says it closes at 9:30pm my daughter went down at 9pm pool was open she came back to the room to retrieve her ball threw the ball in the pool because it was open and tried to get in the gate and it was locked by this time it was 9:05 pm so I had to go to the front desk I......

Afni / michelle henry - social media associate employed with afni

Oct 03, 2019

This event took place on September 5th in the early afternoon around 5 PM. Michelle Henry, your 'social media' employee is not my friend on facebook, and we have no mutual connections. Somehow she found and targeted my page for harassment. She found a memory that I had shared of......

Family Dollar Stores / trash outside

Oct 02, 2019

The family dollar in my neighborhood is right next to general dollar. The general dollar store is always packed and understaffed and I prefer to go to family dollar. But lately I have noticed how horribly the outside property is kept. The interior just got remodeled and looks good. If only......

Circle K Stores / 3 charges on my debit card that are unauthorized

Sep 29, 2019

I came to make a purchase on my debit card and get cash back of $10 but was told I had insufficient funds so confused I look at my banking app to check what happened with my funds and there's 3 charges pending from this store all 1 minute apart and 2 were the exact same amount of......

Dollar General / prejudiced

Sep 27, 2019

I am a faithful customer for years soaking hundreds of dollars in to your store, Up Intel recently I have experienced what I would call prejudiced behavior towards me, I live in Coolidge As where I am the minority and that hasen't bothered me Intel lately, I no I was outted a penny......