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I am writing this with regards to my credit card bill payment. My Credit card number is XXXX-XXXX-XXX7559. I recently received a bill of amount Rs. 68000.

This is to inform you that I cannot pay this amount as my family has fallen under hard time in recent months, but we do want to settle this in a fair and just manner so that you can have the money you deserve and we can be relieved of the burden of owing you this debt.

I can able to give 20% of my debts. If agree to settle with this amount, I shall be clearing their dues within the next 5 business days. More than 20% is not affordable for me in the present situation.

I am ready to settle this as soon as I get the confirmation from your side.

Please know that I have appreciated the patience and professionalism that your staff has given in this process, and that this correspondence has been sent. I am sincerely obliged to you for your help and corporation. Thank you.

Please reach out my number: [protected]

naveen agarwal

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