AVS Home Security SystemsDoor to Door Salesman?


Today a young man came to the door wearing a blue polo with "his company logo" embroidered on it (AVS Security Systems) which I don't even think exists in Florida, trying to offer a "free security system" if we just placed their home security sign in our yard... first of all come on now... it's obviously a scam... but I think in order to keep the community safe, these things must be discussed. I obviously did not let this man into our home. When I asked him for a business card for us to discuss (which I knew he didn't have) he said he would just come back later. Did anyone else have this man knock on your door? I've read up on these type of scams and they are not uncommon. Do not let these people into your home or give them any information on whether or not you already have a security system... as a matter of fact... don't open your door (I cant believe I did). If you see this man, report him to the police... I didn't think of it in time and will be making a report tomorrow. But I thought I would put in my 2 cents.

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