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failed to contact me to let me know that i wasn't insured

i just recently had my home refinance about two years ago with one finance company and the contract that i signed with them included that my homeowners insurance was included with my mortage payment and sometime during the forst year they sold the contract to another mortage company by the name of Avela Mortage without notification that they had switch me but however i statrted paying the mortage company and thought that everything was still ther same as the other contract that i currently signed but however i was one of the homeowners that got affected by the tornando and when i called to talked to them about who would be my insurance carrier they explained to me that i wasn't insured and i ask the representatives when was someone going to call and tell me that i need homeowners insurance and he just apologize to me about the situation he explaine to me that he doesn't know what happen and i exp-lained to him that i sighn a contractwith other company and that the insurance was supposed to be added into the mortage and if it wasn't someone from this company should have contacted me and let me known that but they fail to keep their bargin as mortage holders and my house is severly damage because of this situation.