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I would like to file a complaint for 2 reasons. #1 is the package under awb# [protected] in which i have seek help since 2/13 if there is any possible way to pick up the package but I was adv that due to Sat and no customs, nobody can help me even I explained how important the package is in w/c 2000pcs of garments wont be ship just because of this package and the sad part- I adv my supplier to sent thru FEDEX. I am expecting that you will expedite the releasing of this package but unfortunately, it was not done. My 2nd complaint is CUSTOMER SERVICE AND IMPORT SECTION- esp EYMARD LEONIL. I have called for 7 times and for six times I end up hanging in the phone waiting a miracle that somebody will pick up the phone and answer. One CS advised me that she will transfer me to Lemuel Marasigan but unfortunately this person was not in and he was absent. I keep on looking for him and next thing I've found out that he is absent. The last person I talked to was EYMARD LEONIL and I asked him to forward me to his supervisor or anyone higher than him but he refused to and keep on asking me to advised the awb. He did not forward me to somebody with a higher position than him. He told me that custom delay will take 2-3 days and I was surprised. Oh my! So what's the sense of using FEDEX if Im gonna end up receiving the package after several days. so this is not an express service. Id rather use other courier that can cater me the way I expected and service that deserved the money that we are paying. This is not my first time to complain but really i feel so upset and disappointed with your service. Pls review the services that you are offering as its not the way you are serving. Im looking forward for an immediate response on this. I am not only complaining with the package but also WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE.