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AyudosKickstarter Marketing for 195 USD

I would like to join the others and share my terrible experience with Ayudos.

I bought a package of marketing services for 195 USD. Please look at the screenshot bellow to see what should I get and what does it mean in real (REAL red column)


So, in short, for 195 USD I had 165 clicks overall and 116 clicks from Ayudos. That means, that I paid 1.68 USD per click.

I asked what was wrong, bacause Mike from Ayudos also had to donate my campaign, that never happened of course.

I wanted to see the campaign overview, e.g. stats from facebook ads, he promised me that he will send it to me TODAY (Today was at least five times and I never received it.)

So what I really got?
- Pres Release preview
- Detailed Analytics and stats -> where I could see that he provided only 116 clicks.

What is MISSING?
- Homepage Featured Blog
- Daily Social Media Promotion
- Crowdfunding Consultant
- Images with Press Release
- Your Press Release
- Dedicated Campaign Manager and Publicist
- Email / Newsletter Featured
- Rapid Turnaround Time
- Search engine Placement
- Targeted Press Release
- We Back your project!

I wanted to be nice, I understood that was Christmas time, but there was nothing like, sorry, or ok, I did not meet all the points so I will refund you, nothing, just empty promises..

In overall, if you are thinking about wasting your money, go for it!
If you are familiar with facebook ads, please, try it on your own and do not buy any package from this scammer.

Our email conversations:

[protected]:38 GMT+00:00 Tomáš Vohradník :
Ok, I am waiting for you reply and confirmation email from you within 24 hours since now.


[protected]:24 GMT+00:00 David D. :
Yes Tomas,

I will send today. Please keep this to one email thread for us to communicate faster with you.

On Jan 27, 2016 2:46 PM, "Tomáš Vohradník" wrote:
Can you send it to me yet?


[protected]:09 GMT+00:00 David D. :
I understand. I'm collecting the information for your project.

On Jan 26, 2016 7:50 AM, "Tomáš Vohradník" wrote:
Ok, no apologies needed, just send me the data now, please.


[protected]:49 GMT+00:00 David D. :
Yes Tomas,

I apologize.

On Jan 26, 2016 5:36 AM, "Tomáš Vohradník" wrote:
Can you send the details of my campaign now please?


David, it takes ages, please send it to me or share it via google drive, once you do that, please send me confirmation email that you sent it.

Thank you


On 23 Jan 2016, at 12:37, David D. wrote:

We sent you an email my friend.

I will resend, there may be an attachment that may not be sending.

On Jan 22, 2016 3:16 PM, "Tomáš Vohradník" wrote:
Hello David,

still did not get anything from you, so how about to refund me?


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    Ayudos.comAyudos is 100% SCAM!!!

    I want to share my experience with this company ayudos.com, everyone must know that is a SCAM!
    My story starts when I appealed to ayudos to help me with a campaign on Indiegogo.
    So I ordered Basic package($49) that contains several services to promote a crowdfunding campaign.
    From there began a real scam:
    - they will not respond to your messages or if responding they always saying to wait;
    - they will send by email a press release, but NEVER will distribute to any asociated press;
    - you have the chance that your campaign will not be featured in their homepage(at their discretion);
    - Daily Social Media Promotion + Ads FORGET THAT, they will make a SINGLE post on their facebook and twitter, but no guarantee that people are real;
    - you will not get any analysis or stats, or you can get a simple page goo.gl to see that you have 10-15 clicks per day;
    - they will always say that did work, but you will not be able to ever see it;
    - or who knows what surprises still have prepared in this SCAM SCHEME!
    After all that, I asked for more information or return my money, and here the BIGGEST SURPRISE!!!

    Ayudos returned my money, and... THEY BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT ON INDIEGOGO!!!
    How? Ayudos reported my campaign as a scam, and Indiegogo closed my account.

    Whois service show that the site ayudos.com owner has hidden information about him. Why?
    To be convinced that ayudos is 100% SCAM do a search in google ayudos.com reviews!

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      AyudosAyudos is fraudulent!

      Do not use this site NEVER! You have the chance to WASTE MONEY, time and many nerves. They sleep all the time and you must always tell them what they should do! In addition, they have very few followers on social networks, it is unclear if they are real people and the press release are s*it! They will always seek to make you guilty of their incompetence.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction

        I took their subscription on 7th May 2015 to promote my campaign. Till 15th may they replied my campaign is under review only cause I put poor review for their service on Trust Pilot.
        What sense it makes when they are responding only after poor review. Also second time when I updated the review they came back saying I am playing games.
        Who is playing people who respond only after review and say even after 8 days they are still reviewing my campaign. And note be even I loosing my 49 USD have not used any abusive language and they are using foul. language like playing games and all

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          The executives got in touch with me and addressed all my concerns. Also their knowledge in promotion of the campaign is excellent. They did justify the delay in the process. All is well that ends well

          • Ru
            Rubina Vishram May 18, 2015

            They are helpful but just took a little time. Their knowledge in campaign promotion is commendable

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          Ayudos Crowdfunding Promotional ServicesCrowdfunding Promotion & Marketing

          I purchased Ayudos.com "Pro" Promotion & Marketing Plan
          They Did not produce or prove provided as advertised and promised:
          Featured Blog Article, Press Release Syndication, Social Media Sharing + Ads(Facebook, Twitter, etc), Detailed Analytics/ Stats, Project Page Optimization, Email / Newsletter Featured, Planning & Consulting, Youtube Video Promotion, Dedicated Campaign & Account Manager, Increase Traffic & Referrals, We Back Your Project.
          They have ignored my email requests to provide any validation that Ayudos.com is implementing their service. Searching online has turned up no indication of any promotion whatsoever. Ayudos.com has not fulfilled the agreement. Our campaign for disabled sports programs is almost over and we where hoping for an increase in traffic and revenue to fund the program but all we are is out $160.00 Do not purchase these Promotional & Marketing Plans.

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            • Fi
              Fighting Squirrels NonProfit Wheelchair Dec 06, 2014
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Ayudos.com has not told us where they published this article and I or my collegues can not find it published anywhere. It was emailed to us after we complained nothing was happening to with our project. Where is it published? We looked on your site and couldn't find it.
              Ayudos.com only responded to us after we stated we would file a complaint, then told us that our emails where going to their "spam" folder which if you search reviews of Ayudos.com that is there go to response. Ayudos.com has not sent any "updates with links and analytics." like they stated they have. This is untrue. Ayudos.com has offered a refund that we have asked for but after a week they have not refunded our money. I would be happy to call, like I said in my last email to David at Ayudos.com, but we request a full refund first and then I will call. Still waiting for the refund they promised.

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            Ayudos.com - CrowdfundingAyudos - #1 scam in crowdfunding

            Hello everyone,
            Here is my story :

            I got in the hands of Ayudos's website through google, as I heard about services that help out your crowdfunding projects.
            I though why not give it a try, because I saw many campaigns that said that have used Ayudos had succeeded which now I've found out that they were not.
            Before I wanted to buy the service (which was the package of 159$), I emailed them so that I can know better about their services.
            They kept on replying back to my questions rapidly, and I finally decided that I would buy their "Premium Package 159$", and which I did. They wrote just one article and probably tweeted or shared the campaign just once, because I did not see much traffic. I asked them to review my content and with days of waiting they never replied me back, after a week of continuous of sending emails to them, hey replied and said that they were working on it, and sent me the content review after 3 days.
            I wanted my campaign to succeed, so desperately and idiotically, I offered them 400$ more so that they can help me out much with my project. I saw that when there was money involved they would not hesitate to reply fast, and by the end of the day, I paid them.
            But needless to say, I never saw any progress though I sent them more money.
            I emailed them and emailed them for a refund as I was really pissed with Ayudos, but they never replied.
            Now, I'm going to report them to the legal offices, and I would like to suggest to people who are trying to buy Ayudos's services to do the same, please don't fall for the fake reviews of Ayudos on the Internet, they are all done by the company itself.
            Thank you,


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              Ayudos - The Scamming Crowdfunding WebsiteThey took my money, and didn't give the services as promised plus took more money

              Hello everyone,
              This is to let you all know that, please do not use any of Ayudos's services.
              All they look is for innocent customers, and take their money and vanish without giving you the services as promised.
              All the reviews that you might have seen of this company are all fake, and are done by Audos themselves.
              I purchased the premium plan so that I can have a successful crowdfunded project.
              This "premium" package cost me around 159$, and I thought that it was a great price if Ayudos really helps you through the consultation of your campaign. I know that not all projects can fly high, because it all depends on the crowd. But when the service provider who promises you services that could help your project and dose not deliver them, then they are 100% scammers.
              I even as an idiot paid them more up to (400$+) because I thought that Audos would give me a better service. But as it turns out, Ayudos is a scam, and you would be an idiot like me to pay for their service. I even asked for a refund, but they never replied.
              Now, I've had it, I will take legal actions against these frauds, and I advice the others who have purchased and would be purchasing their service to report them online, and to the police.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                AyudosNo service delivery

                On July 16th, I purchased their basic crowdfunding package to promote my client's Kickstarter campaign. They answered and said they would do a featured promotion in a few days plus would do some Facebook ads for us. And that was the last I heard from them. No service was ever delivered. I sent 6 additional emails to find out why nothing was done and they never responded. In the end I asked for a refund and of course they never responded. They are a horrible website and nothing more than a bunch of scam artists. They should not be allowed to operate such a scam website!

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                  • Hello to Sean,

                    We have tried contacting Sean in response to his emails and unsatisfactory experience with us.

                    Sean has been unresponsive to our emails and phone calls while we have been trying to send him a refund. He is also attempting to ruin our reputation in the crowdfunding community with defamatory language.

                    We have recently discovered that the company Sean works for http://www.jumpstarterpr.com has their own reputation problem which can be seen here http://www.bbb.org/losangelessiliconvalley/business-reviews/public-relations-counselors/jumpstarter-pr-in-el-segundo-ca-348505 and we believe that he is attempting to damage our reputation as a competitor.

                    We understand he is upset with our work and we would like to work this out with him directly and send him a refund but he seems unwilling to respond and answer our attempts to reach out to him and is only looking to damage us online.

                    If he could email us [protected]@ayudos.com or call us at [protected] we would be more than happy to send him a refund.

                    -David D.


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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Ayudos.comWaste of money.

                  I guess I should have done my research before believing random articles I found listing service to help advertise your Kickstarter campaign. These clowns have done nothing for me in over a week after paying for their services.
                  I've had to proactively email them over and over asking for updates and so far all I've got was a link to a traffic tracker showing how they magically got like 7000 hits to my page (which can easily be faked). You can go to Fiverr.com and get similar services where people in China will direct "hits" to your page to bump your page rank (PR) on Google - which is mostly worthless on its own when you're trying to get exposure - it just helps your website show up in web searches. This doesn't DO anything for a short-term crowdfunding project. You need REAL PEOPLE to actually SEE your project who are actually INTERESTED in what you're pitching, not just random hits from random places around the world. I can get that done for $5, so why am I paying 10-20 times that to Ayudos? And I know none of my pledges have come from Ayudos or their "advertising" because I can see the referrers on my dashboard - nothing from these guys or anywhere they've apparently advertised.
                  The same goes for the worthless press release they provided, which was rife with errors. You can get a cheap press release also on Fiverr for $5-$15 so again, why am I paying Ayudos to not make a good one that's TARGETED TO MY AUDIENCE?! Worthless.
                  And I've still yet to see any of the other services they're supposed to provide...but I do see the same 5-6 crowdfunding campaigns they're pushing on their front page and articles about other campaigns. Where is mine? Where is what I paid for?
                  In the crowdfunding business, you usually only get about 30 days to fund your project - this is a very short time to really push your advertising up. I've done more with $5 on Fiverr and by myself on forums for $0 than I've gotten from Ayudos for gobs more. Do yourself a favor and save your money for your project or find some other source for advertising. Hell, you'd probably be better off paying $100 for a sponsored post on Facebook than wasting your time getting frustrated with Ayudos.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Ayudosayudos scam - ayudos.com review

                    I purchased the $85 service from Ayudos. Theye did nothing to help my crowd funding project. I did not get a single dollar to my campaign from the Ayudos.com services. Save your money! This company takes advantage of people trying to pursue their dreams with crowd funding.

                    I wasted not only money but valuable time with Ayudos. From what I can tell the literally did nothing to help me. Ayudos.com is a complete fraud. They should be ashamed of what they do to people who are tying to make a better life for themselves. I am going to try and press charges for fraud.

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                      • Hello,

                        I'm Mike from Ayudos.com. If you have had an unsatisfactory experience with our services please contact us at [protected]@ayudos.com and we can discuss a partial refund or credit.

                        But I find it suspicious that we received an email right after this review was posted from a company, improveyourimage.org promoting their Reputation Management services, trying to hide negative reviews online. We are not trying to hide or bury anything. We are willing to work with anyone to discuss the results of our services. If the person writing these negative reviews online is associated with this company, than that amounts to digital extortion. The email from improveyourimage.org is below.

                        From: Mary Higgins <[protected]@gmail.com>
                        Subject: You have complaints

                        Message Body:
                        Hi, ayudos.com
                        Your company has a Complaints in the first pages of Google search results and it might affect your online reputation. This is the link to that report:
                        Ayudos — ayudos scam - ayudos.com review
                        People don’t ask for character references anymore, they ask Google. And what Google shows people — accurate or not — is your reputation.
                        Bad search results can be a real problem.
                        Unfavorable search results influence how recruiters, insurance companies, loan officers, potential clients and business partners, and even romantic interests view you.
                        Why reputation matters
                        Misleading, inaccurate or negative links in your search results adversely affect the impression you make when people ‘Google’ you and can materially impact you or your business.
                        How we can help
                        Our reputation web-services help you look your best when others search for you by promoting accurate information and burying misleading materials.
                        We make it so people will only see good links about you when they search your name. We have an easy sign-up process and accept credit cards online.
                        Any business can afford our service starting from only $149 per month...
                        Don’t let the internet scare off your customers! How many positive links do you have in first pages of Google? We can improve your image!
                        Is your online reputation worth $149 Per Month?
                        Visit: http://www.improveyourimage.org/
                        Toll free number: [protected]
                        Phone: [protected]


                        Mike Tarjano

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                      • Gl
                        Gloaming Nov 05, 2013

                        I purchased the $85 service too and I have to agree 100% with the first poster. One of the first things they ask you to do is add @_ayudos to your tweets, which they will then retweet. The form email then goes on to ask if you have a press release (if you don't, they say they will provide one), and list the other services. They re-tweeted posts two or three times, then stopped. They have done absolutely NOTHING else. "Mike" has failed to respond to numerous emails. A classic scam, if ever there was one!

                        -1 Votes
                      • Un
                        unsatisfied customer 14233 Aug 14, 2014
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Ayudos did nothing for me. Mike was my project manager and after receiving their payment, all communications were stopped. Throughout my project, I received nothing from them - not an email, not a link to a promotion they promised.
                        After my project had completed, I again emailed them multiple times to resolve the problem, and again my emails were ignored. I filed a dispute via Paypal, and again, no response. I have just finished escalating the dispute to a claim on Paypal, but I'm not expecting a reply from the company. One can only hope...

                        -1 Votes
                      • Si
                        silverlining83 Aug 28, 2014

                        I agree with the original poster as well. I purchased the "Premium" services that promised a featured blog article about my campaign, press release syndication, Facebook sponsored posts, detailed analytics/stats, project page optimization, email/newsletter featured, crowd funding ebooks, dedicated campaign manager, and increased traffic referrals. Of those, I received the ebook. I emailed asking for links to the press release syndication, facebook posts, etc and Mike kept putting me off and telling me he would get them to me, which he never did. After I asked for a refund of the 89.00 that I paid through Paypal, he made a 2 dollar donation to my campaign. But when I asked again for the links to the blogs, press, etc, I never got a response. I again asked for a refund, and said that the 2 dollars that he donated could be deducted from my refund, for 87.00 total. I never heard back. I emailed a few more times and told him I would contact the BBB if he did not refund me for the services he failed to provide, but I never got a response. I paid for this service to draw traffic to my campaign, but I did not receive a single contribution from someone that Ayudos drew to the page other than the 2 dollars that Ayudos gave me themselves. He wasted valuable time on my campaign as I waited for him to complete the services. I provided all materials that he asked for (a banner and press release) and to my knowledge, he never did anything with them. If he did, he failed to provide proof because when I asked for links he said "I will send you your full update and article right now." A week later, "right now" has still not occurred. I have written two emails since this asking for a refund and have received no response.

                        I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Chicago, where Ayudos is based.

                        0 Votes
                      • Sa
                        Sad cust Sep 22, 2014

                        Hello Everyone,

                        I would like to say that i have the same problem.
                        i have sent a mail a guy name David replied to me. on 01 of Sep 2014 i paid $59.00 and then David told me that Mike is assigned to my project.
                        Since then both of them disappeared and i am not able to get any reply from them.
                        they just took my money:( and cheated on my faith.

                        please be aware from this company Ayudos. they are very responsive and kind at the begining but after they get the money they gone.

                        Sad customer

                        -1 Votes
                      • Hello to all and the reviewers above,

                        Some or all of the above clients have been refunded or given the choice of a refund.
                        We have a long history in helping and promoting crowd funding campaigns. We have worked with hundreds of clients in the past year and have hundreds of successful projects under our belt. You can see for your self on our homepage and overview/review section.

                        If you have had an unsatisfactory experience with our membership packages or services, we urge you to please contact us at [protected]@ayudos.com before and we can work on a resolution which includes a refund or credit on your membership packages.

                        Mike G.


                        0 Votes
                      • Si
                        silverlining83 Sep 25, 2014

                        As a follow up, I finally spoke with Mike on the phone after posting these complaints and contacting the Better Business Bureau. He did refund me the 89.00 that I paid through my original form of payment. I agreed to update the BBB and all sites where I discussed the services. I was persistent in getting a response, and I did get one, plus a full refund.

                        1 Votes
                      • Thank you Silverling83 for the feedback.

                        If you have had an unsatisfactory experience with our membership packages or services please contact us before commenting or reply with negative feedback at [protected]@ayudos.com and we can discuss a refund or credit on your account. We have worked with hundreds of successful crowdfunding projects and we are always open to giving refunds if the client believes what we have done promote their campaign is unsatisfactory. I have attached images as proof of ours successful crowfunding campaigns list.

                        We have tried contacting Sad Cust and Gloaminga above with no response and they do not even provide details to what their project or they're real name. We suspect they are negative feedback extortionists.

                        Mike G.
                        CEO/ Editor


                        1 Votes
                      • Ka
                        KaySau Oct 22, 2014
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Ayudos was very helpful in assisting me with my Kickstarter project The Hangman: an invention to secure tools to your ladder!

                        They wrote a press release and distributed to local and national newswires, did social media marketing including Facebook and Twitter along with Facebook ads and also reviewed my campaign page to improve it and gave lots of greats tips to get as many potential backers as possible.

                        Overall I am extremely pleased with the work they did for me and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a marketing or promotional boost to their crowdfunding project.

                        0 Votes
                      • Hu
                        Huksha Mar 19, 2015
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Ayudos are not only unprofessional, they are lower than even an amateur work, you can even call them a scam.
                        I started my project "Bride of the Nile" in indiegogo.
                        Then I paid them for the 'plus' plan, and David told me they would prepare the blog post within 3-4 days. After 9 days I sent David to remind him, so he said 'I will send you an update today.'.
                        Of course this scam site did not get back to me after about 24 hours, so I sent them again and that was already 11 days after my application criticizing their attitude, and guess what, David did not answer.
                        After one more day, meaning 12 days from the application I sent him 'Am I getting a refund soon?', then he immediately replied me with apology and told me 'your article scheduled to be published'.
                        Then I asked him 'Can you tell me accurately when is the article scheduled to be published?', then no answer, I had to send him again to ask him in a more angered manner to tell me a schedule for the blog post and press release.
                        He told me 'Your Article we be published within the day. I will have more links and updates for you soon.'
                        It is more than 24 hours and nothing.
                        This site is pure scam at least for me. I paid for the plus plan and I only got retweeted from them twice or three times after two weeks.

                        Never trust them.

                        0 Votes

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